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 Primal Fire

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PostSubject: Primal Fire   Fri Apr 03, 2015 8:36 pm

Chapter One

Blood always looked black in the moonlight. It clung to the woman’s skin in dark patches, but not all of it was hers. She had put up one hell of a fight, just like a female Wolf protecting its pups. She wasn’t dead, despite her injuries. Her chest continued to rise and fall with each shallow breath she took. The gaping wound at her back was already beginning to heal, growling smaller with each second that ticked by. The Change was almost complete and once finished, she would be given a new name, and a chance at a new life with absolutely no memory of her past and what she had left behind. Such were the ways of the Wolf, the Rougarou.

Thieving bastards.

He watched from the shadows, a protective guardian though he, himself, was gravely injured. The first Transformation from human to Wolf was always the most painful, the most traumatic. He barely remembered his own, but he shuddered all the same. It was the first time that bones snapped and reformed to accomidate the longer limbs and changes in the anatomical structure. Even now, in her partial transition, she was beautiful. He could feel the growing power of her Beast burning against his own in a golden flash. She had always been meant for this life, to be a Shifter. He had felt it the first moment he had laid eyes on her and yet, they had prevented him from being the one to have Changed her. Someday the truth would come out and what it did, he prayed that he was on her side when the fires of her rage burned all who were responsible.

15 years later...
New Orleans, Louisiana

She sat bolt up right in bed, a layer of cold sweat clinging to her skin, causing it o shimmer like gold beneath the sunlight streaming through the open window. Something gritty scraped against her bare legs. Tossing the sheet aside, her golden eyes shifted downward. A scream froze in her throat. Crawling up from the bottom edge of the bed was Basant’s severely burnt form.

“Gangrel.” His raspy voice taunted her as he crawled higher. Blackened, bony fingers gripped her thighs and she finally screamed, trying to break free from her dead Mate’s grasp.

“You belong to me and no one else." Those creepy looking fingers traced the bite mark, his bite mark, along the inside of her right thigh before they started to climb higher.

Gangrel jerked awake, knocking the empty glass to the floor. It shattered, and with it, her nightmare of Basant fragmented. She had fallen asleep at the island counter of her kitchen. Again. An empty bottle of Absinthe sat beside her. Feeling like she got run over by a truck, she stood slowly and stretched, hoping the stiffness would ease after a hot shower. She moved carefully away from the broken glass and deposited the empty bottle into the recycling. She picked up the dust pan and swept up the shards of glass from the hard wood pine floor, bringing them over to dump into the trash can.

It had been ten years to the day today that Basant had been killed. He had protected the Pack the night the hunters came for them. She had screamed at him to run, but the loud crack of the hunters rifle had stifled her words. No one had found his body. They had all assumed that the hunters had taken it with them as proof that their kind existed. No one had heard from him for those ten years. Logic told her that he hadnt survived, but she still clung to shreds of hope. Being a true Mated pair, if he was dead, wouldnt she have felt it? When she was alone, she felt empty, but she had to be strong for the Pack and would shove that emptiness aside to ensure she did what was best for her people. She would not be weak! This close to the full moon, Gangrel could feel her Beast pacing just beneath the surface, swirling in a golden flash of power. She was a very powerful Alpha, able to shift any part of her body at will. She could call on the Beast and force fatally injured Pack members to Shift in order to heal them. Though the Pack grieved with her, they could not be without a King. Wolves Mated for life, but there were situations where one would pick another Mate merely for the sake of Pack security. Though she didn not want to replace Basant, she knew that she may not have a choice. Tonight was the full moon and they would gather to decide a new King. If she didnt choose, then the Pack would and she either had to accept the decision, or step down. The latter was not an option. She was the Queen and she knew that none of the other females were strong enough. They were powerful, yes, but none of them had the abilities she did, none of them had the strength of will needed to lead their people.

Sighing softly, Gangrel replaced the dust pan and made her way to the cabins spacious bathroom. The cabin itself was set in the heart of a wooded ten acres. Various other cabins similar to hers were spread through that lot of land and housed the remaining members of the Pack. It was a safe place for them to run free and to be themselves. After the devastation that had claimed Basant and most of the Pack, she had moved them from the north to the south in hopes of starting fresh. So far everyone seemed to be adjusting to the transition.

She stripped off her clothes which had been nothing more than a pair of well worn black yoga pants and a white tank top, and turned the water of the shower on full and as hot as she could stand it. Stepping beneath the needling spray, she braced her hands against the cool tile and hung her head, letting the steaming water beat down on the back of her neck. Every time she closed her eyes at night, she could see Basants still form laying in a pool of his own blood. It haunted her nearly every waking hour until she felt as if her heart had been ripped into thousands of pieces. She knew deep down that one of the Pack had betrayed them, but who? Why? Were they still alive, or had they perished in the fire that had claimed nearly half of their number? Had they followed them here to Louisiana? Would they do the same again?

Tilting her head back, she let the water run over her face for a moment. There was a rolling heat that suddenly enveloped her. She had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she hadn’t realized that someone had snuck up on her. They had been so silent that not even the shower curtain had made a whisper of a noise. The second she became aware, reality snapped into focus and Gangrel whipped around, a low feral growl rising up from deep within her chest. Before she could move to attack, she found herself pinned against the water slick tile, both of her arms held at the wrists by her head. The man in the shower, standing in front of her, she did not recognize. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the naked torso that was eye level. Smooth, taunt, sun kissed skin greeted her vision. He was lean, but powerfully built, and nearly covered in tattoos. She didn’t dare let her gaze travel lower, lest she find that the lower half was just as naked as the upper half.

“What the fuck?!" Gangrel finally managed to snarl. He leaned closer, letting go of her right wrist. His fingertips touched the inside of her right knee and trailed upwards slowly. He took his time, moving his palm an inch at a time across her smooth skin until it came in contact with Basant teeth and claw marks marring her flesh. It was the mark of a claimed Mate and one that she had never had the heart to cut from her skin when he had died.

“You are mine." Came his growling, husky voice a mere inch from her ear. His eyes met hers for a split second and they were the same golden amber that all Rougarou possessed. His face was unfamiliar to her and yet there was something about him that a part of her recognized, but what? Was it the fact that he looked so much like the actor Tom Hardy that they could have passed for twins? She couldnt remember ever having met him and with looks like that, she would have.

Short, dark hair was slicked back away from his face by the water, so she couldnt really gauge its length. His skin was just as sun kissed as her own, perhaps a shade or two darker. Black brows were perfect slashes over those startling eyes that seemed sensual and seductive in their shape. His strong jaw was clean shaven and flawlessly smooth. He gave her a smug, half smirk before he suddenly vanished, moving just as quickly and as silently as he had entered the bathroom.

