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 Time Guardian

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PostSubject: Time Guardian   Tue Jun 13, 2017 11:07 am

General Stats

  • Name: Known only as Myth
  • Species: Human(Assumed)
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eyes: Turquoise
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 170lbs

- Little is known about Myth, his age, where he came from. Most is just speculated and guessed at.

- Myth is adept in all schools of magic, though he is a master of Chronomancy, so far none have been able to come close to his ability to manipulate time. Most feel that the reason no one has been able to surpass him, is the fact that he has killed many who have meddled with time. Earning him the name "Time Guardian" Or in circles that don't seem to keen on him "Time Stalker" or just plain murderer.

- Myth created Umbra, no one knows why he chose this point in time to create this oasis in the wastes, but given his deliberate methods there is definitely a reason.

- Given his natural gift for magic, many speculate that he is not human, or at least not fully human. What else may reside within his genome is highly speculated.

- Created the Nexus and the Coven in efforts to bring structure, and a governing council to the magic realm. Though there are those that still operate outside the Coven's influence, know as Renegade Mages, or Rogues.

-Myth maintains a stoic personality. At times he can come off as cold and uncaring, and even a bit sadistic at times.

-Through a complex spell Myth has severed himself from the timeline, making it possible to operate outside of the flow of time. Allowing himself to be able to exist in the same place as another Myth already resides.


Ronin: A battle suit of Myth's design. Ronin is an armored set of robes, infused with both technological advancements, as well as magical enchantments. It contains Contingencies, back up spells, and a fully functional Augmented Reality Heads Up Display offer Myth real time information in hectic situations. Tying all of these functions together is a sophisticated AI interface, acting as advisor, and assistant to Myth when he is donning the armor. Ronin also acts as a disguise hiding away his facial features. Though this feature isn't really needed anymore, given the Time Guardian's fame, it does still often work as a fear tactic.

Spark Fangs: Myth's go to weapons, to knives enhanced with tech, and magic to improve lethality. They are augmented to tear into magical armors easier, and deliver a lethal charge of electricity

Mage Bane: The sword that resides on his back, a Scimitar of ancient design, etched with runes in a magical language long lost to the ebb and flow of time. The blade itself, when drawing the blood of another magic user can steal away magical energy, enough cuts could leave a mage completely drained, and the sword fully powered.
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Time Guardian
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