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 Darkness and Light

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Kinta Sarrai
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Star Wars RPG Moderator

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PostSubject: Darkness and Light   Fri Dec 09, 2016 5:58 pm

"I have an important task for you." The large greyish blue holo image of Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned, gesturing with a gnarled hand towards the cloaked figure that stood alone on the holo pad. In recognition, the figure shifted it's head, tilting it slightly to the left as if to say that it was listening. The stark black cloak blanketed the figure, making it very difficult to discern if it was male or female. The hood was pulled up, shrouding it's features in complete darkness.

"I need you to keep an eye on Kylo Ren."

The mysterious figure snorted faintly.

"I do not baby sit, Snoke." The voice that spoke from the impenetrable darkness was melodic, soft and smokily seductive. It was destinctively feminine at it addressed the Supreme Leader so casually. She had been the first and only being capable of ejecting Snoke forcefully from her mind and he found it impossible to rip past her mental walls. The failure of the Knights on Korriban seemed to have only made her stronger. He found it unsettling to be unable to know what this woman was capable of. The only way to find out for certain was to see how she faired being near Kylo Ren once more.

"His training is nearly complete, as is yours. With the death of Han Solo, he is now that much closer to the Dark Side. I need you to keep your skills close. We will need them in the times ahead, especially if Skywalker returns."

She sighed softly, almost in resignation.

"Very well."

The holo nodded once in affirmation, and without another word, she turned on her heel.

"And Drayga. Try not to kill Ren or Hux."

"No promises." Was her reply as the doors to the holo room hissed shut behind her.

The flagship shared by General Hux of the First Order and Kylo Ren impressed her. The dagger-shaped Finalizer was nearly twice the size of an Imperial-era Star Destroyer. It's heavy weapons augmented by two Starfighter wings, a hundred assault crafts and a legion of Stormtroopers. Her sleek black shuttle seemed small and insignificant in comparison as it docked in one of the empty docking bays.

"You must be Drayga." Came a nasally voice from the front of a small squad of Troopers and other militia. Her gaze drifted up to his face, noting the smug and arrogant expression. This was a man who would test her patience. She was rather surprised that Ren hadn't killed him yet.

"Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned your arrival."

Before she could open her mouth to respond with something witty and sarcastic, tell-tale confident and determined boot steps could be heard approaching. She knew immediately who they belonged to. She would have known them anywhere. Especially with the Force Bond they shared. Something that seemed to have only grown stronger since they had last seen one another. The masked figure in black robes came into view a second later, moving like a silent storm of barely contained fury. He would have undoubtedly felt her presence the moment she entered the same system. The black robes he wore fanned around his legs as he crossed the distance separating them, stopping only mere inches from her. If he thought to intimidate her, it wouldn't work. She did not move except to raise her head slightly to look up into the expressionless eyes of his helmet. He towered over her by a full foot, seemingly dwarfing her. She took a deep breath, breathing in his scent the exact same moment he did hers.



They had both spokem at the same time, their names blending into one. General Hux watched the exchange, curious. There was a past here, one that hopefully did not come back to haunt any of them.

"Drayga used to be a Knight of Ren." Kylo mentioned to the General, not turning away from the hooded woman in front of him. Did she still look the same? Would he recognize her?

"I did not leave willingly. Your precious Knights left me for dead on Korriban."

She noticed his gloved hands clench into fists at his sides. Had he not known? Without another word, she stepped around him fluidly. She felt the air move, but no pressure followed. She knew that as much as his temper wanted to reign, Ren wouldn't divulge into this much personal information in front of General Hux. Already, their Bond was growing, fitting together like two lost pieces of a puzzle.

"Your quarters are this way." The General gestured with his right hand, indicating that she follow the small group of Stormtroopers that patrolled ahead of them.

Drayga sat in the middle of her room, kneeling in a position of meditation. Around her, decorative glass spheres slowly circled around her head as she exercised her Teleknetic ability. It almost broke her concentration when she felt Ren's presence stalking towards her down the hall. With a sigh, she opened her eyes just as the door to her room hissed open. The spheres still circled around her for a moment before lining back up into a straight line on the shelf that held her sabers.

"Appreciate the knock, Ren." She grumbled sarcastically.

Kylo said nothing, standing stock still as if she had used a Force Stun on him. She knelt, poised so perfectly. She was still as beautiful as he remembered. Waist length black hair pulled back from her angular face in a single pony tail. An inch above her ears and down around to the back of her head was shaved close to her scalp. Her full lips were set into a subtle pout that seemed utterly sensual to him. However, it was her eyes that made him hesitate. The liquid chocolate of those alluring bedroom eyes that had once made his heart stop, had turned black, the darkness completely taking over the whites of those once haunting eyes.

"What happened on Korriban?" He finally asked, breaking himself out of his trance.

She unfolded herself from the floor and stood with the grace only an Ataru or Juyo master could manage. She wore loose fitting black satin draw string pants and a long sleeved black t-shirt. Her feet were bare, the delicate toes painted black to match the claw like nails on her dainty fingers.

"Does it matter? It already happened. Nothing will change that, Ren."

He moved closer, fingers clenching tightly as he closed the distance between them.

"What happened on Korriban, Drayga?"

She could feel his anger swirling around them and it fueled her own. She spun so that her back faced him and reached up over her shoulders, pulling her shirt up enough to reveal a series of nasty criss-crossing scars covering her entire back. They seemed to even trickling up to her shoulders and down past the waist band of her pants. Just what exactly had the Knights done to her?

"I had found the holocron, buried deep in the heart of an ancient Sith tomb, but as I returned to the shuttle, your precious Knights were waiting for me."

She released her hold on her shirt but it didn't slide back down to cover her. She felt the warm leather of Ren's gloves trace over the rough scars on her flesh.

"You were one of them. Why would they harm you?"

Why was he asking her? Had she known why, she would have been dealing with the situation. Rage boiled to the surface and she whipped around to face him.

"Because they said I made you weak! I was a distraction, keeping you from reaching your true potential."

Kylo lowered his hands, one of them hesitating to caress the side of her face. She longed for that touch, but she knew that it would be her undoing. He reached up to unlatch the helmet, but she stopped him with a single word.


"You're afraid." He stated softly. He could almost taste her fear. Was she afraid of him? He couldn't breach her thoughts unless she let him.

"I will not be broken again, Ren. I already broke for you once. I have nothing left." She sounded so tired. What had the Knights subjected her to? Who had given them the order to go after her? Had he not forbidden them from harming her, from anyone harming her?

"I never abandoned you." She whispered, casting those dark eyes down to the shiny black floor they stood on.

"I promised once that I would never abandon you as your parents had. As mine had done to me. I did not break that promise."

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Kinta Sarrai
Star Wars RPG Moderator
Star Wars RPG Moderator

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PostSubject: Part 2   Mon Dec 26, 2016 7:40 pm

Drayga sat in the middle of the training room that Ren had given her access to. Her lithe frame was enveloped in black leggings and a black tank top. Her feet were still bare as she knelt in the center of the floor. Her eyes were closed, mind clear and focused. She let go of the physical, becoming one with the Force. Almost immediately, the twin single hilt lightsabers she normally carried; which had been lined up neatly on the floor in front of her, levitated. They circled around her twice before them began to disassemble, each piece methodically deconstructing. When she reached the dark kyber crystals embedded deep within, it was as if a switch had been thrown on her memories and her focus faltered, flashing back to the events on Korriban.

She clutched the holocron within the grip of her black gloved hand. Her steps were light but quick as she made her way back towards her awaiting shuttle. Almost immediately, she knew that she wasn't alone. Standing a few feet away were six figures, all dressed head to toe in full battle gear.

"If it isnt the infamous remaining members of the Knights of Ren." Though Kylo  had considered her one of them, the others had not.

"Drayga." One of the Knights replied. For the life of her she couldn't remember his name. She had been so focused on her training, on her growing Bond with Ren that she hadn't bothered to learn their names.

"Are the lot of you here to check on my progress?" She inquired, tucking the holocron into a hidden pocket of her cloak. She doubted the answer was yes, but she had to ask.

"No." The same Knight replied. "We are here for another purpose."

As she conversed with him, the remaining five fanned out, forming a circle around her.

"And what purpose is that?" She asked, shifting her cloak just enough to reveal the lightsabers she carried in special holsters on each thigh. Her instincts were screaming at her. She knew they were here to kill her.

"Do you truly think that your presence strengthens Master Ren? That together you will create a new Empire where the two of you will rule side by side?"

Drayga felt her fingers tighten, itching to rip the Knights to pieces.

"You distract him from his purpose. You make him weak."

With a savage snarl of rage, her normally calm demeanor snaped. Using her Telekinetic ability, both lightsabers shot from their holsters and into her hands. They activated instantly, igniting to life in a flash of black energy that pulsed with a faint red glow along the edges. She whirled in an impressive acrobatic horizontal spin that appeared to defy gravity. As she spun, she brough her sabers down towards the Knight who had taunted her. Such was her anger that she had momentarily and foolishly forgotten the remaining five surrounding behind her. Before the lightsabers could connect with her target, something enveloped her and she was slammed down into the ground hard with the abrupt stop of her momentum. It was some kind of advanced netting that not only constricted her movements but seemed to momentarily interrupt her connection with the Force.

Her focus faltered once more as her rage bubbled to the surface. The result of that lapse in concentration caused both kyber crystals to develop a single hairline fracture in their centers. Drayga caught herself before it could progress further and she restablished her mental focus.

They were determined to break her, but she would not give them the satisfaction of a scream, nor any sound of her pain. Her armor was in tatters, deep laceration littered her back. Blood ran in thick ribbons down her body to pool onto the stone floor. Glimpses of muscle and bone could be seen with each shallow breath she took.

"If you truly care for Master Ren, you should revel in the knowledge that your death will make him stronger."

"If I live and he finds out what you have done, I will not pity you when his wrath reigns."

The Knight snorted.

"You will not live to tell him." He replied before he slid a knife between her ribs.

Using that anger, that wrath, she poured it into the reconstruction of her sabers. The parts began to reassemble, forming two identical weapons that mirrored the darkness she felt coursing through her.

"The Knights were under orders from Snoke." His deep voice was quiet and unfiltered as he spoke from the doorway of the training room. She knew from his tone that he wasn't wearing the helmet. Damn him. He made his words more of a statement rather than a question. Had he witnessed her memories through their Force Bond?

"So it would seem." Came her own quiet reply as her eyes opened and she turned to glance over her shoulder in his direction. She was surprised he wasn't throwing a tantrum.

"How did I not feel your pain through our Bond?" Ren moved slowly into the room, his hands clenched tightly at his sides. His arms were trembling with the effort not to rip the entire room apart.

"At a guess, it is possible Snoke could have been shielding you. It is also possible that the Knights were lying and the Supreme Leader has no idea what has occured. Or I could have been shielding you."

He moved closer, daring to place an ungloved hand on her shoulder. The contact of bare skin caused the Bond to flare. She felt his anger, his worry. His insecurities and the strength of his feelings for her. He accepted her. It was an acceptance she had never had from anyone.

"Let me in, Drayga." His words were so soft that she had almost missed them. He knelt behind her, both hands skimming over her arms. He was asking permission for her to let him past her mental barriers. Before Korriban, she had always been open to him. Now it was like trying to scale over a smooth metal wall. She had grown more powerful. If Snoke had given the order, was this why he had allowed her to return?

With a sigh of resignation, Drayga did as Ren asked and dropped her shielding a fraction.

He cursed out loud. The strength of her anger and pain was staggering. He felt her suffering as she had lain near death in a pool of her own blood. She showed him how she clawed her way towards the sarcophagus, lifting a hand to touch the final resting place of a long forgotten Sith Lord. He heard her call his name before she finally slipped into oblivion. Carefully, she replaced her mental walls, ejecting him from her mind.

"I broke when I called for you and there was no answer." She admitted softly. She had yet to turn to look at him. He knew she was afraid. He was her weakness just as much as she was his. Steeling her will, she finally turned so that they knelt facing one another.

He was still as handsome as she remembered. Long, wavy black hair framed his angular face. Dark, molten brown eyes stared at her with such emotion that it stole her breath. The corners of his full sinful mouth tilted up as he caught a glimmer of her thoughts when she let her barrier accidently slip. Apparently her walls flickered when she though of him.

"Only you." She whispered softly, reaching up to trace the scar that ran diagonally across his face. It only made him seem more attractive, dangerous. Sexy.

"You're treading on dangerous ground, Drayga." Ren warned, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

"Dangerous for whom?" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them.

"Once our training is complete, I will make you mine."

The words he had once spoken to her flashed in her memories. Much had changed since then.

"I would love to see how much stronger you have become, dear Drayga."

She shook her head faintly.

"Another time, perhaps, Ren." The lightsabers she had reconstructed hovered up from the floor and she stood gracefully to collect them. She held each carefully in both hands, testing their weight momentarily. "It has been a long day and I am weary."

Without another word, she left, the door hissing quietly behind her.
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Kinta Sarrai
Star Wars RPG Moderator
Star Wars RPG Moderator

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PostSubject: Part 3   Sun Jan 15, 2017 6:16 pm

Drayga hated when she dreamed. The nightmares of Korriban were the strongest when she slept soudly. This time, it was Kylo Ren standing over her witth a bloody blade in his gloved hand. She awoke with a start, popping her head up from her pillows. She had fallen asleep on her stomach, her arms folded beneath her head under the pillows. Something had awoken her, but what? There was a soft intake of breath that came from the corner of her room, the one cloaked in shadow.

"Don't you ever knock?" She groaned, stuffing her face back into the pillows.

Kylo sat in a chair he had dragged into the corner. What was he doing here watching her sleep? He had done so before, but that had been in the past. Several years in the past. There was no reason for him to continue to do so now, was there|

"I go where I please. You know this." His voice was mechnical, letting her know that he wore his helmet once more. It seemed that he was seldom seen without it anymore.

"I am entitled to a bit of privacy, Ren."

He was quiet for a moment, almost thinking over her words.

"Who is Kozan?"

"What?" She grumbled into the pillow, momentarily confused as to what and why he was asking.

"As you were dreaming, you spoke the name Kozan."

Drayga lifted her head faintly, turning to glance over her shoulder at him. Did she detect a hint of jealousy in his voice. She remembered, in her dream, as Ren had stood over her she had indeed called out to Kozan. Had she really said it out loud in the waking world as well? Had she used the Force to call out?

"He saved my life on Korriban." She finally replied after a few tense seconds of silence.

"In your vision, you had touched the tomb of an ancient Sith Lord, but cut off the memory before I could see much more. What happened afterwards?"

With a sigh, she sat up fully, shifting on the bed so she faced him. She propped the pillows up so she could lean her back against the wall.

