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 Bound by Darkness

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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Bound by Darkness   Mon Apr 09, 2018 3:18 pm

Darkness and Light

"I have an important task for you."

The large, blue holo image of Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned, gesturing with a gnarled hand towards the cloaked figure that stood alone on the holo pad. In recognition, the figure moved it's head, tilting it slightly to the left as if to silently say that it was listening. The stark black cloak blanketed the figure, making it difficult to discern if it was male or female. The hood was pulled up, shrouding it's features in complete darkness.

"I need you to keep an eye on Kylo Ren."

The mysterious figure snorted faintly.

"I do not baby sit, Snoke." The voice that spoke from the impenetrable darkness was melodic, soft, smoky and seductive. It echoed with a faint artifical tone, indicating that the figure wore some kind of mask, or voice accentuator. It was destinctively feminine as it addressed the Supreme Leader so casually. Many would have cowered to their knees in fear, but not her. She had been the first and only being capable of ejecting Snoke forcefully from her mind and he found it impossible to rip past her mental walls. The failure of the Knights on Korriban seemed to have only made her stronger, and he found it unsettling. He did not like not knowing what this woman was capable of. The fact that she was there and not seeking him out meant that she had no idea he was behind it all. Perhaps she blamed Ren for her misfortune. It would be entertaining to see how she faired being near the Master of the Knights of Ren once more.

"His training is nearly complete. With the death of Han Solo, he is now that much closer to the Dark Side. I need you to keep your skills close. We will need them in the times ahead, especially if Skywalker returns."

She sighed softly, almost in resignation. "Very well."

The holo image nodded once, watching as she moved gracefully towards the door. "Sarrai, try not to kill him."

She paused for a moment, barely glancing over her shoulder. If only the Surpreme Leader knew the extent of it. "No promises." She replied, the door hissing shut behind her.


The flag ship shared by General Hux and Kylo Ren impressed her. The dagger-shaped Finalizer was nearly twice the size of an Imperial-era Star Destroyer. It's heavy weapons augmented by two Starfighter wings, a hundred assault crafts and a legion of Stormtroopers. Her sleek black fighter seemed small and insignificant in comparison as it docked in one of the empty bays.

"You must be Kinta Sarrai." Came a nasally voice from the front of a small squad of Troopers and other militia. Her gaze drifted up to his face, noting the smug and arrogant expression on his pasty complexion. Bright red hair was slicked back and his First Order military attire impeccable. Almost instantly, she knew this was only one of the men aboard this ship that would test her patience. She was rather surprised that Ren hadn't killed him yet.

"Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned your arrival."

Before she could open her mouth to respond with something witty and sarcastic, tell-tale confident and determined boot steps could be heard approaching, echoing through the ship's massive halls. She knew immediately who they belonged to. She would have known them anywhere, especially with the Force Bond that they shared. Something that seemed to have instantly rekindled the moment she had entered the same system. The masked figure in black robes came into view a second later, moving like a silent storm of barely contained fury. The black robes he wore fanned around his legs as he crossed the distance separating them, stopping only mere inches from touching her. If he thought to intimidate her, it wouldn't work. She did not move except to raise her head slightly to look up into the expressionless eyes of his ever present helmet. He towered over her by a full foot, seemingly dwarfing her. She took a deep breath, breathing in his scent the exact same moment he breathed in to speak.



They had both spoken at the same time, their names blending into one. General Hux watched the exchange, curious. There was a past here, one that hopefully did not come back to haunt any of them.

"She used to be one of the Knights of Ren, long before they grew to what they are now." Kylo mentioned to the General, not turning away from the hooded woman in front of him. Did she still look the same? Would he recognize her?

"Your precious Knights left me for dead on Korriban." She stated casually, watching his gloved hands clench into fists at his sides. Without another word, she stepped around him fluidly. She felt the air move as he did, but no pressure followed. She knew that as much as his temper wanted to reign, Ren wouldn't dare lay a hand on her. Already their Bond was growing, fitting together like two lost pieces of a puzzle.

"Your quarters are this way." General Hux informed her, breaking her focus on the masked man behind her. The General gestured with a gloved hand, indicating that she follow the small group of Stormtroopers that patrolled ahead of them. Silence followed in their wake, but she could feel the burn of Ren's gaze as it bored into her. She was escorted through a labyrinth of monochronmatic hued halls. The gleaming black floors and walls reminding her of a dark, clinical and sterile place. She moved with confident strides, each gesture fluid and graceful. Even in a calm state of mind, there was no doubt that she was still a lethal predator. Though she felt eyes watching her, she knew that they were doing so from the corners of their vision, too afraid to look at her directly. It mattered not for she had come here for a purpose and she was not going to leave until it had been fullfilled.

The moment she had been shown to her quarters and left to her own devices, she immediately removed her cloak, draping it haphazardly over the covers adorning her bed. She used the Force to nudge aside the sparse furniture and took a position of meditation in the very center of the room. Around her, decorative glass spheres slowly circled around her head as she began to exercise her Telekinetic ability. It almost broke her concentration when she felt Ren's presence stalking towards her down the hall. It certainly had not taken him long to come after her. She had hoped it would have taken him a bit longer. It would have given her a few moments to collect herself. With a sigh, she opened her eyes just as the door to her room hissed open. The spheres still circled around her for a moment before lining back up into a straight line on the shelf that held her lightsabers.

"That knock was much appreciated, Ren." She stated sarcastically.

He said nothing, standing stock still as if she had used a Force Stun on him. She knelt, poised so perfectly in the very center of the room. She was still as beautiful as he remembered. Waist length jet black hair pulled back from her angular face in a single pony tail, the natural wild curls cascading past her shoulders. Her full lips were set into a subtle pout that seemed utterly sensual to him. However, it was her eyes that made him hesitate. The once liquid chocolate that he remembered so fondly, had turned black, the darkness completely taking over the whites of those once haunting eyes. The iris was now a piercing mix of red, orange and yellow peering out from that darkness like some kind of a demon.

"What happened on Korriban?" He finally asked, breaking himself out of his trance.

She unfolded herself from the floor and stood with the grace only an Atary or Juyo master could manage. She still wore the form fitting black pants and long sleeved shirt that she used to wear years ago as her casual attire. Her feet were bare, the delicate toes painted black to match the sharp, claw-like nails on her dainty fingers. His eyes shifted, taking note of her boots propped neatly beside the bed.

"Does it matter? It already happened. Nothing can change that."

He moved closer, fingers clenching tightly as he closed the distance between them. "What happened, Kinta?"

She could feel his anger swirling around them and she siphoned it, using it to fuel her own. She spun so that her back faced him and she reached up over her shoulders, pulling her shirt up enough to reveal a series of nasty, deep, criss-crossing scars that covered the entire expanse of her back from her shoulders and down past the waist band of her pants. At one point, they had been undoubtedly deep and painful. Just what exactly had happened to her?

"I found the Holocron, buried deep in the heart of an ancient Sith tomb. However, as I returned to the shuttle, your Knights were waiting for me." She released her hold on her shirt, but it didn't slide back down to cover her. She felt the warm leather of his gloves trace over the rough scars of her flesh and it sent a shudder down her spine, one that had nothing to do with pain or fear.

"You were one of them. Why would they harm you against my express orders that you were not to be touched?"

Rage boiled to the surface and she whipped around to face him. Yes, she knew that their actions had nothing to do with them, but he was the current focus of her ire. "Because they said that I made you weak! I was a distraction, keeping you from reaching your true potential."

Kylo lowered his hands, one of them hesitating to caress the side of her face. Before his hand came in contact with her skin, he seemed to think better of it and moved to unlatch his helmet.

She stopped him with a single word. "Don't."

"Are you afraid of me?" He inquired with a subtle tilt of his head.

"I will not be broken again, Ren. I already broke once for you. I have nothing left. I died calling for you." She sounded so tired. What had the Knights subjected her to? Who had given the order to go after her? Had he not forbidden them from harming her, from anyone harming her?

"I never abandoned you." She whispered, casting those errie eyes down on the shiny black floor that they stood one. "But you abandoned me."


Kinta sat in the middle of the training room. She let go of the physical, becoming one with the Force. Almost immediately, the twin single hilt lightsabers she normally carried; which had been lined up neatly on the floor in front of her, levitated. They circled around her twice before they began to disassemble, each piece methodically deconstructing. When she reached the kyber crystals embedded within, it was as if a switch had been thrown on her memories and her focus faltered, flashing back to the events on Korriban.

She clutched the Holocron within the grip of her black gloved hand. Her steps were light but quick as she made her way back towards her awaiting shuttle. Almost immediately, she knew that she wasn't alone. Standing a few feet away were six figures, all dressed head to toe in full dark battle gear.

"The Knights of Ren." She stated, her head tilting just slightly off kilter. Though Kylo had always considered her one of them, the others had not, even though she had been by his side since the beginning.