“Gangrel?” Sparrow’s voice from beyond the door shattered her stillness. It took her a moment to get her breath back and she was surprised to find that her voice sounded somewhat normal.

“In the bathroom, Sparrow. Make yourself at home. Ill be out in a minute." She reached down to grab her shampoo when she noticed that there was a necklace hanging onto the neck of the bottle. It appeared to be made from silver, but it looked far more expensive than that. Platinum perhaps. She reached out carefully and picked it up by the thin black leather cord it was attached to. It was a small crescent moon pendant. The center of the moon was made from a rare yellow diamond. Had that strange man left it behind? Gangrel felt a strong urge to wear it, though she wasnt entirely sure why. It was almost as if that pendant called to her. Reaching up, she fastened the necklace around her neck and it nestled comfortably at the hollow of her throat.

Quickly, she finished the task of cleaning up and stepped out of the steamy shower, wrapping herself in a large, clean fluffy towel. Most Rougarou’s weren’t modest. They were familiar and comfortable with nudity, but to show respect for Sparrow, Gangrel decided not to just pad out into the living room naked. She tucked the towel securely under each arm before opening the door.

“I'm sorry I kept you waiting, Sparrow." She said, finally catching a glimpse of the other woman sitting at her island counter nursing a mug of a fragrant herbal tea.

“I got you one as well. I figured you could use it." Sparrow said softly, indicating to the steaming mug beside her.

“Let me get dressed and Ill join you."

“Of course, my dear."

She turned on her heel and padded into the master bedroom. Rummaging through her drawers, she pulled out a pair of skin tight black leggings and a large black sweater that hung off of one shoulder. She quickly pulled them on, securing her mass of black hair back into a single braid that she let trail casually over her bared left shoulder. After dressing, she moved back into the kitchen and sat in the empty stool beside Sparrow.

“You look like hell, Gangrel."

She snorted softly.

“Gee, thanks, Sparrow."

The older Wolf patted her arm.

“Youre welcome. She felt the other womans golden gaze assessing her. Are you ready for tonight?"

Gangrel was silent for a moment.

“Not really. I know it must be done, but I just wish.." She trailed off and they both knew, without words, exactly what she wanted to say.

“We all miss him dearly. For the short time he was with us, he was a good King and an even better man. I know you show such strength with the rest of the Pack, sweetheart, but I know how much your heart is breaking."

If there was anyone among the Pack that knew of her pain, it was Sparrow. The Healer had lost her own Mate, Ithal, during the great blaze more than ten years ago.

“I don’t know how you continue with such emptiness and pain.”

The Healer offered a sad smile.

“I know that you dont want to hear it, but it gets easier as time goes on. You will always remember him and he will always be in your heart, but the pain of his loss will fade."

She offered her own sad smile.

“I know youre right, but theres a part of me that is terrified that I will loose all memory of him."

“I was terrified of the same thing, but I still remember Ithal. Their memories are what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our dreams."

They both took a sip of their tea and there was a moment of silence that passed for both of their fallen Mates.

“So, there is a new Wolf here tonight that came strictly for the Gathering. Rumor is that he brought his small Pack with him with the hopes of a merger." Sparrow said, finally breaking their moment of silence.

“Who allowed him to bring the rest of his Pack without my express permission?"

The Healer grinned and there was something wickedly sly in her expression.

“That would have been Mae."

Gangrel sighed softly. Mae was one of the women that had been striving for Basants affection in order to become Queen. She had been pissed when he completely bypassed her and since then, she had been acting out. Oh, it was never anything major. It was always minor things that she usually manipulated the rest of the Pack into believing was the right decision and though Gangrel punished her for her minor infractions, it didnt seem to deter the other Wolf from doing them again.

“She is really testing my patience.” She finally admitted and her words came out like a hiss through clenched teeth.

“I think that is her goal."

“It is not limitless, Sparrow."

The older woman laughed softly, patting her forearm gently.

“I know that, my dear, but you need to show Mae that."

“Yeah, I think a public display of her in subornation will prove my point."

Sparrow arched a single white-blond brow.

“What do you have in mind?"

The Gathering was being held in a large clearing a few miles north of the safety of the cabins. The clearing had been man made, formed into a circle by the cutting of several large trees. In the center of the clearing were two thrones that were made from stone. It seemed to be a natural formation, carved out by the elements. Directly to the right of the chairs, was a large stone slab that was used for members of the Pack to stand and voice their concerns or accusations. To the left, was the group of visiting Wolves. Sparrow had been right, they were small in number, no more than ten, divided evenly between men and women. Gangrel sat in the very throne that had belonged to Basant. It was customary for the Queen to take its position if her King had fallen in battle. It meant that she stood not just as Queen, but also as King and would die to protect her people. The Healer stood to her right, dressed nearly from head to toe in white. Her long white-blond hair trailed down her back, kicking up with the gentle tug of the nights breeze. Gangrel still wore the black leggings and sweater from earlier, but she had tugged on knee high black leather boots to cover her otherwise bare feet.

“The first order of business on this night would be to address an issue that has long since caused distress among the Pack." Sparrow stated loudly enough for their own thirty-something members to hear over the cacophony of the bayou. "Mae Winterbourne, would you step forward and face your Pack."

A statuesque red head shifted gracefully away from the crowd. Long, waist length, wavy, red hair swayed with her graceful movements. She sauntered up onto the rock platform, wearing a pair of faded cut off jeans and a white tank top. Unlike Gangrel, her feet were bare.

“You stand accused of inviting unknown Rougarou into the safety of your Pack without the Queens direct knowledge. How do you plead?"

Surprised widened her green eyes for a brief moment before it vanished and faded into a blank expression.

“I had attempted to contact Gangrel with the request, its not my fault if she-"

“Enough." Came the Queens command loud enough to echo through the trees. She stood with more grace that Mae could have ever hoped to possess. "This is not the first time you have pulled a stunt like this, Mae. You have disobeyed my direct orders. I made it law for any requests from outside Rougarou to be brought to my attention. You failed to do so. Whether  it was a personal grudge, or a lapse in your memory, it doesnt matter."


“You disobeyed me!" Without warning, she crossed the distance between her and the platform so swiftly that no one had been able to track her movements. She was just suddenly standing before Mae, her lips pulled back from her teeth in a snarl of anger. Her eyes flashed bright gold and her power lashed out around the two of them, forming a whirlwind of a burning, golden halo. Surprisingly, the red headed Wolf had the decency to cower back.

“Will the King of the visiting Pack step forward." Sparrow announced, watching Gangrel out of the corner of her eye. She relaxed when the Queen stepped away to face the man who had stepped forward.

When her golden gaze latched onto the strange King, her breath hitched in her throat. It was the same man that she had thought she had seen in the shower with her earlier.

“My name is Daven, my Queen." His voice was just as husky as she remembered it and it shot a bolt of white hot lightning through her veins the moment she heard it.

