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 The Broker

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PostSubject: The Broker   Fri May 25, 2018 4:38 pm

Chapter One

The shrill ringing of her cell phone cut through the haze of sleep. She mumbled something unintelligable before groping out blindly through the pitch dark. Her dainty fingers; with their array of silver rings, closed over the slim smart phone, pulling it with her beneath the nest of plush crimson covers. She groaned inwardly at the number that flashed across her screen.

"There better be a good reason for waking me up at this ungodly hour." She answered in a husky voice still laced with the edges of sleep. The phone's screen came alive with nearly blinding light. She squinted against the harsh glare as she pressed the speaker phone option and propping the phone on the pillow since she currently lacked the energy to hold it to her ear.

"Aby." The man on the opposite end of the phone spoke with a deep, purring voice that was laced with some kind of cultured accent that she still had yet to place, even after nearly ten years of being acquainted with him. The simple sound of her name conjured up the mental image of what he looked like. Short, well kept dark hair that was always styled sophisticatedly and swept back away from his ruggedly handsome face with their pronounced high cheek bones. His strong jaw was almost always perpetually clean shaven, but it was the fierce unnatural glow of the ethereal maroon shade of his eyes that never failed to capture her.

"What is it, Syrus?" She inquired, running the palms of her hands over her face. Syrus was a well known figure in the occult world. A black market dealer of various expensive items that were known to have ties to various religions and or Magickal aspects. Like the fabled spear that had pierced Christ's side, or the Book of Enoch. Nearly ten years they had their occupations overlap and had become friendly in a way.

"I apologize for waking you. I understand that you only got to sleep a few hours ago, so I won't take up any more of your time than necessary." He paused for a moment and she could hear the rustle of papers, more than likely from his assistant who had walked into his office. She heard him faintly mumble in a different language, barely making out the words "find it", before his voice came clearly over the line once more.

"I found it."

Those three simple words had her breath hiss out through her teeth. "That was quick." She managed to comment softly. "I inquired about it only three weeks ago."

He gave a soft laugh that sent a shiver down her spine. Though she had known him for nearly a decade, there had always been something oddly familiar about Syrus, almost as if she had known him a lot longer. She felt more comfortable with him than anyone else. It was strange considering she knew exactly what he did for a living. What was even stranger was how quickly he had managed to acquire what she had asked for. On her end, her piercing smoke grey eyes narrowed. Anytime she asked him for an item to keep his eyes peeled for, he usually called her within a few weeks time, a month at the most. This time it was much quicker. A part of her wondered if he may have already had the artifact, or quite possibly knew of where it was.

Unable to snap the filter on her mouth in place, she spoke her thoughts out loud.

"You knew where it was." Aby made it a statement rather than a question. There was a long, drawn out silence on the opposite end. Was that pride she sensed from him? As the quiet between them stretched out, she flung the covers off of her and stood from the warm haven of her bed. She gave it one last wistful glance before picking up her phone and carrying it with her towards the spacious bathroom of her two bedroom apartment. The hardwood floor was cold beneath her bare feet with their black painted toes. The same color adorned the long sharp fingernails that tipped her fingers, looking almost like claws.

"I had a suspicion." Syrus finally admitted, though still not entirely answering her question. He was good at avoiding direct answers, good at playing the game. There was certainly more to him than met the eye, but she knew he had a fondness for the finer things. Expensive cars, food, wine, clothes, etc. He had no tolerance for rudeness and there was a darkness in him that Aby couldn't quite peg down the cause of it. Anytime she dealt with him, he was always polite, a perfect gentleman, but there was a glimpse in those nearly glowing red-brown eyes that told her that there was a much much darker side to him.

"Of course you did." There was a thread of sarcasm in her voice and she was surprised that he decided to ignore it rather than calling her on it.

"If you are free this evening, Aby, why don't you meet me at Lunar?"

Why was it always Lunar? He knew how much she avoided going there whenever possible. Was he purposely baiting Cade? Knowing Syrus, it was a distinct possibility. He liked pushing that Wolf's buttons. A lot. She groaned inwardly, running the palms of her hands over her face as she stared at her tired reflection in the mirror above her bathroom sink. Her long jet black hair was touseled from the faint sleep she did get. There were subtle dark circles beneath her eyes.

"I have been trying to avoid going there, Syrus." She admitted with another grumble.

"So I have been told." There was that thread of amusement in his voice. The one that made him sound huskier than normal and snapped a line of white hot lightning straight through her veins. She had to admit he had a very sexy voice weather off the phone or on it. "He informed me that if I spoke with you to relay-"

"I am sorry for interrupting, Syrus, but I don't want to hear Cade's message. I already know what he intends to say and quite frankly, he knows where to stick it."

That got a snorted of laughter from the man on the phone.

"Lunar at seven?"

She gave a soft sigh, but agreed. The line went dead seconds later, even as Aby was working up the courage to actually get her butt in gear and face the music.

She turned her attention away from the book on Demonology that was laying open on the table in front of her. The glass of red wine she had ordered remained untouched, sitting on it's little black and silver coaster that sported the bar's howling wolf logo. Her water glass, however, was in desperate need of a refill. Lunar was a well known Shifter hang out and the local Wolf Pack gathered here for their business. The Pack's King, Cade Davinyoung, owned it and nearly everyone that worked here; or was a patron, was some flavor of Shifter.

Slowly, she allowed the tips of her fingers to hover downward over the nearly brittle pages of the book as a familiar shadow fell over her table, blocking out what little light there was in the bar's dimly lit interior.

"You make a better door than a window, Dorian." She commented. The man in mention stood at the corner of her small black lacquered table. It was a bold move on his part considering that she had a custom silver knife out beneath the table and aimed in the general direction of his family jewels. He was an Enforcer for Cade and Second in Command for the Pack itself.

"You were invited here by my King. Do not forefit your safe passage for being foolish." Came his growling bass of a voice. She looked up and into his semi-shadowed face. Had he just threatened her? Oh that was rich. Her grey eyes took him in. He was devistatingly handsome in a primitive, masculine way and as always seemed to carry his Beast close to the surface. Long wavy dark hair trailed down his back to stop short of just touching his narrow waist. Though his eyes were covered; hidden behind a pair of dark Ray Bans, she knew that they were the same tell-tale amber that all the Wolves possessed. He was dressed in the Pack's uniform of biker gang chic. Faded and ripped black leans clung to long, powerful legs and nearly threatened to rip at the seams. A long steel chain sat at his left hip, disappearing somewhere into the back pocket. A black leather belt complete with a stainless steel skull belt buckle glinted in the subtle light. A long sleeved black Harley t-shirt was practically painted onto his powerful chest, sleeves themselves pushed back to reveal heavily tattooed forearms. Well worn black leather riding boots finished off his look. The only thing missing was the Pack's leather vest with the howling wolf logo, but in their own territory, they never wore them.

"Where is your King?" Aby inquired, taking her free hand away from the book. She closed it abruptly, nearly making the Enforcer jump. She hid her smirk as she placed the tome back into her ever present black back pack. She felt his gaze rake over her, even behind those dark glasses. She was dressed rather simply in hip hugging black leggings that showed off her curves. A black sweater hung off of her right shoulder, baring the strap of the black tank top and bra she wore beneath. Gypsy styled, loosely laced black boots had no heel, giving her more freedom of movement and her waist length black hair was piled into a messy bun that left a few wisps to frame her face.

"His King is right here." Came a slightly husky voice from behind Dorian's right shoulder. The voice was laced with a faint Cajun accent that nearly gave Syrus' cultured one a run for it's money. "It's alright Dorian. She can't hurt me."

"Contemplating it, so don't push me." She warned, sliding the knife back home in it's empty slot on the inside of her boot. Once he saw the knife safely tucked away, the Enforcer stepped aside and moved to stand by the packed bar. The man that took a seat across the table from her, nearly took her breath away. Though he was alluring, downright sexy, he had become quite the pain in her ass. His presence screamed with a raw sex appeal and she could feel his golden gaze burning over her with a searing possessiveness from behind the mirrored Avaitors that he was seldom seen without. His black hair was shaved on both sides of his head, leaving a wide strip that he always kept slicked back away from his beautifully handsome face. Dark stubble shadowed his jaw, giving him a darker, seductive edge. The Alpha Werewolf moved with the fluid grace of a lethal predator as he leaned forward to brace his elbows on the table.

"It's been a while, Aby." He said with a near smirk.

"It hasn't been long enough I'm afraid. What do you want, Cade? I have other business that I must attend to." She lifted her grey eyes to stare straight into those mirrored frames.

He sighed softly, sitting back in the chair.

"What is it about Shifters that you hate?"

"I don't hate Shifters. I am cautious." She replied matter-of-factly. She was a Demonologist and an Exorcist, called on in extreme times to investigate a possible possession and eliminate the intended Demon. Very rare for a woman to be both. Normally the Catholic church did not recognize women capable of performing and Exorcism.