"Sarrai." The one in front of her replied, his large frame enveloped in massive armor. The Heavy. His actual name eluded her.

"Are the lot of your here to check on my progress? Perhaps offer some much uneeded assistance?" She asked, tucking the Holocron into a hidden pocket of her cloak. She doubted the answer was yes, but she had to ask.

"No. " The same Knight replied. "We are here for another purpose."

As she conversed with him, the remaining five fanned out, forming a circle around her.

"And what purpose is that?" She asked, shifting her cloak just enough to reveal the lightsabers she carried in special holsters on each thigh. Her instincts were screaming at her. She had known the moment she had felt their presence that they were here to kill her.

"Do you truly think that your presence strengthens Master Ren? That together you will create a new Empire where the two of you will rule side by side?"

She felt her fingers tighten, itching to rip the Knights to pieces.

"You distract him from his purpose. You make him weak."

With a savage snarl of rage, her normally calm demeanor snapped. Using her Telekinetic ability, both lightsabers shot from their holsters and into her hands. They activated instantly, coming to life in a flash of red energy that pulsed and glowed brightly. She whirled in an impressive acrobatic horizontal spin that appeared to defy gravity. As she spun, she brought her sabers down towards the Knight who had taunted her. Such was her anger that she had momentarily, and foolishly forgotten the remaining five surrounding behind her. Before the lightsabers could connect with her target, something enveloped her and she was slammed down into the ground hard with the abrupt stop of her momentum. It was some kind of advanced netting that not only constricted her movements, but seemed to momentarily interrupt her connection with the Force.

Her focus faltered once more as her rage boiled to the surface. She poured that rage, that pain into one of the crystals. Almost immediately, it darkened from red to black, filling with the utter corruption of the darkness that resided within her. The other crystal remained red. Once those emotions had been consumed by the kyber crystals, she restablished her mental focus, diving back into her memories.

They were determined to break her, but she would not give them the satisfaction of a scream, nor any sound of her pain. Her armor was in tatters, deep lacerations littering her back. Blood ran in thick ribbons down her body to pool onto the stone floor. Glimpses of muscle and bone could be seen with each shallow breath she took.

"If you truly care for Master Ren, you should revel in the knowledge that your death will make him stronger."

"I-If I l-live or n-not doesn't m-matter. W-when he finds out what y-you have d-done, I pity you when his w-wrath r-reigns."

The Heavy snorted. "You will not live to see it." He replied before slipping a knife between her ribs.

She continued to pour that wrath, that pain into the reconstruction of her sabers. The parts began to reassemble, forming two identical weapons that mirrored the emotions she felt coursing through her. Red for her rage and black for her darkness.

"The Knights were under orders from Snoke." His deep voice was quiet and unfiltered as he spoke from the doorway of the training room. She knew that from his tone that he wasn't wearing his helmet and he made his words more of a statement rather than a question. Had he witnessed her memories through their Force Bond?

"So it would seem." Came her own reply, just barely above a whisper as her eyes finally opened and she turned to glance over her shoulder in his direction. She was surprised he wasn't throwing a tantrum. Yet. She had come to the same conclusion years ago. Who else could give orders to the Knights but Snoke and have them follow them without question?

"How did I not feel your pain through our Bond?" Ren moved slowly into the room, his hands clenching tightly at his sides in a whispering creak of leather. His arms were trembling with the effort to not rip the entire room apart.

"Perhaps Snoke was blocking you."

He moved closer, daring to place a hand on her shoulder. That simple contact caused the Bond to flare and they both took a gasping breath. She felt his anger, his worry. His insecurities and the strength of the sorrow he had felt when she had disappeared.

"Let me in, Kinta." His words were so soft that she had almost missed them. He knelt behind her, both hands skimming over her arms. He was asking permission for her to let him past her mental barriers. Before Korriban, she had always been open to him. Now it was like trying to scale over a smooth metal wall. There was no foothold. She had grown more powerful.

With a sigh of resignation, she did as he asked and dropped her shielding. If he wanted to feel her torment, she would gladly share it. Let him have a taste of what she carried inside of her.

Ren cursed out loud. The strength of her anger and pain was staggering. He felt her suffering. She showed him how she had clawed her way towards the sarcophagus, lifting a hand to touch the final resting place for a long forgotten Sith Lord. He heard her call his name before she finally slipped into oblivion. Carefully, she replaced the mental barrier, ejecting him rather easily from her mind.

"I broke with your name on my tongue." She admitted softly. She had yet to look at him. He knew she was afraid, but it wasn't of him. No, it was fear of reliving that same agony. He turned her to face him, reaching beneath her chin to tilt her head up so that she had no choice but to look at him. He was still as staggering as she remembered. Handsome in his own way, but enticing with his presence alone. Long, wavy black hair framed his angular face. Dark, molten brown eyes started at her with such emotion that it nearly took her breath away. The corners of his mouth tilted up as he caught a glimmer of her thoughts when her barrier accidently slipped.

"Once our training is complete, I will make you mine."

The words he had once spoken to her flashed in their memories.

"You will always be mine." He whispered softly. His fingers tips lightly brushed down her cheek as she gracefully stood. The lightsabers she had reconstructed hovered up from the floor. She collected them, taking them carefully in each hand to test their weight. Without a word, she left, the door hissing quietly behind her.


She hated when she dreamed. The nightmares of Korriban were the strongest when sleep claimed her in it's grasp. It was always the same, but this time, it was Kylo Ren standing over her with a bloody blade in his gloved hand and not one of the Knights. She awoke with a start, popping her head up from her pillow. She had fallen asleep on her stomach, arms folded beneath her head. It still pained her to put full pressure on her back though it had been a few years since their infliction. Time seemed to flow seamlessly, blending into a single cohesive torrent of time. Something had awoken her, but what? There was a soft intake of breath that came from the corner of her room, the one cloaked in shadow.

"Don't you ever knock?" She groaned, stuffing her face back into the pillow. "It's creepy to wake up to you simply sitting there watching me sleep."

Kylo sat in a chair that he had dragged into the corner.

"I go where I please, you know this." His voice was mechnical, letting her know that he wore his helmet. It seemed that he was seldom seen without it.

"I am entitled to a bit of privacy, Ren." She grumbled, her face still smushed into the pillow.

"Our Bond is growing, Kinta and it is quickly becoming something that I can not simply ignore any longer. I can not concentrate on my own tasks when a Force Vision of you laying naked in bed occupies my cohesive vision."

A faint flush crept up the back of her neck and she had to clear her throat before speaking.

"That was not intentional."

He reached up and removed the helmet. He stood in a fluid motion and placed the cumbersome burden down onto the chair he had just vacated.

"I have come to wonder what would happen if we were to further solidify this Force Bond."

"Further solidify? What are you talking about, Ren?" Her brown frowned as she shifted in bed, pulling the covers more securely around her obviously naked form. Her touseled hair fell across her right shoulder making her look even more alluring to him. The funny thing was, she had absolutely no idea the effect she had on him. Or perhaps she did and she was doing it intentionally.

"Do I really need to clarify that?" He inquired with a faint arch of a brow and a quirk to his lips. It was an expression that was both irritating and alluring.

She felt her blush burn further. "No, I think I know what you mean. I have not had the chance to read up on Force Bonds so I could not give you a straight answer as to weather or not such an action would solidify it."

To spare her and himself further embarassment, he changed the subject. It was obviously not the right time to discuss such matters. "In your vision, your memory you had touched the tomb of a long dead Sith Lord, but cut it off. What happened afterwards?"

With a sigh, she shifted on the bed so that she faced him. "As I reached out towards the stone -"

Her bloody fingers trembled with effort. It took all of her strength of will to have even crawled the last remaining feet towards the tomb. Finally, they brushed very lightly against the stone, her blood seeping into the porous surface. It was as if that touch, that smear of blood was the key to some hidden edifice. The tome slid open with a grinding of stone and a blast of dank air slammed into her face. She managed to dig her nails against the lip and draw herself a few more inches before her strength finally failed her. The moment her body passed into the tomb intself, the stone slid shut, sealing her inside with the crumbled remains of Naga Sadow. His spirit; which had remained locked within the tomb, materialized the moment it felt the presence of another that oozed so strongly with the Force.

Something warm touched her shoulder and her eyes drifted open, or had they been pulled open? Forced apart so that all she saw was a blurry glowing form in front of her vision.

"What do we have here?" The voice that reached her ears was masculine, but she couldn't quite make out it's pitch. The blur released her eyelids. Her body moved almost lifelessly, shifting like a limp doll but despite her lack of movement, her Force signature was still strong, ebbing and burning with a great amount of power that was still yet locked away, hidden behind ignorance.