“As a transgression for law being broken by one of my Pack, I offer my sincere apologies and hope that you and yours will join us for as long as you would like. You are welcome to hunt as long as it is within the boundaries of our territory." Gangrel said, surprised that her voice still sounded steady. Her eyes met Davens and she saw a flash of that smug smile before he bowed his head.

“Thank you, my Queen."

She held up a hand and offered a small smile in return to his words.

“Call me Gangrel, please."

Her gaze drifted down, taking in his appearance for a moment. He seemed quite capable of taking care of what was left of his Pack. Her eyes latched onto the hollow of his throat were a familiar pendant rested. It was the same one that she now wore. What on earth was going on? Her gaze snapped up and met his again. Now was not the time to address the questions that were burning to be spoken. Instead, she gesture towards Mae with her hand.

“Due to this particular transgression, it is within your right to judge Mae for her crimes. How do you find her?” 

Daven turned his gaze towards the red head, but immediately felt it being pulled back towards Gangrel. By the Moon she was beautiful, stunning. No, breath taking. Though she was petite in stature, perhaps no taller than five foot one, what she lacked in height she made up for in her commanding presence alone. He had heard rumors of what it was like to have a true Queen, but he had thought them false. Now, looking at her with her head held high, he knew he had been wrong. Her long, wild black hair was pulled into a loose braid that trailed across her left shoulder, laid bare by the neck of the black sweater. It hung loosely until it hit the curve of her hips were it fit snug and seemed to blend in smoothly with the tight black leggings. This woman was all curves and taunt muscle and he knew immediately that she was a capable warrior. Nearly an unheard of trait among Queens these days. He remembered very well what she looked like under those clothes. He hadnt meant to sneak into her cabin and into her shower, but she had called to him on a level that no one else ever had. He had no idea what he was doing until he had her pinned against the shower wall, his rough hand sliding up the bare flesh of her right thigh where her former Mates mark rested.

“Guilty." Came his reply, simple and matter-of-fact.

“And the punishment?"

The smile that curved the corners of his lips was one of menace and Gangrel found her heart leaping in her chest.

“Humiliation by the Pack."

“You can’t do this!” Mae protested as two of the Enforcers, Ido and Arwin each grabbed one of her arms.

“Oh, but I can. Your Queen has given me permission." Daven replied, turning his gaze back towards Gangrel. The smile that she was trying to hide was evident in her eyes and he found his breath nearly expelling from his lungs in a painful rush. From what he understood, it was rare these days for her to smile. Perhaps that was something he would have to fix.

Humiliation by the Pack was not a punishment they did often, but it usually had a lasting affect. The Pack, in their Beast form, would line up, each taking turns to nip at the accused as they slowly walked by. Enough blood would be shed to leave them weak.

Gangrel nodded once to Sparrow.

“Let the punishment begin.” The Healer announced.

Sparrow had left with Ido and Arwin to bring Mae back to her cabin. The Enforcers would remain behind to keep their eye on the red headed Wolf who was currently uncouncious. The Pack was chatting among themselves while they waited for the Healers return before they continued with the Gathering. Gangrel watched them from the throne, her eyes constantly drifting back to Daven. He moved among each Rougarou, sharing small talk as he got to know the Pack. His presence seemed to dwarf them, but it wasnt menacing. It seemed almost comforting as if he was bonding with them. It had happened to her when she had first become Queen. Had the Pack subcounciously already picked Daven as their next King?

Her attention shifted when Mykael stepped beside her. He was her Second in Command and one of her guards. The large, six foot four Native American Wolf tended to intimidate quite a few people, but Gangrel knew him to be a giant teddy bear.

“What is it, Mykael?" She asked, noticing the slightl frown crinkling his brow.

“I don’t trust him.” He stated, folding his massive arms across his chest. He wore no shirt, but a beaded arm band with a single black feather rested along his right bicep.

“That’s not surprising considering that you don’t really know him.”

He snorted in lieu of laughter.

“Ever the comedian, Gangrel."

She chuckled softly.

“I do try."

“Do us both a favor and don’t quit your day job.”

“Bite me, mongrel."

“Don't offer unless you mean it."

She snorted.

“You wish."

They often bantered like this, like children or perhaps brother and sister. There was no one else she trusted more than she did him, except for perhaps Sparrow.

“What have you heard?” She asked, turning the conversation into a more serious topic.

“Nothing, really. From what intel Ive been able to gather, his story is legit."

Gangel smiled slightly, turning her gaze back towards the Pack.

“Then let it run its course."

He sighed softly.

“As you wish, but I will keep my eye on him."

She laughed.

“Of course you will. You wouldn't be you if you didn't."

Her gaze locked onto Daven and she noticed he was watching her. How long had he been staring? She felt her heart leap when he threaded his way among the Wolves and moved towards her with the lethal grace of a dangerous predator. He kept his presence from being intimidating as he approached the throne, but she felt Mykael shift uneasily anyway. With a simple wave of her hand, she dismissed her Second and with a snort, he dropped back to stand behind her.

“I wanted to personally thank you for welcoming us into your territory. Not everyone would have done so. Some would have simply turned us away, or killed us.” He said softly, his expression serious.

“Neither option would have been beneficial. We are only thirty in number. The second smallest among the Packs. We lost a great deal in the fire ten years ago, including most of our people. I am trying to do what I can to make sure we are all safe. There is no reason why we shouldn’t ban together, be allies.” She replied, her gaze drifting over his face. Yes, he looked almost identical to Tom Hardy, though there were a few subtle differences. His hair was darker, thicker and now that it was dry, longer. It appeared as though he simply ran his fingers through it rather than a brush. It stuck up in messy spikes in every direction. His brows were darker, arching over eyes that seemed to smoulder with sensuality as their golden color blazed to life when his Beast came to the surface. She could sense him sniffing her, taking in her scent as if it was his drug of choice.

Daven felt her Beast responding to his like a well oiled machine. Their powers flared, slamming together in a near perfect melding of golden energy. God she was so powerful. He felt her surround him with her golden light, reaching into his very soul, his heart in order to seek what it was that he wanted most.

Family. Home. Safety.

Those were the words that had her pulling her power back abruptly and it wrenched a gasp from both of them.

“Im sorry." She said softly, her fingers digging into the arms of her stone chair. Her knuckles were white with the effort she exerted not to just simply jump into his arms. Gangrel took a deep breath, centering her Beast and clamping tightly down on her power.

“Its alright. I would have done the same had the situation been reversed." He replied, swaying a bit on his feet, but managing to stay upright. Point for him.

“No matter the outcome of the Gathering tonight, you and I need to talk. Perhaps we can come into an arrangement to merge our two Packs.”

He smiled and bowed his head.

“I would like that."