"As I reached out towards the stone-"

Her bloody fingers trembled with effort. It took all her strength of will to have even crawled the last remaining feet towards the tomb. Finally, they brushed very lightly against the stone, her blood seeming to seep into the porous surface. It was as if that touch, that smear of blood was the key to some hidden edifice. The tomb slid open with a grinding of stone and a blast of dank air slammed into her face. She managed to dig her nails agains the lip and drag herself a few more inches before her strength finally failed her.

Something warm touched her shoulder and her eyes drifted open, or had they been pulled open? Forced apart so that all she saw was a blurry dark shadow looming in front of her vision.

"What do we have here?" The voice that reached her ears was masculine, but she couldn't quite make out it's pitch. The shadowed blur released her eyelids and scooped her up into his arms. She hung like a limp doll but despite her lack of movement, her Force signature was still strong, ebbing with a great amount of power that was still yet locked away, hidden behind ignorance.

"There is a strength in you, my dear, that I can not ignore. It seems that Force has crossed out paths for a reason and for that alone I will not let you die."

It was then that she fully let darkness claim her.

She didn't remember much after that moment, but she had awoke to pain. Stiffness in her muscles and the feel of harsh tugging at her skin. She must have twitched or cried out, because there was a soothing voice that spoke to her directly into her ear.

"This cache was not equiped with a kolto tank. I, unfortunately, have to heal your wounds in a more archaic fashion with a needle and thread. They will scar, but you will live."

She was laying on something cold and hard. What she assumed was some sort of table, or perhaps even the floor of some kind of. Her gaze attempted to take a quick peak at her surroundings, but another puncture of the needle caused her vision to grey. She took a deep breath in through her nose slowly so as not to disturb the man's steady work and she let it out just as slowly through her mouth.

"You are saving me. Why?

"Shh. Save your strength. Answers for your questions will come in due time. For now you must rest, heal and plot your revenge on those that did this to you."

The last part Kozan had spoke to her, she did not relay out loud to Ren. There was a part of her that knew if she were to tell him she sought revenge on the Knights that he would stop her, try to talk her out of her revenge. There was possibly even a part of her that quite possibly would listen.

"It would seem that I owe this Kozan a debt." Kylo said softly, watching her with those expressionless eyes.

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Kozan Saad
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Star Wars RPG Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Darkness and Light   Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:11 pm

The Bringing of New Darkness

Ambria. A desert planet of the Inner Rim worlds, but one that has near completely been lost to memory. It has no valuable natural resources, no notable sentient life and only two variety of reptilians. One is the very small Neeks. Neeks were agile reptilian herbivores, averaging at about thirty centimeters in height, indigenous to the planet Ambria. They were non-sentient, and could often be seen congregating in flocks of about half a dozen, banding together for protection against the larger, carnivorous creatures, such as the Hssiss. Neeks served largely as food for these animals, though they did have an effective defense mechanism in the form of their lack of long amounts of sleep. They needed only two or so hours of sleep per day, allowing them to replenish their strength in shifts. Although they were generally pleasant creatures, neeks were known to be extremely paranoid and scatty. To anyone larger than a child, they are totally harmless, and are not even classifiable as a pest. The other is possibly as radically opposite as a related species could be. The Hssiss, a large, vicious and surprisingly fast moving reptile, also capable of rendering itself totally invisible, quite often even to one with highly attuned Force-sense. They seemed helplessly drawn toward Force-sensitive individuals, and had poisoned fangs which had unique properties to Force-sensitives. Namely, it corrupted one with the Dark side, not only decaying flesh but also infecting the connection one has with the Force itself. A deadly creature, indeed.



It was these creatures which weren't all that often seen, even on Ambria, where they often swam in Lake Natth or stalked flocks of Neeks using camouflage, but today was different. For the first time in thousands of years, these 4 meter long creatures were packed shoulder-to-shoulder on the surface of the ground, writhing and crawling over each other. They were waiting, so sensitive were they to the Dark side of the Force that they could feel the impending arrival. 3 rotations, they have remained swarmed over hundreds of meters of space just beyond the borders of the lake, and they wait.

They grew still, each and every in near-perfect unison stopped moving and raised it's head, eyes searching the ruined and dusty sky above. A crack, like a whip of immeasurable size, lights of the sky over-head in a flourish of orange and red as the atmosphere is torn open briefly, the following growl turns to a roar as a Sith Meditation Sphere descends upon the Dark Side Dragons en masse directly below the landing-site. It fell like a meteor, burning with atmospheric friction until mere seconds before impact when an enormous and cohesive stream of Force push rapidly mitigated the impact force to simply none at all. In the course of this exertion, dozens of Hssiss were shredded beneath the impact of the Force upon them that stopped the ship, but even their blood seemed only to spread across the ground as they were crush, like they simply melted. The sphere slowly descended to land upon the surface, the surviving Hssiss drawing a close circle around the craft, feeling the draw of the being within. The hate and pain that reverberated from the ship was so thick it could almost be visible, but with it came the unmistakable temper of control.
When the vessel did not open after several hours, the Hssiss began to swarm it, crawling onto and over one another in an attempt to be touching it's surface. Those that achieved this result began attacking any other that touched them, trying for mortal wounds, but satisfied just the same by repelling the invader. Night set in on Ambria and the Hssiss, having each established their own place of proximity to the Sith Meditation Sphere, went quite still. They were trying to absorb the emanating darkness within, they craved the one within, needed him and everything he had, such was their way as they had been molded by their Sith creators.

Just before the coming dawn, three skiff-class mid-range ships of unknown model made their slow and gentle descent very nearby the Meditation Sphere, but giving extra distance from the congregated Hssiss for practicality's sake. They landed, shut down each of their engines and then remained still. No signs of life from any of the four ships. Dawn came again, and the arid heat of the day in Ambria set in. Small tempests of dust whipping this way and that as the desolate planet dared it's new arrivals to step out onto the surface. Beside a new surge of Hssiss attempting to fight their way near the Sith Meditation Sphere, all was still, and all was very quiet. 22 more hours of the 32 hour rotation cycle flow past that way before a much larger ship breaks atmosphere on Ambria. The hyperspace vessel looked at first glance to be of ancient Rakatan design, but in truth was a greatly improved and improvised vessel completely dependent upon the Sith Pureblood crew that piloted it. It has been modified as many things owned of the Sith were, it's exterior was jagged and hooked, parts of it gnarled and seemed to twist together, such as the areas near and comprising each of the vertical thrusters, which looked like muscular sinews wrapped around bone.
It's descent took nearly an hour, and then that too winded down, shut off and lay silent. And that is the way it remained until the following night. The entirety of the next day passed as the one before it, Hssiss fighting for placement near the sphere and dusty winds battering each of the vessels endlessly. But with the setting of the sun on this final day occurred, there was a sickly stillness in the air. The strong and whipping winds of Ambria's surface fell totally still and silent, as did each and every Hssiss within 5 meters of the Sith Meditation Sphere. The time had come, and the Dragons could feel that as well. Even over the span of several millennia, this species, created by the ancient Red Sith, still recognized the legacy of their true masters before them, and in recognition, had fallen totally silent for nearly an hour, awaiting the awakening of the Sith Pureblood within, Kozan Saad.

From each of the three skiffs came an armor clad, shrouded and masked Sith Pureblood.  The farthest one away stopped after only a few steps down the docking incline and held out his hand the way he had come.  His body briefly tensed, the air around the skiff quivered with a malefic disturbance as a fully suited Mandalorian with arms at his side and five glistening metal bands wrapped from ankle to just below his collarbone flew tumbling out of the threshold, his figure straightening, then twisting upward over the Sith's head and came crashing down on the red-brown compacted dirt that composed most of Ambria's surface directly upon his back.  The other two had already reached the far edge of the congregation of Hssiss by the time the third set foot on the ground, proceeding to wrench open the split fingers of his right hand before clenching it shut once more.  The knee-plates of his armor on both legs slightly crumpled as he did so, the Mandalorian bellowing curses and shouting at the Sith in Mando'a, which he completely ignored and walked away from to join the other two who were pulling back their hoods and removing their stone and metal masks of incredibly basic ancient Sith design.

The features of these three were very traditional of the original Sith species, with an appearance distinct for their bone spurs, facial tentacles, and eyebrow stalks.  Each also only had 3 digits to each hand and predominantly used their left hand for most of their unveiling.  The third's hood blew back and his mask slid over the top of his head as he joined the group and looked from one to the other.  Each one simply nodded to respond to his look, and each turned to face the Sith Meditation Sphere, holding their left hands out in unison, fingertips curling into a cupped shape.  With a violent his, the sphere's frontal door opened, Tibanna gas gushing as it swung upward.  The chilling force of this gas caused the entirety of the Hssiss covering the sphere to scramble away as quickly as they could.
In the now quickly failing light, the flicker of subtle and soft blue illumination began to glow from within the ship.  It recognized an active state from the 3 Sith's use of the Force upon it and was automatically running flight diagnostics and turning on the ships interior lighting, as even the Sith Meditation Sphere was a construct of Sith Alchemy, and held at least a partial cognitive self, which most would confuse with artificial intelligence.
In total unison, the three slowly withdrew their hands, and from the opening of the sphere a sheet of carbonite lofted into the air perfectly horizontal, traveled a few meters from the ship and descended straight down.  The top rotated up and the block was placed standing vertical directly atop one of the Hssiss that had refused to move, which quite nearly pinched the creature in half.  The three were totally unconcerned with this, the former two looking to the third for further instruction, but he simply put out both of his arms nearly parallel to each other, his fingertips pointing at the opposing hand with half a meter between them.  He just stared at the block, then grimaced harshly, his eyes squinting to small slits through which his orange eyes burned and glowed.  Each of the other two then joined their hands to either side of the opening present between the third's hands and released a string of growled words in the Sith tongue.
The center of the open air between the three sets of hands began to glow yellow, then orange and finally red, flames bursting into existence in a maelstrom of fire which seemed contained within an invisible ball.  The third Sith began pushing his hands together with great resistance against the act while the orb shrank, compacting and intensifying.  When he could do so no longer, the other two pulled away immediately and the third's hands sprang apart.  Like some seam had been pulled open in the invisible ball, roaring flames spewed outward at the block of carbonite, but not before it had traveled across several Hssiss, charring, wounding and killing some of them as the flames shot out in a coherent stream over 10 meters and broke across the surface of the carbonite, which teetered in opposition of the force applied by the impact of heat.  In a matter of seconds, the top two corners of the sheet broke off and fell to the ground in a near liquid state and after the passing of but a few more seconds, a shock wave of heinously dark Force energy exploded from where the carbonite stood.

The flames attempted briefly to persist, but were annihilated as dark purple ethereal manifestations of the Force pulsed in a single flat wave, cutting the flame in half and pushing it roaring back at the three Sith who created it.  They all three dove onto the ground before the wall of flames brushed the top of their bodies, scorching their robes and passing by before flickering out against the nearest skiff.  The three ships and the massive warship showed no signs of being affected at all, nor did the Hssiss, the water of Lake Nitth or any of the spire-like rock formations littering the planets surface, as it was not a telekinetic wave, just the unleashing of Kozan Saad's Force presence, which had been trapped away within the carbonite with him so that the Greater Galaxy would not sense his dark ripples until it was far too late, here on Ambria's surface.
What remained standing at the center of the pool of liquid carbonite was a single darkly clad figure, hooded and with glowing red-orange eyes peering from within a mask that greatly resembled a humanoid skull, because it was once the skull of an enemy.  

A visual aid of appearance of clothing and hood

Kozan Saad's Yuuzhan Vong skull mask/helmet.

"Did you each retrieve what I sent you for?"

A calm and steely cold voice inquired from behind the glistening metal of his mask.  He began walking toward them before he finished speaking, and the Hssiss that where still alive or now eating the dead moved from his path as he approached and then returned and watched him walk away once he had, but not a single noise, no aggression.  They were each looking back and forward at each other as he stopped, the nasal cavity of his mask nearly touching the forehead of the Sith who had brought the Mandalorian, a growled breath passing before he leaned in.  He pressed the forehead of the skull mask against this Sith warrior's own and spoke:

"Do you think much has changed in the past three years?  Answer me."

Came that cold voice once again.  The Sith took a step back, dropping his gaze to the earth at his feet as he turned and extended his left arm in the direction of the Mandalorian lying in silent rage and agony, but did not respond with words.  His distaste for Kozan was beyond obvious.  And while no Sith under his command would ever again rise to overthrow him, their dislike for him was a wide-spread and accepted status.  His legions of Sith Purebloods and starships respected him and followed his command, but almost none of them would ever give up their hate for the "Grotthu Sith'ari" or in basic Slave Overlord, and reject any and all talk of his creation with Sith alchemy.  Despite his origins, he was known to all of his people as the most powerful untrained Force user they had ever seen or heard tale of, and despite not having received any form of combat training at all made his exceptional deadliness with a single longsword the focal point of his abilities.  His own open claims that his weapon proficiency comes from the circumstances of his birth.
The other two turned and took a faster paced walked back toward their ships to retrieve the supplies they were tasked with finding and return before Sith'ari was annoyed any further.  These two knew why Kozan Saad gave orders to rendezvous on Ambria, an inner core planet, and they feared incurring wrath from their master.  Kozan stayed where he was, glaring at the commander, name of Trakis, unblinkingly.  His gaze remained locked on his feet, though.  He had brushed close enough for one day and was not about to push any further.

"Shall I begin torturing the information you seek from his lips?"  

Trakis asked as he heard the foot falls of the other two returning.  He did so in a very soft, almost whispered tone.

"That won't be necessary." Came Kozan's calm reply.

He started for a moment, then resumed his rigid posture and said, "But a Mandalorian would never simp-"  He finished that last syllable as a choked gasp, looking up at Kozan now.  He Dark Lord was no longer looking at him, but had his right hand stretched out at him, fingertips curled halfway into a fist. Desperation and panic set into Trakis' features, his facial tentacles writhing wildly as he fought to breath though what felt like his lungs being stepped upon.  His eyes rapidly became bloodshot as he tried to tear at his robes, unsuccessfully struggling.  He dropped to his knees, vision blurring heavily, and at just that moment, Kozan released him.  He collapsed on the red-brown dirt, halfway curling into the fetal position as he greedily sucked in breath after breath amid sighs of relief.
He left Trakis that was and walked onward to the Mandalorian on the ground even as the other two Sith knelt down, dropping the heavy crates that they retrieved at the place he stood when he choked their commander.  He knelt down to the Mandalorian, who tried with great and brief success to appear as though he wasn't in pain, and placed his hands on either side of his helmet.  The construct shattered, breaking apart in neat-looking shards and falling to the ground aside him.  Now he leaned in close, so close as to whisper.  The Mandalorian's entire body and his totally unprotected mind reeked of fear and confusion and it intensified when he felt the chill of Kozan's breath on his ear, face and neck.