"I am an Alpha, Aby. I can put up a hell of a fight." Had he misinterperted her words? She did not mean that she was cautious because of what she did for a living. She was cautious with giving out her heart. However, she let him think that and played along.

"I am not doubting that, Cade, but a Shifter, even an Alpha does not have the ability to ward off a possession. The Beast does not understand the spiritual aspect of it."

"I think that there is something more personal to your aversion to Shifters."

A single brow arched, mostly in warning. "That is none of your business, Wolf. My life does not concern you, nor any Shifter."

"I care about you, Aby. You are close with Syrus yet you keep me at arms length. I've known you nearly as long as he has."

She groaned inwardly, running the palms of her hands over her face. Since she had met Cade eight years ago after he had been pointed in her direction to try to find some kind of holy Wolf totem, he had been sniffing after her and as many times as she had told him no, he either wouldn't or couldn't accept it.

"I am not having this discussion with you. I have other matters to attend to." She pushed herself up and out of the chair, sliding her back pack onto her shoulder.

"But you will have this discussion with Syrus."

God, he just couldn't leave well enough alone.

"Jealous?" She countered, glancing over her shoulder as she took a step away from the table.

"You spend all of your time with him, why wouldn't I be?"

"Our work happens to intertwine, Cade. We virtually work in the same field so naturally our paths happen to cross frequently."

"Don't tell me you're not attracted to him. I've seen the way the two of you look at each other. You business ventures just happen to be the catalyst."

"I am not dignifying that with an answer, Davinyoung. Who I am attracted to, or not, is none of your business."

The Alpha rose from his chair and moved towards her, stopping only inches away from touching. She could feel the rolling heat of his presence pressing down on her, but she steeled her will and tilted her head up, holding it high and defiantly.

"There is no reason why we can't be together." Cade said with a rumbling growl vibrating from his chest. He leaned forward, his breath caressing over the bared skin of her right shoulder.

Before his lips could connect with her flesh, there was a low warning growl that came from the shadowed corner booth a few feet away. The lights in the bar seemed to dim and flicker. Eyes of a rich, deep maroon flashed from the shadows as a tall dark figure leaned forward, it's gaze pinned on the Alpha Werewolf.

"Back off, Wolf." Aby warned him before her guardian decided he had enough.

The Wolf King sighed softly, taking a slow, cautious step back.

"This would be my point, Aby. He turns up where ever you are. How could I not be jealous?" He turned his mirrored gaze away from the dark figure and back in her direction. "I know you feel something for me. I can smell it. I promise that you will be mine before the next Blood Moon."

She let out a frustrated huff before throwing her hands up in the air. She turned on her heel and stormed her way out of the bar. If Syrus wanted to speak with her about their business, he would find her. That was certainly something he was always good at.

"Smooth, Mr. Davinyoung." The shadowed figure peeled away from the darkness and stepped closer to the Wolf King. Syrus towered over him by a good foot. He was built lean and powerful, what appeared to be a warrior's body draped in an expensive black Armani suit. He was certainly the more powerful of the two and they both knew it. His dark hair was expertly swept back away from his angular face with it's high pronounced cheek bones. Dark brows were nearly perfect slashes over alluring bedroom eyes of that eerie rich maroon that pierced the soul. If Cade wanted to be honest with himself, Syrus scared the shit out of him. He didn't know what he was, but the man just screamed danger.

"Some advice, Mr. Davinyoung. Aby is not meant for you. Go bark up someone elses tree before you get neutered." Without another word, Syrus disappeared back into the shadows and was gone.

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PostSubject: Re: The Broker   Fri May 25, 2018 4:39 pm

Chapter Two

He stood leaning casually against the stone column that kept the gate to Sebastian Vega's estate secure. To say that the Master Vampire lived in a house was an understatement. It was a castle that belonged on the cliffs of Ireland or Scotland. Not exactly his taste, but it was exquisite none the less. A hand rolled black papered cigarette smouldered between his thumb and index finger as he exhaled a thick plume of smoke. He could hear the subtle rumble of Aby's car. He knew she would head here. The Vampire had acquired her services and her connections to him after the loss of several of his most prized possessions. Possessions in which Syrus had taken for their outrageous value. He was keeping them safely hidden and away from prying eyes. At least for the time being. One crumb at a time.

The sporty, sleek black Porche rolled to a stop just before it reached the gates and he could see a small smile tug at the corner of her mouth when she saw him standing there. There was certainly one thing Cade had been right about. She was attracted to Syrus. He could smell it on her like a fine perfume. It was only a matter of time before all the puzzle pieces fell into place.

Flash images threatened to steal her vision, but she pushed them aside, shoving them away for the time being. It would undoubtedly give her a severe migraine, but she couldn't focus on them right now. She killed the throaty engine and slid out of the driver's side. She mimicked his position, leaning casually against her car's front fender.

"I apologize for leaving so suddenly, Syrus. I just couldn't listen to anymore of Cade's whining." She settled her hands against the warm metal she leaned against and sighed softly. The night had turned damp within the last hour, promising a decent thunderstorm in the near future. She could hear the very faint rumble of thunger off in the distance like the growl of some great predator.

"That would be the least of your worries." There was a faint glimmer of light as it reflected off the expensive watch that adorned his right wrist as he took another drag off of the cigarette, exhaling smoke as he continued to speak.

"I was informed mere moments ago that the Council is in an uproar. Kristov Merkova was killed. Rumor in the Underground was that the Wolves had a hand in it, but the circumstances of his death are pointing fingers more towards those of Demonic persuasion." He watched her expression, a faint air of pride rising in him as he could all but see the gears already turning in her mind. "This is all speculation, mind you. Babbling of tortured souls and crazed Demons. I doubt you can put much stock in what they say, but I wanted to warn you."

"Concerned for my well being? I am flattered, Syrus." She turned her gaze away from him for a moment and sighed softly. "I have already been keeping my eye on the Wolves. They are daytime guardians for most of the Vampires in this city and are more than likely the only ones able to get close enough to a Master Vampire without them even realizing the danger."

Pride swelled through him even further. She was still as clever as always, and thinking one step ahead.

"I figured that you might have thought of it already, but I wanted to plant the seed, so to speak, just in the off chance that you may not have been informed."

Her gaze shifted back towards him and he caught the tell-tale glimmer of red deep beneath the surface of those silver-grey orbs.

"No need to plant anything. My suspicions have always been leaning on the Wolves but I have to investigate every avenue. The Order is going to be hounding me as it is."

The tick beneath his left eye didn't go unoticed. Did Syrus have some kind of grudge against the Order?

"Oh?" He finally said with a delicate shift of one of his brows.

"They seem to think that the Broker is involved. They are calling all hands on this to see what we can find out.

"Doesn't the Broker barter with souls and not just murder?"

She nodded once, faintly. "He does. Unfortunately, they are not listening to me. They seemed so focused on the Broker that they are not considering any other possibility. Vampires souls are not easy to acquire. If he had wanted a soul, he would have found something a bit easier to barter with. There isn't much that Vampires might want, except for perhaps more power. However, the Broker doesn't have to kill his victim in order to gain the soul. He siphons off of it, feeding gradually. Once the soul is fully consumed, or that person dies, then he acquires a power spike." Aby paused, realizing that she fell into lecture mode.

A faint blush crept up the back of her neck, but she prevented it from rising any further. "My apologies, Syrus. I didn't mean to ramble. The Broker may be many things, but he doesn't just murder anyone unless there is something for him to gain and quite frankly, I do not know what he would gain from killing off a Vampire like Merkova."

He pushed himself away from the post, stubbing out his ciagrette beneath an expensive Ferragamo. He reached into the inside pocket of his suit jacket and produced a small silver box tied with a small black ribbon.

"I suggest opening that when you are alone. There are eyes everywhere that may covet that trinket. Would hate to have it fall into the wrong hands." He gave her a one sided devious grin as he reached out to grip her chin with his thumb and index finger. "I will be in touch, Aby. I had planned on treating you to dinner, but the Wolf ruined that. Perhaps I can make it up to you in the next couple of days."

Proctor, one of Sebastian's daytime servants stood by the front door, waiting for her when she finally pulled into the large circular driveway.

"Good evening, Ms. Aby." His deep baritone voice was always calm, reminding her of a fatherly figure. The man servant stood nearly six foot three and was as wide through the shoulders as the doorway. His head was cleanly shaved and he sported a full goatee that framed his mouth.

"Good evening, Proctor. I heard about Merkova. How is everyone holding up?" She inquired, adjusting the back pack on her right shoulder.

"Ms. Gabriella is resting in the Yellow Room in the East Wing. Madame Angelique has given her a sedative safe for both her and the baby."

"What happened?"

"It would seem that Ms. Gabriella found Mr. Merkova around sunset when he did not awaken at his normal time and she went to check up on him. As for the details, Master Sebastian will provide them. Are you here for the conference?"

"I didn't realize there was one."

"I am quite sure that he wouldn't mind your attendence. I believe a couple of members from the Order will be joining us as well. They are meeting in the conference room."