"There is a strength in you, my dear, that can not be ignored. Your presence called to me so strongly. Your will to survive reminds me of my own and for that, I will not let you die."

It was then that she fully let darkness claim her.

She didn't remember much after that moment, but she had awoken to pain. Stiffness in her muscles and limbs. She could no longer feel the pain of the wounds, but knew that they were still there. The tightness of her skin told her as much. She didn't understand how she wasn't dead.

"Quite easily, my dear. I saved your life."

She glanced up towards the direction of the voice and was nearly blinded by the bright red glow of the figure sitting in front of her. A Force Ghost?

"In a sense. Some of us choose to remain behind, some of us do not. I was one of the latter, imprisioned and entombed. I used a great deal of my energy to ensure your survival."

"W-why?" She managed to croak out through a severly dry throat.

"Do not waste much needed strength to speak. Simply think of what you wish to say and I will hear you. But to answer your question, you are very powerful. Your Force Signature called me, even as you lay dying, bleeding all over my remains."

He waved a spectral hand dismissively. "For the strength you hold inside of you my dear, you can bleed over me anytime. But what, may I ask, happened to have you nearly join me in my tomb?"

"You spoke with the spirit of the legendary Naga Sadow?" Kylo asked softly, obviouly in awe and perhaps a bit envious. "It would seem that I own him a debt."

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Kinta Sarrai
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Star Wars RPG Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:37 pm


She felt them the moment they entered the same system. Three years of near straight meditation had given her hyper aware senses to the presence of others, especially those considered Force Sensitive. Her hands closed into fists, the leather of her gloves creaking with the strength of her grip. Her anger, her rage, threatened to boil over, but she ran her thumb over the small talisman she kept secured to the end of one of her lightsabers, the one she wielded with her left hand. Since the Pureblood Sith were known to be dominantly left handed, she thought it rather fitting to place it on the same side. The talisman was a small flower, a token Kylo had given her before they had parted ways in her search for the Holocron. As her thumb brushed across it, she felt her emotions still, becoming as smooth as an untouched lake.

"We take what we desire because we can. We can because we have power. We have power because we are Sith." Her words were a mere whisper as she repeated the proverb that Naga Sadow had once spoken to her.

She moved swiftly then, feeling the presence of one of the Knights moving through the halls. From the subtle hum, she pegged him for the Monk. She had always remembered him humming, or chanting beneath his breath. She edged her way around the hallway. There were abilities that she had that none of them knew about, not even the Master of the Knights himself. Her power war nearly three times that of when she had first stepped foot on Korriban. She would certainly give Kylo a run for his money. It was funny really that none of them knew just how powerful she had become. With Force Concealment in place, none of them would be any wiser.

The Monk passed by in a whisper of robes, his hands steepled in front of him in mock prayer even as he walked. She moved silently out from the doorway where she had hidden herself, following the figure as he moved towards his personal chambers. The moment he entered, she slipped into a deeply shadowed alcove. All she had to do now was wait for the others to arrive.


It hadn't taken long for the remainder of them to show. She watched from her hiding spot among the shadowed ceiling of the training room, a leg braced on either side of her on the opposite wall, the back of her neck against the angle of the ceiling. She was deeply cloaked in Force Concealment, using a small fraction of her Telekinetic ability on herself to keep her aloft as the Rogue and the Monk conversed among themselves. Their voices sounded artifical from the helments they wore. She remembered these two well, often seen whispering among themselves even with the rest of the Knights present. Neither of them were aware of her presence, yet. Swiftly, she dropped from her perch. She landed gracefully in a crouch, a hand braced agains tthe floor while she held a deactivated lightsaber in the grip of her left hand, the same one with the talisman dangling from the hilt, the same one that now held the black kyber crystal. It was like the force of a black hole, sucking in all surrounding light. Neither of them would know what hit them until it was far too late.

"Why would Master Ren call us all here on such short notice?" The Rogue inquired, fidgeting with one of the hidden pockets at his left let, no doubt containing some kind of blade he had hidden there.

"From what I understand, Supreme Leader Snoke sensed some kind of disturbance in the Force or something. Either way, he has become exceedingly paranoid."

Snoke? Paranoid? That was almost laughable. Unheard of. At least to the Knights. To Kinta, it was music to her ears. She stood slowly, the activation of her saber the only noise heard within the sudden silence of the room. Both of them stiffened, turning their heads slowly to glance over their shoulders towards the source of the sound.

"Hello, boys. It's been a long time."

It was in that moment, they knew exactly why Ren had called them here. He had called them to their own deaths. Had he found out what had happened?

"You live." The Monk whispered, shock evident in his mechnical voice.

"Unfortunately for you both, yes." Before either of them could respond, the black flash of the blade took their heads off their shoulders. The bodies dropped to their knees, both detached heads slowly rolling to a stop at her boot clad feet.


Two of his Knights, dead. He stood over their headless bodies, staring down at them through the curtain of his dark hair. His helmet having been long forgotten, destroyed in his anger in an elevator after his meeting with Snoke. The heads of the Knights were missing, pressumably taken by who had killed them and Kylo Ren knew exactly who had done just that.

"Find her." He ordered the Stormtrooper beside him, tilting his head faintly over his shoulder and baring the wide scar on the right side of his face that was still held together by a metallic mesh. "She must still be on the ship. Find her and bring her to me."

"Yes, my Lord." The small squadron of Troopers turned abruptly on their heels and marched out of the room. They were almost relieved that Ren hadn't gone through one of his infamous temper tantrums. Especially since his former training partner had just killed two of the Knights of Ren single handedly.

"Supreme Leader Snoke must be made aware of this, Ren." General Hux's nasally voice spoke out from where he stood behind him, surveying the carnage that had been left behind. "If she is strong enough to single handedly dispatch two of the Knights on her own, then what is keeping her from destroying us all?"



Ren sighed, turning to face the General. "If there is anyone that can stop her, it is me."

The red-head moved forward, daring to close the distance between them. "Do not overestimate your power over her, Ren. She has been dead for several years by all accounts. She may very well not be the same woman you had known in your past. Tread carefully, or you will bring destruction down on all of us."

"Sir!" An out of breath officer came running into the room, stopping short as her eyes caught sight of the headless bodies at the feet of her two superiors. She pitched forward, bracing her hands on her knees as she attempted to catch her breath.

"What is it, Officer?" Hux inquired, turning stiffly on his highly polished boots.

"S-several unidentified vessels have just entered the system and have surrounded the Finalizer."

"What?! How were they not picked up on our scanners?!"

"I-I don't know, sir." She replied, ringing her hands nervously as she stood up straight. "There was no warning until they were physically spotted by our gunners. It seems they have jammed our communications."

She knew they would be looking for her after the message she had left them. She had expected it, anticipated it even. She stood, leaning almost casually against the doorway that led into the interrogation room. Inside, lay the headless body of The Sniper. She took a moment, readjusting the black back she carried that held the three heads of the slaughtered Knights. There were only two remaining. The Heavy and The Armory. These two she had kept for last since they had both been the ones who had a hand in her torture and near death. The Armory had supplied the tools and the Heavy had been the one to get his hands dirty.

The sound of the proximity alarm broke her moment of serenity. Had General Hux and Ren called for renforcements so soon? She almost chuckled, but a trickle of excitement trailed down her spine, almost as if someone had used the Force to reach out and touch her. It was almost as if a physical hand brushed down along that sensitive curve, ignoring the armor she wore and the scars that resided there. Was that his signal to her, letting her know that he knew what was going on?

She crouched low, hidden up above and just to the left of the Armory who stood behind Kylo Ren. She dared not look in Ren's direction just yet, lest he distract her from her own purpose. She remained in both Stealth and Concealment as she dropped down from her makeshift perch, landing silently just behind the Armory. At the exact same moment one of her lightsabers engaged and took the head of the Knight in front of her, she dropped her Stealth and Concealment. Before the head could hit the floor, she lashed out with her right hand, her Telekinetic ability shooting forth several small lightsabers that were the length of her forearm. They ignighted, embedding deep through the helmet of the Heavy. One in the direct center of his forehead, another through the area where his mouth was and the last directly through his trachea. As the Armory's head hit the floor, the Heavy's body dropped, falling backwards without so much as a twitch.

Ren stood there for a moment, at a complete loss. Since when had Drayga been so proficient? Recovering quickly, he moved towards her but was stopped when the sound of her second saber engaged. She stood there looking leathal in her black leather armor. With perfect economy of movement and practiced ease, she twirled both sabers expertly and swiftly, ending up holding them in a reverse grip as she took a ready fighting stance.

"You seek to fight me now?" He questioned, hurt just barely evident in his voice.

"If I must, Ren. I came here for the Knights but there is still one more piece of the puzzle I need." She replied softly, feeling a sharp and painful tug in her chest at the sound of the emotion in his words. "Where is Snoke?"