"I want you to watch....just watch.....Know who you will deny before you hear my questions and perhaps you will make a wiser decision for the experience.  Watch."  The words slithered from his mouth and into the Mandalorian's ear like a serpent in inaudible tones to the other 3 Sith there.

When he stood again and turned toward Lake Natth the bands constricting their prisoner broke away and immediately curled up into small cylinders.  Freed, but still broken, he did what he was asked and watched Kozan Saad walk up to the very edge of the water.  He loomed over it for several moments, feeling his way around the Force here, the dark and the light.  Long ago, many Sith came to this world or became stranded here, and all of them died on it's surface leaving only the twisted and maniacal Force spirits behind.  And another, an unnamed Sith sorceress, came and laid domination over the sentients of this world.  She had grander designs than most, but was understanding what she saw incorrectly.  She forced the species of Ambria to use nearly all of it's natural resources to build a black monolith of Dark energy, which was a central point of a specific Sith spell.  She came to know the spell but misunderstood the purpose and labels of it.  She intended to permanently enslave the populace of the planet, and in the stead she killed every living thing save two unrelated reptillian species.  The aforementioned Neeks and Hssiss.  Ironically, she was the absolute first to die from the improper use of the Obelisk, and trapped on Ambria for it.  Her Force spirit will never be allowed to wander the stars, and since the use of the spell, all others that die on Ambria are not allowed to take their place within The Force, either.  Dozens of Siths, several Sith Lords, a couple Sith Masters/Dark Lords and even the same very powerful Jedi Master and Weapon Master, Thon, that sealed the planet-wide corruption of the Dark side of the Force solely to Lake Natth.  Despite his enormous power and attunement, the combined might and will of the Dark here reached beyond the lake during his death, pulling him with the Force back to the waters, and there they drug him below and into the very same net that they inhabit.  His immense presence have stopped disaster from befalling many who have been here before now, as Thon loved and respected all life, no matter how wicked or righteous.
All at once, Kozan Saad release a massive and bellowing roar of laughter.  His composure, of course, no longer was cold and inflexible, but insane and manic.  The flicks of a shrill tone to each repeated stance of laughter was more than broken voice, it seemed like a broken mind.  For at least 10 whole seconds he continued like this, and then all at once stopped mid-breath, sharply in-taking air in a hollow and deep tone.  "Nu reiklauti j'us pradzia xok!"  These words came out sounding snake-like and snarled, and as the heavy "kuh" fell over his curled lower lip, the waters of Lake Natth trembled with a sickly presence.  It's surface didn't just break, the water seemed to be trying to jump up into the air.  The air became palpably heavy, the waning heat of the day past being snuffed out by a preternatural chill.  It was the ancient Sith dialect and directly translated to Basic as; 'I summon you, rise up!'

The very light in the air began to withdraw, kilometers of area becoming an emanating darkness.  The Hssiss behind him began to stir, then turned to flee, but never got the chance.  His left hand shot out behind him, though he did not turn, and red-orange tendrils leapt from each of his fingertips and slithered through the air, targeting several of the fleeing Hssiss.  Each stream that connected pierced through the creature and targeted the next, leaving behind the last in a near catatonic state.  The color deepened with each that they traveled through, as well as the entire series of lines thickening all the way back to Kozan's hand.
After 30 seconds, the beams had become just a single one that spread out like branches from the base stream coming out of his forearm and his hand was not visible at all, completely consumed by the now deep blood-red hued Force energy.  By this time, the web extended to all living creatures within the area of darkness, only excluding the three Sith and the Mandalorian.  It even had struck out into numerous dens of Neeks, hiding in the rocks did not save them.  His entire arm, then his body, then the very ground beneath him began to tremble in rapid succession.  He began raising his right hand now and said a single word in Sith.  "Kots." It came out a distorted growl as he was shaking so violently, and meant 'break' in Basic.  Dark green electricity began sparking radically above the center of Lake Natth, sending down arcs that licked at it's constantly broken surface multiple times before one of them shot off sideways and connected to Kozan's right hand.  This arc did not end quickly like the rest, it peaked and jumped side to side but did not disconnect from Kozan.  Instead, the white core of the bolts of electricity that was connected to him turned muddy brown, then deep and perfect black.  The outer hue of the lightning became a reddish-purple of a very dark shade and began sparking and cracking violently as it pulled the life force out of thousands of Hssiss and Neeks, used Kozan's body as a conduit, and intensified the Force Lightning manifesting above the lake by drawing the stored energy from the beam coming out of his left hand.  In only a few seconds time the beam reduced to a stream, then down to tendrils from his fingertips again and then sparking erratically at the width of a silk thread before audibly popping and disappearing, at which point his left arm fell limp at his side.
This is when the strain of what he was doing started to show signs, but through sheer force of will, he commanded himself and his body onward with this first and single most important of all of his tasks.  The left hand trembled, then each of the fingers moved and he quickly pulled his hand up next to his right.  His eyes began to glow an infernal red through the eye holes of his mask and he began to produce an elongated exclamation while the ground between his feet cracked open, but there were no words in it.  It was a scream of pain, and was escalating in time with the pain's amplification.  He could describe it as his body feeling like it was being stripped away by a fierce sandstorm hitting from all directions, and would at a later time as well.  His pinky and ring finger of each hand curled inward and a coherent and visible corona of Force Lightning and Dark Side energy appeared, and his middle and index fingers pointed upward and spread apart a centimeter between them, the thumbs hooking inward until they touched the ring fingertips.  His hands began drawing together and he momentarily ceased screaming only long enough to intake more breath with which to vocalize his increasing agony, but he continued pushing his hands toward one another.
Now visible large black particles were forming in the air, each of them seemingly unique in shape, but all being of a glistening pitch black color and were being drawn toward the corona of energy over Lake Natth.  As they drew together, they merged and quickly began assembling a structure with very linear edges and was rapidly stretching upward into the air.  It was an obelisk, and all over it's surface burned red Sith symbols.  The symbols appeared on it's surface as part of the ritual being done correctly, the true purpose of which was to force the trapped essence of all of the phantoms here to become corporeal.  A form of reincarnation that could essentially become permanent immortality, but realistically demanded the constant consumption of physical and non-physical sustenance that would quickly kill whole worlds, leaving dead and barren wasteland planets, and that was not what Kozan Saad envisioned.
Just as all the particles of the obelisk finished, Kozan was steadily pushed down to one knee.  The effort of this and resistance of The Force against allowing it to take place were pressing down on his physical body, and his fabric garbs were suffering from it as well.  His cloak and hood disintegrated  in various areas and blew off of his body in thin strips, but he did not fall to a second knee.  Ever defiant, ever angry and willful, he pushed back against it, rising back up to both feet after a few seconds of focused attempt, and then drew in breath and screamed his final time.  The broken surface of the water laid out in front of him erupted away from him as his voice completely cracked and a dense but high pitched screech was produced.  The ground beneath his feet crumbled some as the Force amplified sonic waves repeatedly assaulted everything in front of and directly nearby him.

Lord Lo'ska, the Sith Pureblood who commanded the starship that landed watched the obelisk forming, his lips hung apart in shock and disbelief at what he was beholding.  He remembered back to that day over 13 years ago in a brief moment of panic that gripped him.  Lo'ska was the one piloting Tave Laisvas, the vessel that became Kozan's flagship, the day everything changed, the day an abandoned grotthu pulled a hyperspace travel size flagship from it's programmed course and Forced it to land on the moon that the slave was left on, and he did this after 3 years of isolation and near starvation.  What his body lacked in substance was more than over-compensated in attunement and control of The Force, and Lo'ska knew this as fact as he had been the one to strand him there as well.  And when left, he had no training, no power, no control, just their entire encyclopedic knowledge of their occult Sith magics. That day Kozan fought tooth and nail to prevent being left, and had accomplished nothing more than Lo'ska's amusement.  But when he pulled Tave Laisvas onto the moon's surface...He was not the same Sith that was left. The day the Kissai caste took absolute power over everything by Kozan Saad's command as he held the former Dark Lord Rhys' head out before him for all to see that he had beaten, broken and beheaded the most powerful Dark Lord among them.  Then to prove his point further, he used the Force and a Leviathan to consume everything that the Dark Lord Rhys gained and knew, his consciousness, or what the Jedi would call his Force Spirit, as it left his body to join with The Force.  Watching him force the spirit to take physical substance and unleashing a Leviathan upon it to consume the Dark Lord completely was all anyone needed to see to know that Kozan Saad, the untrained, the unmastered, the slave.


His senses snapped back to attention when he heard the piercing and cracked screech, and before he realized it he was already crossing the helm to the Sithspawn gate controls.  It was all he could think about since Kozan Saad gave orders to freeze him in carbonite to hide his presence in The Force, and just before being frozen he gave Lo'ska his final instructions and the last task necessary for the plan to begin.  He could recall the words very clearly "When the time comes, I want you to jettison my Leviathan at me, directly at me.  Do not miss, the Leviathan is the key.  You will know when the time comes, Lo'ska.  You will hear my body's will break from what I do, and I will scream in such pain.  It will be a broken and clinging squall, one of begging and dying.  At this sound you will launch the Leviathan, and you will not miss, or we will all die on Ambria."  Lord Lo'ska flicked a lit up red switch down on the controls of gate 2 and pressed down on a diamond shaped light blue button.  When he did a targeting grid appeared displaying the frontal view of the ground before the flagship.  'Sith'ari Kozan Saad, lock...."  Came the words from Lo'ska and immediately the rangefinder and targeting grid narrowed down it's view onto Kozan, a red targeting reticule appeared, was emboldened by the appearance and merging of a second series of lines and then began rotating marked around the Sith Lord's back.
This system was developed to combat the Yuuzhan Vong by Kozan Saad himself.  It was a series of individually air-locked containment cells with their own separate life-support systems.  They were pressurized on the front of the flagship and could accurately target groups or individuals, or even multiple individuals spread over an area while mid-flight, and jettison one or many horrible Sithspawn creatures within 1 meter of the targeted location or individual.  Being landed gave it far superior accuracy, allowing it to kill almost any individual by hitting it with the massive containment cell before the door even opens, making it beyond excellent as a landing site defense system against practically anything that moves on ground.

 Meanwhile, the scream Kozan produced continued, making one wonder where the air to supply such a sound could still be coming from, but the key objects of interest were taking place at the center of Lake Natth right in front of him. The water at the center of the lake was evaporating into huge jets of steam, and the level of the water could visually be seen to be lowering and at this time the obelisk lost it's solid appearance, and what it appeared to be now was that hands and feet were pushing out from the inside of the giant black pillar, and there were hundreds of them, perhaps thousands.  A resonance now was emanating from it and this brought the 3 Sith behind Kozan down to the ground, each one clutching their heads and screaming against the pain.  Kozan did not falter, though.  His own Force scream was disrupting the waves of resonance from affecting him directly, and he was wearing his helmet, which was the greater portion of protection.  Lightning arched out from the obelisk horizontally, then sharply turned directly up and shot into the now rapidly growing and thickening  cloud mass that was forming above the obelisk, and as it did the hands and feet began pushing further and further against the outer surface of the obelisk, clearly getting closer and closer to bursting free.  It was now that Kozan Saad reached above his head with both hands as though he were grabbing something with just his fingertips, and as soon as the cloud lit up, he clenched both hands into fist and threw them both downward as hard and fast as he could, literally striking the wet ground at his feet.  And while the impact of his fists had no real affect, it was symbolic.  The lightning, black at it's core with a sickly dark red glow at the edges, shot downward from the cloud, striking the top of the Obelisk directly on the pinnacle.  In it's 'less-than-solid' state, the lightning began pushing the spire down, not into the ground, but flattening it.
 Lord Lo'ska was oblivious to this, as the display was not focused on the Obelisk and he was targeting his Sith'ari, which is when segmented line appeared on the display and adjusted slightly in an arch, calculating the weight and fall.  When it finished, all of the targeting displays locked in place and darkened in color.  "Fire."  The word came out like a frog's croak, there was a very quiet hiss and then the container could be seen shooting through the air on the display, it's course exactly following the now very faint outlines of the targeting reticules.  Lo'ska watched the container sail through the air, shaking his head all the while at the suicidal nature of launching a container at one's self, and that doesn't yet include having a fully grown adult Leviathan packed into it.  Quickly, he could no longer see Kozan Saad anymore, the 10 x 10 meter containment cell blocking him out just moments before it hits him.

 As his proximity to his own pet Leviathan closed, so did the connection they shared strengthen, which alerted Kozan to the fact that it was time.  The flattening obelisk shattered as the bolt of black lightning vanished in a red flicker, and with it most all light in the area.  The 3 Sith on the ground and Lord Lo'ska looked up from their respective positions just in time to see the shattered segments of the obelisk take on the shapes of all those who had died on Ambria, their shapes and figures bounding to their feet and sprinting across the now totally dried up Lake Natth's bed directly at Kozan's crouching figure.  The container was 10 meters from hitting him and the black materia constructed spirits of those long dead were at most 5 meters away.

 Reference must be given to Kozan Saad's personal Leviathan.  He originally took command of it during an adolescent stage, which is when he killed Dark Lord Rhys, but very shortly afterwards further twisted the creature with Sith Alchemy.  Stopping it's continued growth was a simple matter of projected will, but he then merge it and a Derriphan of larger than normal size together into a single being.  All this visibly did was darken it's skin to a muddled purple and make it ravenously hungry beyond the limits of either of it's parts.  This 28 meter tall creature that weighed just under a half ton fit comfortably into most of the containment cells and was so deeply connected to Kozan Saad that it would follow his will and intention even if he was totally unconscious, and could not be influence by any other mind, as it synchronized only with the dual telepathic connection present in Kozan's mind alone.

