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 General Vampire Abilities

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PostSubject: General Vampire Abilities   Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:12 pm

~ Regenerative Properties: The Elder the Vampire, the faster they are able to heal even the most fatal wounds. If they were shot, the bullet would exspell itself from the wound and the skin would reseal without any trace of a scar. The younger Vampires take longer to heal large wounds. The time frame can range anywhere from five minutes to hours depending on the size and depth of the injury.

~ Telepathy: This is the strongest form of communication among the Vampires. The bond between Sire and Childe is stronger, but with a Blood Bond, any Vampire can communicate with other Vampires, Lycans, or Revanants. The Vampire Council has the capability of using this ability to speak among themselves with the exception of Fallon. His reasons for not having this ability any longer have been mentioned.

~ Animality: A gift among the strongest telepaths. They are able to communicate with a specific animal, speak to them telepathicly to give an order of protection, or of a kill. Those who have this gift are able to give their chosen animal a form of Vampiricy. Draven and Kenyon; Vitae of the Aluka, are the only two with this ability currently.

~ Blood Vision: All Vampires have this ability. This enables their vision to shift. The Vampire will see everything in a blood red hue, but anything living caught in the visions path will be seen as a pulsating white figure. Think of it as similiar to thermal vision. This enables them to track their prey more easily.

~ Mesmerization: This ability resides in the eyes mostly. Most Vampires retain an alluring eye color when Transformed, and if they are not careful, they can mesmerize anyone they lock gazes with. Draven's level of power for this gift is vastly stronger than any of the others. This is why she tends to avoid direct eye contact for extended periods of time.

~ Immunity: Again, only a gift of the Elders; the ability to walk in the light of day. However, their eyes must be covered at all times because it could make them blind if they are in prolonged sunlight. Thus far, Draven is one of the only ones to have walked Sanguine during the daylight hours. She still avoids it at all costs since it has given her migraines in the past.

~ Speed: All Vampires have the gift of astounding speed. The degress of how fast one is depends upon their age and their experience. Some Bloodlines are faster than others while some of the younger Vampires may be faster than their Elders. Draven has been known to move nano seconds and with the infusion of her blood into the newly changed Faboan Vampire, Fallon Haestus, he has become faster than most of his peers with the exception of perhaps Kenyon and Karise.

~ Strength: Vampires are vastly stronger than most of the supernatural races. They can bend most metals with a flex of their fingers, break large trees with a single kick and even withstand most impacts that would normally kill most people. Draven has leapt from the tallest tower in Sanguine and landed unharmed on the ground below.

~ Staminia: Endurance and stamina has always been tested for centuries. Some of the Vampires continue to test their limits in various ways. Draven did by seeing how far she could go between feedings. Now she is able to survive on a thimble full of blood that lasts her a couple months at a time. However a longer, stronger feeding could possibly last her years.

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General Vampire Abilities
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