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PostSubject: Fire   Thu Feb 09, 2017 9:31 pm

"I've been to hell and back,
with no promise of return.
So I've made friends with fire to keep from getting burned."

- Motionless in White; 570


The shrill ringing of her cell phone cut through the haze of sleep. She mumbled something unintelligable before groping out blindly through the pitch dark. Her fingers; with their array of different silver rings, closed over the slim smart phone, pulling it with her beneath the nest of crimson colored covers. She groaned inwardly at the number that flashed across her screen. It was never a good sign when he called this late.

"Abaddon." She answered in a husky voice still laced with the edges of sleep. The phone's screen came alive with nearly blinding light. She squinted against the harsh glare and pressed the speaker phone option. She propped the phone on her pillow since she lacked the energy to hold it to her ear.

"Aby." The man on the opposite end of the phone spole with a voice compelling and beautiful with traces of a cultured Irish accent. The simple sound of her name conjured up the mental image of what he looked like.

"What is it, Sebastian?" She inquired, running the palms of her hands over her face. She had known the Dimensia Vampire for nearly ten years now, contrary to the Order's belief that all Vampires and Demons were Hellspawn. In that time, they had become allies, friends. Afterall, she had saved his life when a Demon had attempted to assassinate him.

"I understand that ye only got to sleep an hour ago, so I won't take up anymore of ye time than necessary." He paused for a moment, taking a deep breath. "Kristov has been killed."

"Shit." She commented with feeling. Kristov had been one of the Vampire's kin. "I am sorry, Sebastian. When did this happen?"

"Gabriella found him at sunset. When he didn't wake at his normal time, she went to check on him."

"Jesus, how is she?"

"Sedated. Angelique is with her now, keeping watch."

"Was it the Hunters?" She asked, knowing full well that the other spliter group of the Order had a fetish for killing off Vampires. Abaddon had known quite a few in her time living near Sanguine and not all of them were bad people. The Angelic weren't as concerned about the Vampires as the Hunters, they concentrated more on Demons and would often find allies among the Bloodsuckers.

Sebastian hesitated answering. He didn't want to tell her, but he would rather the information came from him than anyone else.

"His heart was removed from the back of his body." He finally answered softly, knowing fully well that he possibly just shook the very foundation she stood on.

Almost instantly her blood went to ice.

"Are you alright, Aby?" His voice called to her back to reality from whatever memory she had visited.

"Is it him?" She asked, not trusting the full use of her voice. It had been over ten years since her best friend Viktoria had been killed at the hands of a Demon known only as the Broker and it had taken her nearly all that time trying to track him down.

"We don't know but the there are similiarities."

"I am assuming Jezza will bring this up at the next Council meeting?"

"Yes. She was called to the Cathedral tonight."

She sighed softly, running a hand through sleep touseled hair.

"Cade has been blowing up my phone lately. The countless calls, voicemails and text messages are getting old. You'd think he would have gotten the hint by now. Unfortunately, I have a meeting with Syrus at Lunar and won't be able to avoid the Wolf."

"What does our charming Alpha want this time?"

"Probably the same thing he has been after for a decade. Me."

Sebastian snorted softly.

"Good luck with that."

"Yeah, thanks for the help, Sebastian."

She hung up on his laughter.
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PostSubject: Re: Fire   Fri Feb 10, 2017 6:58 pm

Abaddon turned her attention away from the black leather bound Book of Shadows that was laying open on the table in front of her. The glass of red wine she had ordered remained untouched, sitting on it's little black and silver coaster that sported the bar's howling wolf logo. Her water glass, however, was in desperate need of a refill. Lunar was Sanguine's well known Shifter hangout. The local Werewolf Pack called it their meeting place. It was owned by their King, Cade Davinyoung. Virtually everyone that worked here, or was a regular customer, was some flavor of Shifter.

Slowly, she allowed her fingers to hover downward over the yellowing pages. The Book of Shadows was a codex of information containing intel on various types of Demons, spells, incantations, and other powerful knowledge that could prove fatal if it ever fell into the wrong hands. Abaddon was a freelancer of sorts. Though she was known to associate with the Angelic and the Order of the Blood Cross, she was not technically one of them. She was a Witch, a Natural Witch, one that had been born with her gifts and abilities.

"You make a better door than a window, Doran." She grumbled as a familiar shadow fell over the table, blocking what little light there was in the bar's dimly lit interior. It was a bold move on his part considering Aby had one of her custom silver knives out beneath the table and aimed in the general direction of his family jewels. He was an Enforcer, the Second in Command for the Pack and Cade's bodyguard.

"You were invited here by my King. Do not forefit your safe passage for being foolish." Came his growling bass of a voice. She looked up and into Doran's semi-shadowed face.
Though his eyes were covered, hidden behind a pair of dark Ray Ban's, Abaddon knew that they were the tell-tale golden amber that all Werewolves possessed. He was dressed in the Pack's unofficial uniform of biker gang chic. A pair of faded and ripped jeans held a long steel chain at his left hip that disappeared into his back pocket, probably holding a leather wallet. The jeans clung to his narrow waist by a black leather belt decorated with a stainless steel belt buckle. A long sleeved black Harley Davidson t-shirt clung to his powerful chest, the sleeves pushed back to reveal the heavily tattooed right arm. Well worn black leather boots and the Pack's ever present black leather vest with the large howling wolf logo on the back finished off his look.