 Kozan's left hand shot up and behind him, the rolling containing not even a yard from his fingertips, and the monstrosities that mean to steal his body 1 meter in front of him, and then the container cell's walls flung away, the remaining 4 walls unrolling over the top of him, and revealing above his head the gigantic, maw-gaped monstrosity known as a Leviathan, rolling over it's head and off the end of the third wall section while the one in front swung down directly in front of Kozan.  The two sides the shot off now slammed against the rest of the container that was rapidly resealing around Kozan's body.  The Leviathan, far from lithe that it was, tumbled down spine first on top of the very first spirit in line and flopped upright in the blink of an eye.  One of the tentacles around it's mouth latched onto that first spirit's leg and drew it into it's mouth, one of the huge blister traps on it's back glowing faintly a purplish color as it clamped down on the physical construct and broke it into pieces within it's massive mouth.  The spirits, either in confusion or trepidation slowed or stopped, which was not part of Kozan's plan.
 From within the containment cell, he was now in a trance and seeing through the eyes of his creature and could see what was happening.  It was with great effort that he commanded the beast to remain still and open it's mouth as far as it would, then further.  Two horrid cracks followed the jerking motions of the Leviathan unhinging it's jaw, then it lay out nearly flat on it's chest and roared a deafening tone.  Kozan reached out through the Force and used it to pull upon the entirety of the group at once, and with the very last of everything he had, while the figures tumbled through the air toward the gaping maw of the Leviathan, he created a funnel of Force to crush and mangle them as the approached the now inhaling monster.  The entire collection of 20 large blister traps on it's back all began humming and glowing that purple hue but at a greatly larger intensity as body parts, limbs and crumbled black essence of the Obelisk was torn apart by the Force of Kozan and inhaled directly by the Leviathan before him.  It continued this way for a full minute and when the very last figure, the one that resisted the greatest, was that of the Tchuukthai Jedi Master, Thon.  His will and strength was such that he neither tumbled nor was crushed, but merely drug at a much slower rate than the rest half the distance.  It was there that this glistening black ceratopsian quadruped stared cautiously and thoughtfully at the Leviathan, the container Kozan was within and the flagship.
 Upon seeing this, Kozan urged the beast to attack, and it sluggishly began toward Master Thon.  It's movements were evidence that it was nearly too full, the power and thoughts and knowledge it absorbed was so great and terrible that the gorged beast was exhausted, something no Sith, Pureblood or otherwise, had ever seen happen before. Leviathans always fought, ate and killed until their final dying breath.  But as the creature attempted to approach, Thon used the Force to push it back against it's efforts.  It didn't only lose headway, but was pushed all the way up against the container Kozan was still within, protected and yet vulnerable.  Thon clearly had not lost his mind trapped here, he still tried to save life, not extinguish it. Unfortunately, the 3 Sith who had become annoyed with the resistant creature decided to intervene.
 They were warriors, not terribly bright, but certainly capable of tactical decisions.  And at realizing that if Thon can push back the Leviathan, they had no chance at direct attack.  Instead, they chose to push the container out of the way and allow the massive creature to tumble backwards from Thon.  It seemed to encourage Thon, because he increased the push now, sending the creature flailing across the ground and past the landing struts of Tave Laisvas.  And from there one of the Sith left the rest, and began sprinting off to the side of Thon at an incredibly fast rate, but did not get very far before Master Thon pressed the Sith flat down into the ground as soon as Thon had to turn his head to keep track of him.  But the moment he did, the other two had already grabbed the Leviathan with the Force, using all there power and cunning to create a pocket of air beneath it to remove resistance, and now sent the creature sliding friction-less across the flat barren ground of Ambria.  The creature had become a blur before it returned past the landing struts of the flagship, and as it reached the 2 Sith pulling it, it laid down flat again and they gave it a final push.  Thon caught on to what was happening just too late to stop it, and the Leviathan struck the side of his head, teeth first, traveling at a blinding rate and weighing in just under half a metric ton.  As it struck, it's appendages latch onto Thon as tightly as it could and both figures tucked and rolled across the lake bed, all the while the Leviathan was biting, chewing, crushing pieces off of Thon's head.  After only a couple moments, he was torn to pieces and eaten, and the fat and engorged creature fell over onto it's side just next to the remaining imprint of the Obelisk in the wet soil.

 An entire 2 platoons of Massasi Warriors that were the personal guards of a special squad of Kissai Priests, as well as those very Priests themselves, came flocking from the flagship.  And it was none too soon. All three of the Sith Lords which had been on the ground for all of it were donning their masks, activating their dark red lightsabers and running toward the container cell that all of them knew Dark Lord Kozan Saad lay, completely drained, totally vulnerable and would be capable of repelling possibly 1 of them, at best.  At the sight of them nearing their Sith'ari, protected only by a meager reinforced Durasteel containment cell, they called the Massassi to battle, 4 of them dropping immediately to the ground and beginning to work a combined Battle Meditation to bolster their warriors and slow the Sith Lords.  "Isdav'kas! Vulti savimi!!"


 At the sound of the words meaning 'Betrayal!  Attack them!', all 24 Massassi dropped their lightstaffs and leapt to their hands and feet, charging like wild animals to the defense of their Dark Lord.  The effects of the Battle Meditation took effect within seconds, slowing down the 3 Sith Lords by a quarter of their normal speed and doubling the speed, reaction time and raw physical strength of the Massassi under their control.  These beast-like warrior off-shoots of the Sith species were in a great many regards as much animal as sentient lifeforms, and often displayed their animalistic Rage and power when unleashed on their enemies.
 Despite their efforts, the 3 Sith indeed made it there first, Trakis leaped up high, flipped once and when he came down cut an entire corner off of the container.  Just as they had expected, in the opposite corner of the cell was Kozan, propped up against the wall, eyes barely a flicker within his mask, his breath ragged and loud.  Their prey was plenty weak, and any one of them that killed him would rule as the next Sith'ari.  And yet, Kozan did not move, did not bare a weapon nor prepare to defend, not even after one by one they entered into the cell with him.  And as they approached, he began to slide slowly down the Durasteel wall, his Phrik armor scraping loudly against it, and just before he sat down, he pushed the two walls of the corner open, rolled backward and used everything that was left to press it back together.  As he suspected, all of them reacted by trying to push it open as Kozan had, but he held it shut nice and tight, all sides as it turned out.  But as the 3 turned to other walls and tried, and turned to the opening finally, realizing it was the only way, 2 by 2 by 2 the Massassi poured into the cut open corner of the containment cell.  When Kozan could only see 6 of the Massassi still trying to get in, he let go and collapsed onto the ground where he stood, the bright red eyes burning behind the slits in his mask finally going dark.  There were screams, there were tremors in the Force, then more screaming, and then none.  He lay there and listen to every intricate detail of the sounds of their slaughter at the hands of his most loyal, most brainwashed Massassi Elites.  He fed upon every iota of pain, every twisted scream, the only thing he could do to keep breathing for now, his base Sith connection to darkness that allows him to be sustained by the misery and pain and darkening of others.
 Before his fiercely loyal priests reached him, he had fallen unconscious from all of it and the blood-drenched Massassi had already begun crawling back out from the cut off container corner when the entire cell fell apart atop them.  It took them a neat few seconds to uncover themselves, revealing that very little remained of the 3 Sith Lords who had ambitiously attempted a coup, but before they died they had killed 6 of the Massassi.  But these were details Kozan would be informed of at a later time.  His priests very gently pulled their Sith'ari up to shoulder-level and began carrying him back to his Sith Meditation Sphere where he would most benefit from their archaic practices of a form of healing, which would in truth be ritualistic torture of Kozan and 3 of the Massassi within close proximity to him.  He would feed simultaneously upon the combined darkness of suffering even as it was being collected and concentrated by the Sith Meditation Sphere, and would be invigorated enough before the break of dawn to truly regenerate himself with his Leviathan.  

 Of the Leviathan, it was simply left where it was, and it slept heavily, producing a horrid and wet-sounding rolling snore that even Kozan was somewhat disturbed by.  The only one who seemed unaffected by it was indeed the Mandalorian laying exactly where Kozan had spoken to him, and had watched everything that took place, and even after being totally and completely ignored by everyone and everything, and now in light of true exhaustion and being heinously crippled, he seemed totally calm and relaxed.  He simply lay there, absorbing it all.
 Everyone else currently on terra remained as they had been the past 3 days, maintaining and upkeeping general order and routine, re-calibrating their astrological charts for operation in known space until they had hyperdrive coordinates and the dangerous care and feeding regiment of the live cargo of various abducted species and Sithspawn were all typical duties being carried out, typically in groups.  None of them seemed curious to details, or disturbed by lack of direction from their Sith'ari, but instead carried on as though nothing had happened on the surface, there wasn't even much talk among them about it, aside from the higher end of the command structure.
 It was two hours before dawn when the Leviathan got up and began walking at it's usual pace, apparently no longer hindered by over-consumption, back toward the Sith Meditation Sphere that it's master lie within.  The Massassi became increasingly trepidatious of it as it neared, and required repeated instruction and reassurance that it would not attack them, as they knew it couldn't be swayed by anyone but Kozan, and they knew he was near bodily death. It was largely their opinion that the beast stood as good a chance at killing every Sith in sight as anything were he to perish.  But despite there fears and suspicions, it was Kozan's conscious will that told the Leviathan to wake, to come, to lay.  And it did, immediately falling back asleep.
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The light of day had just crested the distant horizon when Kozan stepped, in what seemed totally unaffected and full stride, from the sphere's opening, followed by all but 3 of those who entered.  He had drained the life from those 3 involved in the ceremony, as his was a deeply pitted abyss of hunger, even knowing what lay ahead of him to consume.  The very first who roused to the fact that the Sith Lord had arisen, apparently anew, was again, the Mandalorian.  He sat himself up on his elbows and stared directly at the masked visage of Kozan Saad, knowing he had not been forgotten, that his fate now lay itself before him.  He knew what this Sith Pureblood wanted, Baskar and it's recipe for working it.  And he hadn't forgotten what was said last.  'Know who it is you will deny before I ask my questions...'  True to a Mandalorian's character though, he did not flinch and showed no signs of fear at all as Kozan, who also had not forgot, walked a direct path at him, his Leviathan and then the Massassi, followed finally by the Kissai priests.  As Kozan continued, the Leviathan matched stride and tried to draw close to it's master.  But having never even glimpsed the idea of affection or compassion, the Sith Lord lashed the back of his hand against the side of the beast's head, which noticeably moved the massive creature away even as it caught the message and deviated to the side a little further.  

 "That's a neat trick.  Teach me how to slap a Leviathan aside, would ya?  The Mandalorian boldy joked at the Sith'ari, but this was ignored gracefully by the red-cloaked figure who simply swept down to a single knee, but tall and looming over him still, once more the chilly nature of the air around this Sith was noticeable.  Finally the Mandalorian flinched as both of Kozan's hands jumped up suddenly, but indeed went to his head.  His hood slid as the backs of his hands touched them over the smooth and shining texture of his masked helmet and his gently clawed fingertips dug into 8 grooves in the back, and he parted the back of the skull with a loud crack while his eyes disappeared from view within.
 Deep and lovely locks of onyx began spilling out from the 'T' shaped opening before his face was produced to be seen.  And the face that the Mandalorian was witnessing was quite human resembling, but as the Dark Lord opened his eyes, and the flaming, moving orange-red glow appeared once more, putting away all doubt that had appeared as to what was in front of him.  It was a masked face, simply smoothing over his own features in a more human appearance, but it was not dissimilar from his real face by any extent.

Kozan Saad's Human Force Mask (His true Sith Pureblood face is nearly identical, with very slight ridges and spikes flowing from the corners of his mouth and down to a spiked 'beard' upon his chin.  His eyebrows are similarly spiked and ridged.

"It is not over yet, I have something more to show you."

 And just as he said that, the Leviathan struck forward like a viper and latched down it's front teeth into Kozan's left forearm, a blindingly bright green light simply pouring out of the beast's mouth.  Kozan's robes began to ripple, then a fierce wind engulfed the entire area, red dirt and small stones whipping up into the air as that green light seemed to infect the inanimate objects caught in the maelstrom.  The dust and stones began to glow green like the light and the only two things resisting the effect within Kozan's immediate area was his bright red robes and his eyes, which burned like a storm of hellfire existed behind them.  It continued like that only a sparse few moments before the light faded, the Leviathan collapsed and the Dark Lord himself stood up, bolstered and empowered, as well as educated upon all the knowledge of those spirits consumed, Jedi Master Thon being no exception.  His skin seemed to ripple for a brief moment, both his eyes laxing incredibly and nearly crossing, and deep inside Kozan Saad's twisted and hateful soul, something was different.  He didn't understand what it was yet, but it was deep down, scratching at him from some unknown part of his now very collective psyche.  He shook his head left, then right in short snapping motions, and when he opened his eyes again, he was directly as dark and menacing as he had ever been.  The Mandalorian at his feet did not know what to make of anything he just saw, only did notice that moment of weakness that Kozan experienced, and even more so noticed that it was over, and answers followed by questions now would come.

"I just now consumed all the living spirits of the long dead you saw me summon and then destroy.  I know everything they knew, I've felt everything they have ever felt, and directly control all the power that each of them had combined.  I stole it from them, consumed their knowledge.  You can unlock the secrets of Baskar to me, or I can feed you to this creature and take everything you have ever been, and ever will be, from you.  I will have what I want, do you really wish to cease to exist for eternity for it?"  Kozan explained and finally asked his one and only question as he once more stooped down to a knee beside the wounded man.

 He reached out violently with his left hand, clawed digits constricting around the Mandalorian's shattered knee, and he called out with unspeakable pain, writhing and slapping the flat of his back against the soil and trying to pull away from the monstrously powerful grip, but to no effect.  It took several seconds of screaming and writhing to ghost pain before he realized what was actually happening.  It hurt like hell, but Kozan was re-arranging his bones and fusing them back together, and by pure instinct using Dark Healing to repair the damage done to both of his knees.  After a full minute, only the actual pressure of Kozan's grip was noticeable, and it was still an mighty thing right up until he released the Mandalorian.

"If you agree, you will enter my service for a brief time as my flagship returns you to Mandalore, and with the help of my priests, you will transfer the knowledge of Baskar into one of these..."  He said, producing a long and slender gem that was a dirty red color.  "It's called a Mindspear, and it was developed originally by the Rakata.  We have since modified them, and they now can store knowledge of those untouched by the Force by the guidance of a Dark Priest.  If you do not resist, and store this information that I, and I alone, need, you will be returned safely home and will have your memory of all of this suppressed, like it never happened.  If you resist, if you place false knowledge into the Mindspear, I will annihilate your world.  I will tear the words of Mand'oa from existence and consume even the name of Mandalore The Ultimate from the annals of history, like your people had never existed at all."  And Kozan said no more, simply remained crouching their, his piercing, burning eyes cutting a hole through the Mandalorian, or so it felt to him, with that gem held out to him.

 Kozan never grew impatient as he crouched there for 3 entire minutes in total silence, the Mandalorian staring down at the ground and thoughtfully considering it.  He was being asked to betray the ideals of his entire people and ancestry.  Never once in thousands of years had any Mandalorian ever shared the secrets of Baskar forging with anyone, and it was a traitorous thing to even consider.  He should wish to die honorably, holding his sacred ways to his chest in defiance.  But this is not was he did.  The threat of merely himself ceasing to exist was terrifying enough, but the added threat of his entire people being erased, he could not endure the idea.

"I'll do it if you can make me really believe you will keep your word and leave my people be." He finally said, slowly reaching out for the Mindspear, but his hand was quickly seized by Kozan's own. And as Kozan slowly and gently placed the gem into the Mandalorian's hand, looking into the man's eyes one final time before walking away, and he knew.  He could feel it deep inside of himself, Kozan's intention.  He could feel his honor in the look he received, the word of one warrior to another, when both have reason to respect each other.  Just like that, Kozan stood and turned away from him.  

