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 Mage Class Abilities

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PostSubject: Mage Class Abilities   Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:23 pm

Elemental Mages
These Elemental Mages have the ability to manipulate and cast fire spells making them very effective offensive combatants. They can hurl fireballs, errupt the ground beneath an enemy into flames, or rain down fire from the skies. The Elite Mages of the Fire Class can even cast Arcane Fire Runes on an object, making it explode.

Water Mages have the ability to manipulate and cast water spells making them very good defensive opponents. They can use their gifts for casting Water Spells to slow an enemy down, enabling a Fire, Ice, Eart or Air Mage to gain an advantage in battle. If they are near a body of water, they can cause a tidal wave to completely engulf an enemy. The Elite Mages of the Water Class are Ice Mages and are able to manipulate the temperature of the Water Spells they cast to freeze it. These powerful Ice Mages can impale someone on long spikes of ice, encase an enemy completely in order to prevent him from moving, or cause a massive blizzard of violent snow to confuse or blind an opponent.

These Elemental Mages have the ability to manipulate and control the very Earth, creating earthquakes, and even summoning the very ground to impale an enemy. These abilities make them both good offensive and defensive warriors. The Elite Earth Mages have the unique gift of summoning Earthen made Golems and creatures to aid them in combat.

Air Mages; also known as Storm Callers have the ability to manipulate and control the very Air around them. This enables them to create various types of Storms from Hurricanes, Vortexs, and Tornados. These Storms make these Air Mages good Support Casters, allowing them to assist a comrade in battle. The Elite of the Air Class have the ability to also command lightning, making them very formidable Elemental casters.

The front line warriors. These Battlemages excel in hand-to-hand combat. Many have been known to have even trained in martial arts. They are able to summon swords, shields and various other bladed and deadly weapons to aid them. The Elite of the Battlemages have been known to switch Summoned Weapons randomly during combat in order to confuse their enemy.

Enchanters generally do not join in on the fighting. They are side-liners, often armed with Enchantments, Augmentations and have been even known to provide Enhancing Potions to aid their comrades in war. They can fix a broken Enchantment on the fly, often while the battle rages around them. The Elite Enchanters are able to use Summoning Spells, often times summoning a creature or construct to defend them while they make a repair.

Shadow Mages
Shadow Mages have the astounding ability to manipulate the shadows in such a way that it seems as if they are able to teleport from shadow to shadow, often disappearing in a darkened corner only to pounce their enemy from a shadowed ceiling. The Elite Shadow Mages are also able to construct creatures from pure Darkness to fight along side them. This Class of Mages are most notably known for hunting down and eliminating specific targets that the Nexus deems rogue. They are Assassins, Spies and Scouts.

Time Shifters
Not much is known about the capabilities of Time shifters, very few have been found to have the ability to traverse the temporal realm. What is known is their ability to traverse time with some ease. The adeptness of the Chronomancer often limits how far into the past, or the future a shifter may go. Giving them access to knowledge often lost to the ages, or not yet known. Speculation has often stated that the stronger Timeshifters can stop time itself or even revert a person's being back to a certain point in time, or even forward. The true extent of their power is still unknown, given the fact that most who have come to learn chronomancy keep a tight lip on what they can do. One thing is for sure, good luck getting the drop on a Time Shifter.

Healers. The most important Mage in any group selected for a mission. They have the ability to manipulate Life Force Magick, enabling them to Heal less fatal wounds on the fly. If it is a serious wound, or an internal injury Healers have the ability to Astral Project themselves into a patients body in order to Heal from the inside out. Elite Healers are highly trained with herbs, enabling them to make large batches of Healing Potions and Poltices to keep on hand in case of an energency and their are not able to get to a clinic to Heal a fatally injured patient properly.
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Mage Class Abilities
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