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 Blood and Darkness

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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Blood and Darkness   Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:54 pm

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The fragile blade in her gloved hand seemed almost like a comfort. Her fingers curled around the hilt of the Shikkar carefully. She had promised to meet with Lo'ska and his men at a designated area, one hand picked by Saad for this purpose. The Sith was a few minutes behind schedule, though that was to be expected. He viewed Sarrai as beneath him and would make her wait for the so called honor of his presence. He was lucky she was a patient woman. Kinta stood, leaning casually against the stone ruins of what had once been a thriving colony of a Noghri settlement. She was hidden within the shadows, even despite the sunlight that shone down through the remains of the tree husks. Voices and the shuffling steps brought her attention further into focus to the south of her position. Finally Lo'ska and his men had arrived.

"Punctual as always, Lo'ska." She stated out loud the moment he was within range. Though her voice had been projected from the stone ruins she had been leaning against, Kinta was no longer there. She moved swiftly, using Concealment and the speed of the Force to slip swiftly behind the Sith warrior. As she did, her right hand struck out, slamming the blade of the Shikkar into Lo'ska's back. Her arm twisted, shattering the fragile structure of the weapon. It had taken perhaps two to five seconds of time from the moment she had moved from her original position, stabbed him, and was back to her starting point before anyone one of them knew what had happened. The only evidence, was the broken hilt still held within the grip of her right hand which she dropped almost casually to the ground.

"Defiance and insult does not come without it's price. You would all due to remember that. I may seem human to you, but I am far more closer to being Sith than any of you realize." She turned her focus towards his men, her dark gaze scanning over each one of them with an intentisity that seemed unnerving, even from the shadows that the hood of her cloak provided. The armor beneath the cloak was new, something none of them had seen before. A mixture of black and red that hugged each curve snug and would provide her the freedom of movement she needed to be lethal and silent. Ci'roa, who had been Lo'ska's right hand, stepped forward cautiously.

"What would you have of us, my Lady?" The large red-skinned Sith inquired, bowing before her on a single knee. She watched as the others, thirteen in total followed his example. A smile graced a single corner of her lips, but she stood almost tall, proud before them.

"You are of Kozan Saad's fleet. It will remain his fleet. Those that defy his orders will be dealt with accordingly. Those that seek to overthrow his reign will die. He has chosen me as his Second in Command. If there are any who disagree with his decision, say so now."

None spoke a word. Kinta gave them orders to leave Lo'ska to his fate, and they left him alone in the ruins. Ci'roa returned to the flagship to await orders from Saad while she made her way back towards the Sphere. She was perhaps halfway back when chaos struck.

It was as if a physical wall had been thrown up in her path, but there was nothing there that she could see. Her Force powers had been immediately stunted the moment her boot came in contact with the metal trap hidden in the underbrush. It had been just a faint contact, but it had been enough. The instant drain left her weak and she dropped to her knees. Her hands shot out to take the sudden impact of her fall, preventing her from landing on her stomach and crushing the developing fetus within her abdomen. Even that had taken tremendous effort. It was as if a switch had been thrown, shutting down any connection with the Force she had, shutting Kozan instantly out of her mind.

"Now you know what it feels like to be suddenly severed from something you have a strong Bond with. Painful, isn't it?"

She lifted her head, staring up at the masked visage of Kylo Ren as he crouched down beside her. He gave a soft sigh, reached down to gently grasp her chin by his thumb and index finger. He tilted her head up so she looked up at him.

"I never wanted this. Not for either of us. You left me with no choice."


He whipped his head in the direction of the Stormtrooper that addressed him.

"Squadron 621 has just encountered a problem."

"What problem?"

"I-it's him, sir. I-I think he knows we have her. The entire squad is gone, sir."

Kylo raised a single hand. Without the use of the Force to protect her mind, he was able to put Kinta to sleep rather easily. He caught her before she slumped to the ground and scooped her up into his arms.

"Set a course for Endor." Without another word, he led the way back towards the shuttle, carrying the uncouncious Kinta against him.