"My Leviathan will be accompanying you as you escort our new friend home.  If you harm him, or fail to return him to his planet, you know what will happen.  Do not deviate, and immediately made a hyperspace jump nearest you can to Korriban to join me in the Valley of Dark Lords. And do remember to whipe his memories of us.  He, nor Mandalore, need know yet."  He addressed his most trustworthy Kissai, and despite their worthiness, they are greedy to experiment at all costs, and needed direct incentive in Kozan's opinion.

 As he walked into the group of Kissai and Massassi they parted before him as he once more donned his Yuuzhan Vong skull mask, disappearing from the Force as he did, and watched him continue on toward his Sith Meditation Sphere.  As soon as he was past the group, the Mandalorian stood up, immediately followed by the Leviathan picking itself off the ground and turning toward him.  The priests motioned for him to follow, as while they all knew basic, they refused to directly speak it, especially to outsiders, and of course he followed, and the monstrosity behind him fell in line next.

 Kozan wasted no time as he approached his ship and telekinetically lifted the two boxes of supplies he had charged the now dead Sith Lords to bring to him into the sphere, and took only a single look back toward the group headed to Tave Laisvas and caught sight of 3 priests breaking off from the group to climb aboard the 3 skiffs and re-dock them onto the flagship.  One of these skiffs would undoubtedly be used to drop off the Mandalorian, who Kozan was confident in upholding his end of the bargain.  What Kozan had failed to mention to the priests was that it was a constructed differently, and it's frequencies would only transfer knowledge out of it to one person, Dark Lord Saad himself.  This thought caused a smirk to tug at the corner of his lips from beneath the mask as he finally stepped within the sphere and said;  "Initiate phase two, activate Madilon hyperdrive a first open course to Korriban." And then he laid down on his back in the center of what seemed like unfinished dome walls that constituted the heart of the sphere.

"Estimated travel time is 41 standard hours.  Will achieve hyperspace route destination within 36 hours of departure."  Returned a dark and growled female voice.  The pure Madilon hyperdrives that were contained in all of Kozan's ships were simply a modified, streamlined, smaller and incredibly lightweight variant of any more common one.  It's light weight but incredibly durable structure allowed it to simply function better and achieve far better times of travel, if you had a route with no stops.  If you did not, it was not largely better, and possibly worse due to the structural integrity of the ship being more questionable over repeated stops than these smaller hyperdrives.  

"Rouse me when we are in orbit, engage cloaking until then."  He quietly responded, nestling his head first and then the rest of his body into what appeared to be a complete indentation of him in the floor.  When he stopped moving, silver hued bands spiraled out of the floor around his waist, chest, ankles, thighs, wrists, biceps and a single small band slid up.  It was shaped to fit into the eye sockets of the mask he wore, very efficiently blocking out all possible light, and as it clamped across his head and latched to the floor on the other side, he was engulfed in true darkness, and succumbed to it, entering into a deep Force Trance for the entire duration of the trip.  He did not dream, but instead was searching within him for that itch.  Scouring the very depths of himself and all he knew of everything else attempting to find it.


"Entering gravitational orbit of planet Korriban.  Releasing hyperspace restraints.  Bioscan of visible surface activated. Infrared Sweep activated. Orbital Drone deployed."  The Sphere droned on monotonously.  "Master..."  The monotone was gone, so was much of the growling quality.  It was almost a husky, nudging tone.  "Rise, my Master.  We have finally reached home..."  It produced in a loving manner, identifying that it was far more than a computer speaking.

"How long until approach vector for the Valley of Dark Lords?" He responded in his usual cold and steely voice.

"21 minutes at this orbit velocity.  Execute upon availability?"  She asked, still in this 'friendlier' tone.

"Yes.  Display scan results."

"Yes, Master"

Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban

 Her reply came simultaneously to numerous dark, heavy red colored holographic screens projected directly before him.  It was all pretty standard, as Korriban was largely inhospitable and uninhabited.  The drone had already cycled half the planet and reported no propulsion wake, no hyperspace trail and only some faint electromagnetic disturbance near the Valley of the Dark Lords. A groan growled out beneath his mask as he continued analyzing the data of the IR sweep, which identified the disturbance as likely caused by alternative stealth propulsion technology, resulting in a ion trail.  When the Bioscan finished, reporting life signs within the Valley of the Dark Lords an anger washed over his body that he was all too familiar with.  Further directed scanning showed 7 distinct life forms, then identified them as Force-sensitive furthered his anger, his knowledge, his legacy possibly being plundered further than it already had been.  "Re-adjust course, make descent now!"  He roared up at the blue internal glow of the ship, his left hand pounding down upon metal floor.

"Calculating...course set, we will land in 9 minutes.  Engage chest restraints?"  She questioned, holding off engaging the thrusters yet.

 Kozan growled in response, lifting both hands and then slamming them back down, fingertips pointed down.  His claw-like fingernails flashed red and pierced directly through the unknown metal and he clamped down hard.  "Dabaar!!" He screamed at the female voice in Sith, telling her 'now.'  And without even a fraction of a second's hesitation, the sphere shot from it's orbit along it's course, Kozan's entire body, save for both is hands sharply whipping up from the floor as the sphere took on radical speed.
 He had just pulled his body back down to the floor when the Bioscan holoscreen flashed back up again, and now showed only a single lifeform, and it was very clearly dying.  It had been the center displayed lifeform on the visual display and it was in the same basic position he had seen, but was fading quickly.  This all at once turned his blind rage into total confusion.  The other six lifeforms were no longer within range of the Bioscanner, but the orbital drone was just now flashing up it's screen reporting a vessel fleeing at extremely high speed toward the hyperspace route, leaving an identical ion trail as the first discovered.  By the time the sphere extinguished from it's entry into the atmosphere, the mid-sized ship had adjusted to the route and engaged their hyperdrive, and were now gone.  This was when the sphere called the drone back and yet again increased in speed, somehow intuitively sensing it's Master's own sense of urgency.

 Planet-fall took 7 minutes despite the projected calculations, and Kozan was already standing and prepared to exit before it even landed, and used the Force to steady himself as it touched down directly in front of the tomb that the Bioscanner detected life in.  With a last quick glance he managed to take notice that the lifeform had begun moving, crawling somewhere, but didn't have long.  With no more hesitation, he Forced the doors open on the front of the sphere and sprang hastily out into the red-tinged atmosphere of Korriban, and now with an even more intense sense of urgency than he already felt.
 He struggled to understand what he was feeling, his foot-falls growing further and further apart as he went from a quick walk to a trot and now was jogging along, ascending the steps leading to the opening of the temple, two large statues of slaves depicted holding the roof up, symbolizing the slaves bearing the weight of their Sith Masters.  It wasn't until he crossed the threshold into the antechamber that it dawned on him.  This being must be powerful.  He quickly reached up and pulled back his hood, fingertips prying open the back of his mask, and unconsciously increasing pace to nearly a sprint.  The Force around him flooded his senses as the mask was pulled away, and he exactly pinpointed the Force-sensitive, who he could now determine as female, human, barely conscious.  As he navigated through two series of hallways and stepped into the chamber that she was in, he forced himself to steel, to temper.  He enforced calm upon himself, and slowly began to approach.  He could tell that she was too far gone to sense him there, and was not entirely sure he could do anything.

 Her bloody fingers trembled with effort. It took all her strength of will to have even crawled the last remaining feet towards the tomb. Finally, they brushed very lightly against the stone, her blood seeming to seep into the porous surface. It was as if that touch, that smear of blood was the key to some hidden edifice. The tomb slid open with a grinding of stone and a blast of dank air slammed into her face. She managed to dig her nails against the lip and drag herself a few more inches before her strength finally failed her.

 Something warm touched her shoulder and her eyes drifted open, or had they been pulled open? Forced apart so that all she saw was a blurry dark shadow looming in front of her vision.

"What do we have here?" The voice that reached her ears was masculine, but she couldn't quite make out it's pitch. The shadowed blur released her eyelids and scooped her up into his arms. She hung like a limp doll but despite her lack of movement, her Force signature was still strong, ebbing with a great amount of power that was still yet locked away, hidden behind ignorance.

"There is a strength in you, my dear, that I can not ignore. It seems that Force has crossed out paths for a reason and for that alone I will not let you die."  He calmly stated, just as she slipped away.  It was not unconsciousness, it was death.  "No, not yet."

 Like he were a small and graceful bird, his figure blurred down the stairs into the hidden cache of the tomb.  The room below was archaic, featured weapons, scrolls, and materials for Sith Alchemy. There were skeletons in the corner, curled up in the fetal position with one another embraced, clearly slaves that had been sealed away in here.  And in the far wall in the center of the room was a sarcophagus, likely with a long dead Sith Lord within.  It was in the middle of the room was wide table with various personal effects and rotted food and bloodsoup remains, all of which Kozan Force pushed from the table before lying her down upon it.  A very brief moment of uncertainty set it, as he wasn't sure what to do, he hadn't the power of Light enough to use any healing that might work, and as he had this thought, a very dark, very powerful urge came over him.  His hands began to move and he simply allowed them to, putting faith in himself and his collective knowledge as his right hand slipped beneath her head and this watery blue aura seemed to engulf his left hand.  Instinctively, he reached out into the air, and felt around in the Force while the blue flaming energy of Dark Transfer spread across his chest and to his right hand, but it didn't stop, and engulfed the woman's entire body.  Each of her limbs lifted off the ground, then her body, his right hand still cupping her head as that too finally lifted.  His left hand clenched into a fist and he swung it back at her chest.  The blue aura broke across her body and Kozan's hand went through her without harming her, crushing away a small portion of the large and cold stone table.
 Her body fell back to the table immediately following, and she took in a sharp and hacking breath, then fell still.  He stared down at her, holding his own breath until she began breathing, slow and steady.  He shook his head and smiled, feeling something warm inside of him, like a glow.  His notice of this feeling confused him, wiping the smile away quickly.  So he diverted his mind to the practical, quickly dropping his red robes as well as his mask on the hideously dirty ground at his feet so he could more easily scour the room for what he knew would be lying around a burial chamber.
 After only a few minutes he returned to the girl, laying out needles, various threads, and even some oil based ointments that were created through lost alchemical means.  And he got to work, push, pull, cross, return, repeat.  The marks across her back were terrible wounds, and they would never heal over, leaving her always scarred, but she would certainly live. Then she tensed, her body twisting away from him briefly.

"This cache was not equipped with a kolto tank. I, unfortunately, have to heal your wounds in a more archaic fashion with a needle and thread. They will scar, but you will live." He stated in a matter-of-fact monotone before pushing the needle through her flesh again.  She had a very reactive nervous system, but was resisting the physical pain very effectively.  It marveled him, in a way.  She steadied herself with a long and sobering breath before she spoke for the first time.

"You are saving me.  Why?" She inquired.

 He placed his hand on the only portion of the small of her back that wasn't horribly scarred and burned, just above her right hip bone, hoping that the contact would comfort her, and whispered in his most melodic of voices to her;  ""Shh. Save your strength. Answers for your questions will come in due time. For now you must rest, heal and plot your revenge on those that did this to you."  And she did.  She relaxed upon the table and Kozan continued his laborious task of preventing infection and stitching her closed.  There was something more to it, though.  That warmth, the glow he couldn't process.  He ignored it for now and focused on his task, feeling as though if she, in her condition, can do as he said and rest, he could concentrate enough to do the job.

 2 hours passed as he closed her up with needle and thread, and she lie there unresponsive.  The only actual surprise here to Kozan was that he somehow knew she was in a meditative trance, staving off her critical condition and the near constant pain of being sewn up by focusing it into a sort of healing energy, dark though it be.  With a deep sigh, he dropped the needle, turned and flicked her blood from his fingertips across the front of the sarcophagus behind him.  As he did so, it hummed briefly with energy and fell open, revealing the very well preserved remains of a long dead Pureblood Sith Lord, and clenched in his hand was what Kozan had come here for.  An orb the size of a melon of pure Turadium.  It was an incredibly rare substance, and could withstand almost anything, even lightsabers.  A sigh of relief followed, now knowing that all of this had not been in vain, 13 long years of planning.
 He turned back to her, and she was beginning to come around, so he stooped down and retrieved his mask and robes and tossed the mask onto a far table by the wall.  He took his time putting his robes back on so as to allow her time to wake on her own.  This also allowed him availability to pull a small stone creation from the inner pocket.  It look like a simple frog, an amphibian found throughout the galaxy on planets with plentiful water supplies, and was made of a composite stone forged by dark Sith Force alchemy.  The entire thing was the same flat grey with the exception of a porous gem material on it's back that was blue.  These were originally created by Naga Sadow and were a frog-like droid/animal which let off a homing signal, but this one was a modified variant that was not alive, and did not move on it's own, but was activated with the Force and then projects a signal to a target Force-user.  Length of activation time does not affect the broadcast accuracy, as it travels to a sentient receiver and is much more like a vision than a beacon and shows a great deal.  Kozan's Sith Meditation Sphere and flagship were both capable of intercepting this broadcast if it passes by them, which was intentional due to Kozan's helmet blocking it out if he's wearing it.
 He turned this device over in his fingertips a few times, considering what he intended to do from this point on.  He knew, somehow, that she had been betrayed and left for dead with a mortal wound by her own people, and this made her like him.  The disposable slave left to die on a rock with hardly any mention-able life.  He knew this feeling in the depths of his soul, and he would not abandon her.  He didn't even know her name, but he would never let her die.  Never if he could prevent it.

"Tell me your name, Jen'jidai" He spoke softly, placing his hands on either side of her head on the table and cocking his head likewise to hers and staring at her eyes as they open and leaving his face the only thing she could possibly be looking at when she woke as his long black hair on either side of her face was blocking the rest of the room.
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Her eyes snapped into focus, the voice of this strange man breaking her out of her Force Trance. Her gaze narrowed. His face seemed to flicker faintly, almost like a distorted holo image. Whoever he was, he was most certainly not human. Despite his intentions, weather they were noble or not, he had saved her life. Where his hands rested against the table, she felt something. It wasn't just the warmpth of his presence, no. It ran much deeper and stronger than that. So much more than she had ever felt before, even with her Bond with Ren. That Force Bond seemed small and insignificant in comparison to whatever this was.

"My name.." She whispered softly, her methocial voice slightly husky from misuse. "I was never given one but the First Order has taken to calling me Drayga."

Her gaze lingered on his face, noting the sheer beauty of his features even though she had a suspicion that this Human like face was nothing more than a facade. When she mentioned the First Order, her anger spiked, causing both of her hands to clench at her sides. Though she was in a great deal of physical pain, it was nothing compared to the emotional pain of betrayal.

"Though I suppose now, that does not matter. You may call me what you wish."