He scoffed at her. "Do you really think I would give away his location so easily?"

She gave a soft sigh. "No, I do not. Though I am surprised that you of all people would back the Supreme Leader after knowing what he has done."

"He is our Master, Kinta."

"He is not mine."
"Don't do this, Kinta."
Another soft sigh passed her lips. "I must. He betrayed me, betrayed us! Ever since I can remember, I have been a slave to everyone else's whims. I have broken free from my chains, Ren. I have been freed. Won't you allow me to help you do the same?" She deactivated one of her sabers and held her hand out for him to take. She saw the inner conflict passing through his eyes. He wanted to, she felt it. She felt it so strongly...and she also felt the moment he turned her away.

She nodded once, perhaps twice before taking a slow deliberate step backwards. "Thank you for bringing the Knights here." She turned to leave. "Should you change your mind...reach out to me."

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Blue skinned finger tips wrapped against the poly carbonate table of the booth that the hooded figure sat in. Black leather hid most of his form from view, all but the tip of azure nose, and those fingers thrumming against the table's surface in impatient fashion. How long would he be made to wait, time was of the essence, he didn't have the time to be gallivanting about. All about him, the dive bar he found himself in was alight with activity, seedy deals, mindless indulgence. Simpletons, how easy it would be... His fingers twitched, like a guitarist strumming unseen strings, causing his nails to dig at the table. He could feel it, those unguarded, fragile strings that held them to this world.

It was then he felt a new pull enter the cantina, hidden facial features contorted as a slight grin pulled at his lips. Just as a hooded figure came to sit in the booth across from him. He could sense new arrivals, men of aggression; hired guns.

Is it customary for an associate of the great Kuat-Entralla Engineering Company to keep a client waiting? And in such squalor... Was your office not sufficient?

The new arrival, an older human male gave the hooded figure a condescending look, a sarcastic laugh soon followed.

"That is rich coming from you. You don't even exist! An enigma that has been causing me a bit of grief. I didn't think meeting in my office would be the wisest of ideas, given your recent actions."

Tek scoffed softly.

"A bit of grief, and plenty of credits. And what? I make a few enemies, and now you don't want to be seen conducting business with me? If I didn't known any better Krit, I would think that you believe yourself above me?

That calm demeanor seemed to crack, his soft baritone seemed to rumble in an almost growl as those words reverberated from somewhere deep in his core. The human seemed to tense, though he didn't flinch. Ever the astute business man, he remained calm, but already he could feel the fear growing in the man. Fear was good, but with such resolve, altercation was no longer a possibility; it was imminent.

"Listen here, Mirtis. Your business was solid when you were content playing Raider in the outskirts of the galaxy, but now there are rumors of unknown republic vessels attacking the First Order, in their own territories!"

The man's octave rose, though he seemed to see error in this, silencing himself, and glancing around to make sure that they'd not been heard.

"You're making it difficult for us to conduct business with our biggest clients, and now they're asking questions that are quite difficult to answer... This was not apart of the deal."

The hooded figure sat forward, his fingers stopped thrumming. Instead they rose, grabbing the edges of his hood, and lowering it from his head. Revealing the stark blue flesh, and glowing red eyes. Piercing, and intense bore down into the man.

"The First Order... This is the client you speak of isn't it... The abomination left in the remnants of a defeated empire.

There was a contained rage in his words, and a determination in those glowing irises that seemed to cause the man to stammer.

"Silence yourself before you are heard Mirtis. I cannot be seen congregating with subjects of such discontent to the first order."

The Chiss' head tilted in an almost inquisitive fashion before he started to chuckle.

"The great Kuat-Entralla Engineering Company... First Order Lap Dogs."

The one known as Krit's face turned a bright red in a contained rage.

"How dare you? You're nothing more than a space pirate playing king in the outer rim.... You will fall to the First Order, and you will do so without the rest of the ships you have ordered. This is what I have come to tell you. Your business with out conglomerate is here by... Revoked."

Tek's brow quirked and the Chiss chuckled softly, before shaking his head slightly.

"You're sadly mistaken if you think I will sit back, and let you dictate me... You will fulfill my order. In fact, you're going to double my order, and you will do this without raising the cost. As an apology to me, for your reckless behavior, and to thank me, for letting you leave this Cantina... Alive. Your men? Well I can't say the same for them, after all... A lesson must be taught, an example made."

The man seemed bewildered, and confused. The very gall of this vagrant from the reaches. The man stood, causing the small contingent he came with to stand as well, guns drawn. Now the Cantina became deathly quiet.

"I have heard you're an excellent fighter, but you are no Jedi... You cannot demand me, and the only one dying in this hell hole is you Mirtis!"

Tek smiled softly, standing slowly and shifting the leather jacket he wore.

"I am certainly.... Not a Jedi..."

At that moment the sound of multiple light sabers blazing to life filled the Cantina. The swords floating in key positions about the Cantina in just the right spot to drive into every one of the small contingency of guns for hire. Killing them instantly, each one falling to a smoldering heap on the ground. Now the fear showed, and in that moment, came that reckless action, that fight or flight. He was alone, and he seemed to think he could get the drop on the man who had in a moment, left him the last standing member of his entourage. A blaster was pulled, and as it was, Tek too was reaching into his jacket, grasping the hilt from his bandolier, and ripping it out. The short, black blade rioted to life and drew a clean line across Krit's wrist. The blaster, and the hand still gripping tightly fell to the table's surface. And the man's screams rang out in the still, silent, Cantina.

As he screamed Tek tsked softly, tucking the black blade under his chin, just close enough for Krit to feel the heat emanating from the blade. Their eyes locked, there was the fear he wanted. That feeling of utter helplessness. Now he would listen, now he knew truly who he was doing business with.

"I said alive, not unscathed... Though that was certainly of your own doing. Now... Krit, here is how this is going to work. You are going to return to Kaut, and you are going to instruct them to build my fleet, and double it. If you do not do this, My current fleet will stop their attacks on First Order outposts, and instead... We will turn our full Ire onto your planet, we will send the debris of your ship yards crashing to the surface, and your legacy will end in ruin. Am I understood?"

Krit was stuck, staring bewilderedly at his charred stump where his hand once was. This would not do, Tek could feel the rage welling up as his free hand lashed out grabbed the back of his head, and slammed it against the table. Followed by the Dark Saber driving into the table's surface right next to him. Causing a well up of molten material to pool around the blade before it began dripping to the floor.


"YES! Yes! I understand!" Krit finally screamed out.

Tek immmediately released the man, the dark saber was disengaged, and slipped back onto his bandolier. Just as the hilts of the sabers that had ended the lives of the men he had brought as a protection detail, slipped back onto the bandolier, or into their hidden pockets.

"I am glad we could come to an... Amicable arrangement Krit, although... I am going to need one more thing before I walk out this door..."

There was a devious smile on his lips.

"I need the technical schematics for the Finalizer. It is about time I reacquainted myself with the First Order; personally."

Krit's eyes widened but he knew better than to disagree.

"I will have it sent to your ship immediately, Mirtis..."

He stated in fearful tone, looking about the Cantina at the hundreds of eyes fixed upon them. The stare caused Tek to look around as he well. Offering a soft sigh.

"We have made quite a scene, Krit... But not to worry."

The Chiss' eyes glowed as if suddenly the oxygen level in the cantina rose, but instead there was a tension in the air, as all eyes seemed to draw to him. Staring in utter disbelief, until even that emotion faded, and only a blank stare remained. One by one every patron in that bar fell to the floor. Some hit head first, some staring unfocused at the ceiling above as they lay upon their back. One by one, life left them all, until only unbattered corpses littered the room around them. Noutekij shuddered, his gaze faltered, and for a moment he simply stood in silence; statuesque. That sensation, both draining and euphoric. The control that he had upon them.

"I will clean up your mess."

Eyes finally shifted back to the human.

"Are you pleased? Now no one knows that you do business with the likes of me."

Krit glanced around, disbelief was now emulsified perfectly with fear, who was he? what was he that he could snatch the lives of so many? Tek didn't seem keen to answer the question. His business here was concluded, and there was else where in the Galaxy that he needed to be. He didn't want to be late, it had been some time since he last gazed upon her.


"The Finalizer is in view Commandant! They were unaware of our presence, until now."

Tek looked out the window, gazing upon the large Resurgent Class Star Destroyer.

"Such a beautiful machine."

Tek seemed to hum to himself before shaking his head as if there were some pity with whom maintained command of it..

"Send the kill commands, and open a docking bay door, maintain this perimeter, do not permit the Finalizer to leave, but do not fire upon it unless it fires upon you. It holds... Precious cargo. Prepare Vengeance for departure."

