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 My characters

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PostSubject: My characters   Fri May 10, 2013 9:30 am

Name: Doctor Konrad Mansfield.

First historical record: Birth certificate, 1666, London.

Bloodline: Corpuus

Spouse: Kali

Brief History:

Born during the great fire of London, any record of Konrads parents was destroyed in the same blaze which took their lives. How an infant Konrad survived the flames which consumed all else, none can say. Perhaps it would have been better had he perished in the flames.

Konrad was taken into a local workhouse, and put to work as a butchers apprentice from a young age. Even from such a young and tender age Konrad displayed a distinct lack of empathy, quite happy to poleaxe and butcher cattle without a hint of discomfort. He took to his work with gusto and often enjoyed sharpening the butchers knives on a strip of leather for hours at a time. It was only when Konrad's hobby of dissecting local stray cats and dogs within the slaughterhouse was discovered that put an end to his employment.

A young Konrad took work wherever he could, spending several weeks as a barber-surgeon in the back streets of London, using his crude knowledge of anatomy to preform back street abortions for local whores. Konrad gathered enough coin through his illegal procedures to purchase a place in the Edinburgh Surgeons college. A keen young student, Konrad consistently outperformed his peers both in practical and theoretical work. Konrad left the college with an honour graduation and returned to his native London where he began to practice in public.

Konrad remained a popular surgeon and was often frequented by the Gentry and their wives, who paid handsomely for his work. Konrad was one of the first to experiment with Ether as a form of anaesthetic. His connection to London gentry facilitated his introduction to the many occult secret societies within the upper class. Obsessed with blood ritual and sacrifice, Konrad took to studying the most ancient texts concerned with transgressing life and cheating death.

One night, alone in his study, spilling over ancient dusty tomes that explained a ritual for summoning the undead, Konrad cast his blood onto the fire, and sealed his fate. For in doing so he summoned the lord of the Corpuus line. Perhaps amused by the petty mortal who had the gal to summon him, the ancient vampire offered Konrad eternal life, and knowledge far beyond what he would ever have as a mortal. Gingerly Konrad accepted and in a night of blood sacrifice and cruel ritual was transformed into a vampire.

The transformation did little for Konrads already unstable psyche. Relieved of any possible consequence for his deeds, Konrad vanished giggling into the night, a twisted saw-bones armed with more power than he knew what to do with, and a near infinite imagination. At this point Konrad vanishes from history, appearing briefly as a student of Grigori Rasputin. Konrad is also suspected of being Jack the Ripper, for he owned a home in White Chapel, London at the time of the murders. Left within the home amidst his belongings lies a journal which largely contained illegible notes and arcane symbols. The only understandable note lies on the first page. " Five beauties. One for fate, one to hate, one for silver, one for gold. One for the secret Konrad's been told."

Konrad surfaced in recent years after the death of his bloodlines patriarch to take over his clan. A twisted and cruel creature, Konrad rules over the Corpuus line with an iron fist, the only law being whatever his whim dictates at that exact moment in time. Konrad obeys Draven's laws at least on the surface, but he is the least discreet of the vampire kind, delighting in flirting his supernatural powers with the Mortals, Konrad views humanity merely as lumps of clay to be fashioned into whatever he desires, or as toys to be played with and discarded when he grows bored. A lunatic prince who rules over a circus of torture, and nightmares made flesh.


Konrad's personality can be described in one, very simple phrase. " The maddest of bastards". Utterly incapable of logical thought, Konrad is ruled by impulse and whim. Whatever dark desire, whatever sudden fantasy Konrad might dream up, he will indulge, regardless of the consequences. Even Konrad's personality and appearance is prone to wild bouts of erratic behaviour. Inexplicably, and for no reason what so ever, Konrad might speak Pirate for a few days, or dress up as a mime artist with no logical reason what so ever. A rebel without a plan, Konrad merely does, for doings own sake.