"Thank you, Proctor." Without another word, Aby stepped past him and into the lavish kitchen. It was large enough to run a full scale restaurant and was applianced with top quality equipment. As she moved gracefully across the stone floor, she pulled her cellphone from the small flap on the side of her pack. Sure enough there were a couple of missed calls from Sebastian and one voicemail. She hit the button for the voicemail and listened as the Master Vampire asked her to attend the meeting as soon as she was able. She hung up and moved to slide the phone back into her bag when it chirped shrilly in her hand, indicating that she had a message. Swiping on the screen, she opened the message app.

Dinner at my house tomorrow night? 7pm?

It was from Syrus. She was slightly surprised that he had gotten back to her so quickly about dinner.

Sounds lovely. Need anything?

Just your company. See you then.

Aby finally slipped her phone back into her bag. Beyond the kitchen was a massive hallway that was probably bigger than her apartment. Shiny pine wood floors gleamed beneath the subtle lighting hanging from ancient wround iron sconces. The walls were a deep red, reminding her of Syrus' eyes. They were decorated with priceless pieces of art and sculptures that Sebastian had collected over the centuries. Some were family heirlooms. She passed by a hand woven tapestry that had been made by his grandmother. The Celtic knotwork patters wove together in endless loops, forming a rich and powerful symbol for protection.

She let her fingertips trail over a priceless painting depicting the Angel's fall from the Heavens. She remembered sitting here the first time she had come to the Vampire's home and staring at that painting for hours. She swore that the figure on the left of Lucifer looked just like Syrus, but the facial features were nearly too small to tell. Dropping her hand, she strode casually through the still open doors of the conference room which was actually a large formal dining room. All conversation seemed to come to a stand still the moment she was spotted.

They should feel insignificant in your presence.

It sounded like Syrus' voice as the words were practically whispered in her ear. It was so clear, so real that she had to look around to make sure that he wasn't standing behind her. The Council for the Blood Crown Court sat around the large round oak table that sat in the very center of the room and not a single person was within five feet of her. Perhaps she had imagined the voice. As her gaze passed by the table, she almost swore she saw Syrus leaning so casually against the wall, watching her but a small group of four large Shifters walked by, blocking a clear view. The moment they moved out of her field of vision, there was no one standing where she thought she had seen him.

"I am glad you decided to join us, Aby." The unmistakable Irish accent told her that it was only Sebastian, but she jumped anyway. She had been so distracted by her thoughts that she hadn't heard the Vampire approach. Not good. She couldn't afford to be distracted.

"Jesus Christ, Sebastian. Give a girl a heart attack why don't you." Her fingers shook, nearly aching to rip something to pieces. She shook her hand faintly in order to ward off the tell-tale tingle. She took in his tall stature, eyes focusing on the nearly glowing blue-green ocean of his eyes. It went in stark contrast with the dark brown hair that flowed like silk to broad shoulders that were encased in an expensive and custom tailored suit.

"I am sorry, my dear. I did not mean to frighten you." He moved beside her and placed a hand lightly against the small of her back. He escorted her to the empty leather chair to the left of the one he had been sitting in. He waited until she sat before he spoke again. "Now that you're here, we can begin." The Master Vampire took his own seat. He was the head figure, the leader of the entire Blood Crown Court, a ruling sect of supernatural beings within the city.

"As you all know, this emergency meeting was called due to recent and tragic events. Kristov Merkova was killed sometime before sunset. His heart was removed from behind suggesting that he may have perhaps known his killer."

Aby glanced through the file that had been pushed in front of her, passed over from her left by a Vampire she did not know. The photos were brutal, showcasing the large gaping wound at the back of the Vampire's body. She could see the stark off white of bone fragments that had probably been his spine.

"A powerful and very quick creature was certainly at work here." She interjected. "They had to be strong enough to remove the heart with one strike and fast enough to surprise a powerful Master like Kristov."

"Ye know what did this?" Amish, the large Werebear King inquired, his voice booming above the rest who had begun to whisper among themselves. His massive, nearly seven foot tall frame was practically crammed into the chair. It creaked loudly with each shift of his near three hundred pounds of muscle. Long blood red hair fell down his wide back like a river of blood. His strong jaw held a full beared that was just as bright as his hair.

"We do not know for certain but all clues are beginning to point to something Demonic in nature."

All eyes turned to the sound of the new voice. Two men stood in the doorway of the conference room. One was dressed in the typical black suit and stark white collar of a priest. His long blonde hair was secured smoothly back into a pony tail at the base of his neck. His beautiful features would have been considered Angelic if he didn't sport a large scar bisecting his left eye from just above the brow and down to the corner of his mouth.

Beside him stood his polar opposite. The man was dressed nearly head to toe in black leather. Jet black hair hung wild around his face. A stark black tribal tattoo graced the right side of his neck and down along his entire right arm to the wrist. With his commanding presence, his seven foot tall stature seemed much larger. A scruffy beared framed a wickedly sinful mouth that was almost always set in a perpetual smirk.

"Father Gabriel. Michael." Aby addressed them. She didn't stand, nor did she sound entirely pleased with their presence. Though they were part of the Order she was on retainer for, the tension between her and Father Gabriel was very well known. Michael, however, flirted his ass off but seemed to get no where near capturing her interest. It still didn't stop him and infurated Cade off even further. It was nearly worth the annoyance.

"What has brought the Order's Elite to the city?" She inquired, using the fingertip of her index finger to flip the file folder in front of her closed.

"Think of it as an extra pair of hands and added protection." Father Gabriel replied, matter-of-factly, but she swore she caught a glimpse of a hidden fire in the depth of those sea green eyes.

"Protection from whom and what?"

"The Broker. The Order thinks that he may come after you next, Aby."

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PostSubject: Re: The Broker   Fri May 25, 2018 4:39 pm

Chapter Three

Cade sat back in the booth of the private VIP lounge at Celtic as the door opened and his contact stepped in. The woman was tall, close to six feet of leg and wild red hair. She paled in comparison to Aby's dark allure. He toyed absently with the ear piece to his Avaitors asá Uriel sat across from him, crossing those mile long legs. She wore a black dress with a single slit along the left side that stopped at her hip. Stiletto heels gave her an extra lift that she didn't even need.

"Why did you ask to meet with me, Uriel?" He inquired, lifting his piercing amber gaze to her lavender one. And here of all places. Celtic was one of Sebastian's more well known night clubs. An Irish themed affair that catered more towards the Witches Covens.

She stretched her arms out along the back of the booth.

"I have a proposition for you, Davinyoung. One that would be beneficial to both the Order and your people."

"Really now? And what does this proposition entail?"

Uriel trailed a fingertip back and forth along the black velvet material that covered the booths.

"You have a deep, seeting hatred for a certain black market artifact dealer. Someone who is increasingly growing bothersome to the Order and it would seem, standing in the way of what you want most. Aby. You help us and I promise you that once Syrus is eliminated, she will be yours."

"In case you haven't noticed, Aby is a very strong willed woman. How exactly are you going to accomplish that one?"

She smiled like the cheshire cat. A grin that promised sin in the near future.

"That doesn't concern you. Let me worry about that. All you have to understand is that she will come to you willingly by the next Blood Moon."

Cade was silent for a moment as he thought about it. He had waited for her this long already, what was a few more months? But was this how he really wanted her? So far his attempt at charm wasn't working with a damn. He ran a hand over his stubbled chin.

"What do you need, Uriel?"

"To be honest with you, Cade, we had originally wanted you to eliminate Aby. However, she is proving to be very good at what she does and useful in deporting Demons. We may be able to use her against this Broker."

"Stay away from her, Uriel." He growled, eyes flashing dangerously. "She is not to be harmed if you want any co-operation from me and my people."

The red head nodded once.

"Understood. She will not be touched."

"If she gets hurt, I will personally come after you and destroy your precious Order."

"It would be a war that you can not win, Wolf."

He sat forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

"Winning is not the point. I would die to protect her or to avenge her. That is all you need to understand."

Uriel chuckled softly, dropping her hands into her lap.

"Then let me give you this warning, Davinyoung. Cross me, or fail me and I will make you watch as I slowly destory her mind, body and soul."

Suddenly, the lights flickered, casting the lounge in darkness. There was a loud pop as the bulbs shattered and the strong acrid stench of sulfur enveloped the room. A single solitary flame sparked to life as Syrus brought a match to the tip of his ever present black papered cigarettes. He stood in the far corner of the room as he took a drag and exhaled slowly.

"Canaries caught in the act." He stated, turning his burning maroon gaze towards the Archangel and the Alpha Werewolf.

"What are you doing here, Syrus?" The red head inquired through clenched teeth, her dagger like nails digging into the plush velvet beneath her.

"Why, I am visiting some friends. Friends, who apparently do not realize how dangerous of an enemy I can be." He moved silently across the room. The remaining lighting glaring brighter as he got closer to them. The expensive black Armani suit blended in with the shadows that seemed to follow him as he stepped into the light.