It had been nearly a week since her arrival aboard the Finalizer and in that time, she had managed to not become annoyed with General Hux. Kylo Ren, on the other hand, was another matter. She was fighting with the Bond and it's growing threads that seemed to want to fuse them further together. It was almost as if he was purposely seeking her out aboard the ship no matter where she went. She would turn a corner and nearly collide into him but she was just quick enough to gracefully manuver around him as if she had known he was going to be there. He would reach out to touch her, steady her or stop her, but she would take a step back or away, nod her head and bid him a good day. She had barred him from entering her thoughts and her rooms, attempting to put as much distance between them as she could.

Today, unfortunately, was not one of her best days. As she rounded the corner after leaving General Hux's office, he was there. Before she could step around him, Ren's gloved hand shot out and grasped her upper arm nearly hard enough to bruise.

"I get the feeling that you are avoiding me, Drayga." His mechnical voice nearly purred with his annoyance.

"I am busy, Ren. There are things I must attent to." She replied politely, extracting her arm from his grasp rather forcefully.

"Such as?"

Her jaw clenched.

"That is not your concern."

"I have yet to see you doing anything that benefits the First Order."

Anger, rage so hot it was nearly a physical force roared to the surface. Instantly, she lashed out using both her Telekinetic and Force Choke abilities. Kylo Ren was picked up off of his feet and slammed quite hard into and through the metal door of an empty conference room. His large frame broke the table on it's way to being pinned against the glass window with a view of the void of space beyond.

"Everything I have ever done has benefited the First Order. I very nearly gave my life for the First Order. All the tears I've shed. The blood I have spilled. The pain I have endured has all been for the damnable First Order. You have no right to question me. None!" Her grip on his throat tightened.

"You will not question my motives nor my actions."

Without another word, she released him abruptly from the grasp and power of the Force. She spun on her heel and in a whisper of black robes, she was gone.

"She did what?!" Supreme Leader Snoke stood abruptly from his throne. The holo image flickered briefly. "She has truly grown more powerful. She seemes to have even eclipsed your power level, Ren." He sat back down, mulling over this development.

"Perhaps it would be to your benefit if you brought the Knights on board the Finalizer. We do not know what else she may be capable of and it would be best if they were at your side."

Kylo wasn't entirely sure that this would be a beneficial idea, considering that both he and Drayga knew what the Knights had done to her. Should he warn her? If he did not, her wrath would be a terrible thing to behold.

Her thumb brushed over the stone frog she held in her right hand. She mulled over her options as she lounged in the metal tub of the bathroom of her personal chambers. She knew that when Snoke found out she had lashed out at Kylo, he would resort to calling the Knights. This was what she had planned all along, to get them all in one area. This was her first step. Take the Knights out, disable them so that they could not stop her when she went for the Supreme Leader. As her thumb brushed over the unanimated frog in her grasp, it took a single cohesive image and projected it back to the recieving end of the transmission. It showed both her location aboard the Finalizer and the ship's location among the navigation charts.

The time has come. It was the only words she projected using a special telepathic link. One that would not interrupt the Force nor be detected by Kylo Ren. With those words, HE would know that it was the moment of reckoning. It was time for the Force Bond to be severed and a new connection to be ignighted.


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"Transmission intercepted.  Master, rise....Data stored, prepare relay."

"Translate and display." Came a gruffer than usual voice from Kozan.  

"Unable to display, spacial data unintelligible.  Relay prepared."

 He did not respond this time, just reached to the back of his head and cracked open his helmet, once more drenching his face in onyx locks of wavy hair and just like always, his surroundings flooded him in The Force.  His jaw rolled forward and he released a weak breath as he sorted through it all, teeth lightly chattering together for a brief moment before his lips seal and he opened his eyes once more within control of his perception.

"Transmit relay now." He said with a whispered quality to his voice, though it did not lower in volume.

 He closed his eyes before the relay began, and immediately felt his consciousness plowed over by distinctions of a ship, astrographical data, a route, Drayga.  But that was all she intended to share.  Still, it was more than enough data.  He focused with great strain to project what he was seeing to his Sphere, and after a while she brought up a holoscreen of projected routes.  There were three that would intercept the flagship, the Finalizer, at different intervals.  Before he could open his mouth to suggest one, a new array of information flooded the screen.  It showed Kozan's fleet had arrived within the boundaries of the Stygian Caldera, a vast nebula anomaly surrounding "Sith space."  It further computed that the entire fleet had the availability of intercepting the vessel in front while Kozan Saad himself could flank the Finalizer, coming out of hyperspace a matter of minutes behind them.

"Lord Lo'ska."  Saad requested, and in response a holoscreen depicting his face appeared.

"Yes, my Sith'ari." He spoke after a moment, bowing his head.

"Have you received the tactical data I have transmitted?  I want every ship capable of cloaking to do so, hold those that cannot behind those that can.  Do not engage or reveal yourselves until I have made contact from within."  He rolled on hastily, preparing his own vessel and himself for his own hyperspace jump.

"Sir?  What is this about? The beacon data is meaningless to our goal, as is this flagship, The Finalizer.  Why should we reveal ourselves this soon?" He questioned, about as meek as could be.  Likely worried of the consequences of speaking back, but doing so anyway.

"The Jen'jidai Kylo Red aboard is possibly carrying a Holocron that was taken as I was descending upon Korriban.  I intend to recover it, and the girl within the-"  He was explaining, something he seldom did for anyone, and it made light of a difference in him to Lo'ska.

"The girl!? Tave Zmones??  M'tye kash yunoks verciau prie zo grotthu!!" He exclaimed back at his Sith'ari, successfully, if only barely, containing visible displays of amusement.  He had said; 'The Human? She is little better over a slave!'

"Ir j'us valia threx nuyak karyian kia suta ji!!"  He roared back at the holoscreen, his eyes burning so brightly that they were visibly emanating red light while his Force Mask faded away, showing his sharp, ridged and charcoal colored Sith features, as well as displaying that his rage was such that his facial muscles were trembling, noticeable even over holovideo.  He screamed; "And YOU will lead MY army to SAVE her!!"

"Yes, sir!"  He quickly responded, terminating the feed and turning around to order the transmission of the battle plans to the fleet of ships and demanding immediate mobilization, intending to show his compliance visually before his Dark Lord was angered further.

 Lord Lo'ska stepped to the window at the side of the helm and watched as the 1 Battlecruiser, 3 heavy cruisers, 7 freighter and multiple passenger ships lit up to the side of Tave Laisvas and began to quickly assemble into hyperspace pattern and stood by for Lo'ska to make the jump first.  Saad watched all of this via holoscreen while he considered warning her of the ambush, as the Battlecruiser had no stealth, but the 3 heavy cruisers did have cloaking technology, but when formed up correctly, they efficiently block view, as it were.  When the ambush sprang, The Finalizer would be surrounded and infiltrated, and she would be ignorant of the chaos about to ensue.  Never-the-less, he chose against it, deciding that the removal of his mask was too great a compromise to give in to at this point.  If Kylo Ren and Snoke were looking, feeling for him, he would be noticed without the mask.  But it made him think back to the tomb on Korriban.  The girl.


"My name.." She whispered softly, her methodical voice slightly husky from misuse. "I was never given one but the First Order has taken to calling me Drayga."

Her gaze lingered on his face, noting the sheer beauty of his features even though she had a suspicion that this Human like face was nothing more than a facade. When she mentioned the First Order, her anger spiked, causing both of her hands to clench at her sides. Though she was in a great deal of physical pain, it was nothing compared to the emotional pain of betrayal.

"Though I suppose now, that does not matter. You may call me what you wish." She stated plainly.

His anger had flared when she said she was given no name, but it was more a kinship in the experience.  It was her statement that it did not matter that truly peaked that anger, the defeated and lost nature of such a sentence.  He spun away from her all of a sudden, lifting the enormously heavy lid of the stone sarcophagus into the air and tearing it in half with the Force violently enough that both ends skipped off the floor and shatter against the walls on either side.  "It Always matters!!"  He roared at the long dead Sith Lord before him, reaching out and grabbing the Turadium orb from his hands. So well preserved, it seemed, that the skeleton did not fall apart from the violent removal of the object.  Though he'd lost his composure, he'd not forgotten his purpose, this metal and two holocrons.  

"You have self, girl. And that matters. I will call you Jena'tes.  In your Basic it means 'Darkness,' and it is what we will rain down upon our enemies, yours and mine. But for your name, I can only offer an ancient Sith proverb.  While you are not of us, learn it's intended lesson well;  "We take what we desire because we can. We can because we have power. We have power because we are Sith." He finished, turning around to show her the bounty he had arrived for.  The large orb was incredibly heavy, but it was one of the very few amounts of it in the known galaxy and it is rarer still for being almost totally impervious.  Only multiple heavy blows from a lightsaber or heavy laser cannons were capable of breaching it, and at that it was still many direct hits.  "Would you like a 'people,' a home?  You and I walk the same path, and I do not mean the way of Dark.  I have shared in your misfortunes long ago.  But I can take it all away, mold it into raw power and give it back to you twice over, and the heads of your betrayers."

Again he was forced to mentally reflect upon the fact that he was behaving and feeling differently.  Feeling.  What that word meant before these sensations, he did not know.  It must have occurred on Ambria, but all that should have been there was hate, malice and envy for the living.  Well, except for Jedi Master Thon.  He recalled the history of Thon, flashing through his memories, his abilities, his private thoughts.  There was not the smallest shred of Dark to Thon, none at all.  He was a purely light Force-user, but his greatest characteristic by far was his compassionate nature.  And this is what explained his behavior.  Compassion is unconditional love, and the imprint of that unconditional love was the most influential portion of his power, and as a side-effect, it was infecting Kozan's mind with emotions he had never felt before, being a slave.

Turadium sphere

He had returned to where she lay, sitting down on the table next to her arm while he rolled the sphere in his hands over and over, staring at it's glistening and broken surface as he waited for her to respond.  He was thinking about the couple weeks ahead of him before his fleet was prepared to join him at Korriban, and felt an exhilaration, like a shock.  There was so much buried here, and so much of it that the Dark Jedi who enslaved the Sith species had never known of, as it had already been buried by 3 layers of tombs for thousands of years.  There were at least 2 holocrons within the Valley of Dark Lords that he knew of for certain were still in their respective tombs, probably a few dozen scrolls and tablets, and double that in tomes.  There were ancient weapons, arts, techniques, spells and alchemical recipes here for the take, if you looked hard enough and had the required payments to unseal passages, which almost always was live blood, like the tomb she opened and the sarcophagus behind him.  If she chose, she could share with him his bounty here.

-------------Flashback End---------------

His reminiscence ended abruptly as the Sith Meditation Sphere entered hyperspace, so deep in thought he had been, he didn't even notice the restraints fixing around his body.  Despite the safety of them, the abrupt jarring snapped him back to the here and now.  He watched the flickering blue of his sphere's central processing center for several seconds before closing his eyes and putting himself into a meditative state.
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His display of anger did not phase her. She had witnessed various displays of such in the past, especially with Ren's tantrums. But Kozan's were not associated with child-like behavior. There was a deep rooted emotion, something akin to familiarity with her past that they shared a common bond with. Was this why she felt something stir in her that was oh so much stronger than the Bond she shared with Ren? Carefully, she sat up, inhaling with a hiss through her teeth as the stitches and bandages pulled against her fused and abused flesh. She used that pain, embraced it and made it her own as she sat up fully off of the stone she had been laying upon. Jena'tes. There was something about the word that called to her, something that went straight to a heart that should have been as black as her hair.

She watched him in silence as he ripped the orb from the skeletal hands of the dead, marveling at the history and knowledge that must be hidden here, and not just in this cache but the very planet itself. She had heard rumors and speculations of Korriban, but to actually be on it's surface was another matter. She had intentions of storing the holocron on her ship before exploring the ruins of the planet, but the Knights had changed her plans.

When he sat down beside her, she let her gaze difter over their surroundings briefly before coming to rest on him once again. By the Force he was beauiful. She fought the urge to reach up and brush the long dark hair away from his face so she could look at him without something blocking a part of that dark beauty.

"A home." She whispered softly, turning her gaze away from his for a moment. "Something I have always dreamed of and yet, it has always been just out of reach." She turned to him then, making sure that when she moved, she turned the entirety of her upper body so the stitches wouldn't pull as harshly. For once in her life, a genuine smile ghosted the corners of her lips.

"There is nothing I would value more. However, it occurs to me that I do not know your name."

After the moments peace in the bath, Drayga returned to her personal quarters and dressed. She took care donning each piece of the armor that she and Kozan had crafted. The corset like body suit was made of finely crafted black leather, stitched with red thread that showed up stark against the darkness. The sleeves of the corset were tucked into elbow length black leather gloves, belted at her upper arms. Sitting low on her hips was a black leather belt. Hanging from the belt were long black talbards, giving her lower regions a sense of modesty and free range of movement. Black leather boots were lacked and bucked over her knees and nearly to mid thigh, stopping just short of hiding the red insignia tattoo on her right thigh. The tattoo was of a symbol that was both familiar and foreign to her. A symbol she had seen in her dreams and meditations for years.

Once she was finished dressing, she ran a brush through her hair quickly, securing it back in a single tight braid. The Knights were coming. She felt, surprisingly, at peace. At least for the moment. The next several hours would prove to be a true test.


Enter the Knights of Ren..

She felt them the instant they entered the same system. Despite her meditative trance, her hands closed tightly into fists, the leather of her gloves whispering with the force of her grip. Her anger, her rage threatened to boil over, but she ran her thumb over the small talisman she kept secured to the end of the lightsaber she wielded with her left hand. Since the Pureblood Sith were known to be dominantly left handed, she thought it rather fitting to place it on the same side. The talisman was of a small flower, indigenous to Kozan's native planet. He had given it to her before they had parted ways. As her thumb brushed across it, she felt her emotions still, becoming as smooth as an untouched lake.

"We take what we desire because we can. We can because we have power. We have power because we are Sith." Her words were a mere whisper as she repeated the proverb he had once spoken to her.

She stood swiftly, feeling the presence of the one of the Knights moving through the halls. From the subtle hum she pegged him for The Monk. She edged her way towards the door to the training room. She had abilities that none of them knew about and her power was nearly three times that of when she had encountered them on Korriban. It was funny really that none of them knew just how powerful she was now. With Force Concealment in place, none of them would be any wiser.

The Monk passed in a whisper of robes, his hands steepled in front of him even as he walked. Drayga moved silently out from the door way, following the figure as he moved towards his personal chambers. Most of the Knights were stationed on the same floor as their Master Ren just as she had been placed.  She didn't have to wonder if it had been intentional. She was betting Snoke had ordered the General to give her rooms near them just to see what she would do. Perhaps they expected her to attack them, but they would never expect her to bring an entire fleet with her.

