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 Deathless Lord

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Nuotekij Mirtis

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PostSubject: Deathless Lord   Sat Apr 28, 2018 4:17 am

Name: Nuotekij Mirtis

Race: Chiss

Age: 40

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 218 lbs

Titles: Leader of the Death Watch, Commander of the Imperium. Deathless One

Lightsaber Form

Tek uses an amalgamation of the Makashi, Ataru, Shien, and Djem So. He seems to meld them fluidly into a complex style meant to attack single, and multiple foes in ways that make his movements difficult to read; using single, or multiple lightsabers.


Dark Saber: the fabled short bladed light saber. Taken from the dead hands of it's previous owner, this saber was just as much as a symbol, as it was a weapon. Claiming the saber made him the leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch, which was the base of the Imperium.

Vengeance: A highly modified Star Courier that was built with many of the same specifications as the Scimitar. Powered by experimental Ion Engines, a cloaking device, 6 concealed laser cannons, a Proton Torpedo Launcher, and a mine layer. It comes with a compliment of 3 DRK-1 Dark Eye probe droids.

Tek has collected the light sabers of all those he has bested in battle. The lightsabers are often kept on his person, in hidden pockets in his jacket, and some on a bandolier on his waist. He has been known to fight with multiple Lightsabers at once, most being controlled by telekinetic means.


Tek has devoted his life to gaining power. He has found hidden knowledge in Holicrons, depicting ancient knowledge that has helped him increase his connection with the Force, and allow him to unlock abilities that were once thought lost to time. He studied diligently the works of Ajunta Pall and Darth Plagueis both known for their work in manipulating Mid-Chlorians to shape, create, and destroy life. He is adequate in using Force Push, Pull, and telekinesis. Uses his connection to the Force, to bolster his physical attributes. Force Lightning.

The Imperium:

Tek's eyes have fallen on Galactic Domination, maintaining a strong presence in the outer rim, he has begun amassing a large fleet in a seeming attempt to overthrow the Order. (More to Come as story progresses)


Tek gives off a calm air especially for one of the dark side. He seemed to come from no where, a Chiss that came from the shadows, and began a reign of terror through the galaxy, his end game was never truly known. Only that he seemed to crave one thing; power. Not many have laid eyes upon him, but those who have speak of that eerie calm, a confident, albeit darkened air about him. There was pain, and rage within his glowing eyes.


To be explained through out the story, and updated here as it goes.
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Deathless Lord
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