"You are low rank, Syrus, You have no power here." Uriel stated rather simply.

"Don't be so sure on that, Uriel."

"You're a freak, Syrus. A damn fungus." Cade growled out, his amber gaze blazing to life.

"Hmm. Yes, I know and it is quite entertaining." He carefully stubbed out his cigarette in the Wolf's untouched whiskey. "Now let me inform the two of you of something very important." He glanced between them briefly. He tapped a finger against the large green glass table that sat in the center of them. There was a loud ear splitting crack as the table shattered into a million pieces from such a simple touch. "Are we playing attention?"

Both the Wolf King and Archangel nearly jumped out of their skin at the unexpected sound.

"Aby is mine. I will destory everything you hold sacred. I will desacrate the Heavens, oblitherate Hell and use Earth as my battleground if any of you try to keep me from her. You know nothing of what I am capable of, or of what I would do for her."

"You're obsessed." Cade exclaimed, the disgust evident in his voice.

"Now that's the pot calling the kettle black, Davinyoung."

Aby stood just inside the entrance to Balthazar, a very popular night club that catered to the rich and famous. This had been the first place she had met Syrus ten years ago, the first place they had conducted business. She hadn't been here in such a long time, but from the line that wound it's way along the side walk for nearly a mile, it didn't seem to have changed all that much. She was here because she had recieved a text message from Syrus asking to meet there. Thankfully, she had managed to give Cade's men the slip. After the meeting, they had placed various security details around her mostly as a precaution in case the Broker decided to pay her a visit.

"I do hope that I didn't keep you waiting." Came the silky, soft whisper of a familiar voice against her ear. She felt his body heat scorching her from behind as his arm slid around her waist, pulling her back against him as a waitress passed by with a large tray filled with drinks. Why was it that he distracted her so much? Almost instinctively, she brushed her pinky over the ring she now wore on her right ring finger. The deep maroon colored stone mathed Syrus' eye color.

"Will you dance with me?" He asked softly, breathing in her scent. "Just one, then we can get back to the business at hand."

"Does anyone ever deny you anything, Syrus?"

A wickedly devious grin flashed across his face, the one that never failed to practically turn her knees to jello.

"Not usually, no."

"I didn't think so."

He remained standing behind her as they moved towards the dance floor, his hand shifting from her waist to rest at her hip as a slow but erotic melody began to play from the live band on stage. It was classy, but sensual and she couldn't help but feel as if she was under dressed in her leggings and slightly baggy sweater. Their bodies swayed in time with the beat and the entire room around them slowly began to melt away. She felt the heat of his breath against the bare skin of her right shoulder. His left hand slid beneath the material of her sweater and over the bare flesh of her stomach. His lips seared as the edges of his teeth scraped, branding her almost possessively.

He growled lowly, the vibration sending a chill down her spine. Syrus didn't want to let her go, but he knew that he had to. At least for now. Reluctantly, he pulled away from her, letting his fingertips trail over her skin.

"We need to make haste. I am afraid that some of Cade's Wolves have found you." He said softly, taking her hand in his. It wasn't that he wanted to run. That was so far from the truth, but Syrus knew when to pick his battles. He was a patient man but his nerves were already fraying thin. How he wished she would just remember.

She turned her gaze towers the main doors. Sure enough, she could see Dorian weaving his way through the crowd and behind him, she could just make out Cade's profile.

"Shit." She said with feeling as those mirrored Avaitors locked on her. She didn't often swear, finding it to be a bit rude but now was one of those times when she just simply couldn't help it. "Double shit. How the hell did he find me?"

He sighed softly, pulling on her hand as he led her towards the back exit.

"He followed me."

"What?" His lack of an answer made her mind kick into overdrive. "You led him here on purpose. You're baiting him."

"Naturally. He thinks that he can protect you better than I could. Obviously I can not let the Wolf gain the upper hand."

Without warning, he pulled her in front of him and pressed her back against the wall, one hand braced against the brick by her head while the other toyed with several loose strands of her hair. His lips hovered over her own, sending molten fire straight through her veinsá and he hadn't even kissed her. Her eyes caught his, seemingly asking some kind of silent question.

"What game are you playing with me, Syrus?" She finally asked softly, her voice just barely above a whisper that passed those last few inches that separated them.

"I am perhaps one of the only ones that is not playing any kind of game with you, Aby. You need to be wary of whom you trust. The Wolf and the Order have their own agendas."

"Such as?"

He opened his mouth to answer, but the presence of the Wolf King interrupted them.

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Chapter Four

A strong grip clamped down like a vise on her upper arm, pulling her behind a muscled back. Cade's grasp was hard enough to bruise, hard enough to hurt.

"Ow. Davinyoung. Seriously, what is your problem?"

Hearing her exclaimation of pain, all emotion leeched from Syrus' face. His eyes flashed, burning like Hellfire. He moved with astounding speed, grabbing the Alpha by the collar of his well worn jacket. The remainder of the Wolves could only stare in horror and watch as their leader became the ragdoll in the other man's hands. No one had ever seen the stoic, calm and gentemanly demeanor of the black market artifacts dealer crumble, but they did now. They were unable to move, held in place by some kind of powerful telekenetic hold. It was as if they were frozen where they stood. Aby stood behind Cade, watching everything unfold with a mouth hanging open enough to nearly hit the floor. This was a side of Syrus she had never seen before and the back lash of power that he gave off was enough to convince her that he was not some human with connections to each branch of metaphysical beastie. He was even more dangerous than he led others to believe.

She could almost feel the ebb and flow of power as Cade's Beast began to rise to the surface.

"That is enough!" Her voice rang out loud and clear as she bravely pushed her way between the two men. She barely spared the Wolf a glance as she reached up and caught Syrus' face in her hands. She forced his head down just enough to lock her gaze with his. "Look at me, Syrus."

Almost instantly, the enraged look in his eyes disappeared. He reached up and mirrored her, framing her face with his much larger hands.

"No one will ever touch you like that again." He glanced up, his eyes locking onto the Wolf King. "Bad doggy. No treats for you."

The Wolf's hands balled into fists as a low rumbling growl echoed softly from between his lips.

"Ah, ah, ah." He taunted, waggling a finger. "I doubt Sebastian would appreciate you boys making a mess of one of his more popular venues. Not to mention it is rude to create a scene in front of others."

"You better watch your back, Syrus. You won't be able to hide forever." Cade warned, casting a longing look towards Aby. "I am sorry for hurting you. That was not my intention."

"Just go, Cade. Inform the others that I will be fine." She said softly as she felt Syrus' hands drop down from her face.

The Alpha nodded once, signaling silently to his Pack. One by one they began to file back the way they had come.

"I think you and I need to have a talk, Syrus."

"I couldn't agree more."

Deciding that the crowd at the club was not entirely productive to have a serious and private discussion, he had invited her over to his house for a drink or two, though it was mostly for the company and conversation. He pulled the rather expensive black Bentley into the wide, square driveway of his home. It was a more modern structure mage of glass, concrete and monochromatic colors. It was the complete opposite of Sebastian's castle and Cade's log cabin and it was a surpsingly welcome relief.

"You have quite the eccletic home." She stated, stepping into the foyer that was dimly lit by wrought iron lanterns fastened to the walls. A large blackened sculpture resembling a spooky tree sat in the center. On closer inspection, Aby could make out thousands of faces carved into it's surface. She moved to touch it, but he grabbed her hand before she could.

"It is quite sharp. I do not want to see you hurt yourself." He warned, pressing his lips to the backs of her knuckles briefly. He didn't let go of her hand as he pulled her further into the house.

"I keep getting flashes." She admitted suddenly as they stepped into what appeared to be some kind of study. There was a shiny black bar that sat to one side of the room. A lavish fireplace, that was burning brightly, was the main piece of the room offering both heat and light. "You know that I do not remember anything from before we first met. I have no recollection of my past. Lately it doesn't matter if I am awake or asleep. They are so strong that they almost eclipse everything else."

As she spoke, Syrus moved to the bar and produced a dark colored bottle from a rack that was hidden beneath the bar. He popped the cork of it open and allowed the wine to breathe for a few moments as he collected two glasses, one for each of them.

"There is something locked away inside of you that has a very close connection with your memories."

"And you're trying to help me remember?" She inquired, watching him as he deftly poured a rich dark colored wine into each of the glasses. Each movement he did was graceful, precise and masculine.



He remained silent, handing her a glass before picking up his own. He rounded the bar and gestured towards the fireplace where two over stuffed and comftorable looking chairs sat. Their rich material begging for attention. He removed his jacket, carefully unbuttoning the cuffs of his sleeves and rolling them back to reveal muscular forearms. He draped the jacket over the back of his chair and sat, crossing a leg casually over the other. Slowly, he raked a hand through his hair but it only swept back into it's rightful place.

"Because we knew each other in your past."

She nearly choked on the expensive wine she had just taken a sip of. "What?"