Mother Moon help her. She wanted him. She felt the scorch of desire flooding her veins. What was it about him that affected her so deeply? It took all of her strength, her will to look away and not go to him. Her gaze sought out Sparrow who stood at the edge of the clearing, wearing a knowing smile.

Jesus God, she had to get out of here. Davens scent alone was driving her crazy. Not even Basant had affected her like this. Gangrel dug her fingers into the stone beneath her arms in a physical attempt to ward off her warring emotions.

“Let the Gathering begin." Sparrow announced the moment she took her position next to the throne.
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PostSubject: Re: Primal Fire   Sun Apr 12, 2015 1:36 pm

The moon hung low in the blackened sky, casting a veil of soft light over the land. Those forsaken creatures gathered below reveled in the night, every beautiful face aglow. The moonlight illuminated their celebration and gave the whole affair an ethereal feeling. And the gentle breeze carried with it the charged scent of their fervor. This Gathering, though having just begun, already promised not to disappoint.

Sparrow felt intoxicated; her heightened senses absorbing everything, filling her to the brim with an inexplicable passion. She swayed gently with the breeze, her eyes closed and her arms dangling at her sides. There was something in the air, intangible yet very much real, and Sparrow narrowed her focus, trying to identify it. The fragrant zephyr did little to dispel the raw energy that swirled around her and Sparrow was overwhelmed by it.

She snapped herself back into the present, nearly swooning from the rush. And though she was unable to determine the source, she knew what she had sensed was very real and very significant. Taking only a moment to gather herself, Sparrow continued the short journey back to the Pack. Her thoughts suddenly switched to those of Mae; the beautiful creature was recovering in her cabin, her naked flesh marred by hundreds of bloody scrapes. Justice had been swift and meaningful; the Pack had taken turns nipping at her exposed body, letting her feel their disappointment. Sparrow, as well, had taken her pound of flesh, tasting the woman’s blood on her lips afterwards. It was harsh but fitting, Mae had overstepped her boundaries and the Queen needed to remind the entire Pack of the Old Ways. She was in charge - ultimately and without question.

The boisterous cries of her pack mates pulled at her, spurring her on. And as Sparrow rounded the final cabin, she saw the Queen atop the altar. Her face betrayed a desperation that startled Sparrow, nearly causing her to rush the throne. No one else appeared to have noticed, and the pale savant followed the Queen’s disturbed gaze.


The devilishly handsome creature had moved away, but his intense eyes were locked onto Gangrel as though he were communicating to her through his stare. Sparrow watched for a moment as the two powerful wolves regarded one another, Gangrel seemed slightly shaken while Daven was savoring their secret connection.  The rest of the Pack took no notice of the exchange, all were far too busy getting to know the newcomers. But Sparrow saw and felt the intensity between them and when Gangrel’s concentration broke and the two women locked onto one another, Sparrow gave her a knowing smile.

Mykael’s scent pulled Sparrow away and she approached the tall man. His chiseled jaw clenched and released as he stared off into the distance. He appeared distracted and did not immediately acknowledge her.

“Is everything all right?”

“Hmm?” Mykael turned, surprised to find Sparrow at his side. “What did you say?”

“You appear unusually introspective tonight,” she smiled up at him, “Is everything all right?”

It took him a moment to respond, silently floundering for a believable answer, “I find his presence a little suspicious, don’t you?” He lifted his chin in Devan’s direction.

Sparrow suppressed a smile, “No. Should I?”

Mykael crossed his heavy arms in front of his bare chest, “He showed up at a very convenient time, didn’t he? The night of our Gathering.”

“Mae invited him,” Sparrow reminded, “If anything, your grievance is with her.”

Mykael’s shoulders slumped; despite his terrifying size, the creature was restrained. Never one to become violent unless provoked. He was a good man.

“Nothing ruffles your feathers, does it?” he glanced down at the slender woman.

“No,” she responded.

“How… un-French of you,” a sliver of a smile appeared on his handsome face and Sparrow laughed at his clever quip.

“Shall we?” she motioned toward the stone platform. The moon was nearly directly overhead and the Gathering needed to begin. Mykael escorted Sparrow up the carved steps and took up position close to the Queen. He caught her scent and gratefully savored it.

“Let the Gathering begin,” Sparrow held out her long arms and waited as the rest of the Pack quickly fell silent. When all eyes were finally on her, she let her arms fall. Her lips parted, but no sound came out. There it was again - that strange intangible thing coursing through the air.

The world fell away, everything suddenly disappeared, as that feeling returned. It swirled around her, kissing her exposed skin and ruffling her long hair.  It surrounded her, clouding her vision until she went blind. She still could hear the others; the sound of their heartbeats thundered in her ears until, one by one, they all stopped. Terrifying silence engulfed her and Sparrow tried to scream, but she could not move. She could not feel anything at first; panic had dulled her senses and it took the concentrated work of several moments to calm her frayed nerves.

As the trembling subsided, a new sensation invaded her body. Sparrow felt her skin warm and her heart quicken. Tiny beads of sweat formed above her brow and she gasped for air. It felt exquisite, sending shivers up and down her spine. A soft moan could be heard in the distance; Sparrow immediately recognized the sound as coming from a woman. There were several more and Sparrow felt the intense desire roil in her own body as raw passion filled the air.

“I love you, My Queen,” the strained voice of a man interrupted the moans. And the hazy silhouette of the two lovers began to materialize. Sparrow watched the Queen and her mysterious lover, a tangle of arms and legs, as they feverishly made love; their excited gasps were all she could hear and she struggled to identify the man. She could not see his face, but she could appreciate his zeal and knew he was sincere.

Sparrow tried to move forward, call out to them, but could do neither. And as quickly as they had appeared, they were gone, leaving the trembling healer alone once again.

“I love you,” he moaned softly. She recognized the voice but could not identify him and as she concentrated, Gangrel’s shrill scream sent her tumbling backwards. Sparrow felt the sharp blade of a knife penetrate her neck and felt her own hot blood fill her mouth. She sputtered and coughed, grasping at the wound. The screaming continued and Sparrow could feel her heartbeat slow. The man was roaring and the sounds of mortal combat could be heard over her own desperate cries. Her limbs were growing heavy and her body felt so very cold…

“Grab her!”


“She attacked the Queen!”

She suddenly woke up, her arms pinned to her chest and Mykael’s scent filled her nostrils. He was cradling her, his expression one of terrified concern. She was struggling against him, trying to break free. He was yelling something but she couldn’t hear him. Panic was driving her and she screamed for Gangrel.

“Stay away from him!” her shrill cries were foreign to her; she almost didn’t recognize her own voice. “Please!” She was sobbing now, still fighting Mykael’s strong grip, calling for her Queen. “Stay away!”