Tek descended from the bridge, making his way down to the docking bay occupied solely by his own heavily customized Star Courier; Vengeance. He stepped on board, took a seat at the cockpit, he closed his eyes, and reached out. Reaching for her, a gentle uninvasive touch. A simple greeting to let Kinta know that he was there, and on his way. The Vengeance left the docking bay, and immediately the cloaking device initiated, leaving the only way to see it coming was to actually visually make contact, and by then; it was too late. The Courier slipped unabashed across the space between his Star Destroyer, and the Finalizer, one of their bay's shield disengaged as he came closer, as if he had the keys to the vessel. And at that moment he did. Krit's technical schematics gave the original codes to the Finalizer. The thought of such information falling into the hands of an enemy was slim to none, and so they were never changed. He was sure this trick would only work once, and that's all he needed. As much as he desired to tear the First Order asunder. There was more at stake. An old memory, that had never diminished. No matter how hard Snoke had tried to sever it. Tek had never forgotten her, and the bond they shared. The ramp of Vengeance opened, and Tek stepped down the incline until he stood within the Finalizer's bay. A contingency of Storm Troopers waiting for him. A double line had formed, blasters poised and ready. Tek smiled as his hands lifted to pull his hood up, and once again hide his facial features from view. On each side of him. 5 light sabers stood floating just behind him. The sabers ignited to life looking almost as if the Chiss had wings. It didn't take the Storm Troopers long to realize that this enterloper had no intent on coming peacefully, or listening when they told him to surrender his arms. With such deductions, they opened fire.

Blaster rounds rang off and the winged hooded figure rushed forward. Wing like posture of the sabers didn't last as blades began spinning, and dancing about, under the apparent control of the Chiss. Sabers sent blaster rounds richoeting across the cargo bay. At times back at their casters, and others off in some chaotic direction. Tek, just continued to walk forward. As the blasts went from a constant percussion, to a diminuendo of shots until the docking bay fell silent. Except for the booted steps of the Chiss making his way through the halls. Again, he was met with resistance. He had to give that to the First Order, they had amassed quite the number of fodder to throw at an enemy until they were choking on the corpses, but this was nothing, and Tek was not likely to tire of killing. As the door opened and the rows of white armor began pouring into the halls. Tek reached into his jacket. Grasping the hilt of the dark saber. The saber's ebony blade formed in an ominous instance as he rushed forward. The ten sabers still trailing with him. The moments of time seemed to slow for the Deathless lord. Arms and legs, graced by the force moved in quick succession. Always careful to know where all of his sabers were at any time. His moves were calculated and trained, and had him their numbers routed like waves crashing against stubborn cliffs. Bodies littered the hall way floor, lines of seared metal, lined the walls, floors, and ceiling. Tek moved in a fluid motion, never back peddling always pushing forward. Dark Saber, and tandem sabers always working in kind, leaving bodys in pieces in the floor, and a quiet hall with a closed bulkhead before him. He could feel them just beyond that sealed door. They were trying to contain him, and it seemed like his trick had played its course.

Nuotekij would not be stopped not when he was so close to his goal. He turned to show his side to the door, unarmed hand raised, and his eyes furled in full focus as the ten light sabers shot out. Driving into the door. Tek's teeth grit as he pushed on them harder driving to the hilt. He could sense here inside, squaring off with the one that had been meant to replace him. That rage fueled him, he growled out as the sabers began to rotate, slowly cutting a large circle like pattern into the bulk head. They continued to spin, until the heat had fully dispersed to the other side, and the metal began to seperate. With one last gruff yell. Tek pulled it all back towards him. Light sabers, and the chunk of bulkhead he had carved into a makeshift door way. The sabers disengaged as they flew back. Slipping into their various sheaths, and hooks upon his bandolier. The bulkhead came whooshing by, missing him by a mere few inches. Had he not turned to the side, he would have likely flattened himself.

From the newly created hole, Tek emerged on the other side, standing behind Kinta and off to the side. Glowing, crimson hues burning into Ren as he stared at him with great, unhindered distaste.


Tek stated softly. It had been some time since they had last been so close to one another, but now was not the time for a reunion. He was here to give her a way off the Finalizer.

"We should be going."

The thought of leaving left him livid. To let this boy live, this arrogant, tantrum riddled child. Him and his puppeteer. Parading about as something they were not. There time would come, this wasn't why he was here. Not yet... Soon.
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Otep - In Cold Blood

As she turned away from Ren, she felt it. His presence. The very one who had saved her life on Korriban. The one who had given her purpose to seek revenge on those that had wronged her. She always knew that there had been something off, something wrong with the sudden intensity of her Force Bond with Ren, almost fake-like with the sheer intensity of it and for a long time, she had never questioned it. But as the steel warped and twisted, pulled violently by the rage of someone's Force power, Kinta felt just how truly wrong it was.


The soft sound of her name seemed to bring her vision back into focus. Her nearly glowing red eyes darted back towards Ren. With a deep, steadying and calming breath, she pushed all her will, forcing it into a single invisible tendril. She could see the blue line that tied her to Ren, but ábehind her and off to her right was a brighter, deep red tendril that tied her to Tek. She reached into the belt at her slim waist and slowly removed a bladed dagger, ornate in it's design. It had ábeen used in various rituals conducted by the Pureblood Sith Priests during their Alchemical research. With a clench of her jaw, Kinta sliced the dagger from the inside crook of her left elbow and down to her wrist. Blood instantly welled to the surface, forming a macabre river that begun to pool at her feet within seconds.

"By the Blood, I sever the Force Bond between myself and Kylo Ren. " Using the blood coated blade, she made a downward slicing motion, cutting the very air a mere hair width away from her own flesh where the faint blue line seemed to emanate from. She felt the disconnection of it down to her very soul and with a cry of pain, the Black Assassin sank to her knees. Already the loss of his presence caused her great physical, emotional, and mental distress. She felt as though she had lost apart of herself and in a way she supposed she had but she knew she would survive it. She had Tek as her anchor and her Bond with him was far stronger. Though the words she had spoken did not need to be uttered, it almost seemed incomplete without their usage.

Ren's cry of agony seemed to echo hers as they both fell to their knees together. Blood welled up from between his lips and he coughed up crimson fluids onto the deck of the Finalizer. Dark hair hung across his face, but he managed to glance up at her with pain filled eyes.

Why? Those dark depths seemed to plead with her, asking her why she had done such a thing. Why she would subject him to such torment.

"At anytime you could have found me. You could have aided me as álay dying on Korriban. All you had to do was reach out to me through the Force, through our Bond. You did not. Perhaps Snoke blocked you from sensing me, or perhaps you had blocked yourself. You have made your choice to remain by the Supreme Leaders side. I have chosen mine. The line has been drawn, Ren, and now we know where our allegiances lie."

Her vision began to grey at the edges from the blood loss. Her limbs trembled with the effort to keep herself aloft but before they gave out, she felt herself being lifted, cradled against a powerful chest. She could hear the calm lull of a heartbeat against her right ear, a steady thrum that made her feel safe. For the first time in years, she felt as though she was home and with that knowledge, Kinta succumbed to darkness.

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Tek remained silent, even as she glanced back at him. She had already made her decision, but he felt that there was more that she needed to do. And so he remained still, gaze shifting from Kinta to Kylo. Eyes narrowed again, almost daring him in that moment to do anything more than speak. His malice ladened stare was begging the Solo boy to do anything that would be deserving of him lashing out. But this was not his moment of vengeance; it was hers. Intently he watched as blade was produced. He watched the ritual take place, it was short, but by her blood; it was powerful. What a sight to behold, the death of a Force Bond, ended by design. Such thing were not simple, and in that moment. He felt a twinge of relief, and joy. They would be as one again. The disturbance in the force caused by such a violent severance was palpable in the air. Both of them fell to their knees, that instant void created, he knew it as well. He felt it the day Snoke had been able to deny his connection to her, but no longer would they be kept apart.

The Darksaber screamed into death as the black beam disappated, leaving only it's hilt. He was placing it back on his bandolier when she spoke her words. The truth, he had choosen the Supreme Leader over her, and she had choosen not to be the puppet. He knew her past, he was apart of it. She had played the part of a slave before, and he remembered the exact moment she had decided that was not her place in this universe. The violence perpetuated, a sight it was to behold, never before, and never again had he ever seen such a violent awakening in the force. Tek walked over, already he could sense her life ebbing with every beat of her slowing heart, pouring sanguine upon the ground. He was there just as she lost the ability to keep her self upright. Catching her before she fell, and pulling her into his embrace. The warmth of her blood soaking into his attire. Kylo stood and made an attempt to advance on them. How simple it would be... In that moment to end him, but this was not the time. Tek glanced to the side, a console, that would do nicely. With a jerk of his neck, and a strong telekinetic push, he sent the console smashing into the advancing Ren, and pinned him underneath it.

"No...You are of no use to her now."

He stated calmly before turning, and heading back towards the gaping hole in the bulkhead.