"I can not divulge too much. This is something that you must experience and unlock on your own. I do not wish you to resent me or think that I am nudging your mind towards what I may want. I would prefer it if you learned of your past of your own free will.

"You know who I was?" She said softly, almost in awe.

He nodded once in affirmation. "Yes. I know who you are."

"It hurts to even think." She nearly grumbled, clutching at her temples as the pain of her thoughts clouded her vision. If she thought about it too hard, she ended up with a severe migraine.

"It is not something that you can force. It will reveal itself in time."

"I don't like not knowing who I am Syrus."

"I know." He reached out and took her hand in his, rubbing the back of her knuckles with his large, caloused thumb. His skin came in contact with the ring on her right hand and he felt a faint smile tug at the corner of his mouth. He was slightly surprised to see her wearing it already. Did she suspect that each item he gave her, or that she had requested personally of him was triggering the ferocity of her memories? Knowing how her mind worked, he wouldn't be surprised if she did.

"You're not just a black market artifact dealer, are you?"

The question caught him off guard for a moment and his thumb stopped moving across her skin. "What would make you ask that?"

"I felt your power at Balthazar. You are much stronger than you lead others to believe."

"You would be correct. I am a Sin Eater." He stated rather simply. Though it wasn't the entire truth, it was the closest thing he could think of that wasn't entirely too far off course.

"You feed on the Sins of others?"

"Yes. Dying or not. I suppose you could say that it makes me a low ranking Demon. So low on the food chain that I do not register fully as a type of Demon."

Aby wracked her brain for anything she remembered about Sin Eaters, but they were a race that were few and far between, so rare that they were nearly extinct.

"And your fascination with all things arcane?"

"Merely a hobby. I enjoy a variety of things, but the arcane has always fascinated me. Especially artifacts that delve into the past of Celestials."

She tilted her head faintly to one side. "Celestials? You mean Angels?"

"It is refreshing to be able to converse with someone who knows their mythology. Yes, Angels. Celestials, Angels, Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubs. I have been studying them for a long time, especially their history. Did you know that there was a powerful Archangel by the name of Abaddon that had a hand with the flop of Armageddon?"

Curious as well as intrigued, Aby let a single dark brow quirk inquisitively. "How so?"

"It is said that she held a very rare gift. Something akin to what the Vikings onced called a Berserker."

"A warrior that would slip into a dark rage that enabled them to withstand pain and unleash havok on their enemies?"

He gave an amused chuckle. "You are a treasure, my dear. Yes, that is exactly right. She was an Angelic Berserker, walking a very fine line between darkness and light. She was feared, greatly feared by the other Angels. Even the Seraphim gave her a wide birth. But her rage was not always easily triggered. It came during times of great stress, or when she was severely threatened. She was a force to be reckoned with normally, but when that rage took over, forget it. Abaddon nearly single handedly eliminated an entire army of Angels and Demons."

"I thought that was just a myth."

"Oh no. At least not from what I have been able to gather. All signs point towards her battle with the dark and light of her abilities. She was a powerful Archangel, created by God as a being of Death and Destruction. A general for His armies. Gabriel and Michael were the Seraphim, God's left and right hands. She was their product of training, or their tutelage. But she was something so much more."

As he spoke, Aby could see the utter passion blazing fiercely in his alluring maroon colored eyes. They flared with the intensity of emotion and she could tell that he spoke of this Abaddon from the heart.

"What caused her to Fall?" She inquired, genuinely curious.

"She made a choice."

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Chapter Five

He had watched her leave the driveway with an even deeper sense of longing. Their conversation had spanned over three hours, much longer than he had anticipated her staying. He hadn't minded at all, but he almost figured she would grown bored. That had been far from the truth.á He had almost found himself giving her an excuse as to why she had to stay. In the end, he wanted her to come to him of her own free will and not smother her like the others. Michael, Father Gabriel, Sebastian, even Cade. They all wanted to put her in invisible chains, to shackle her to them for their own gain. Syrus wanted her beside him of her own choice. He stood, leaning against the cool metal framing the large floor to ceiling window of his living room, still staring at the very spot where her tail lights had disappeared.

"You are torturing yourself, Abraxas." Came a familiar nasally voice from the center of his foyer where the creepy tree sat. The tree itself acted as a portal to the Underground, a gateway into Hell.

Syrus glanced over his shoulder at the smaller man, but turned back to face forward as he took a sip of the wine he had refilled after Aby's departure.

"Perhaps I am, Ciam." He replied simply before turning back to face the other Demon fully.

"To have access to that much power and not utilize it..." The other man trailed off when that maroon gaze pinned intensely on him. "Forgive me, it is not my place." He trailed off as he reached into the jacket of his dark brow suit and produced a single black file folder. "The information you requested."

Syrus took the file from Ciam, his eyes raking over the slight stature and thin, nearly wraith like form of the Information Demon. They; like Sin Eaters, were of low rank in the Dark Hierarchy. He took in the rat-like face and almost grimaced. It was certainly not something one willingly wanted to look at. Turning his gaze back down to the file in front of him, he idly flipped through the pages.

"Very good." He mumbled mostly to himself. "You know where to find your payment, Ciam. I trust it is to your satisfaction."

"I am sure it is."

Without another word, the smaller Demon left, disappearing through the tree as if there was nothing there but smoke. There was a hiss as the arcane locks clicked back into place, preventing anyone else from entering through the portal.

A sinsiter grin tugged at a single corner of his mouth as he read further. This information would certainly prove to be very useful. Ciam had delivered, as always and Syrus' plans were finally coming into fruition. It was only a matter of time before each puzzle piece fit into it's rightful place and when it did, he would sit back and watch as Aby's wrath surfaced. He would delight in watching her havok cause chaos among those who had ever wronged her.

Father Gabriel's fist clenched on the steel shaft of the spear he wielded. Comfortable leather grips had been custom wrapped around it to give him something to hold onto as he spun it deftly and with surprising agility around him. His movements were fluid and graceful, nearly dance-like as he went through the motions. He had been trained vigoriously in various forms of combat, ranging from all different types of weapons to martial arts. But none of that had prepared him for what he had learned centuries ago.

*Gabriel stood; still dressed in full golden metallic battle armor, his spear ever present at his side. His fingers gripped tightly onto the shaft, nearly biting into the very metal itself. He watched, enraged, as she was cast from the Heaven's. Her armor had been stripped from her bloody, battered form, left strewn about the shinging gold of the floor of the Cathedral. Black, tar-like blood made a path around her seemingly lifeless body. The only tell-tale sign that she was still alive was from the sporadic and shallow breathing. It relieved him to see the faint rise and fall of her chest, to know that Abaddon still lived.

"I had created her with you in mind, Gabriel." Came the looming echo of God's voice as he sat in the bright throne on the upper portion of the dais. "She had been made to be your companion, your wife."

The Seraphim, the left hand of God, snapped his head to the side, his sea green gaze locking onto the face of the Lord. "I thought such feelings among our own was forbidden."

God merely chuckled. "Had they been forbidden, it would have caused an even greater chaos among the Angel's, Gabriel. Who am I to stop an emotion of which I hold such great value and admiration?"

"Then why is she being cast from Your Kingdom, my Lord?" He was genuinely confused, his brows frowning even though the left side of his face was virtually in ruin. The wound had been inflicted by Abaddon herself just before the limit of her energy had been reached and Lucifer had caught her unaware. Gabriel felt his heart lurch as he saw the flash image of the Fallen Angel's sword pierce through her chest. He had shoved it to the hilt from behind as he bent forward to whisper in her ear. Her eyes had shot wide, mouth open in a silent scream. He had watched as her eyes turned pure black for half a second, then faded to such a pale grey that they looked nearly white and lifeless. Lucifer had used his foot to kick her from his weapon and had snickered when she crumbled into a heap on the floor. The blackness of corruption oozing from the hole in her chest.

God sighed softly. It pained him greatly to do this, but it was something that must be done. The end of the entire world hung on this.

"It must be done, Gabriel. She has, unfortunately, made the choice of her own free will. She chose Abraxas."

"The Low Rank?"

"Not anymore. He started off as a Sin Eater, Gabriel, but he rose to great power in a short amout of time. He is nearly as powerful as Lucifer now and with Abaddon at his side, he will be that much stronger."

"I don't understand why she would choose him."

"She loves him. I may be capable of great many things, but even I can not affect free will. Whom she chooses is entirely up to her. All you can do is plead your case. The injuries she has sustained from Lucifer will have greatly affected her in more ways than one. She may not even remember any of this once she leaves the Heavens."

The Seraphim sighed softly, ranking a large hand through his touseled golden hair. "What do you suggest, My Lord?"

"Follow her. Keep your eyes on her and try to help her understand who she is."

"If she has chosen Abraxas, what would be the point?"