"Where is your King?" She asked, taking her free hand away from the Book. It abruptly closed as if two giant hands had slammed it shut. It levitated off of the table and floated on it's own into the open flap of her backpack.

"His King is right here." Came a husky voice from behind Doran's right shoulder. The voice was laced with a cultured, classy British accent that gave Sebastian's Irish brogue a run for it's money. "It's alright, Doran. She won't hurt me."

"Contemplating it." She mumbled beneath her breath, sliding the knife back home in it's empty sheath on the inside of her left forearm. Once he knew the knife was safely tucked away, Doran stepped aside to stand by the packed bar a few feet away. Her breath nearly slammed painfully from her lungs. Cade was alluring. His presence alone screamed with a primitive raw sex appeal.

She could feel his golden gaze burning over her with a scalding possessiveness from behind the mirror Avaitors. The Alpha Werewolf moved with the fluid grace of a lethal predator as he took a seat in the chair across from her. She looked downright edible in form hugging black leggings that showed off her curves to a very lovely advantage. A black sweater hung off of her right shoulder, bearing the strap of a black bra she wore beneath and the enticing curve of her neck. Gypsy styled, loosely laced black boots enveloped her legs to the knee. They were flat soled, giving her a lethal silent edge. Her waist length black hair was piled into a messy bun, leaving faint wisps to frame the exotic features of her face.

"It's been a while, Abaddon." He said with a faint smirk. Her best friend Viktoria had been a frequent patron of Lunar, mostly due to the fact that she had been hung up on one of the Wolves from the Pack. Aby had lost interest in coming to the bar after her death and had never looked back. Viktoria had died the very same night Abaddon had caved in and slept with Cade. That had been nearly a decade ago and the stubborn Wolf had been sniffing at her since.

"It hasn't been long enough, I'm afraid. What do you want, Cade? Why have you been blowing up my phone for days?" She asked, lifting silver-grey eyes to stare straight into those mirrored frames.

He sighed softly, sitting back in the chair. "What is it about Shifters that you hate?"

"I don't hate Shifters. I am cautious. I try not to get too close with too many people. They all end up dead." She replied, matter-of-factly.

"I'm an Alpha, Aby. I can put up one hell of a fight."

"I'm not doubting that, Cade, but a Shifter, even an Alpha, does not have the ability to ward off a Possession. The Beast does not understand the spiritual aspect of it. You wouldn't have any control." Shifters were known to be rather controlling in virtually every aspect of their life. It came with the nature of their Beast. It was one of many reasons why Aby had never went running back to the Wolf King.

"I think there is something more personal to your aversion to Shifters."

Immediately, she sat up straighter, her guard slamming back into place.

"That is none of your business, Wolf."

"I care about you, Abaddon. You are close with Syrus and Sebastian, yet you keep me at arms length. I've known you longer than they have."

She groaned inwardly, running the palms of her hands over her face. She didn't have time for this shit.

"I am not having this discussion with you again, Cade. I have other things to deal with." She pushed herself up out of the chair and slid her back pack onto her shoulder.

"But you will have this discussion with Syrus."

She arched a single brow.

"My God, are you jealous?"

"You spend all of your time with him, why wouldn't I be?"

"He has connections with the Demon Underground and is helping me track down the Broker. Not that I need to explain myself to you."

"Don't tell me that you're not attracted to him. I've seen the way you two interact with one another."

"I am not dignifying that with an answer, Davinyoung. Who I am attracted to or not, is none of your business."

The expression on the Alpha's face was one of smug satisfaction as he rose from the chair and moved towards her, crowding into her personal space.

"There is no reason why we can't be together. I want you as my mate, Aby." He leaned forward, his breath caressing over the bare skin at her shoulder. Before his mouth could lay claim against her flesh, a very loud warning growl came from a shadowed corner booth a few feet away. The lights in the bar seemed to flicker as eyes of a vivid red flashed from the darkness. A tall, dark figure leaned forward, it's gaze pinned on the Alpha.

"Back off, Davinyoung." Aby warned before her shadowy guardian decided he had enough.

The Wolf King sighed softly, taking a few cautious steps back.

"This would be my point, Abaddon. He follows you everywhere you go. How could I not be jealous?" He turned his mirrored gaze back in her direction. "You will be mine before the next Blood Moon."

"Fuck off, Dog." She growled frustratedly before she turned on her heel and stormed her way out of the bar.

"Smooth oh great Wolf King." The shadowed figure peeled away from the darkness and moved closer to the Alpha.

Syrus towered over him by nearly a foot and though he was thinner, built with lean muscle, he was by far the more powerful of the two and they both knew it. If Cade was honest with himself, the other man scared him shitless.

"A piece of advice, Wolf. Abaddon is not meant for you. Go bark up someone else's tree before you get neutered." Without another word, the Demon vanished in a flash of hellfire and brimstone.
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