She was being lifted. There were others around her. She heard young Ido, he was holding her legs, keeping her from kicking wildly. Gangrel’s voice broke through; Sparrow tried to reach for her, but Mykael had her pressed tightly against his chest. Her vision slowly cleared and Sparrow saw Gangrel, her neck and face had been scratched. Had she been attacked? How had she been wounded?

Confusion began to dull the hysterics and Sparrow’s muscles slowly relaxed. She felt sick, her eyelids were heavy. Mykael was still yelling - barking orders to his warriors - as he carried her away from the altar and their Queen.
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It had all happened so fast. One minute, Sparrow had stood beside her on the platform, and the next, Gangrel was fending off the attack. The Healer had managed to get a few good swipes in before the Queen had managed a decent right cross that snapped the older woman’s head back. It seemed to knock some sense into her as well. She had watched as the dark light faded from her friends eyes and was replaced by confusion. She sat now, on the island counter of her kitchen as Daven tended to the semi-deep gouges that had been torn into the flesh of her left shoulder. They trailed up the side of her neck and part of her jaw. Had she not been any quicker in her reaction, she probably would have been bleeding to death on the ground long before anyone would have reached her.


Mykael stood not that far away, his arms folded across his chest as he watched the strange Wolf King tend to his Queens wounds. There was something about this guy that just rubbed him the wrong way. He wasnt entirely sure what it was, but he was determined to find out. Sparrow had been right, Mae had invited him here, but why? What other reason did she have of inviting a strange Alpha male into their territory without her Queens permission? Had she hoped that Daven would be chosen as King and kick Gangrel to the side in order to pick Mae as his new queen?


“Thank you, Daven. You did not have to do this.” Gangrel spoke softly. They had all been virtually silent as they had returned back to the cabin.


He smiled, but with her head turned to the side, he knew that she couldnt see the heart felt warmth in his eyes.


“I know, but with your Healer currently secluded, I am the only one qualified enough to take care of the wounded.


She arched a brow.


“You have knowledge of Healing and herbs?


His smile widened as she turned to face him.


“Yes. I had most of my Pack learn the basics, but it has always fascinated me, even when I was a pup.


Her golden gaze searched his face for a moment, almost as if she was searching for something that he wasnt showing on the surface. Despite the bad boy persona he projected, there was something gentle about him.


“That was a serious right cross, but you held back. He mentioned, gently nudging her head to the side with the tip of his index finger before he swabbed the wound with witch-hazel.


Gangrel sighed softly, pinching the bridge of her nose between her thumb and middle finger.


“I didnt want to seriously hurt her, just stun her. She paused for a minute as her mind flashed back. Her eyes looked wrong.

Daven frowned slightly.


“What do you mean wrong?


“They looked off. Full of dark light. Sinister.


She caught him out of the corner of her eye going pale.


“Are you sure? He asked, this time turning her to face him. His eyes searched Gangrels and he cursed softly when he found the truth in their depths.


He sighed.


“My Packs problems were not meant to follow us here.


Mykael pushed away from the wall he had been leaning against and moved across the room with rolling energy.


“What danger have you brought to our Pack, Daven? The Enforcer asked, his voice taking on a rumbling growl. Though he wasnt normally quick to anger, the thought of some strange Wolf bringing danger into his people, his family, made the power of his Beast rise swiftly.


There was a blur of movement and Gangrel was suddenly standing between the two men, a hand raised to stop them from getting closer.


“If Daven and his Pack were escaping danger, then I do not blame them. We did the same not that long ago, Mykael.


“Yes, but nothing has followed us!


“That we know of yet. She agreed, reaching out with her energy and pushing at Mykaels. She felt his recede as she eased his anger into calm and peace. She felt her bodyguard heave a sigh before raising both hands in a gesture of surrender.


“Let us hear his problem before we judge him, Myk.


Perhaps it was her old nick name for him, or the calm tone of her voice, but whatever it was, it seemed to do the trick. The large Native Wolf took a few steps back.


Daven couldnt blame him. Had it been a stranger bringing this type of danger into his Pack, he would have been pissed too. It made him think better of this close knit group that seemed to follow the Old Ways.


“We were part of the Northern Territory, a small subdivision that lived in a secluded area near the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I had been King for nearly four years. I had once sought to have a life outside of the Pack. I took a Human for my wife, my Mate. She knew what I was and had accepted me, but the Pack didnt understand that I chose a Human instead of one of my own kind.


He paused for a moment, watching the horror as light dawned in both Gangrel and Mykaels eyes.


“They came for her the one night I had to leave her alone for patrol. I left her in the care of my Second. I didnt think that he would ever betray me. They toyed with her at first, showing her the animal side, making her fear everything that I was. They waited until I had returned before they made me watch as they Turned her. I had been waiting to ask her to be one of us until our wedding night, but they stole that from me. They took her with them and left me to die, alone in the woods. A few hours later, a couple of the Wolves who had not joined the rest of my Pack in their betrayal, found me and nursed me back to health.


“What became of the others? The ones who had betrayed you? Gangrel asked. There was a sense of dread weighing heavily in her heart and she wasnt quite sure why, but she had a feeling that Davens answer would open up a new can of worms.


“They relocated to another part of the Northern Territory and my Second became their King, taking my former wife as his Mate.


Mykael, who had been silent up until this point, finally spoke.


“What was your Seconds name? Perhaps we have heard of him since we hail from the North.


The visiting King was silent for a moment. He ran a hand through his hair before heaving out a deep breath.


“His name was Basant.
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The revelation drew the air from his lungs. Daven’s expression was unreadable; the man simply stared back, waiting for someone - anyone - to respond. And Mykael was the first to stir, his broad shoulders back and defiant.

“You’re accusing our dead King of poaching your wife?” he moved forward, his brows furrowed.

Daven’s head tilted to the side, and he gave Mykael a mirthless smile, “I am.”

Several tense moments passed as both men sized up the other; Mykael could feel the heat radiating from Daven - there was a pure rage pulsing through the air and the visiting King’s demeanor was quickly souring.

“I wouldn’t repeat that accusation around here,” Mykael warned; he glanced at the doorway. If any of the other Pack members had heard Daven’s statement, they weren’t making it known. It was for the best, Mykael knew; if anyone had overheard such a reckless accusation, Daven would have already been dead. Basant had been a good leader and he was missed.

“I am not afraid,” Daven grumbled, his eyes moving from Mykael over to Gangrel, “It is the truth. My truth. The reality that I have had to live with for all of these years.”

Mykael stepped forward placing himself between Gangrel and Daven, “Enough. Do you have any proof of this?”

Daven’s nostrils flared, “The proof is standing right behind you.”

“I think it’s time for you and your Pack to go,” Mykael’s voice was low and menacing; he moved closer. He could feel the anger well up inside of him, and for a brief moment, he wanted to give into it.

“I’ll leave when your Queen asks me to,” Daven stepped to the side, “Do you wish the same? Do you want me to go?”


