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 Untitled (Writing Practice WARNING: Sexual Content)

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PostSubject: Untitled (Writing Practice WARNING: Sexual Content)   Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:53 pm

Amanda shifted in her sleep, positioning each arm beneath her head as she stretched out onto her stomach. Michael lay beside her, a finger trailing tantalizingly up and down along the length of her spine. On the return path back up, he splayed his hand against her skin, marveling at the softness of it. He leaned towards her and pressed a kiss against the curve of her shoulder. She was his now, fully, completely. She was what he wanted, who he wanted beside him as his equal. The mere idea of even calling her his sent a trill down his spine and straight to his loins.

With a grin, he trailed his tongue up from the dip in her lower spine, taking his time as he moved upward along the length of it. When he moved to her shoulder blades and up to the sensitive area of the back of her neck, he felt her stir beneath him. He was rewarded with a full body shudder and he took that moment to slip the length of himself deep inside of her. He took it slow, savoring every inch of velvety heat that enveloped him. His hands moved over her hips, caressing slowly up her sides. He slid his arms beneath her, curling them around her as he sheathed himself to the hilt into her. The intimacy of the position was not lost on either of them, even as sleep still clung to her.

Her lips parted in a groan, her body clenching tightly around him, almost unwilling to allow him to move. Taking a moment to simply feel the connection of their bodies, their energy, they both let out a sighing breath before they began to move in unison. Each shift of their hips was deliberately slow, drawing out the euphoria that was already beginning to build in an intense rush. She felt him nuzzle the back of her neck, teeth scraping playfully against her skin.

“I can not seem to get enough of you, beautiful.” He hissed softly against her skin. He felt a rush of lava run through his veins when she groaned enticingly. Her fingers dug into the mattress, sharp nails threatening to rip the fabric and spew stuffing and springs everywhere. Each deep stroke and rock of their hips was bringing her quickly closer to her peak. She could feel it flooding her veins with pleasure.

“I crave your scent. Your touch. The feel of you wrapped so tightly around me.” Michael shifted his arms, his hands engulfing hers that still clung to the mattress. His larger fingers slid between the smaller spaces of her digits, increasing the intimacy of the position even further.

I love you.

Those words that were whispered in Amanda’s ear caused her body in involuntarily tighten around the width of him. She was almost certain she hadn’t heard them at all, or had imagined them.

“Say that again.” She whispered softly, her fingers tightening their hold on his.

“I love you, princess.” He growled lowly in her ear. It was almost as if those words held the leash to her rapture for as soon as they were spoken, she came apart with a shout, clenching tightly around his erection. He followed behind her with a guttural growl that seemed to vibrate her entire body.

“And I love you.” She replied, a smile tugging at a single corner of her lips. It was so very humbling to know that he loved her and meant it. She still found it almost strange that they cared for each other this much in such a short amount of time, but whatever bond they shared, Amanda was not about to question it’s purpose.

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Untitled (Writing Practice WARNING: Sexual Content)
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