Despite his flighty and often erratic behaviour, Konrad can hold a consistent conversation and hold a persistent opinion on someone. Konrad judges the weight of a persons worth by how entertaining they are, and the lunatic is quick to display his displeasure with those he finds to be dull. For this reason he often despises the brooding, reserved nature of his brother vampires, choosing instead to isolate himself with his clan, surrounding himself with playthings and mortal servants eager to receive immortality.

The only constant in Konrad's eternal life is Kali, who like Konrad is irreversibly mad. Within her psychotic gaze, Konrad has found a kindred spirit and treats her half way between a wife, and a favourite toy. His partner in crime, Konrad will often consult Kali, and only listen to her advice. With her by his side Konrad has found something worth keeping through eternity. An unbreakable, inexhaustible toy, as capable of cruelty and malice as Konrad is.

More on the way...

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PostSubject: Re: My characters   Sat May 18, 2013 11:14 pm

Name: Kathel
First historical record: Roman records exist of a ruler named Kathel occupying the Gaelic speaking Strathclyde region. The dates of his rule, and the extent of his domain seem to vary.

Bloodline: Dimensia
Spouse: None

Brief History:

Born the son of a savage Pictish king in Ancient Caledonia, Kathel was shown early that the only true measure of a man lay in his martial talent. Bred to be a consummated killer, Kathel's father bartered with an ancient witch of the wild woods, offering the life of his elder daughter in exchange for her magic. Through this vile trade, Kathel was improved in the womb with magic, granting him strength, speed and endurance far beyond any mortal man. The magic was not without its cost however, and upon emerging from the womb Kathel appeared sickly, with pale, shallow skin, sickly white hair and golden eyes which even in infancy appeared predatory.

Like any wild king, Kathel was trained in combat as soon as he could walk. A consummate killer before twelve years of age, the young warlord fought in battle after bloody battle to expand his fathers domain. By the time he was fully grown Kathel had expanded his territory ten-fold, and stopped Roman incursions into Britain, prompting Hadrian to build his wall which would seal away Caledonia from the rest of Britannia.

Contained behind the wall, Kathel grew bored of life as the son of a ruler, and went into self imposed exile, vowing to return should his people need him, and lead them back into the light.

Kathel visited many places, including ancient Rome, heart of the empire he'd fought to stem, and the Greek states. He was met with fear and disdain both for his heritage, and his unnatural appearance. Unwelcomed by mortal men, Kathel quickly found acceptance with creatures of the night. A chance meeting upon a midnight road forced Kathel to defend himself back to back with a woman from the Dimensia bloodline. Against a mortal warrior trained by the finest fighters in Europe, and an undead super-predator, the small band of robbers could not hope to stand.

Faintly amused by Kathels arrogance, the vampire took him on as a lover and mortal guardian of sorts, educating him on the politics of the Nights court, and about the world which exists unnoticed. Kathel was used more than once to eliminate vampires for his mistress, disappointing kin were murdered before they could come to vampiric maturity and court rivals had an unhealthy habit of meeting final death while they enjoyed the nights cool embrace.

Such actions do not go amiss however, and the Lords of the Night are quick to punish those who are too ambitious. In a night of bloodshed other vampires attacked the estate while Kathel and his vampire mistress walked in the gardens. Unwilling to allow such a promising creature go to waste, Kathel was given a hasty turning, and left locked in the cellar of the estate while his mistress fled.

Alone and uncertain, Kathel was rescued from the cellar some time later by a mortal servant of Draven's who presented him before the vampire queen. Given a choice between servitude and final death, Kathel chose to serve. For six centuries the vampire remained Draven's bodyguard. The warrior withdrew from the social gatherings and court politics of the vampires, instead pursing his own studies into magic, and vampire history.

After six long centuries, Kathel repaid his debt to the vampire matriarch and retreated from the world altogether. Watching as humans modernised and began to over-take their vampire overlords, forcing vampires to fade into the backround. Kathel grew bitter with the way the humans advanced, unknowing and uncaring of their vampire superiors. Sickened beyond belief, the last warrior of his long forgotten tribe prepared for a war to bring Vampires back to where they belong, and restore the rule of the wolves, not the sheep.

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My characters
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