Her eyes fluttered open and a soft groan escaped her lips. The room was spinning and her temples ached terribly.

“Sparrow?” came the gentle voice.

She did not recognize him right away, but as the room slowly came back into focus, Sparrow found herself staring up into Ido’s angelic face. He was leaning over her, an expression of concern marred his features.

“We thought we’d lost you there for a second,” he smiled as he replaced the cool towel on her forehead. “How are you feeling?”

Sparrow grunted and reached for her temple, but her arm would not move. “What…” she glanced down, her arms and legs had been bound and she was strapped to the bed. “Why have you done this?” her voice was shrill and panic-stricken and she struggled to sit up

Ido placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and pushed her back down, “It was for your own good.” He looked as though he genuinely regretted tying her to the bed, “You attacked the Queen and we…”

A loud crash followed by angry growling interrupted the young warrior. He turned and rushed to the door, blonde curls bouncing with every movement. “I’ll be back,” he called over his shoulder before disappearing out into the hallway.


Bursting through the kitchen door, Ido was greeted by a chilling sight. Mykael and Daven were locked in combat, their violent strikes restricted by the lack of room. Both men were struggling to gain the upper hand, their limbs entangled, and both men were throwing quick short jabs.

Ido moved swiftly to assist Mykael, barely dodging several powerful strikes. He wrapped his arm around Daven’s neck and pulled with all of his might. The King gasped and fell backwards, momentarily caught off guard, but he rallied quickly and rammed an elbow into Ido’s ribcage. The force of the blow knocked the wind out of his lungs and broke several ribs, but still he held fast, trying to cut off Daven’s airway.
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“That is enough!” Came Gangrels growling roar. With it, her energy, her Beast lashed out and whipped around the room in a golden burning rush. She felt the mens Beasts nearly cower at its power, all but Davens. His seemed to thrive, flaring along side hers almost as if his Wolf had grown substantial and was begging to rub its furred side along hers.

“I will not have anyone in this Pack picking fights over words, let alone to a visiting King! She moved over to the tangled group and hauled Ido off of Daven nearly by the scruff of his neck. Though her fingers were gentle, her eyes were not. Her Beast was pissed and itching to be freed.

“We have not yet heard the entire story that Daven has come to tell. Let him speak it. If you can not remain objective, then perhaps it best if you remain outside, Mykael. Yes, we know of Basant as a good King, a good leader, but perhaps there is more to this story than just the words of a visiting King. Think about it. Why would someone, who is virtually a stranger to us, come all this way simple to spew lies? What benefit would there be for him to stake a claim such as this? Basant is dead and can not defend himself and though we know him as the leader he was, we all know that he was not always with this Pack. He came from one before ours, that much I knew.

Gangrel let go of Ido and removed his arm from around Daven’s neck. 

“The next one of you to throw a punch will answer to me, King or no. She warned, casting her golden gaze to first Daven and then her Second. 

“Now all of you sit down somewhere than isnt trashed. She indicated with a wave of her hand towards the devastation that was her living room and sighed. It was going to take her at least a day or two to clean up the mess. Her glass coffee table was shattered, its fragments glittering beneath the light of the moon that streamed through the large floor to ceiling windows.

“Im warning you all now, if none of you can act like civilized adults and talk this matter through rather than beating each other like a bunch of adolescent pups, then all of you can leave. Do I make myself clear?
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The Queen’s power surged through the air, numbing Ido’s limbs and quieting his mind. The young wolf weakened, his Beast cowering before hers, and his body tumbled backwards into her arms. She was pulling him off of Daven, dragging him free and letting his body crumple to the floor.

It took him several moments to clear the fog from his mind and even longer to regain the feeling in his legs.

“Now all of you sit down somewhere than isn’t trashed.”

The three men exchanged glances, none of them willing to be the first to move.

“I’m warning you all now, if none of you can act like civilized adults and talk this matter through rather than beating each other like a bunch of adolescent pups, then all of you can leave. Do I make myself clear?”

Ido relented, flipping one of the overturned chairs upright and taking a seat. Mykael and Daven remained defiant; both men, muscles tensed and bulging, glared at one another. Ido could feel the rage and was in awe of it - the fury and power of two titans facing off.

“After you,” Daven offered with the sweep of his arm. His dark eyes remained focused on Mykael who only returned the icy stare.

“I asked him here for a reason,” came the strained voice. Ido turned in time to see Mae slowly enter the cabin. The front door had been left ajar and she leaned against the wall. Her pretty face betrayed her physical pain and she took a moment to catch her breath. All eyes were now on her and Ido saw the sliver of a smile on her lips. “The King has a story to tell,” she pushed her body away from the wall and sunk into the closest available seat, “One that I think will be of particular interest to our Queen.”

Ido nearly cringed at her audacity. She had defied the Queen by asking Daven to attend the Gathering and now she was throwing it directly in Gangrel’s face. It appeared as though she was trying to bait the Queen.

“Fine,” Mykael finally broke the tense silence, taking a seat as Gangrel had instructed, “Tell us this story. This important story.”
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OOC: Sorry for the short post!

Gangrel would have bared her teeth towards Mae, but she didn't think it would be a mature or fitting gesture of a Queen. The tension only seemed to mount to a higher level as the red head moved into the room and knelt before the Queen. It was a submissive gesture as well as an apology and it surprised pretty much everyone. Her eyes widened as she looked down at Mae, but she kept her head held high, almost regal.

"I offer my sincere apologies, my Queen." Mae said softly, keeping her head bowed in submissiveness. "We do not know who is deceiving us and I didn't want to draw attention to Daven's sudden arrival and so I kept it to myself. I know you would never betray us but I couldn't take the chance of someone over hearing our conversation."

It seemed to make sense to her and yet, why would Mae not just come to her in private?

She sighed softly, pinching the bridge of her nose in frustration.

"It would seem, Gangrel, that there is much about your past that you do not know." Daven said softly, finally taking a seat in the empty chair to her left. His gaze flicked to Mykael who sat rigidly in his seat on the only remaining end table that had somehow survived the carnage.

"So it would seem." She replied, sitting back against the sofa and sighing softly. "Sit, Mae. I think we all need to have a long and serious discussion without any more interruptions."
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She was lying; the simpering bitch was putting on a show and Ido felt as though he was the only one to take notice. Something dangerous flashed in her eyes, and he sneered in response. The submissive woman finally rose and took a seat across from their Queen, primly crossing one bruised leg over the other. She was still in obvious pain, but listening to Daven’s story appeared to take priority.

Ido turned his head, his thoughts floating back to Sparrow- her pale face nearly the color of the pillow beneath her head. She had been mumbling something, repeating the same word over and over, in an eerie breathy staccato. It hadn’t been until Ido had leaned closer to listen that he was finally able to make out the chant.