She slipped into a deeply shadowed alcove as the Monk entered his personal chambers. Now all she had to do was wait.

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He found meditation difficult for reasons that were unfamiliar to him.  He had spent most of his life, at least since being left on that moon, sleeping nearly on command, and after awakening to The Force he was similarly gifted at producing focusing meditative trances, even sharing them with nearby Force-sensitives. This was not a battle meditation, more like warming up your body and connection with The Force before battle.  It took time to render results, typically having greater effect the longer it is performed while enhancing one's reserves instead of draining them even over long spans.

The best example of this trance is what Saad did on Ambria.  Before being frozen in carbonite and placed within his Sith Meditation Sphere, he had entered into a week's long trance, having left instructions for the fleet, and specifically Lord Lo'ska.  It was the week of meditation that allowed him to have the fortitude to keep his mind and therefore the trance active after being frozen.  And it was 3 years that he remained in that state before he descended upon Ambria, and that incredible display he performed was owed entirely to the bolstering of those 3 years, and was consequently drained entirely in the doing.   Never-the-less, Saad walked away from the experience having vastly increased his base strength, abilities, understanding and even Force Powers.  It was a fact though, that he had not learned or become able to use many, many Force Powers that those he consumed had used on many occasions throughout their lives, and this fact did not escape Saad, though he couldn't explain it further than a lack of actual training.


"A home." She whispered softly, turning her gaze away from his for a moment. "Something I have always dreamed of and yet, it has always been just out of reach." She turned to him then, making sure that when she moved, she turned the entirety of her upper body so the stitches wouldn't pull as harshly. For once in her life, a genuine smile ghosted the corners of her lips.

"There is nothing I would value more. However, it occurs to me that I do not know your name."

 Saad responded with a chuckle at first, much to even his own surprise, and with the faintest trace of a smile, set the orb of Turadium down on the edge of the table and stood up.  Briefly looking down his own body.  His bright red robes, sullied heavily from the ancient red dust in the tome, mask across the room on the table, blood drenched hands down to his elbows.  His brown-red phrik armor had even been splashed, flecked and spilt upon by her blood, which resulted in almost black coagulated stains, and one could even tell that his pitch black leather, and also phrik-armored, pants were covered in blood and the red dust of Korriban.  As he turned back around to her, he pulled his hair out of his face, tucking it behind his ears, and it was then that he reversed his Force-mask and revealed his true face to her.  The structure and shape of the face did not alter at all, the eyebrow hair simply absorbed into the skin, but then the ridges appeared across each brow, small black protrusions that were greatly resembling spikes dotted out of his skin from the upper corners of his mouth down in a straight line  to his chin, where these protrusions were longer and twisted together on his chin, which made it somewhat flame-like in appearance.
The rest of his face hardly changed, and in truth the second most significant difference was simply that his skin was not perfect anymore.  It was still smooth to the touch and appearance where there were no ridges or spikes, but there were now pores that could noticeably be seen, a few small centimeter long scars around where his left ear joins his head, looking likely to be animal related.  But the absolute most noticeable thing about him was the fact that he was young.  Possibly appearing no older than mid-20s in standard years, but retaining a charming and mature aspect. This is possible because it had only been 13 years since he awakened to the Force, and he was 13 when that happened.

"I believe you are the first sentient to ever meet me under my most pleasant forms, and I look unkempt aside from.  Like you I was never given a name.  Once I was called by my class of Kissai, or priest.  Not too long after I was called by another class, Grotthu.  This means slave.  I chose the name Kozan Saad.  Kozan is what we called a deadly shrub with sweet black berries that may kill you if you eat them, yet means nothing in our language, which is why I chose it.  Saad is my tribute to my Father, a conversation for another time."  He finished as he produced a flower from the shrub from within his robes for her to see, then placed it atop the orb of Turadium.  He used them in his alchemical ritual to create a Derriphan, something he would teach to her in the coming days and had a few dozen of the blossoms in his sphere, as well as the berries.
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When he revealed to her, his true appearance, that of a Pureblood Sith, she stood before him in silent awe. Here she was standing before a race thought to be extinct, a race of which the Sith Empire had derived from. A proud race of strong Force sensitive beings capable of great many things and yet there had been a cruelness to them, especially when it came to the social status of their own kind and of others. Instinctively, she reached up slowly with her hand. When her fingertips were a mere inch away from touching the surface of his charcoal hued flesh, she seemed to draw her fingers back for a moment, perhaps thinking twice. Steeling her will, she flexed those fingers, still stained with her own dried blood and finally sated her curiousity, letting her skin come in contact with the ridge of his cheekbone. It was almost as if her touch shifted the color of his flesh, giving it a faint red iradescent shimmer to the otherwise dark hue. It was beautiful, breath taking really. He was very warm, almost hot to the touch. Afraid of him she was not, but intrigued, fascinated even. Perhaps even a bit enthralled.

From the folds of his robes he produced a flower, no bigger than the size of her palm. It's petals were a deep dark purple that was almost black in color with faint veins of a deep fuschia running alone the center of each petal. Like it's owner it was dark and beautiful with the potential for danger. Being within the same room as such beautiful things, she felt a bit self-councious with her matted hair and the tattered remains of her armor. The blood had dried leaving her feeling stiff as it clung to her in patches. Washing at this point would not be easy with the tight stitches littering her back, but it was something she was almost growing desperate to do.

"I don't suppose there is some kind of remaining underground spring, or water of any kind around here, is there? I am almost desperate to wash this blood off of me."


Drayga watched from her spot among the shadowed ceiling of the training room, a leg braced on either side of her on opposite walls, the back of her neck against the angle of the ceiling. She was deeply cloaked in Force Concealment, using a bit of her Telekinetic ability on herself to keep her aloft as she watched The Rogue and The Monk converse among themselves. Their voices sounded artifical from the helmets they wore. She remembered these two well, often seen whispering among themselves even with the rest of the Knights present. Neither of them were aware of her presence, at least yet. She continued to watch them for several more seconds before dropping down silently from her perch. She landed gracefully in a crouch, a hand braced against the floor while she held a deactivated saber in the grip of her left hand, the same one with the metallic talisman dangling from the hilt. Both of their backs were to her as they spoke.

"Why would Master Ren call us all here on such short notice?" The Rogue inquired, seeming to fidget with one of the hidden pockets at his left leg. No doubt secretly fondling some kind of blade he had hidden there.

"From what I understand, Supreme Leader Snoke sensed some kind of disturbance in the Force or something that had him paranoid."

Snoke paranoid? That was almost laughable. Unheard of. At least to the Knights. To Drayga, it was music to her ears. She stood slowly, the activation of her saber being the only noise heard within the sudden silence of the room. Both Knights stiffened, turning their heads slowly to glance over their shoulders.

"Hello, boys. Been a long time."

It was in that moment, they knew exactly why the Supreme Leader had called them here. It had either been to their own deaths, or he was paranoid because Drayga had returned.

"You live." The Monk whispered, shock evident in his mechnical voice.

"Unfortunately for you both, yes." Before either of them could respond, the flash of a dark saber blade with an eerie red glow took their heads cleanly off of their shoulders. Their bodies dropped to their knees, both detached heads slowly rolling to a stop at her boot clad feet.

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Two of his Knights dead. He stood over their headless bodies, hands clenched tightly at his sides. The heads themselves were missing, pressumably taken by the one who killed them and Kylo Ren had an inkling he knew who had done just that.

"Find her." He ordered the Stormtrooper beside him, tilting his head faintly over his shoulder. "She must still be on the ship. Find her and bring her to me."

"Yes, my Lord." The small squadron of Troopers turned abruptly on their heels and marched out of the training room. They were almost relieved that Ren hadn't gone through one of his infamous temper tantrums. Especially since his former training partner had just killed two of the Knights of Ren single handedly.

"Supreme Leader Snoke must be made aware of this, Ren." General Hux's nasally voice spoke out from where he stood behind him, surveying the carnage that Drayga had left behind. "If she is strong enough to to single handedly dispatch two Knights on her own, then what is keeping her from destroying us all?"



Ren sighed, turning to face the General.

"If there is anyone that can stop her, it is me."

The red-head moved forward, daring to close the distance between them.

"Do not overestimate your power over her, Ren. She has been dead for several years by all accounts. She may very well not be the same woman you had known in the past. Tread carefully, or you will bring destruction down on all of us."

"Sir!" An out of breath officer came running into the room, stopping short as her eyes caught the headless bodies at the feet of her two superiors. She pitched forward, bracing her hands on her knees as she attempted to catch her breath.

"What is it, Officer?" General Hux inquired, turning stiffly on his highly polished boots.

"S-several unidentified vessels have just entered the system and have surrounded the Finalizer."

"What?! How were they not picked up on our scanners?"

"I-I don't know, sir." She replied, ringing her hands nervously as she stood up straight. "There was no warning until they were physically spotted by our gunners. It seems they have jammed our communications."


She knew they would be looking for her after the message she had left them. She had expected it, anticipated it even. She stood, leaning almost casually against the doorway that led into the interrogation room. Inside, lay the headless body of The Sniper. She took a moment, readjusting the black back she carried that held the three heads of the slaughtered Knights. There were only two remaining. The Heavy and The Armory. These two she had kept for last since they had both been the ones who had a hand in her torture and near death. The Armory had supplied the tools and the Heavy had been the one to get his hands dirty.

The sound of the proximity alarm broke her moment of serenity. Had General Hux and Ren called for renforcements so soon? She almost chuckled, but a trickle of excitement trailed down her spine, almost as if someone had used the Force to reach out and touch her. It was almost as if a physical hand brushed down along that sensitive curve, ignoring the armor she wore and the scars that resided there. The only person capable of doing so was Kozan. Was that his signal to her, letting her know that he was the one that had arrived?

The Ancient Sith term for Protector was something she had adopted as a term of endearment for him. It was this word she spoke, whispering both out loud and directly through the link they shared.

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"It would be a terrible assumption for one to believe that anything of value is easily found naturally occuring on Korriban."  He stated very plainly in a flat tone.  Nothing would be that simple here, and there was no one coming for weeks, getting to anything even as mundane as a water source would be a challenge of not just endurance and skill but resourcefulness and intelligence.

His mind wanted to push on, logically speaking she should not travel, another day, perhaps two, before she would be fit to protect herself from possible traps and sithspawn that may have gone mad in the under-crypts, which was the only way to go.  Not only because his goals lie there but because water would be accessible somewhere near every alchemy  room and it would be flowing and clean, but also would be now extinct specimens of components for Sith alchemy, effectively giving him a wider range of ability on and off the battlefield.
But there again, something was holding him back, and once more he reflected on Jedi Master Thon.  Perhaps he was still alive as himself within Saad, which made possession a very real possibility. And while he overcame Adas, who was not truly resisting and aside from was dark, which made him very familiar to Saad.  Thon on the other hand was a radically different species and even if that weren't a factor in interpreting something's actions, he was highly, if not totally and at maximum, Light and good in ways that profoundly confused Saad.  And one cannot overcome an unknown or unknowable opponent easily, if at all.  

Eye contact again, something to it all.  Her eyes reminded him of swimming, which made no sense to him, and therefore instilled a small anger into his mind.  After only a moment of emotionless glancing, he looked away and brushed the back of his hand down his red robes, throwing a small cloud of red-brown dust off, focusing his mind on the topic at hand and away from the fact that she, somehow, was making him feel uncomfortable.  And as he began to process the fact that his mind once more produced the word 'feel' yet again, he immediately blurted out the first topic-related thing he could come up with

"If you can not do without, you can bite down on the pain and we can carry on.  There will be traps, we will be attacked by sithspawn, and there will be challenges ahead that require long-lasting and dexterous use of The Force.  With every step we take through that door," He now motioned briefly to the sarcophagus with the Sith Lord standing in it, and then rested his left forearm across the edge of the stone table.  "We could be set upon by some heinous machination of defense and slaughter, placed very carefully to protect the contents of the vast under-crypts that run like an underground city.  Water is likely only an hour or two away, but I don't think you will live to taste or feel it if we leave now, Jena'tes."

When he pulled his forearm back away from the table it scraped somewhat loudly, which brought his attention back to the Turadium orb.  His right hand swept up like a blur, snatching the delicate flower from the top of it before picking it up in his left hand.  "I rushed in here hours ago and left my ship just outside the entrance, and I plan to keep this quite safe until I need it.  Stay here and I will bring you back something."  He said softly before turning left, crossing the room and grabbing his mask from the table.  As it was an actual Yuuzhan Vong skull, he could not even pick it up with the Force to retrieve it, and putting it on was making one's self  blind and deaf to the Force, though they could still utilize direct usage of non-mentally-dominant skills.  He didn't just leave at that, but instead returned to her at the table and set his mask down beside her before outstretching both of his hands above her, and from the opening at the top of the stairs came flipping both of her lightsabers which sucked gracefully into his grasp.  He then placed these near here hand and took one more moment before leaving back up the steps.

"You are not safe here, do not believe you are.  You are surrounded on all sides by the dead and their spirits, and there are a great many predators lurking Korriban, above and below."  His need to tell her to be safe met in his own was by urging that she was not safe.  A statement that was redundant and obvious, therefore useless.  He stole another moment as he picked up and donned his mask and then sped around the table and hurried up the stairs with the Turadium orb.  

He navigated back out just as easily as he had come, and took no noticeable amount of time longer to be battered by the cruel Horuset once more, Korriban's sun.   The frontal hatch of the sphere opened immediately upon his crossing the threshold, and with several graceful hops he descended the long stairs leading up to the unnamed tomb.  When he reached it, he made a leap directly into it to speed up the process and tossed the Turadium orb at the far corner of his meditation circle almost as soon as his feet touched, guiding it gently down to the floor with the Force.  The ship immediately barraged him with inquiries.

"Master, is that the Turadium?  Why were you gone so long?  The bioscan is reading stabilized life signs in the sentient you found, what is it?  How did it live when I watched it's signs terminate?  Did they take the Holocron, you do not-"

"Enough!"  He barked, simply to and effectively silencing her.  "Yes, that is the Turadium.  She is alive and well.  Is the incubator finished?"

"Yes, this yield of fungal spores was 47% larger than the last yield.  Why does this matter, where is the Holocron, Master?"  There was a long round cylinder that ran the outer ring of the sphere which rolled upward and opened, and within were large starch white mushrooms grown into each other in clusters, each one had 6 or more patches of red-pink coloring in random spots.

"She's hungry and thirsty.  Is there any water to purge from the evaporative in-flux condenser on the incubator?  I want you to calculate the closest last known alchemy laboratory to the tomb I was in, there will be running water there."  He continued, breaking off individual mushrooms and plunging them into a wide and deep fold of his robes that were for such large things and filled it for the most part with 8 of them, which left roughly 2 dozen left in the 3 meter long curved cylinder.