Her jaw clenched faintly, dark eyes narrowing as she watched Ren pace in front of her. She had awoken only a few moments ago. Her arms were constricted, held in place by her sides by wide bands of metal inflused with something that limited her Force abilities. As long as she was bound, she could not use them. Nor could she contact Kozan. The temporary loss of connection seemed to weaken her. Though her use of the Force was as bound as she, it by no means meant that she was helpless. She was counting on Ren to make a mistake. He already had capturing her. All she had to do was wait for him to make another.

He gave a mechnical sigh before reaching up to pull the helmet off. He let it thump loudly against the table that sat beside her. The table had once gleamed silver but was now dusty with age and misuse. A flash image of instruments and vials on the table passed across her vision for a split second but vanished when she blinked.

"Do you now where you are?" He inquired softly, moving to stand beside her. She was strapped to a table, one that was nearly the length of her body and could tilt at various angles. There were wheels at the bottom so that she could be moved to different areas if need be.

"Endor." She replied, mostly to humor him. She kept her words empty of emotion even though anger and rage burned through her veins. Force help him if she got free. There would be no place for him to hide. There would be no place for him to run to that either she nor Saad would not find him. The thought of Kozan comforted her, and she felt just the trickle of a familiar presence in the back of her mind. He was coming.

"You are home, Drayga."

"That is not my name."

He snorted faintly. "Ah, yes. You go buy Kinta Sarrai now. A name bestowed on you by a man who stole you from me."

It was her turn to snort. "Kind of hard to steal something when you abandon it. You allowed your Knights to be used as pawns on a chess board, moved by a hand that was not your own."

She saw his jaw clench and she knew she had struck a nerve. He did not approve of the fact that Snoke had taken command over his Knights so easily.

"It seems we abandoned each other." He paused for a moment, leaning forward to rest his forearm against the top of the table beside her head. He reached out with his free hand, the leather of the glove tracing the curve of her jawline. "Do you know why I brought you here?"

For the first time since they had arrived, Kinta took in her surroundings. It appeared to be some kind of a lab, a facility that had been long forgotten and abandoned.

"This was your birth place.You were created in this very lab. Formed by Darth Sidious, forged from the DNA of the best and most lethal races in the galaxy. The Pureblood Sith, the Noghri, and the Nightsisters. Your midi-chlorian count is higher than any known Jedi or Sith Master. You were created to be flawless, perfect."

Kinta allowed a single dark brow to arch upward faintly. "You expect me to believe that I was created to be the perfect Force-user? To serve under Sidious?" If she wanted to be honest with herself, she had a suspicion that Ren was right. From what her and Kozan had discovered thus far about her past and her people. But that was not something she was going to admit to him.

"Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned that you were linked to some kind of Prophecy. He said that it wouldn't occur unless you had been purified by Death. That was why he sent the Knights after you on Korriban."

A low growl trickled from between her lips and she jerked at the bonds that held her. Her growl was eclipsed by another sound, the sound of an enraged snarl and it came from her.

"And you think that justifies Snoke's actions!?" She shouted, slamming herself against the restraints in her anger. The table shifted, but the binds did not.

"The Supreme Leader is wise, Kinta." The way he said her name made it sound as if he was disgusted with it, as if it was poison he was spitting out.

"Oh please." She scoffed with mild amusement. Kozan had more wisdom in his thumb than Snoke had in his entire being. But she knew not to say so out loud, at least not yet, though the meaning behind her words was quite clear to the both of them.

Ren's hand drifted down from her jaw, his gloved fingers trailing between her breasts and down to the flat of her stomach where his palm splayed across its surface. It stopped, hesitating at the lower half of her abdomen. There. He felt the faintest shift in the Force, the detection of something that he had not expected. At all. His other hand lashed out, clenching her jaw tightly in his grasp as he forced her head to the side to look at him.

"You slept with him." It was more of a statement, an accusation than a question. "You slept with him and now you bare his child. A child that should be mine."