“Liar,” she had hissed into his ear, sending chills up and down his spine. He had recoiled, an uneasy feeling washing over him. He had never witnessed Sparrow behave so bizarrely before, and it disturbed him greatly.

“I think it would be better if you told your story in private, Daven,” Mykael’s deep voice rousted him and Ido looked at his superior. The man was leaning forward now; he looked larger - more formidable - and Ido could sense the thick tension. “You don’t need an audience.”

Ido caught Daven’s smirk.

“Don’t I?” he leaned forward, mimicking Mykael’s posture. The visiting King was cocky and eager to let his story be known. Ido saw Mykael tense, and he followed suit, ready to back up his General.

“Are you acting King, Myk?” Daven was growing tired of the other man’s interruptions and was now obviously prodding him into a fight. “He’s mouthy for an underling.”

Ido stood, “Hold your tongue! You may be King elsewhere, but here you are nothing!”

Mykael held up an arm, “Continue your watch over Sparrow, Ido.”

His face was flushed and his angry stare bore into Daven. In spite of the rage bubbling below the surface, Ido nodded, “Yes, sir.” Spinning on his heels, the young wolf exited the room.


Mykael remained seated despite the powerful desire to launch himself across the room and silence Daven permanently. He was never supposed to reappear, Basant had sworn that they had seen the last of the Heretic King. But now he was here, challenging Mykael and threatening to reveal Gangrel’s past. Mykael couldn’t allow him to tear apart the Pack, and that’s exactly what would happen if he was able to tell his story.
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A low rumbling growl trickled from Gangrel’s lips. It was a warning to both Daven and Mykael.

“I will not tolerate insubordination from anyone. The first one of you to move a muscle in the others direction will have to answer to me. Came the Queens soft but stern words. Her golden gaze flicked first to the visiting Kings face, then to her Seconds. The tension was so thick between them that it was nearly visible. She sat back in the sofa, crossing one slim leg over the other in a position that appeared to be casual, and yet the tension in her muscles would let anyone know that she was poised and ready for anything.

“Mae, I need you to assist Ido with his watch over Sparrow. Make sure she is comfortable and I will join you once my business is finished here.”

The red Wolf hesitated for a few seconds before nodding her head once and taking her leave. The front door clicked shut and now it was just Gangrel, Mykael, and Daven left among the rubble of her living room.

“You wished to speak your story, to tell your truth. I assure you that Mykael will not interrupt you again.” She said, casting her gaze in her Second’s direction. She saw his jaw tighten, but he wisely stayed silent.

“If I was in Mykael’s position, I’m not sure I would belive me either.” Daven confessed, shifting on the unbroken glass able in front of the sofa. He took a deep breath before leaning forward to rest his forearms against his jean clad knees.

“I was the King of the Jagarr Pack. Our home was among the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I was not created, but born into this life, the son of a long line of Kings and Queens. When I took over as leader after my father was killed, I made my childhood friend my Second in Command. His name was Basant. He was a powerful and ambitious warrior, a loyal soldier, or so I thought.

He paused for a moment to look up at her. She was even more beautiful than he remembered.

“It was customary for our Pack to bring in new blood every so many years to keep our numbers from diminishing. Because of this, I chose a human for my Mate, with every intention of Turning her the moment we were bound. It was my job, my duty to introduce her into the Pack life. She accepted my nature and loved me despite it. She grew to love my Pack as if they were her own family. A rare trait for someone not of the Blood.”

Gangrel leaned forward in her seat, seemingly riveted by his words. They seemed to resonate deep into her very soul.

“What happened? She asked softly, reaching out and grasping one of his large, rough hands in hers. She had a strong urge to feel those calloused palms skimming over her bare skin. These were the hands of a man not afraid to use them.

“There was a legend among my family that we are direct descendents of Jagarr himself, the very first Wolf, the Father of the Rougarou. When our true Mate is found, and the Mating Ritual complete, it is said that the current King of his Bloodline will inherit his power.”

Mykael snorted softly. He had remained silent until now.

“An urban legend. Nothing more than stories told by crazy old crones.

Davens eyes narrowed.

“I would think that you of all people would know that there are always some truth hidden in those crazy old crone stories.

The Native American Wolf scoffed and turned his gaze to Gangrel.

“It was never proved that Jagarr was the First. He died centuries ago and there is no record of any children.

“Do you really think my ancestors would have put themselves and their children at risk for revealing such a thing?

Mykael said nothing, merely crossed his muscular arms over his chest and sulked.

“I do not know why or how he managed it, but Basant turned the Pack against me, most of them anyway. He went after my Mate the night I was out on patrol. He went after you, Gangrel, and attacked you.

Black spots danced across her vision and she sucked in a deep breath. Daven, noticing her turn nearly deathly white, cursed and shoved her head down between her knees.

“Breathe, baby. Take it easy. Nice slow breaths.” He crooned with his lips pressed against her temple. “You have no memory of anything that happened, so I don’t expect you to believe me, but I swear on the moon that what I say is true.”

Her eyes shifted upward, catching his gaze just as a dark shape took form behind Davens right shoulder. Gangrel looked up and into Basants familiar face. The short dark hair, the ruggedly handsome good looks blurred as her eyes rolled back and she passed out.



The dream took her through the marshy bayou. She ran fast on four legs, faster tan she had ever run before. She was in the form of some kind of spectral wolf. A pale, silvery white that seemed to glow beneath the light of the moon.

There was light up ahead. Although the colors of the world were leeched away to black, white, and grey, she could see every acute detail. A ring of torches circled a large Cypress tree stump, lighting the way. Cautiously, the spectral wolf stopped, keeping to the shadows as three figures moved into view. Two of them were dragging the third. The one on the left stopped and turned, staring into her direction as if he would see her.


Betrayal, ripe and sharp lanced her heart. She had trusted him, at one point, been considering him as Basants replacement. Now, she wanted his blood on her tongue.

Seeing nothing but darkness, he turned back around, helping the other drag the man into the pit of the tree stump.



Gangrel shot up like a rocket.

“Shh. Its alright. Sparrows familiar voice crooned as she wiped the Queens brow with a damp cloth.

“You werent trying to attack me. You were trying to get to Basant who was hiding among the Gathering. She made it a statement rather than a question.

“I did not realize it then, but yes, that was what I was doing.

“Where is Daven?

“No one knows. We have been trying to find him and Mykael but lost their trail past the bayou.

The Queen took a deep breath, remembering her dream.

“I think I know where they are.



She reached out, letting her fingers grab a hold of the man hole cover set into the large hollowed out stump of an old Cypress tree. She pulled with all of her strength and was surprised when it moved as if it weighed no more than a feather. It slid aside as she pushed it, and the acrid stench of damp earth and decay hit her like a fist. A set of narrow stairs led down into an oppressive darkness so thick that not even her acute night vision could penetrate it. She reached into the back pocket of her ripped jeans and pulled out a small Maglite.