"Because, my dear Gabriel, she will have no memory of him either."*

That had been true enough, much to his extreme delight. However, once they had crossed paths again, there had been a tension between them that was nearly palpable. He couldn't tell if it was resentment or hatred. They didn't butt heads exactly, but there was something that seemed to be preventing them from getting along. He was determined to find out what it was and eliminate it. The Lord had created her for him and no one else. He would help her remember even if it killed him.

Syrus glanced through the file sitting before him on his ornate mahogny desk. The paperwork contained highly sought out information on the Order and it's high-ranking officials. Uriel; who currently ran this particular branch of the Order, was a former Demonologist who had retired to live in the lap of luxury and sit behind a desk pushing paper all day. Father Gabriel was their resident Exorcist and had taught Aby the ins and outs of deporting Demons. Michael was the muscle. The one called in to do the heavy lifting, though it was mostly on Father Gabriel's cases. Who did the heavy lifting on Aby's, he wondered. No he didn't. He knew she was quite capable of doing it on her own. A sinister grin tugged at a single corner of his mouth. For her to be able to deport Demons on her own without the aid of others gave him a sense of pride but there was also the underlying fear that she was putting herself at great risk. Though from what he had been able to gather, she didn't do that many Exorcisms anymore. She was more a consultant for anything supernatural. It was usually her that determined what may have killed someone. She was sort of the unofficial murder investigator for the preternatural world.

Absently, his finger tapped on a picture of Father Gabriel. He remembered him. The great Seraphim and left hand to God. The one who had helped train Abaddon. The one in whom Abaddon had been made for as a companion. And yet, she had chosen Abraxas over that infurating glow worm. With a single hard tap of his finger against the picture, it erupted into flames, just as quickly snuffing out as it had begun. The paper lay curled and burnt in on itself, the image of Father Gabriel a ruined mass of black.

There was a faint knock on the door to his office. He had left home and had come straight to work. He knew that she would be dreaming of the past again tonight and he had wanted to be a step ahead of the game.

"Enter." He answered as he calmly swept the ashes of the ruined picture into his trash can with a single sweep of his hand. He placed it back down onto the floor beneath his desk as the door opened and his secretary entered carrying her ever present tablet.

"Sir?" She inquired, immediately taking a seat in a chair across the desk from him.

"My apologies for calling you in so early, Rebecca, but there is a matter of utmost importance that we must see to."

As per usual, she did not ask questions that she did not need to. Instead, she poised her stylus over her tablet, her perfectly styled blonde hair expertly coiled into a tight bun at the back of her head. Her sensible skirt suit a beautiful plum color that brought out the faint lavender shade in her otherwise blue eyes. She was an attractive woman, professional and efficient. She took notes as Syrus dictated what he would require, any meetings that need to be set up or any that needed to be canceled. Something big was brewing, that much he knew and he wanted to be as prepared as possible.

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Chapter 6

Her finger burned. It woke her out of a sound sleep and she jolted upright with a cry of alarm. She clutched her right hand in her left and fell from the bed, the covers tangled around her ankles. The pain grew in intensity until she was practically curled in on herself. Her breathing was heavy, her vision grey along the edges. She felt queasy as she crawled across the cool floor that was a welcome relief to the otherwise burning of her body.

Do not fight it.

Came a eerie sounding voice in her thoughts. It spoke with a legion of voices that echoed like one. It was not loud, more of a breathy whisper but she could hear it clearly.

It hurts more when you fight.

Aby didn't make it very far. Her limbs gave out from beneath her when she reached the threshold to her room and she collapsed against the wood floor. Her eyes rolled back into her head as a tar-like ooze bubbled out from the ring on her right hand. It covered over her entire arm to the elbow, flowing and moving as if it had a mind of it's own. Within seconds, it engulfed her completely, covering her from head to toe in pitch. It seemed to harden against her skin, creating a protective barrier around her. Two large wings protruded from her back made from the same tar-like substance. As they unfurled, thousands of red, blinking eyes broke through the surface. With a flap, they pulled her upright, forcing her to stand.


She had become the new Host. They remembered her from before but she felt...different somehow. Broken and incomplete. It mattered not. They would make her whole again.

As if on command, Aby felt her eyes peel open of their own accord. Their white, seemingly sightless color had darkened to the same black that had enveloped her. She glanced down at herself, noticing that her entire body was covered in black. It was hard to the touch and she knew instinctively that it was virtually indestructable to most modern weapons. Her fingers ended in lethal claws made from the same stuff and could easily render flesh to ribbons.

"What is this?" She inquired out loud, barely noticing her own voice as it echoed with the power of a thousand other voices.

We are a gift.

"A gift from whom?"

That matters not. What matters is that we will protect you.

"Why not show yourself when I first put the ring on?"

We were not needed.

"But you're needed now?"

Yes. You have unwanted company.

Her eyes immediately focused on the stairs that led down to the main floor of her apartment. She could hear the front door splinter open beneath tremendous force. Rage enveloped her. She felt the burning red of it sear her nerves.

We are your rage. Embrace it.

She took a breath and let it wash over her. She felt herself move, but she knew that she was no longer in control of her movements. This thing had taken over and was using her body like she was a puppet on strings. She could see through her own eyes, watch as everything unfolded, but she felt powerless to stop it. She struck like lightning, moving so fast that it was hard to keep up. The first figure to fall to her rage was larger than any Shifter she had ever seen. Her hand engulfed his face and she slammed his skull into the wall beside her door, crushing him with such brute force that his face caved in and she felt the mush of his brains between her clawed fingers. She removed her hand from the gore and shook it, splattering the brains onto her floor as if she was shaking the smushed remains of a bug from her skin. A second glance at the crushed figure let her know it was some kind of mutated Demon.


The voice hissed in her thoughts. We were found at a good time. He has sent his minions to acquire you.

"Acquire me?"

Yesss. He seeks you for his own gain. Much like others. You are a rare creature that many seek to possess.

"Lovely." She grumbled, whirling around as another Demon, this one even larger than the last tackled her midsection. As they flew backwards, her newly acquired wings spread wide, blinking red eyes seeing everything all at once. She grabbed into the creatures head with both hands. Her claws dug into dark flesh, black blood oozing around her fingers. With a swift jerk and a harsh yank, she pulled it's head from it's shoulders. More black blood washed over her, but was immediately sucked into the black coating of her new armor, almost as if it was feeding on the blood of it's enemies.

There are too many here for us to take alone. We must flee.

"I do not like running."

Nor we. But we know when to fight and when to flee. How do you feel about flying?


It did not wait for her reply, those wings immediately shifted and she shot straight up, creating a large hole in the ceiling. Her landlord was not going to be pleased.

She stumbled up the front steps just as the sun broke over the horizion. Syrus' house lay silent, but she knew he was home. The expensive black Bentley sat in the driveway, gleaming beneath the first rays of dawn. With a clawed hand, she raised it to knock but was startled when the door was practically ripped open before her fist could connect.

"Aby?" He inquired, concern evident in his voice. He watched her knees buckle and he caught her before she fell. Instantly, the black armor became liquified and was sucked back into the ring on her right ring finger, leaving her stark naked in his arms. Any other day he would have reveled in that moment, but he knew when the time was right and when it wasn't. By the state of her arrival, he knew something dire had to have happened. "Come. Let us get you inside."

She felt herself being picked up, one of his arms beneath her knees while the other braced her back. Instinctively, she placed an arm around his shoulders.

"What happened?" He asked as he kicked the door shut behind them. He immediately brought her up a set of transparent stairs that led to the upper floor of his home.

"To be honest, it's kind of a blur. One minute I was sleeping, the next I felt like I was burning. This black tar-like ooze enveloped me. I-It spoke to me. Told me it was going to protect me. Then my front door busts down and a swarm of Demons pours into my house. I think I killed two before these...wings just force me up into the air."

Aby missed the faint smirk tugging at a single corner of his mouth.

"What kind of Demons?"

"Umm. Large ones?"

They were Lucifer's guard dogs.

"Really now?" Syrus inquired, a single brow arching faintly as he heard the legion of voices echo from Aby's ring.

"You heard that?"

He glanced to her, a faint smile forming. "Yes. I sort of made this ring."

"Sort of?" It was her turn to arch a single brow, her piercing gaze searching his.

He sighed softly but nodded once. "Yes. Remember that I told you that I knew you from your past? This ring had also been yours."

She does not remember?

"No." Syrus answered the ring for her.

That is why she felt broken and incomplete.


Then she must be protected all the more.

"I agree." He turned his attention to the woman in his arms as he set her down on the plush white rug in front of the black marble tub of his bathroom. "Why don't you get cleaned up. I am almost positive you have chunks of Demon in your hair. I will find something suitable for you to wear. In the meantime, you are welcome to stay here with me. I do not think it safe for you to be alone. Especially not with Lucifer's minions after you as well as the Broker trying to track you down." He turned for the door, but paused for a moment as if a thought had occured to him. "What happened to the guards the Court had appointed you for the night?"

Dead. I took note of it as we flew her to safety. Two Shifters.

"That was all they had assigned her?"


