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 Gotham; A New Reckoning

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PostSubject: Gotham; A New Reckoning   Tue May 12, 2015 12:27 pm

Authors Note: This takes place directly following the events of The Dark Knight Rises. The only character I claim ownership of is Ivy. At least in part. Her identity will be revealed later on. I do plan this do be a kind of Romance/Action story centered around Bane and Ivy. If you do not like the way this thread is headed then don't read it. This is purely for fun and because I love Tom Hardy's portrayal of Bane.

League of Shadows

Theme Song - Slipknot; XIX


She crouched down by his crumpled, seemingly lifeless form. He was so still that at first glance, she had thought him to be dead. She had to make sure that he lived.

Signaling over her shoulder, she gestured towards the group of armed men assembled behind her. A man in his mid to late fifties peeled himself away from them and knelt down opposite her.

“He took a rather large caliber cannon shot to the chest, Ivy.” Desmond, a former military medic, announced after a quick visual examination. “It doesn’t look promising. He is lucky to still be alive thus far.”

There was a soft hiss of air as she inhaled slowly from behind the mask that covered the lower half of her face. It was made from a black mesh material and enabled her to remain pain free with the sporadic inhalation of a diluted poison that the doctors had taken to call Venom. Her mask looked like a smaller, more feminine version of the fallen mercenary’s, only hers did not have visible straps or tubes. Her voice, when she spoke, sounded artifical, metallic and yet strangely beautiful.

“He has always been a survivor, Desmond. He will endure and he will take his rightful place as the Demon Head of the League of Shadows.”

Her mask hissed softly once more.

“Get him ready for transport. We can not remain here any longer than necessary. They will be searching for his body.”

The woman stood and glance down briefly into Bane’s infamous mask. The tell tale hiss of his erratic breath was the only indication that he was even still alive.

Another silent gesture was made and a small team poured into City Hall via a secret entrance , carrying a make-shift stretcher that contained a body identical to the masked man’s large build. Once the replica of the mask was placed onto the dead man’s face, no one would be any wiser.

“Let us move quickly, gentlemen. There is no time to dawdle.”

Immediately, Desmond went to work, hooking Bane up to a concoction of IV fluids.

“And Desmond,”

The medic glance up at Ivy briefly.

“He is in your care now. For your sake, he had better survive.”


Theme Song - Slipknot; The Rain Is What You Want

Chapter One

The first thing he woke to was pain, but pain had always been his constant companion. This time, it felt as though an elephant was sitting on his chest and the pressure only seemed to grow with each breath he took.

“Good, you’re awake.” Came a man’s voice from the end of his bed. “My name is Desmond and I’ve been charged with over seeing your recovery, Mr. Bane.”

“How am I alive?” He asked, surprised to still hear the metallic rasp of his voice through the ever present mask. By the gauge of the medic’s black cargo pants and form hugging sweater, Bane knew that he was no ordinary doctor, nor did he appear to belong to any sort of prison.

“My employer found you before anyone in Gotham had the chance.”

The mercenary frowned slightly as he vaguely recalled the sound of a metallic, feminine voice.

“Your employer?”

Desmond smiled slightly.

“Yes. You will meet her in due time. For now, there is someone here to see you.”

The older man moved aside. Behind him stood Barsad, Bane’s right hand.

“You survived.” The masked mercenary rasped.

“Yes, though it wasn’t easy to slip away unnoticed. Thankfully, we had help.” He replied, moving to stand beside the bed.


The grim look on Barsad’s face was confirmation enough.

“The bomb?”

“No. The Batman managed to fly it out over the water before it detonated. Rumors are that he died in the explosion.”

“I wouldn’t believe everything you hear, Mr. Barsad.” Came Ivy’s metallic voice from the doorway. She stepped into the room, closing the door quietly behind her.

Bane was surprised by the petite woman that stood beside Desmond. She had to be no taller than five foot three and had to weigh a hundred and ten pounds. As she had walked across the room, he was able to tell by the graceful way she moved that she was an exceptional fighter. Long, waist length black hair was pulled back into a single tight braid that had to be nearly four inches thick. He wondered what it would look like loose and flowing down her back. The lower half of her face was hidden from view by a black, metallic mesh mask and the mercenary found himself strangely frustrated that he would not see what she looked like. Did she wear the mask to mock him? Or was there a legitimate reason for it’s purpose? He glanced up and was immediately captivated by her eyes. They were such a pale green that they were nearly white. He remembered those eyes..

“We have reason to believe that Bruce Wayne is still alive and currently residing in Florence, Italy with Selina Kyle.” She stated, handing Bane a plain black folder. Inside were black and white survellience photos of the former Gotham billionaire getting cozy with the ex thief.

“You think he will return to Gotham” He asked, lifting his gaze to Ivy briefly.

“Perhaps, or perhaps he faked his death to pass the mantle to someone else.”

“Another Batman?”

