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New URL!

Finally! The wait is over! I have finally been able to purchase a personalized domain name for BC. It has taken me several years, but I have finally done it! So excited! Though we are still hosted by Forumotion, we are no longer connected with them (if that makes any sense at all). Pass the new link along! Don't worry if you have the old one, it should be set up now so it forces anyone using the old link onto the new one. (: Enjoy!
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Private/Erotic Roleplay

BC is an adult oriented Roleplaying forum. This can range from anything with a rating above PG-13. This is by no means a strictly smut oriented site. Our stories have background and character depth. We put forth alot of effort and emotion into these Roleplays and that includes strong language, gore, and yes even sex. For those moments when characters become intimate, each section of the User Created Roleplay will have a Private Roleplay section for these secific intimate encounters. I suggest linking each thread together.

For example with Kinta Sarrai and Kozan Saad's threads Darkness...
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As I have stated in previous posts, working with the general public for nearly 16 years has given me an extreme distaste for most of the human population. I just don't like people. I prefer to be isolated out in the woods with no one around me for miles. Alas, that is not so living in the damned city. God do I hate the city..anyway, my point of writing this was to complain about this older woman I encountered while grocery shopping this afternoon.

We shop at Aldi's which is sort of like a Price Rite or Save-A-Lot, Market Basket, etc. They have food they sell at cheaper prices than main...
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Been practically nagging Trine to come back into the game. May have succeeded in talking him into playing with us again. Time permitting of course. We all have lives outside of BC and can't always devote time to the storyline as much as we would like. We discussed fleshing out more of Draven and Trine's backstory so that people know what happened to cause such a rift between the two. Allow me to explain some of it now.

Draven was gifted by the Egyptian God Anubis, thusly making her the first Vampire roughly 8,000 years ago, give or take. 4,000 years after her creation, she met Trine...
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American Horror Story has always been a messed up show. A very well written, but completely messed up. I've seen the entire first season and am now catching up on Seasons 2 - 4 of which I own. I've also caught up as much as I have been able on Vikings; which has become my favorite TV show as of late, followed closely by AHS. I love this horror stuff. XD
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Apparently I thought it was wise to beat myself up over the weekend. Not only did I trip over my cat during the middle of the night and stub my toe hard enough to rip half of my big toe nail off, but I also proceeded to burn the back of my right hand, narrowly missing burning the imprint of my claddagh into my ring finger (I will post the pic I have later).

Tuesday night we got a minor snow storm/rain storm and had to shovel heavy ass snow out of nearly my entire driveway since my landlord seems to be too lazy to take care of it, or to cheap to have it taken care of. On top of the shoveling,...
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We all know that I love to write. I have been doing it a long time, since the second grade. I have always been told growing up not to write anything down because it could always come back and haunt you, especially if you insult someone, or something else negative. While I agree with that, sometimes writing things is an easier way to communicate our emotions. I; for one, hate confrontation. HATE IT. If there is any kind of arguement or anger directed at me, it is almost like I freeze up. I avoid eye contact and I grow silent. It has been that way for me for as long as I can remember. I have always...
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When you make steak, eggs, home fries and toast for breakfast but are the only one who ate it. Folded laundry to my daughter playing her toy guitar to A Perfect Circles Gravity and I am now making cookies. Domestic goddess here. And instead of eating said cookies, I am following my diet, nibbling on pineapples. Bonus points!

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