"We will meet again, and we will finish this then."

Tek had so much more he wished to say, how he wished to berate him, and scream and maim for what he and Snoke had tried to steal from him, but there was no time for such things. Kinta was already slipping beyond the veil. He could sense forces already amassing around the Vengeance, keen to not let him leave. His eyes closed as he walked, mind reaching out towards the ship, his body still moving but his mind was already within the ship, making prepartions. Compartments on the hull appeared, panels slipping open as ásix laser cannons appeared to fill the created void. The ship had it's own targeting systems, already tallying up targets, and opening fire. Bodies and cargo crates were sent flying, dispersing troopers just as Tek entered the docking bay. His eyes opened, just as the ramp to his Star Courier lowered, and allowed him entrance, and closed just as he reached the top. The sounds of blaster's ricocheting off the hull did little to add any sense of urgency to the matter.

The Chiss laid Kinta's body down on a metal table. He body was already getting cold.

"Vengeance... Initiate return protocols."

The ships on board droids went about accessing the neccessary systems to launch the ship, and have it return to the Spectre, the Star Destroyer he had came from. Tek's entire focus was now on Kinta. They had been in a similar situation, as he watched the life fade from her back in Korriban. The Knights had left her for dead, assured that there was no way she could survive the encounter, and in a way; they were right. But Tek, was an astute researcher, and a student of distinct resolution. Knowledge was the base of all power, and it was in this journey, that he had come to find ancient powers that most Sith had only ever dreamed of. Nuotekij was removing his jacket. And let it fall into a seat off to the side with a heavy thud. He loomed over her, his hands moving to hover over her body. She had lost a good amount of blood, but that would be no matter. He would use the force to sustain her, until her body had healed itself. He felt it, her connection to the force had faded, but it never truly faded. Death was merely another state that shrugged off the physical shell. He took a deep breath in, he knew her aura, which made finding that faint connection easier. Most would have said she was gone by now, but Tek knew different, he was capable of pulling her back, but something was different now. His eyes closed tight as he tried to concentrate on it. He had brought her back once, or Mid-chlorians already been manipulated to stave off death. That manipulation had remained, growing and coarsing through her. Just waiting to be accessed once more. He had never seen such an evolution before.

There wasn't time to really concern himself with it, there was a point that even he would not be able to bring her back from the veil. So he pushed on, using his own abilities within the force to continue that manipulation. What he didn't notice at first was the feed back loop, he was able to pull her back, already pulling her back into her body but there was a feed back loop. The further he ventured in, the more he began to realize. She was feeding on his own connection to the force. His eyes snapped open, his teeth grit as he fought through the drain, pulling her back until he was sure that she once again resided within her form. Fingers crackled with energy, as he rushed the force into her in the form of an electrical jolt trying to restart the physical functions of her body. Once, and still life aluded her, yet he still could feel the drain... She was there, and she was getting stronger.

"Come back to me Kinta..."

His arms tensed, and again he sent a surge of force energy into her body into a quick jolt. There it was, the flush of life in her skin, the sound of a heart beating within her chest. He could feel it. The sensation always came as a rush, he staggered back, quick to cut the connection to stop that continuous drain. He took in a deep breath, hands reaching back and catching himself. Giving him a moment to regain his composure. He had never felt something before, this was some new evolution, a manipulation to the force he had never felt, and he knew what he felt... She was feeding off of him.
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How long had it been? Five minutes? An hour? Days? Months? Weeks? Years?! Time had no relevance in her current state. Pain held no meaning. For once she peace. There was no anger, or rage. No jealousy or envy. No love or hate. She hung suspended in this place of bliss until a sudden jolt brought her back into focus, brought her back to reality. As she came back down, Kinta lashed out with her Force powers. She felt it connect, smacking almost solidly with something and latching on like a leech. Out of instinct, she used her will to pull it towards her and into her being. Already she could feel the ebb and flow of power coursing through her, repairing any damage her body had sustained from her most current brush with death. The blood that had flowed from her wounded arm pulled back, receeding in on itself like a reversed tide. It pulled the split flesh closed, sealing it seamless as if the wound itself had never been inflicted. With a gasping breath, she sat bolt upright and her eyes snapped open, glowing eerily red in the dim light. She lashed out physically this time, her clawed fingers grasping onto the arm of one of the nearby medical technicians. Without hesitation, or without thought, she struck.

Sharp canines pierced the yielding flesh in haste to get to the life giving nectar beneath. It sang over her tongue perhaps more sweetly than her awakening to the Force had been. As she swallowed, she felt strength returning to her limbs once more. It seemed to stretch on, this feeding and as she heard the technician's heart falter, she dropped the body like a lifeless ragdoll to the floor. Her gaze turned instantly towards the shift of movement behind her and her gaze landed on Tek, clearly seeing through the shadows that his ever present hood provided. She stared directly into eyes that were similiar to her own. A rich blood red void of any other color or pupil for that matter. He was Chiss. A race believed to have been Human at one point. She had never been such. She was a byproduct of Darth Sidious' Alchemy. A homonuclus creation of forging Pureblood Sith, Noghri, and some other foreign DNA. She had been lab created to be the perfect killing machine, to hunt down Jedi to the ends of the Galaxy. The ultimate Jedi Killer.

Blood painted the lower half of her face in crimson, but she paid it no heed as she jumped down from the table she had been placed upon. Her movements were even more graceful, more lithe and agile than they had been before and she almost seemed to float even as she stood in place. All around Tek, she could see the glowing red of his aura. It projected itself nearly a good foot or two from him in a protective bubble of darkness.

"We must stop reuniting like this." She said softly, her words a husky whisper. "It seems as though everytime we cross paths, it results in a brush with death."

Kinta paused for a moment, nudging at the body by her feet with the toe of her boot. "Does he live?" She inquired, indicating without actually speaking his name, after Kylo Ren.

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Nuotejik sat in the middle of an octagonal room. The decor was simple; totalitarian. The walls were floor to ceiling shelves, and they were full of holicrons, and books; evenly spaced. Some of the books were ancient, turning to dust right there on the shelf. The Chiss' eyes were closed, staring inward. All áaround him, kyber crystals, and the small machinations of the numerous light sabers he carried upon his persons. He was meditating. He had been since they had returned to the Spectre, and returned to his space. The outer reaches of the galaxy, it had been a few days since pulling Kinta from the Finalizer, and pulling her back from the brink of death, and in that moment. The feeling of that darkness awakening in her.

There had never been anything like it before. This power, this... evolution was new. He knew that Kinta had been an experiment, he had even found Darth Sidious' notes upon it. Though this snippet hadn't been within the Sith's recollection of the experiment. This power was meant to be hidden, and it took returning Kinta back to life twice to unlock it. It made sense, Although Sidious never did manage to obtain the level of his master, Darth Plagueis. His contemplation was deep, the dissassembly of the multiple light sabers floating around him, only aiding in deepening the meditation. Though there was something that was pulling him from his deep contemplation. Eyes fluttered open, staring at the sealed door before him. There was a disturbance, in med bay. She was slipping from her slumber.

Tek stood, already parts were starting to assemble themselves. Hilts were slipping back into their place in his jacket just as he was picking it up, and making his way for the door. It opened just as he reached it. He turned the corner, and flipped his hood up. He walked briskly, he wanted to be there when she woke, though he found himself a moment late. As he entered the med bay, he found her. She was feeding off one of the med technicians. Silently Tek observed, saying nothing until the body fell to a heap on the floor. Eyes gazed down to the body, before shifting forward, a slight, and silent movement, but the adept assassin, had already sensed him, and turned. Their like eyes connecting, and he couldn't help the smile that crept across his lips. Her words causing that grin to widen.

"I am a brush with death, Kinta... Haven't you heard?"

There was a dark, and certainly arrogant tone to his words. Kinta's next question though had him stepping forward.

"If I did? Would you be saddened by the news?"

His words were inquisitive, though that really wasn't the question he wanted to ask. He was circling around her. Fascinated it would seem with this new state of hers. He stopped infront of her, hand reaching out to caress across blood stained jaw. Fingers passing across her lips.

"Kylo Ren still breathes, it was not the time or place for such things, plus... Someone made it quite pertinent that I leave. There will be a time for the First Order to fall, but that is not why I came..."

She had been the reason, the reason for it all. The flame that fueled his vengeance.
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Chester Bennington - System

"Why won't you die?
Your blood in mine
We'll be fine
Then your body will be mine."

Would she be saddened by the news of Ren's death? A single dark brow quirked faintly, but she made no move to answer right away. She let her thoughts mull over the concept. She kept her gaze steady and unfaltering even as he stepped into the bubble of her personal space, fingertips caressing over the blood stained curve of her jaw. Her head tilted almost automatically into the touch, moving of it's own violation as if the connection between them pulled her like a puppet on strings. Kinta waited a heart beat, perhaps two before speaking.