"Fools." He placed a hand on the knob of the door. "There are clean towels in the closet beside the sink. Make yourself at home here, Aby." Without another word, he left the room, closing it behind him with a soft click.

Once she was alone, she let her gaze take in her surroundings. Lavish black marble covered nearly every inch of the bathroom. The floors, walls, counter top and tub were all the same highly polished black marble that glittered with flecks of silver. The room itself was bigger than her entire apartment combined. The tub was large, easily able to accomidate several people at once and it tempted her with a luxurious bath but she decided against it. Especially if she had Demon chunks in her hair. She reached out and turned the water on full and as hot as she could stand it. Aby nearly groaned when she stepped under the most glorious water pressure she had ever felt. She tilted her head back, letting it wash away the blood and thicker chunks. She used the large bottle of what was obviously some kind of expensive shampoo. A musky, woodsy scent asailed her senses and she used her sharp nails to scrub her scalp vigorsly.

It was torture. Absolute torture knowing that she was upstairs. Naked and in his shower. In his hands, he clutched one of his dress shirts that he had removed freshly from the dryer. The warmpth still clung to the silk material. With his thoughts occupied of her, Syrus found himself suddenly standing in the steam filled bathroom. He had been contemplating cursing. Apparently he had uncounciously teleported himself to her. By everything unholy, he wanted her. And he was going to have her. The one time they had been intimate centuries ago had been no where near enough.

He began to slowly remove his own clothing, leaving them laying haphazardly on the floor, trailing behind him as he made his way towards the dark silhouette moving just behind the frosted glass of the shower door. They slid aside soundlessly, opening just enough for him to slip through. Her dark hair was slicked back away from her face, trailing down her back, just barely covering the thin scars at her shoulder blades. The mark of her Fall from the Heavens. She smelled like his soap and he was already driving him wild knowing that she would walk around with his scent clinging to her. Syrus moved closer, slipping a hand over her right hip. He moved her forward, pressing the front of her against the water slicked marble. He gave her no chance to speak, nor protest as he shifted himself just enough so that his body entered hers in a single smooth stroke. They both gasped, her fingers attempting to claw into the marble beneath her. He reached up and shifted her hair to the left as his lips brushed along the back of her neck. A spot that he knew drove her crazy.

He slid into her slowly, savoring the feel of her wrapped tightly around him, drawing out the sensation for them both. She shuddered, trembling with both pleasure and emotion. Only when he was fully sheathed inside of her did reason finally set in.

"Aby, if you do not want this, say so. Tell me no." He breathed against her ear, his free hand braced against the water slicked wall beside her head for support.

"You ask that now when you're already deep inside me? Not going to happen, Syrus." She replied, turning her head just enough to glimpse him over her shoulder. "I've wanted this for a long time. Since nearly the first moment I met you."

"No longer than I, I assure you." He murmured, scraping his teeth against the area of skin just below the lobe of her ear. He was rewarded when she groaned his name, her nails scraping against the tile. He slowly slid from the embrace of her, taking his time to feel every delicious inch of velvet heat. He knew neither of them would last like this. It had been so long. His breath hissed out in a rush when he slid forcefully back into her tight embrace.

Aby cursed in Latin, the palm of her right hand gliding along the forearm of the hand that still gripped at her hip.

"I had hoped this would take longer, but I am afraid that I am not going to last like this, Aby. I have waited far too long for this."

"Just let go." She replied, her nails digging into the flesh of the arm she clutched onto.

Without warning, Syrus slid fully from her, turning her around abruptly so that she faced him.

"I want to see you, Aby. I want to watch the pleasure in your eyes as you let go. I want to know it is me that is making you feel this good." He growled, grasping her behind both of her knees and lifting her effortlessly. She wound her legs around his waist as he slid back inside of her once more. She felt his power lash out and through her, heightening their senses further. Her silver-grey eyes locked with his maroon one as she felt the dam break. Her body trembled and his pulsed inside of her as release rocked through them both. Their cries echoed in unison and he sank to his knees, supporting her with an arm around her waist. Her exhaled breath whispered against his lips just before he claimed her mouth in a passionately tender kiss.

"Give me a few moments and I will try to get up." He stated softly, nuzzling against her throat where her heart beat the strongest. She chuckled softly and with him still buried inside of her, he could feel her tighten around him.

"Aby." He warned, his hips instinctively moving on their own, causing him to nearly jerk into her.

"Your fault. You made me laugh." She groaned, running her fingers through his soaking wet hair. She raked it back away from his face as he released the hold he had around her.

"It is late and you have had a very fullfilling day. I think it best if we went to bed. The sun will be up fully soon enough."

A part of her was almost disappointed when he slid from her. She already missed the feel of him. She reached up when he held a hand down to her to help her stand. She felt his other hand ghost over her face before his strong fingers tangled in her hair.

"You are welcome to stay here, Aby. Always. My home is your home. I want you to stay." He admitted, sounding almost as lonely as she had felt all these years.

Would having companionship be such a bad thing? Their occupations usually brought them together from various stand points. The only thing that concerned her was that not only the Broker was after her, but apparently so was Lucifer. Would she be able to protect him? How could she when she didn't even know who she was? Slowly, Aby reached up and brushed her thumb along the curve of his lower lip.

"Help me remember who I am, Syrus."

He nodded once, leaning forward to rest his forehead against her own. "We will start tomorrow." He helped her step out of the shower and slid a thick terry cloth towel around her shoulders. "I brought one of my shirts for you to sleep in but I was sort of hoping that you wouldn't be wearing it." He gave a cheeky grin as he held the silk aloft on the tip of his index finger, swaying the material back and forth tauntingly.

"Hmm. Perhaps I won't wear it." She teased, letting the towel itself drop to the floor. She padded barefoot and naked from the bathroom. She glanced over her shoulder coyly at him. "Coming to bed?"

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Chapter 7

She awoke to filtered sunlight streaming through gauzy black curtains. She was laying naked on her stomach. The blanket just barely covering her backside. Syrus sat in a comfortable black chair in the corner of the room, fully dressed in a black suit, watching her. His hair was dry and styled as always, swept back away from his ruggedly handsome face.

"You're leaving." She stated, her voice still husky with the edges of sleep. She made her words more of a statement rather than a question as she glanced at him from beneath a veil of black hair.

"Not permanently. There are people I must speak with. After our intimacy early this morning; all four times I might add, it should have triggered something. The lack of it concerns me."

She sat up, ignoring the covers in favor of watching the possessive fire smouldering in his eyes. She loved the way he looked at her.

"Should I go with you?"

He shook his head faintly. "Where I am heading, it would not be wise if you accompanied me. All matter of Hell's minions will be out looking for you. I do not wish to put you in any more danger than you already are." He stood from the chair and moved towards her, lifting her right hand from beneath the pillow where it rested. "This ring will protect you in my absence. I created it for you as both a protection and a weapon. You will fear nothing beneath it's watchful gaze. Besides, the Court will undoubtedly want to keep closer tabs on you after what happened." His thumb brushed along the maroon colored stone. "Protect her, but do not take any unnecessary risks. Flee if you must but guard her carefully."

Your will be done. The voices echoed from the depths of the ring.

Syrus leaned forward and claimed her mouth with a kiss that was just as possessively tender as it was arousing. He groaned inwardly, but pulled himself away from her otherwise he was going to take her again.

"When I return we will go to a lovely dinner and discuss what you do remember of your past. I will help you try to put some of the pieces back together."

"Promise?" She asked, propping her head up on the palm of her hand as she watched him move towards the door.

"I promise."

He entered the foyer, moving towards the large blackened tree that sat in it's center. It was gnarled and twisted, looking like a prop from some horror movie. Carved into it's surface were thousands of Demonic faces formed into freakish visages. Syrus passed his hand an inch above the center of it. He murmured softly in some kind of Demonic dialect, a cross between what some would call Latin and Elvish. Voices whispered, chanting in the same language only they were coming from below the tree. Within seconds, it unspiraled itself, revealing a large hole in it's center. It was the very hole in which he had crawled from centuries prior in order to get to her.

*His fingers clawed at the damp earth as he struggled to find purchase in the mud. He could hear the screams of the damned and cursed souls, begging for his help, but he ignored them. Finding her was his priority. With a growl of rage, he dug his fingers in deeper and pulled himself up and out of the hole. It was raining here in the mortal realm and it hissed as it struck his pale, burning hot skin. Temperatures were much cooler up here, but it wouldn't take him long to adapt. He was resourceful just as much as he was ruthless. Lucifer was going to rethink the day that he ever crossed him.*

Syrus stepped into the center. The tree curled back up into it's original shape just as the portal opened and he dropped down into the Underground. It was like a really fast elevator ride, each level of the earth speeding by his field of vision at an alarming rate. When the portal stopped, he finally looked up from casually adjusting his maroon colored tie. The Underground looked like a scene from the movie Constantine. Crushed, burnt out shells of cars lined each side of the main streets. The buildings were crumbled, blazing in bright flames and the trees looked like burnt twigs, swaying in the scorching breeze.The sky itself was was thick with smoke and just as orange as the rest of the landscape.