Silent laughter made her body tremble. It quickly turned from mere shakes of her shoulders to full blown amusement. "At one point, perhaps. You blew that chance when you abandoned me on Korriban. I know you felt my life slipping away." She accused, staring straight into his dark eyes with her own. "You deny feeling my Force signature fading, that you did not feel my pain nor hear my call."

As she spoke, her fingers unperceptably reached into a small pouch hidden at her hip and removed the black stone frog with the blue colored mineral embedded in it's back, the same one she had used on The Finalizer. Had it really been months ago? Her thumb glided over the blue portion as she continued to speak, and pressed down upon it gently.

"You may justify it how you wish, Ren. But you abandoned me. Kozan found me. He gave me life when I was by all means dead. That in itself is something far more powerful, far more binding than anything you or I could have had, so stop living in this dillusion."

He was silent for a moment, his fingers releasing some of the pressure on her jaw, but he didn't let her go. He leaned forward, his mouth inches from hers.

"Had it occured to you, Drayga, that this Kozan is simply using you? For centuries the Sith have always betrayed one another. Murder, thievery, betrayal. All of it is part of who and what they are. Has a part of you ever just sat back for a moment and asked yourself why he would save your life?"

"No. I do not question what he has done, nor why."

"And you do not see that as foolish?"

Her eyes narrowed faintly. If looks could kill, Ren would have been dead in the first two seconds.

"Foolish to you, perhaps. You, at one point, wanted me to rule by your side. Do you not think he seeks the same? Must everyone have an alterior motive?"

"And what is your alterior motive?"

"I do not have one. For the first time in my life, what I choose to do, I do of my own free will. I do not expect you to understand. You were never a slave to someone elses whim until you became Snoke's Apprentice. I have been one nearly my entire life. First to the Hutts, then to Snoke, then to you. Saad freed me. He gave me choice when there would have been none. I accepted it. Embraced it and I do not regret it." The last she bit out through clenched teeth before her fist wrapped around the stone frog in her hand, transmitting her exact location to the Sphere and her mate who were undoubtedly already in orbit of Endor.

Kozan. The last time she had spoken to him had been right before she had left to dispatch of Lo'ska.

Kinta stood on the outcropping of rock that they had used as their makeshift landing pad. Though the planet seemed dead, the flora and life nothing more than ashes, something called to her here. She closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled the atmosphere. This was a part of who she was. She could feel it deep in her bones.

"It is time."

She turned her head only, the hood of her tattered red cloak shadowing her face, but she could see everything despite its coverage. Kozan stood just behind her, both hands clasped behind his back. She smiled despite herself and moved towards him. She stopped within touching distance and reached up. Her thumb trailed over his lower lip briefly before she pulled it down slightly and claimed his mouth with her own. It lasted but a moment, but that moment spoke volumes. She released him and settled back, her dark gaze roaming his face. Carefully, she took his hand in his and placed it against the leather armor covering her abdomen.

"We will come back to you safe." She said softly, hoping that he understood the meaning behind her worlds.

Ren had been laying in wait for her on Honoghr. After she had completed the task Saad had given her, dispatching Lo'ska in the "wrong way", she was making her way back to the Sphere to meet up with Kozan. Before she was able to reach him, she was unfotunately snared in a trap. How she had not sensed it could only be explained by the device that had been used. Metallic binds of some kind of alloy composite that restricted Force abilities. Similiar to the netting the Knights had used on Korriban.

With a wordless cry of rage, Kylo whipped away from her. His lightsaber ignighted as he began pounding against the walls and other various equipment in his anger. After a few moments, he stopped, his shoulders heaving with each breath. After a moment, the saber disengaged and he turned back around to face her. There was sadness in his expression now, but there was still threads of anger and rage.

"I can not let this union of yours and the Sith remain."

For a moment, Kinta was speechless. "What?"

"Supreme Leader must be made aware of this. If it is his decision to terminate the pregnancy, then it must be done."

"By the Force, Ren. I am warning you now. If you even attempt at such a thing, there will be nothing in this galaxy that will save you, no where you can hide. Kozan will destroy you, and we will bathe in your blood."

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Blood and Darkness
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