“Or a brand new vigilante. My sources tell me that former Gotham Police Detective Jonathan Blake resigned and received an inheritance from the late Mr. Wayne. As far as I have been able to uncover, Blake and Wayne only had a few past encounters, and nothing that was worth mentioning. Recently, Blake has gone off the grid. I have my teams keeping an eye on all the key players. Gotham is secondary and no longer and issue. The League of Shadows is now yours, Mr. Bane.”

“Why did you keep me alive?” He inquired, watching the corners of those striking eyes crinkle as she smiled behind her mask.

“You saved my life once, Mr. Bane, a child of fourteen, broken and bleeding from a savage torture of innocence. For that, I will always be in your debt.”

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PostSubject: Re: Gotham; A New Reckoning   Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:01 am

Pain wracked him to the point than a normal man would have doubled over by now and succumbed to death, but this was nothing compared to the fire in his chest; burning at his black heart. Gotham was secondary? At first there was nothing more than seeing this city burn in the cleansing flame, but this woman was right. This was a secondary ordeal. More important things were at hand. Head tilted to the side, eyes closed, and the action resounding in several small pops resounding from his neck. For now? His attention remained on this mysterious savior, and those familiar eyes. Bane opened the black folder, gazing at those pictures in black and white. He had failed, there was no way else to place it. The hero Gotham deserved… His ambition had brought him back from the brink. A broken body mended, and returned and beat him. The folder was closed calmly, a facade for the rage that he truly felt.

Bane’s eyes snapped up when she answered his question, an answer that only left more questions yearning to be answered. His gaze transfixed upon hers, those eccentric green eyes.

“I know those eyes…”

That raspy metallic hiss of his voice, full of recognition now. The folder was placed down on a table as hands reached up to grasp the straps of his battle vest.


The name spoken with that newly found recognition. Now he recognized the reason for the mask. The woman had been brutally attacked. Bane had been her savior, showing those that had ravaged her the true meaning of the pain that had inflicted on her. He was the necessary evil, this world needed. He was no hero, he was retribution, the punishment of the decadence that had truly been the evil of this world.

“Barsad… How many of us are left?”

The man shook his head.

“Not many.”

Attention returned to the woman, there was so much to talk about, so many questions to ask, but for now only one remained on his mind. For a moment he remained silent, only the rhythmic wheeze of his mask, eyes wrought with contemplation.

“Was this surely all to settle an old debt? Or is there something else you desire? What is your end game?”
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PostSubject: Re: Gotham; A New Reckoning   Thu Aug 13, 2015 12:24 am

“End game?” She laughed softly, the metallic hiss echoing faintly within the room. I have been a silent member of the League for a long time. Ras al Ghul found me not long after we parted ways. He gave me the means to keep my pain at bay, just as he did for you, and he gave me the skills I needed to no longer be a victim. I have no end game, only a mission to see the Demon Head take his rightful place. With the remainder of your men and mine, there is enough for us to undergo a small mission to rebuild our finances. The plans are being prepared. By the time you are fully healed, everything will be ready.

Ivy lifted a finger-less gloved hand and signaled silently to Desmond who produced a large black case from beneath the chair he had been sitting in earlier.

“Inside is a new formula for the contents of your mask. Desmond had noticed, in your blood work, that you were building an immunity to your current pain killers. There are two different types of the new formula. One is a vapor that will be introduced into your mask. It is inhaled more sporadically, and will last much longer than your current one. The other is an injectable, allowing you time without the mask. I would use the latter wisely and in small doses. It is very potent.

Desmond handed the case to Barsad.

“We are safe here in a remote abandoned fortress in Siberia. There are many rooms to choose from, a workout area, and community showers. Mr. Bane is clear of my charge, but I will still check his stitching and remove it when it is time. For now, be as careful as possible. You are very lucky we found you in time.

As the medic had spoken, Ivy had silently slipped from the room. She had made not even a whisper of a sound, leaving two of the three men gaping in wonder at just what exactly her skills were. Desmond knew better than to question the woman who paid him a sizable fortune for his services.

“Ivy is not very forth coming about her past, Mr. Bane. She has revealed more to you than to those of us who have worked along side her for years. However, do not mistake her comradery for a weakness, nor a point of exploitation. She can be as every bit as ruthless as you.”

“Youve see it? Barsad inquired, noticing the slight grimace that passed briefly across the older mans face.

“Oh yes, and it is not something I care to witness again.

“What happened?

Desmond sighed softly.

“I wont go into great detail, because quite frankly, it gives me nightmares. I have seen many horrible things as a medic for the Army, but this is nothing in comparison. A former member of the League was caught defiling a young Chinese girl on one of our missions in Shanghai. Ivy made it her mission to track him down. To make a long story short, it took her a long time to beat him to death.

“That doesnt sound so horrible.

“Perhaps, but it took the man a hundred and thirty days to die.

“Perhaps his will was strong.

“No, Mr. Barsad, you misunderstand me. Ivy took a hundred and thirty days to beat him to death after she castrated him.
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PostSubject: Re: Gotham; A New Reckoning   

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Gotham; A New Reckoning
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