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 Pestilence; One of the Four Horsemen of Unhallowed

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PostSubject: Pestilence; One of the Four Horsemen of Unhallowed   Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:12 pm

The Plague-mancer

- None curently avaliable.

"I have become Death, the Destroyer of worlds." - J. Robert Oppenheimer

Physical Stats
Gender: Female
Species: Demon
Type: Arch Demon/Plague-mancer/ One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110lbs
Weight with armor: 130lbs
Hair: Black; trails down to her lower back
Eyes: Empty eye sockets that swirl with black and a yellow-green mist, they are kept hidden behind a black leather plague doctors mask.
Skin: Pale; irradescent (shimmers in hues of black, silver and sage)
Body type: Slender, toned, curvy.
Clan Affliation: Current Commander and leader of Unhallowed.

- Pestilence is an Arch Demon from one of the Nine Realms of Hell.
- Although she appears to be blind, her empty eye sockets swirl with a black and yellow-green mist that allows her to see quite clearly, even through the plague mask she is seldom seen without.
- She has long, straight black hair that trails down to the small of her back.
- Her face is slender, each feature evenly proportioned. Her lips are full and always unadorned.
- She has fairly long arms and legs for her petite stature. Yellow-green and black flames are tattooed along the outside of each thigh and crawl over the curves of her hips and along each side up to her ribs.
- Her ivory skin shimmers with irradescent hues of black, silver, and sage and is nearly ice cold to the touch. Wisps of smoke float off of her flesh and is visible when she speaks.
- Pierced along the length of her spine are several black steel rings, no bigger than a quarter that span from her tailbone all the way to the back of her neck.
- Along her upper jaw, six of her teeth are longer and sharper than normal.

Plague: Plague is a six foot long black metal staff that can be transformed into an eight to ten foot long chain whip consisting of small razor sharp blades that cover nearly it's entire length. Within it's structure is a powerful core of Necrosia essence.

Necrosia: A rare and powerful Magick that was created and honed by Pestilence herself. It is vastly more potent than it's mother Magick known as Necrosis. Testing her own limitations as well as the potency of Necrosia, she exposed herself to prolonged exposure. So far she is the only one who remains unscathed by it's effects. It shows as a yellow-green mist or fog. A highly concentrated form can be seen as some kind of sickly glowing light or liquid.
Lanterns of Necrosia: Three glass vials nearly as long as her forearms that look like lanterns. They hand from the belt of her armor and glow with a sickly yellow-green light and contains a highly concentrated form of Necrosia. This stronger form is a very lethal plague of Pestilence's own creation. Once one of these vials is removed, it is opened, releasing the plague at her command. She can project it into a circle that spans into a near mile wide radius. Once it interacts with living tissue, is inhaled or comes in contact with blood, it infuses into her opponents body, causing vomiting, excruating pain, paralysis and rapid degeneration of the skeletal structure and inversion of the skin.

More to come...
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Pestilence; One of the Four Horsemen of Unhallowed
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