He stepped off of the portal, ignoring the Scavenger Demons that always lurked around areas where the freshly acquired souls came through from the mortal world. These creatures had no eyes. They relied on their wickedly long tongues to find their prey. The Scavengers gave him a wide birth, knowing almost instantly who he was.

"I seek the council of Jenev." He spoke out loud just enough to be heard over the roar of the wind.

Jenev. The wind whispered back. What business have you with Jenev?

"My business is my own. Tell him Abraxas is cashing in on his favor."

Abraxas? The name is Legion.


Yes. He broke from the Archdemons. Rose above the ranks. It is prophesized that he will one day rule the Underground.

"Prophesized by whom?"

The Fates.

That was certainly news to him.

Jenev bids you enter.

A lone door to his right opened on the first floor of the only building that wasn't burning. As soon as he passed over the threshold, it slammed shut behind him, the door knob nearly smacking him in the backside.

"I see that your door is still as tempermental as always, Jenev." He grumbled, glaring at the offending door in mention.

The Elder Archdemon chuckled, his voice echoing, quaking with a thousand souls. "Syrus, my friend, it is good to see you again." He stepped out from the back room, looking as imposing as a teddy bear. His tall, lean frame swathed in long robes of rich red. He no longer dealt with souls, but had his hands in various types of knowledge though his passion leaned towards the arcane.


"What brings you out of exile?"

"I found her." He stated simply, watching as the Elder's busy white brows shot up into equally bushy white hair. "But, there is a problem. Her memories have not yet returned."

"I assume the two of you have..." He trailed off, both knowing the meaning of his unspoken words.

"Yes. Several times in fact."

"That was a bit too much information, Syrus." Jenev tapped a long, sharp nail against his lips in thought. "We must consult the Archives." He finally said after a few moments of silence. "Come with me."

Aby slung her packed bag over her shoulder, glancing around to make she she hadn't left anything behind. She turned from the doorway, nearly running face first into a stern looking Alpha Werewolf. She knew that he could be quiet due to his predatory reflexes, but this was the first time he had been able to sneak up on her. Anger flashed in her eyes and she didn't attempt to hide it.

"Since when is breaking and entering your style, Davinyoung?" She made sure that her right hand was free, casually tucking a section of black hair behind her ear before letting it fall to her side.

"You didn't return here last night." Had he been watching her apartment? He had to have been since the bodies of the Demons were gone. "The Court and my Pack have been looking everywhere for you."

"I have a phone, Cade. It never rang once."

He eyes narrowed, their amber color piercing through her. "Nor did mine."

"I wasn't aware that I was supposed to check in with daddy."

"You didn't return here." He was starting to sound like a broken record and it was getting on her nerves.

She snorted faintly. "No, I didn't."

"You weren't at Sebastians?"

"Not that it's any of your concern, but no, I didn't." She replied, shoving past him, purposely and forcefully bumping her shoulder into his. Before she could reach the stairs, Cade gripped her wrist and spun her around to face him. Instinctively, she held a knife in her hand and brought it up as he backed her against the wall. The silver blade bit into his skin, hissing softly.

"Where were you, Aby?" He asked, his voice beginning to echo with the power of his Beast. Did he really think that his Wolf King voice would work on her? She wasn't apart of his Pack, nor was she going to bow to his will.

"Again, not your business."

"It is when two of the men who had been selected to guard you are now dead. Your apartment practically destroyed and two mutated Demons are slaughtered." He leaned forward, the blade biting deeper and drawing a thin line of blood that trickled down his throat as he sniffed at the air just above the pulse beathing in her throat. "You were with him." He growled out in a soft whisper, the calm before the storm."

"If you already know the answer, why ask the question?"

The Alpha roared, his left hand rearing back. It struk the wall to the left of her head. A fragment of the drywall sliced across her cheek as it flew past. A thin trail of her own blood slipped down her face. Noticing what he did, Cade let go of Aby and backed up, lifting both of his hands in a gesture of surrender. She had instinctively moved her head to the side when he had struck the wall and show, she slowly moved it back to stare at the Wolf. The sheer look of malice, of anger was enough to scare the shit out of him. Her normally grey eyes had turned pitch black. He didn't notice that a black tar-like substance had started to ooze out of the ring she wore on her right hand. The knife fell away clattering to the floor, forgotten. The growl that rumbledá from somewhere deep in her chest made the hair on Cade's arms stand up. It was the most inhuman sound he had ever heard and coming from a Werewolf that said something.

Slowly, she moved, flashing towards him in a black winged blur that even his superior reflexes couldn't match. Then everything faded to black.

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Chapter 8

She staggered through the front door of Syrus' home. She didn't remember how she got there. Her care was no where to be found. One thing she did remember though, was finding Cade's body in her living room. She had been naked and covered in blood. Had she killed him? She hadn't stuck around to find out, panic setting in almost immediately. The Werewolf had been hardly recognizable. Retching, Aby stumbled in her haste to get to the stairs and ended up crawling, leaving a trail of smeared blood in her wake. She crawled along the hallway and into the bathroom where she curled up into a ball in the corner and promptly passed out.

The first thing he noticed upon his return from the Underground a day later, was the scent of blood. Old blood. The second thing he noticed was that his house was eerily silent. The third, was that Aby's car wasn't in the driveway. As soon as the portal closed behind him, Syrus bounded up the stairs, taking two, sometimes three at a time in his haste to search for her.

"Aby!" He called out, near panic evident in his voice. He skidded around the corner, following the bloody trail to the bathroom. The sigh he saw nearly floored him. She sat in the corner, wedged between the toilet and the wall. Her knees were drawn up to her chest, both arms wrapped around her legs so tightly that her knuckles were white. She rocked back and forth, whispering to herself in a language he had thought she had forgotten. The Latin rolled off of her tongue with ease despite her state of turmoil. He knelt down in front of her, prying her death grip from her skin.

"Aby. What happened, sweetheart?" He asked softly, noticing that almost every square inch of her was covered in dried blood. Her hair was so stiff that he was afraid that if he moved it, it would break.

"I...I don't know. I-I can't r-remember. But, I-I t-think I-I k-killed C-Cade..."

"Oh baby." He didn't care about his suit, not one damn bit. He pulled her into his arms and held her. She clung to him harder than she had to herself, her arms locking around his neck as she buried her face into the curve of his neck.

"I had gone to the apartment to pack some of my things. I was doing a last check of the bedroom to make sure I had everything I needed. When I turned around, Cade was there. Almost like he had been waiting for me. He demanded to know where I was though it seemed he already knew the answer. He could smell you on me. His anger must have got the best of him because he struck the wall by my head. A piece of drywall knicked my cheek. I-I must have blacked out or something because the next thing I know, I find him in an unrecognizable heap among the remains of my glass coffee table."

He brushed his thumb over the maroon colored stone of the ring she wore.

It as she has claimed. We thought she was in danger. The legion of voices from within the ring exclaimed. That Wolf has an unhealthy obsession.

"I will deal with him when the time comes if she has not already."

He was breathing when we stopped.

"As much as I might find Cade to be a pain in the ass, I do not wish him dead." She whispered softly.

Syrus untangled her arms from around him as he moved to draw them both a bath. Old blood and the stench of sulfur that clung to him was not making a very appealing aroma.

"When is the last time you have eaten?"

The thought of food made her stomach lurch and she spun around for the toilet, nearly ripping the lid off of it's hinges in her haste to dry heave into it.

"I suppose that answers my question." When she was finished, he helped her to her feet, her legs shaky from both lack of use and nerves. He filled the tub with steaming hot water and enough bubbles to drown a football team. He stripped off his own clothes and stepped into the rising water. He lifted her into his arms, settling them down into the blissful heat of the bath. Aby almost immediately submerged herself, working her fingers through her hair to wash out the dried blood. It tinted the water pink, but Syrus simply drained it and refreshed the bath. After making sure that she was fully clean, she settled back against his chest. His arms came around her, simply holding her into the comfort of his embrace.

"I think Cade has plans." He said softly, brushing a few strands of wet hair behind her ear. "I was summoned to Celtic by one of my contacts. He informed me that he had witnessed Cade and Uriel entering the same VIP lounge. Naturally, I went to investigate." He pressed his lips against her temple. "I over heard them talking about using you against me and as bait for the Broker. Uriel had promised that Wolf that he would be able to claim you as his prize for helping the Order."

"What about no doesn't that damn dog get?"

Syrus snorted faintly. "I would imagine that he gets it now." When he caught a glimpse of her frown, he pulled her further back into his chest. "I am sorry, Aby. That was insensitive of me. I know that you are very upset about what happened."

"Will you go back with me? I just...kind of left him there. I may need to explain to the Pack why their King is on the verge of death. Afterward, I would like to have a chat with Uriel. A little girl on girl talk.

A grin broke out on his face. "That's my girl."

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The Broker
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