"Hmm. Perhaps, but we both know that it is something that I will survive. If there is one sureity in this Galaxy, it is that I am a survivor. Korriban proved that. Snoke and his minions of mindless drones will come to realize the truth of it soon enough."

She paused when he made the subtle comment about the importance of their departure.

"If you mean the Knights of Ren, they should consider themselves lucky that I made their deaths quick and clean. It was far more than they deserved and far more than what they ever gave to me. Had I more time, I would have made them all drink a thousand needles and I would have gladly watched each slow and agonizing death."

The Black Assassin glanced down to her white clothed form. The stark color was harsh on her sensitive eyes and she squinted faintly against the glare of the brightness. "Please tell me that my armor survived. Med Bay clothes are so confining and itchy." But before Tek could even provide an answer, the on board incenerator indicator light flashed green, signaling the end of a cycle. She gave a faint sigh and hung her head faintly in what appeared to be defeat, something virtually no one had ever seen in her expression. She looked so crestfallen, almost vulnerable. Kinta Sarrai was cold, calculating and ruthless. Never vulnerable.

"We apologize, but it would seem that the sweeper droids mistook them for rags and tossed them into the incenerator." A protcol droid answered. "If you like, we could have new ones made for you."

She let out a soft, almost frustrated snort in response. "No need. I have a spare set stashed on board somewhere." She gave a casual wave of her hand, and the machine skated off, eager to get as far away from her as possible. Already the entire Med Bay was swiftly clearing out, each afraid of what they had just witnessed coupled with the fact that she didn't seem to overly concerned about the fact that she had just fed on someone and had drained them dry. The body was quite literally, an empty husk, dried and withered like a mummy. She had no only fed on the blood flowing through them, but had completely drained them of everything including any connection they had with the Force no matter how minor it could have been.

"I do still have things here, yes?" She inquired with that same tilt of her head that had occured at Tek's touch.

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Nuotekij Mirtis

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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Sun May 13, 2018 9:59 pm

Tek could feel that flare of jealous rage in that moment. Perhaps she said. He never knew what she had seen in him, was it simply the bond that Snoke had forced on her. Now he had wished he had in the moment taken advantage of the broken boy. How easy it would have been. To just have repeatedly smashed that console into him, until he was nothing but a smear on the Finalizer's floor. There would be a time fore that.

"They're beneath you Kinta, they always were. Snoke, The Order... Kylo... Your place was always here, by my side. Now that you've returned, there is nothing to stop us from waging war across this galaxy."

Her retort on the knights caused him to grin. He remembered helping her heal from the encounter on Korriban. And the door that she decided she had to leave. She had to return and deal upon them, their fate.

"I must confess, I knew the message was coming, But when you told me of your design to kill them all on the Finalizer. It was brash, I liked it, but it did mean that certain time tables had to be moved... I used the kill codes to get to you, Kinta. They will likely realize the glitch in their security, and will have rectified it by the time we meet up with them again. It also... Has put a strain on our relationship with the Kuat-Entralla Engineering company, but I am sure I was able to persaude them to finish the order for our fleet. None the less, the Knights of Ren deserved their fate, and you were merciful."

The fate of her clothes, and her dismay over the med bay gown caused a light grin to flash across azure facial features. She certainly did have a spare stashed here on the Spectre. He glanced off to the side, before turning and making his way towards the door.

"Your room is just as it was the day you left to make your way back to the Order. I am sure your armor is there, unless you left it in mine."

He added in a rather nonchalant manner. Though there was certainly a jest to his tone.

"Welcome home, Kinta."

He stopped then, and turned to face her, leaning against the wall closest to the door he had entered from. There was much that needed to be done, but he couldn't help but to take that moment and concentrate instead on their own bond. It had been weakened, purposefully pushed aside by Snoke. The fact that he had such a power had only fueled Tek's rage. Since the day he had met her, he had felt a connection. It had been a journey, watching her go from a slave girl, to fullfilling her purpose; a dark force to be reckoned with, a broker in death, and his right hand. This was her war as much as it was his.

"There is much to do, we're already making our way back to the outskirts... A few more raids, and we should have enough supplies to begin our end game. But we should also explore this... New power of yours. I am not sure what it is, but I am certainly fascinated by it."

He had always been fascinated by her. She was a creation, a weapon that had come to find a mind of it's own, and it seemed she was still full of surprises.
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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Mon May 14, 2018 3:36 pm

"Hmm." She breathed out through her nose in response, glowing sanguine eyes latching onto him for a moment and as she stared into the shadows of the hood he perpetually wore, Kinta caught sight of his features. Her gaze pierced through that darkness, seeingá through it as if it was never there in the first place. It would seem that her vision had increased nearly ten fold. Even her sense of hearing was vastly more acute. She could hear the hitch in the protocol droid's right arm, the kink that let her know it had either failed or been repaired with the last year or more. Her gaze flicked away from him and she moved past him through the doorway with a gliding grace that would have out even the most accomplished Twi'lek dancer to shame. Her feet, bare with the black painted toes, made absolutely no sound as she sauntered with a perfect economy of movement down the hall.

Kinta could feel the eyes of those around her turning in her direction to watch her. Some with fear since she was still covered in the medical technician's drying blood, others with enthrallment. The white lab garments providing little to virtually no coverage of her lithe frame. It hugged each curve, clinging to certain aspects of her anatomy that immediately drew everyone's focus. She, apparently, had been well endowed in that area. Perhaps Sidious had been more of a lecherous alchemist. As she moved down the gleaming black hallway, she reached out with her right hand, clawed nails scraping and screeching along the reinforced metal alloy walls. She watched with amusement as some flinched and she outwardly chuckled at those who cowered, covering their ears with their hands.

At the end of the hall, she took the sharp left and entered the first door on the right. Tek had been right. Nothing had been touched since she had left. She stood in the doorway for a moment and took in the entirety of the room. Bookshelves were still lined with artifact she had collected on Korriban. Fragments of tombstones and bone. Half broken Holocrons and lightsaber parts. Her most prized possession, the stolen mask of Dark Vader sat behind a sealed, glass partition, back lit by subtle red lights. On the shelf beside it were six other glass partitions, each currently empty but would be filled once her belongings from the Finalizer had been gone through. She had the helmets from each of the Knights of Ren. But first, a shower. She smelled of blood and death, both her own and that of others.


Ren was still not a hundred percent. He wasn't even half that, but he still managed to kneel before the large holo image of Snoke. He was fully masked, shrouding the physical manifestation of the emotional, physical, and mental anguish he felt though he supposed that the Supreme Leader was able to sense it despite his attempts at keeping such emotions hidden.

"How did one person; a woman, accomplish such destruction in a matter of mere minutes against one of my best fleets?" The Supreme Leader inquired, his voice seeming casual by Kylo Ren knew that when he spoke so casually, it was merely the calm before the storm.

"She was prepared." Came General Hux's reply.

"As you should have been! Both of you!" In his anger, Snoke surged to his feet, looming above his two commanders. He paced, but remained within range of the holoreciever. "This could possibly play in our favor. Ren, you must use your link with her to-"

"I can not, Master."

The Supreme Leader turned slowly to face his Apprentice. "And why is that?"

Ren hesitated for a moment. "Because she has managed to sever my Bond with her."

"WHAT?! Do you have any idea what she is? She is the Alchemical creation of Darth Sidious, your grandfather's master. She was created to hunt down Force Sensitives. Do you understand just how dangerous she is to both Jedi and Sith?"

"I have felt her power, Master, she has grown in power since I last saw her, but she is not powerful enough to-"

"Her abilities lay dormant. Only death can fuel the secrets within her. If she dies, she will rise vastly more powerful than you will be able to comprehend. Find her by any means necessary and bring her to me."

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Nuotekij Mirtis

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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Sat May 19, 2018 2:01 pm

Tek watched silently as she made her way from the Med Bay, he didn't need to follow her. He knew right where she was going. The bond they had shared, since the day he met the slave girl so many years ago, had been diminished by Snoke's prying, now that she had forcibly severed that faux bond, and once again he had touched her very life's essence pulling her back from the brink. The bond was strong once more. He followed soon after, watching the way she sauntered down the hall, both causing awe, and an unnerving fear in those she passed. He seemed unphased by it. She was dangerous, she always had been, but now she could feed off one's connection to the force, both in it's physical sense. Darth Sidious had been an alchemical genius, but this, this was something else. He stood at the door way when she entered the room, it had been as he said, untouched. He had understood why she had left once she was strong enough. Vengeance was a strong motivator, he knew it well, it had fueled his desire for power to insurmountable heights. All of this, his force abilities, the empire he was building here in the outskirts. All for revenge. Snoke had tried to take her from him, Ren had tried to take her. He would have his own vengeance in time, when everything they fought to build lay at ruins at their feet.