“Daven? She called out in hope that he would be able to answer. There was a shuffling sound up ahead, and she trained the bright, thin beam of light in its direction.

“Oh God. Gangrel whispered in horror as Daven pulled himself by his hands into view. His legs had been badly broken and due to his rapid healing, had mended improperly, making him crippled. She knew that they would have to be re-broken and set right.

“Gangrel.” Though his voice was hoarse from misuse and pain, she couldn’t mistake the relief she heard. Immediately, she rushed to his side, skidding across the dirt on her knees. She didn’t care if sticks and rocks tore her skin. When she slid to a stop, he buried his face against her chest, wrapping his arms tightly around her middle as a sob tore it’s way from his own chest. Weakened, he slid down until his face was pressed against her stomach.

“I didnt think I would ever see you again. He was unashamed to cry as he clutched her tighter, and it was in that moment that she knew he was supposed to be her Mate.

“Who did this to you?” Her own voice trembled, tears streaming down her face to mingle with his. Though she was already afraid she knew the answer, she had to hear him say it.

“Mykael and Basant.

“Basant is dead, Daven.

“No. He is very much alive. He faked his death.

Had it really been Basant that she had seen just before she passed out?

Daven pulled back just enough to brush his thumbs lightly along the line of her jaw.

“He seduced you into becoming his Mate, claiming he Turned you.

“If he didnt Turn me, then who did?

“I did.


“I know that I said that I didnt, but I said that only so Basant could not have power or control over me through you. He thinks Mykael bit you.

“We need to get you out of here and someplace safe.

Using the power of her Beast, she called for the few of her Pack that she knew she could trust. Ido, Sparrow, and surprisingly Mae. The red headed Wolf was proving to be quite loyal. Had she been part of the Jagarr Pack before it had been destroyed?

“The others should be here in a few moments. Gangrel said softly, letting her hands wander over him to take stock of any other injuries. It appeared that he had already healed them.

“You trust them? He asked, sincerely, enjoying her touch despite the pain of his legs.

“After you were taken and I was out cold, they kept searching for you. They found yours and Mykaels trail but lost it past he bayou.

“How did you know where I was?

She glanced up from her inspection and her eyes locked with his.

“I had a dream. It showed me the large cypress tree stump in the middle of a cleared area of marsh land.

“Gathering Place of the Ancients. He mumbled to himself.


“Its called the Gathering Place of the Ancients. It is rumored that the First of our kind is buried here. It is supposed to be a place of great power.

“If it is supposed to be a place of great power, then why would Basant bring you here?”

Daven was silent for a moment as he thought about it.

“I think perhaps he does not know.

She closed her eyes, and let the golden energy of her Beast free. It moved through the underground chamber, sliding along as if pulled by some unseen force. It moved along the earthen rocky walls, searching for something that only her Beast knew was there. It stopped near the far wall that seemed to be formed from solid rock.

“There is something along the South wall. She stated distractedly, as she trained her Maglite along the rocky surface.

“Go take a look. Im not going anywhere.

She shook her head.

“Im not leaving until the others get here.

No sooner did she get those words out when Sparrow, Ido, and Mae came down the narrow stairs, each carrying a flash light.

“Down here. The Queen called out, still held tightly in Davens arms.

“Sparrow will take care of your legs. She said softly, brushing the damp and dirty hair out of hs eyes.

“I will stay with you.

“You must find the resting place, Gangrel. I feel it calling to you.


“Its alright, my Queen. We will take care of him. Sparrow assured her, a gentle hand resting on her shoulder.

She hesitated for a few moments, but nodded and stood. Gangrel faintly heard the Healer telling Mae and Ido to find sticks they could use for make shift splints. Ignoring the sounds of the others, she slid the palms of her hands over the rock wall, her fingers making out the subtle grooves of ancient markings that had been carved into it’s surface. It was some kind of cuneiform that she had never seen before and yet, understood perfectly. A sharp, jagged rock bit into her palm and she hissed in a breath as blood welled to the surface. It became clear to her on what she needed to do.

“By the Blood and Spirit of the Wolf and of the Pack, I beg of you to open this door in our time of need.

There was a blast of air that swept through the chamber as the rock wall slid aside almost silently. More darkness greeted her, but it wasnt as thick and her night vision could make out the elaborate stone burial chamber. It was apparent that great care had been taken to construct this place of rest. The walls were smooth, etched with the same careful cuneiform writing as the hidden entrance.

The moment Gangrel stepped fully into the burial chamber, fire leapt to life in large hand carved stone bowls resting at the feet of large, wolven statues carved from red and black marble. Various ancient weapons, clothing, armor, relics and jewelry lined stone and wooden tables and poured from antique bowls. In the center of the chamber was a table made from the same red and black marble as the torch statues. Laying, beautifully preserved, was a man she had never seen before. If she didnt know any better, Gangrel would have sworn that he was merely sleeping and would awaken any moment.

Carefully, she approached the table, her finger tips trailing along the head of one of the wolves. Was this their Father? The very First of the Rougarou race? He was certainly beautiful in that primitive way that Daven possessed. Long dark brown hair trailed down to stop at the curve of his strong jaw that was darkened by stubble. His perfectly sculpted torso was bare and the lower half of his body was draped in what looked like a kilt. His feet were wrapped in dark fur boots.

Her hand moved, touching his face as if it called to her. The moment her skin came in contact with his, a vision slammed into her.




A beautifully accented voice floated to her through the darkness. She turned, a gasp escaping at the sight before her. The man from the chamber stood framed by the silver light of the full moon. A breath-taking waterfall flowed behind him as the fire from a handful of those wolven statues cast dancing shadows over his bare torso. Bright amber colored eyes stared at her through a thick fringe of lashes.

“W-who are you? She asked, finding herself wanting to reach out and touch him, to see if he was just as real as he seemed.

“I think you already know the answer. He replied, moving closer with a ripple of that deadly, mesmerizing grace.


He smiled, and it was an expression so downright sexy that she had to look away.

“You do not need to fear me, Gangrel.

She shuddered at the sound of her name.

“My body is long gone, but my spirit is not. Daven is my son, and through him, my spirit will live.

“Your son?

He gave her that breath-taking grin again.

“Do you think the truth would have been a wise thing to reveal?

Gangrel shook her head.


Jagarr reached out and touched her face with the backs of his fingers.

“You were always meant to be one of us, always meant to be a Queen. You and Daven are the key to uniting the Packs peacefully. Basant seeks to unite them in order to destroy humanity. He must not. For us to survive, so must the human race. Go with my blessing, and my power. It will be divided among you and my son once the Ritual is complete. He will be a powerful King, and you will be his balance, the Light to his Dark.”
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Primal Fire
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