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PostSubject: Betrayal   Sat Mar 18, 2017 5:49 pm

Several days after the Council meeting...

"Do you have any idea how many of your kind I have killed over the centuries?" The Demon inquired, sitting nearly ram-rod straight in a high-backed chair of red leather. Long, waist length dark red hair flowed down her back to the small of her waist. Piercing black eyes held no emotion and were as cold as ice as they looked over the Vampire that sat opposite of the large round table. "What is to keep me from killing you right now, Markus?" She gestured faintly with a hand tipped in lethal black claw like nails.

"There has been a recent development in Sanguine. One in which has left the Montriarch vulnerable, weak. An old companion of hers has returned from the Ether and has laid waste to Draven's estranged husband Dasani and their daughter Radraven. Their headless corpses were found alongside the members of a Council Draven was attempting to form in Europe." The Mortuus proclaimed almost proudly, as if he was throwing the Demon a juicy tidbit of bone or table scraps. "If there is any time to dethrone the Montriarch, it is now."

Rionach scoffed. "You seek to betray the Mother of your kind, the very first Vampire whom we all know is powerful enough to have held her position for several centuries. Either you have a death wish, Markus, or you are certifiably insane. I have yet to decide which."

"You are Lucifer's wife, Rionach. You are powerful enough to match Draven."

"No, I am not. I am Demon enough to admit that. Draven is more powerful than any Demon that walks Sanguine."

Markus stood almost violently from his chair, it toppled over in his anger. "She must be made to suffer! She embarassed me in front of the Council!"

"And how did she do that, Markus? Did Mother Dearest put you in your place? Did she place you in time out?"

His face pinched as if he was pained and the Demon knew that it was only the first strike of the nail on the head.

"She is forming an attachment to another. A younger Vampire that has not even begun to tap into his abilities. She saved his life a few weeks ago when he foolishly made a scene among the humans." He began to pace, back and forth in front of the table. "The other night at the emergency Council meeting, she gifted him with a new Vitae chair and gave him the position as her right hand, as Head of Security for the entire city. That should be me sitting by her side! It should have been me in her bed! Good riddance to Dasani, but now my chances of seeking her favor have already been thwarted! Thwarted by this so called...Faboan."

The Demoness snorted faintly. "You are a foolish man, Markus. Draven does not covet this new Vampire, this 'Faboan'. At least not yet. She is a woman with a long past and there are secrets she has kept from Sanguine, from the Council. War will make anyone desperate and with Trine threatening to return, she will need all the help she can get. If you think she has an attachment with Fallon, you have not seen her interact with a piece of her ancient past."

She paused for a moment, reveling in the confusion that passed across the Mortuus' features. "Watch out for the Wolves, Markus, and I do not mean the Shifters."
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