"I am the only one who ever entered this room while you were gone. Everything is as you left it."

He entered the room, sliding past her to gaze at the artifacts and keepsakes from Korriban. He had done this often, contemplating why she had taken certain things, over others. Some were apparent, and now those empty slots would seen be filled with her trophies from the Knights of Ren. Tek glanced back at her. Part of him realized that perhaps she wanted privacy, she had just awoken from once again dancing upon the brink of death. Though it had been too long, he didn't want to let her out of his sight.

"Ask me to leave, and I will respect your wishes, but if you don't Kinta.

The Chiss stepped closer, slipping to invade her personal space. Gazing down at the quite capable assassin. Red eyes taking in her every feature, even in the med bay garb, every sensual curve of her form still easy to take note of. His hand rose, fingers curling in as the back of his knuckles motioned to graze softly across the contour of her jawline. There was no need for him to say anything further. His desire to be close to her, showed in action, and certainly was easily translated from the bond that the two had shared. There was much that needed his attention. There was a war to prepare for, their motion to attack the Finalizer, and not turn it into a debris field was only going to quicken the need for their fleet, and the bodies to man them. In that moment, he didn't care about war. His desire to rend, to kill, and to gain power was silently pushed to the side, in that moment all he yearned for was her.
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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Sat May 19, 2018 4:18 pm

"Had I not wanted you to stay, I would have set security measures on the door." Kinta replied matter-of-factly, though they both knew that there was not much technology that neither of them could not get through. She reached up and casually peeled at a dry patch of flaky blood on her collar bone. Before she could get any further in their reunion, or their discussion, a holo image of the protocol droid popped up on the communicator set in the very center of the sitting area.

Sir, my apologies for interrupting, but it seems that you have an important incoming transmission that I could not delay. They were very insistent on speaking with you directly.

The Assassin watched as the holo image winked out.

"Hmm, a shame. You could have possibly joined me in the shower." She moved without any real hurry towards the refresher that held the bathing area. She paused for a moment just inside the doorway, glancing over her shoulder towards Tek. "Another time perhaps. Tend to your plans. I have no intentions of going anywhere for some time. Do enjoy your conversation with whoever it is that seeks your input." A subtle smirk tugged at a single corner of her mouth, flashing those sharper than normal canines that she had since her tube birth. Before the door even had a chance to hiss shut behind her, she was already removing the cumbersome and annoying Med Bay attire, letting it fall unceremoniously to the polished black floor. The deep scars on her back visibly for a fleeting moment before the door finally slid shut.

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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Tue Jun 12, 2018 2:33 pm

Tek grinned in a sense that was keen on the fact that they both knew that door could not stop him if he had not wished it to do so. Though her answer still held a certain weight to it, a substance that he'd not forget. He had missed moments like this, even though it wasn't destined to last at that current point in time. His demeanor visibly changed when the droid hologram made it's interruption. His body tensed, and his eyes closed. The hand that had been softly caressing her jaw, pulled away clenching into a fist as it fell to his side. Eyes opened merely to shift and gaze at the droid. He remained silent, until Kinta spoke up, taunting him with such imagery. There was only one thing going through his mind at that moment.

"This better be important."

Spoken with a true level of disdain towards the fact that he had to depart. Wars didn't start themselves, but at that moment, his desire for it almost came into question. His eyes followed her path towards the next room, taking in every sauntering motion, until she came to a stop. His eyes would lock with hers, and for a moment a faint smile was pulling at his blue lips. He offered a light nod.

"It's almost humorous, whomever has called has no inclination on how their words may effect their fate, but I digress..." Tek sighed softly. "A war monger's work is never done."

He watched as the door slid shut, catching a glimpse of her mementos from Korriban. He meandered for a moment before he finally turned and made his way down the corridor, and back to the bridge. He sat down at a console, and as he did the hologram of a rather flustered human appeared on a pedestal to his right. The man was familiar, he'd seen him in a Cantina not long ago. A light grin flashed over his features.

"Krit... Long time, I assume my order is done?


The representative of the great Kuat-Entralla Engineering Company was seething, rage and fear was in his eyes

Well, you did interrupt quite the reunion, but mad? No... Not yet, you keep speaking to me in such tone, and I will be."

Tek knew exactly why he was in such a state, and still he was acting nonchalant about it, seemingly unbeknownst to him, or he simply didn't care.

"You used the killcodes on the Finalizer! Now a representative from the First Order has arrived, asking questions that are extremely difficult to answer!"

The Chiss offered a lackadaisical roll of his shoulders.

"This sounds an awful lot like your concern, and not mine, Krit... You had to know what I was going to do with those codes...

"You couldn't have at least killed them!?"

Tek grinned some and nodded lightly.

"I could have, but there was a more pressing matter at hand, now... What is it you want from me?"

Krit was seemingly looking around, nervously.

"They're calling for more ships... They're going to blockade Kuat until their investigation is finished... They're going to find YOUR order Mirtis... This will prove disastrous for both of us."

That was the first thing Krit had said, that actually caused Tek to contemplate helping out his wayward accomplice.

"You have two choices ahead of you Krit... Your first is to finally grow a spine, and take control of the company. If you do this, my fleet will come to Kuat, we will protect you from the armada coming to lay siege on your ship yards, they won't send everything. They won't be expecting us. They will think this was a case of a blackhand getting inside of your records, and snatching the information. Which leads us to our second choice. Frame someone for the data leak, allow them to be executed, and continue your life as the sniveling weakling you are.

Krit seemed taken a back, but his own venomous tongue was likely silenced be the pain left in his stump of an arm. The memento from the last time he had crossed Tek. He offered aid, but only if the conglomerate was ready to make a stand. Krit was silent for a moment before offering a nod.

"Your terms are amicable Lord Mirtis, I will inform the shareholders that you are coming with assistance."

Noutekij could not withhold the smile crossing his lips. Finally, an open conflict with the First Order. He would destroy them here.

"Excellent... In such case, I would like to triple my order... It seems I will need a bigger fleet. You may pull the needed funds from the usual accounts."

He didn't waste any further time, ending the holo-image, and leaning back in his chair, arms swinging behind him, as hands came to rest at the back of his head.

War was coming.
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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Re: Bound by Darkness   Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:34 pm

She was perfectly balanced, crouched efficiently at the top of a six inch wide pillar. One hand wasá braced against it's edge, resting between her boot clad feet. The other held casually to the hilt of a deactivated lightsaber, one that was small enough to be kept well hidden somewhere on her person. When activated, it would be no longer than her forearm. There was no other movement from her except from the sporadic rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. There was no whisper of fabric from her clothing, nor creak of leather from her boots. She was silent, an invisible ghost made of shadow. She watched, ever the vigilant sentry as Krit began to pace back and forth like a nervous mouse. He was muttering to himself, occasionally stopping in his path to take a breath and begin all over again.

"You really should take up meditation, Krit." Kinta stated softly, her words loud enough so that he heard her clearly. "That much anxiety will put you in an early grave." The Assassin watched him glance up, eyes frantically searching the darkness for her position, but she had wisely used her surrounding environment to throw her voice in different directions making it virtually impossible to pin-point her exact location. "No need to fear my presence. I have been sent to keep an eye on Mirtis' investment. For the next several weeks, months; however long it takes for the fleet to be finished, I will be your shadow. Your guardian. You won't be able to take a piss without wondering where I am. I am your ghost."

"W-who are you?" The rat of a man asked, practically jumping out of his skin as he wildly searched every shifting shadow around him.

"Not something you should concern yourself with, Krit. If you don't believe my word, contact Mirtis yourself." Though he could not see her, she gestured towards the holo-reciever sitting on his desk with a faint flick of her right wrist. Kinta remembered very well the conversation she had with Tek several days earlier:

"You seriously want me to babysit?" She had asked with a scoff, almost stubbornly folding her arms across her chest, but she wisely tapered down such a childish gesture. "My skills are much better used for-"

"I don't trust anyone else, Kinta, and we need this fleet."

Son of a Banta sucking...

He always knew how to get under her skin and she was beginning to almost resent it. With a sigh of resignation, she lowered her arms in defeat.

"Fine, but at the first sign of any kind of betrayal, I will put a lightsaber in his skull even if the fleet is finished or not."

She wasn't entiely surprised when Tek agreed. He knew she was there to protect their investment. The fleet itself was the priority and that meant keeping Krit alive. For now...

"You should at least show me your face so that I know ally from enemy."

Sarrai scoffed, a faint snort that drifted down from her perch. "I am not your ally. I am your protection. I would have no qualms over burying a lightsaber in your skull. I would lose no sleep over your death. What I look like has nothing to do with me keeping you alive. I suggest that you use your imagination and focus on the matter at hand."

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Bound by Darkness
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