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 Trine and the thread on Sanguine

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PostTrine and the thread on Sanguine

Been practically nagging Trine to come back into the game. May have succeeded in talking him into playing with us again. Time permitting of course. We all have lives outside of BC and can't always devote time to the storyline as much as we would like. We discussed fleshing out more of Draven and Trine's backstory so that people know what happened to cause such a rift between the two. Allow me to explain some of it now.

Draven was gifted by the Egyptian God Anubis, thusly making her the first Vampire roughly 8,000 years ago, give or take. 4,000 years after her creation, she met Trine in Japan during her travels. At this point in the time line, Sanguine did not exist and the Montriarch killed pretty much anyone and everything in her path. She was not the good little Vampire Queen we all know and love today. She was ruthless, bloodthirsty. She killed for blood because she liked the taste of it. Trine asked her to turn him and she did. He was her first companion. They were not lovers. He viewed her as a higher being of sorts. A matriarchal figure. Someone to follow and Trine follows no one. His Transformation led him to become the first of the Vega.

For several thousand years, he followed her. When she created Sanguine and curbed her ruthless, ways, Trine tried to follow suit. He could not and so she banished him from the city and made Vangelo as his replacement for the Vitae of the Vega. Five to ten years prior to our current time line, Trine sought to destroy Sanguine and revert Draven back to her old self. He failed and she killed him, casting him into the Ether of the Demon realm. He has escaped and seeks to destroy Sanguine once again. He killed Dasani and Radraven in hopes it would anger the Montriarch enough to revert her. He does not seek to kill her, for in his own twisted ways, he loves her and he knows that to kill her would destroy all Vampire kind.

Much of this background info will be further explained in flashback posts such as the one I posted in Sanguine's Private RP area. I have a few other characters spread around in the Sanguine RPG to ensure that the storyline is steered in the correct directions. There is also the NPC account which I have already used. If you have any questions or ideas about this, please feel free to share them. I want to spark something epic. You all are amazing writers and have helped come up with some top notch stuff. Let's see what we can accomplish.

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Trine and the thread on Sanguine :: Comments

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Trine and the thread on Sanguine

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