"Master!"  She raised her voice considerably and a great deal of the loving undertones were gone.  "Where is the Holocron?  This 'She' is not relevant." She stated in her former growled and distorted voice, but Saad seemed to ignore it.

"The 6 that tried to kill her took it, send the probe to track possible hyperspace routes from the jump location if you are so concerned with it."  He droned on at her, seeming unaffected by her behavior and pulling a long water-skin  from the opposing end of the sphere.  "Purge the water.  Now."

Into the opening he placed under a drainage hose poured 2 1/2 liters of clean water rather rapidly.  He did not speak the entire duration of this, but that was only 2 minutes of time.  He had no sooner placed the cap into the opening of the skin that she chimed up again.

"What are you doing?"  She asked sweetly.

"Clearly I am gathering provisions."  He responded monotonously.

"No, what are you doing, Master?  Have you forgotten that there is a goal, or perhaps what that goal is?"  She continued in the same voice.

"No..."  He drug the word out slightly, his eyes narrowing behind his mask.

"You waste valuable time and energy on this weak creature.  You have no need of these nourishment."  She finally accused.

"I do not take dictation from my means of transport.  I breathed vitality into you and I will tear it back out of you if you continue to berate me.  I gave you my charity once, or had you forgotten?  Leave this valley and find a suitable landing sight that is not easily seen.  You can fit where almost nothing else can, use that and keep my Turadium safe." He hissed and growled at the female voice, finalizing the conversation by standing up and leaping right back out onto the ground of Korriban once more before ascending back into the tomb once more.

He had only achieved a few of the steps before the sphere shot directly up and followed the valley before taking a sharp turn North-East and vanishing.  Saad never even looked back at it.



His mind was once more pulled back to the surface when the sphere dropped out of hyperspace within visual distance of the incredible behemoth that was the Finalizer.  Saad himself had to stare for a few moments, noticing first off that this vessel alone could possibly inflict enormous casualties upon his fleet, which was not massive.  If they were much more maneuverable vessels, it would be possible.  This was suicide in a dog-fight.  The un-manned auto-turrets alone could probably win the fight against his slower moving cruisers ahead.  This presented a secondary problem.  Saad and the sphere were unable to send any type of message to the fleet from behind the Finalizer without it being picked up, or removing the helmet and revealing himself to every Force-sensitive aboard it in order to warn Lord Lo'ska.  His options fell totally upon infiltrating and inflicting damage before the Finalizer reaches his ships.  If he could cause enough chaos within that huge ship, it would increase the chances, but he already knew that after he was detected he would likely tell Lo'ska to fall back and avoid heavy casualties.  

"Close the distance discretely but try to get an direct line of sight on their tractor beam suspension bay airlock doors.  If you get too close, that thing will destroy us both."

"I do not understand.  Explain."

"You will eject me at high speed at those airlock doors.  The Force will protect me and I am wearing an O2 unit.  I should only be in the vacuum for a few seconds, if you do not miss."  He said, humor scratching away at him from within.

"I do not miss, Master. Though I can not calculate an alternative option Master, reconsideration may be a valid avenue." She began to sound concerned.

"You won't miss, now go, I'm ready.  After I'm clear of you, make a short jump to hyperspace and tell Lord Lo'ska that the shields need 150% more power at least, this vessel is massive and powerful. Make him aware, then stay away.  I will summon you after." He said, making up his mind and rising to a knee and steeling himself for what would come in a few moments.  At long last, he deemed it necessary to touch the blade he had forged with Drayga's help on Korriban, as until now he felt the dark hunger within the blade itself and finds it infectious.  Even as he picked the weapon up from the rack it had been in by it's sheath, he felt the urge pierce through him, white hot and greedy.  After pulling open his robes on the right, he slid the blade, pointed upward along his spine below the fabric and by using the Force delicately, he ensnared the weapon in it securely and he took his mind into that dark place within him before he bore down death upon the inhabitants of this massive ship.

"Wait, Master.  What is the strategy?  You have given no instructions to relay except that the weapons on this ship are easily too powerful for our cruisers.  What do you want me to tell them?"  She questioned in an almost panicked tone.

"Just have them all divert all available energy to shielding, take evasive action when needed and at no point should ANY star fighters be deployed.  I am not here for mass casualties.  I intend to blind them from within, take away their sensory array and targeting systems before I disable their hyperdrive.  I need them all to stay back and appear an imposing threat.  As I consider, instruct all priests to the meditation shrines.  I will need illusions,  specifically an identical sized fleet as our own to arrive, they all must focus together, the drop from hyperspace must look convincing.  Kinta Serrai and I will handle the rest."  He rolled on boldly, pride clearly evident in his voice as he insisted that he
and this human female were capable of disabling the ship without shots fired in space.

"Do as I say."  He finished with, balling both hands into fists and pressing them both against the floor, he looked up at the hatch and drew in his final breath before withstanding the vacuum of space.

"Yes, Master." She replied, a single holoscreen appearing with a series of navigational paths to avoid being easily targeted and a final approach that ended 100 meters beneath the Finalizer and was marked with hyperspace coordinates that were only a very short distance away, but it would break their ability to track it entirely for several minutes.

And with that, the sphere shot into a 'sprint' that arched wildly off to the side of the Finalizer, and was consequently picked up on their sensors immediately after leaving the propulsion trail.

"Sir!!  There is a very small vessel pulling away from us at a very high rate, I've never seen anything like this."  The technician at the sensory array panel called out to his commanding officer.

As the Imperial officer above him was moving toward the terminal, General Hux and Kylo Ren entered onto the bridge.  Kylo Ren must have felt it, because he turned directly away from the General and stalked quickly over to the sensory array, stopping next to the technician and placing a gloved hand down on the man's shoulder as he leaned forward and stared at the shape of the craft.  He had never seen or heard of anything like it either, and next noticed that it was not generating a propulsion wake.

"What is that?!"  His mechanical voice boomed down at the technician, who's skin was already crawling under the touch of Kylo's hand on his shoulder and now was fighting of noticeably trembling.  He began to open his mouth to tell the Dark Lord that he did not know when Kylo cut him off with a much more tempered question.  "Where did it come from?  It's fleeing."  And he leaned in a little further, taking his focus off of the near sick with fright technician.

"What is it?"  The General finally chimed in.

"Contact Snoke immediately, this is a trap.  Have him send everyone."  He calmly explained while he stood back up from the sensory panel and turned to look at Hux.  "Prepare for a battle, General.  I'm going to find Drayga, stay here." His mechanical voice droned these words out like it had been laborious to Kylo, and perhaps it was, the thought of finding and killing someone you're so connected to.

The Heavy and The Armory were waiting just outside, and fell in line with Kylo Ren's pace as he walked past, but said nothing because they knew what was happening, could feel their 3 allies fall.  What they could not sense as they quickly stalked down the corridor behind their leader was that the unknown ship had turned around.  It achieved a high speed and appeared as though it was going to crash into the Finalizer, but had nearly stopped 400 meters away from the tractor beam containment bay's outer airlock and adjusted course downward, then vanished, leaving only a clear wake from a hyperspace jump.

What the monitors did not show was that the frontal hatch of the unidentified vessel had opened when it nearly stopped, and from that airlock hatch shot a bright red clad being who continued the original course at the same rate.  He had projected a protection bubble of pressure around his body as soon as he felt the vacuum pull him off the floor of the meditation circle and watched The Finalizer getting bigger and bigger every time he flipped over as he shot toward it at an alarming rate.  In truth, he couldn't stop flipping yet, simply too far away from anything with mass to steady himself with yet.  That single breath was beginning to burn in his chest when, as he flipped over, he saw his sphere flash brightly and then jump to hyperspace and directly according to plan, not a shot fired so far.

As they turned down a hall, that same technician from the array panel came bursting into view, out of breath and flagging with his hands  "Wait!"  He called.

"Sir!  That small vessel changed it's course and flew directly at us, but at the last minute dove and jumped to hyperspace below us, sir." Spat out the middle-aged technician to the stopped but non-responsive group of robe and armor clad men.

"Distraction, it's meaningless. So are you."  Kylo Ren finally replied after the eternity of four seconds had passed and a tantrum finally boiled over, evidenced by his quick ignition of his fierce red saber.  Before he could do anything with it though, a ship-wide alarm began blaring.  Without yet disabling his saber, he looked up at the lights and listened to the notice.

"Attention: Pressure destabilized in Tractor beam Suspension bay 4!  Tractor beam bays Locked down!"  Came the serene voice of the ship calmly paraphrasing the issue and result over the waves of high pitched blaring.

Moments before he collided with the airlock door of tractor beam suspension bay 4, he reached out with the Force as soon as he was facing the doors, not only stopping himself from spinning any more but began prying them open with massive will alone.  His speed didn't change and as his was a will far greater than a simple or complex machination he did indeed part the doors and drift safely through them.  He next threw his right hand out before him and his left behind and began opening the inner airlock doors before the outer were quite closed yet.  This was all to the purpose of causing confusion and chaos throughout the ship.

He succeeded in closing the outer doors before he was drug back toward them and as atmosphere and pressure from the ship filled the airlock chamber, he fell gracefully to his feet in the enormous antechamber to the suspension bay.  Now he gestured with both hands as he pried open the inner doors and exhaled the very last of his 1 breath, to take in the almost stale and sanitary filtered air of the Finalizer.  As soon as the doors were clear of each other enough for him to get through he dropped his arms and made a dash at it. It wasn't quite a sprint, just moved quickly as he knew that if no one was yet here, they soon would be.

The moment he cleared it, his whole head turned up and left and he rapidly scanned the walls and ceiling.  He made note of conduits, locations of lights and exits as his head quickly rolled to the right, his body emulating the motion directly as he lifted up on the toes of his tight and thin leather boots and swept to the right and, despite his taller stature drawing very low to the ground, he slipped into a shadow that was only 10 meters away and began working himself into the deepest corner of it he slammed the inner airlock doors shut and began to wait.

Meanwhile, Kylo Ren had just finished pulling the flaming red blade of his lightsaber out of the technician's chest and was already screaming in a tantrum-resembling tone at a storm trooper within sight to assemble the 122nd and 123rd strike squads in there right now.

"Don't stand there, GOOO" He roared in impatience, all the while unable to break his fixation on Drayga.  This all was her, everything was her and she was everything.  She was still on the Finalizer, and somehow he knew it for certain, and he would continue to search for her.  "AND FIND DRAYGA NOW!!"

A matter minutes later, Saad watched silently from the shadow he was crouched in.  His heart-rate increased as the doors spread apart and 50 imperial Storm Troopers flooded into the room in a tactical field-of-fire positioned groups of 5 and every other 2 had a trooper in the center with a flamethrower.  They came in and spread out to either side of the door, checking in all directions and then filled the gap in between with the rest before spreading out in groups of 10 to sweep the room.  2 of the groups with flamethrowers immediately headed for the stairs of either side of the room to sweep the upper level and Saad felt it was time.  He reached up to the back of his head and slid his claws into the grooves just as his eyes began to glow brightly within his mask and then were blacked out by a black fog which was now pouring from the eye holes before he pulled the back open and dropped it into his lap.

Every Storm Trooper in the room felt it when it happened, every single one of the stopping and looking around briefly before continuing.  Kylo Ren stopped dead in his tracks as he was leaving a series of offices he just looked in and with a heaved breath ran for the door back to the corridor.  By the time he reached it, so were The Heavy and The Armory, each looking to Kylo for direction, and he who was just trying to pinpoint it.  Even General Hux felt it as he was speaking to the blue hologram of Snoke, it sent a chill through him and broke his train of thought briefly.

The one that felt it the most clearly must have been Drayga, who he was now reaching out to, telling her to come to him, to the tractor bay 4 even as a Doppelganger of Kozan Saad still wearing his mask appeared standing in the middle of the room.  This Saad was wearing a purely black variant of the red robes that the real Kozan had on, and screamed out an unintelligible hissed word to announce himself to the Storm Troopers, all of whom immediately turned and fired indiscriminately in the general direction on the first floor.  The Doppelganger didn't just stand there, though.  No, it became a flurry of movement as red blaster bolts came flying at it, and it sliding and rolling across the floor past, beneath, around them, and appearing to not be hit.  It was many, many times, but it was not real, so it did not feel a thing.  After a few of them began to reload, it continued a dodging behavior and ran directly into one of the groups without a Flame Trooper in it, and at that moment it reached beneath it's robe and pulled free an identical blade to the one Kozan had.  It sidestepped right, dove forward, tucked and rolled right up to the first trooper as Saad fired a single blade from his Lanvarok.  He guided this blade through the air and brought it in an upward angle to match the stroke the Doppelganger applied.  And as it visually plunged half of the meter long blade between his helmet and chest-plate, the circular blade shot through and out the other side, spraying out blood across the 3 Storm Troopers behind him.  

The sword hadn't even been pulled away by the Doppelganger before 4 more Lanvarok disks cut through the same spot on the armor of four more.  It pulled the sword free only just before the man dropped on his own, and then ran into the rest of the group, but right past them and when they turned to continue attacking it rounded a support pillar in the room and vanished.  When the other 25 on the first floor all ran into the same corner, the real Saad saw his opening and while he tied the leather harness he made for his mask around it he burst out into the room after them all.  They didn't notice at first, the priest-made-debased-hunter was fleet of foot and silent, moved low to the ground, sometimes using his fingertips, and he, even in his bright red robes, had mad it within 5 meters of them before a Storm Trooper from the second floor spotted him and fired a single warning shot behind Saad to alert the rest of them.

They spun around to see the savage and snarled, enraged and spiked features of Kozan Saad leaping into the group of 25 fearlessly.  His robes seemed to flair out from his body, tattered shreds of it wafting every-which-way as he landed upon a Flame Trooper's shoulders, which greatly distorted vision and especially their helmet's targeting system.  He had hopped with minimum force from the Flame Trooper's shoulders nearly as soon as he landed there and his sword swung around him in it's sheath it's point coming to rest on his hip before the rest flipped over right into his left hand. He hardly even pulled on the blade, as he had a portion of his robes constrict the sheath and pull it away, and as the sheath cleared the tip of the wide blade, he pulled the handle up to his collar and he plunged the tip of his black longsword into the chest of a Storm Trooper directly behind him, and despite the worthy defense of their Imperial armor, a hole twice the size of the blade shattered at the point of impact and the blade sunk in until hitting the resistance of the back plate.  His clawed right hand reached down behind him and took an enormous grip upon the fuel line from the tank to the compressor for the flamethrower and tore it off as he jumped to the left right off of the trooper's body while Conflagrin-14, the combustible gel fuel of the flamethrower, began oozing out and onto the floor. The black sword came twisting around his body, the blood of the last trooper slinging from it's tip and his robes further writhing about in the air and while blaster fire erupted around him, the sword came lashing downward and Kozan laid the edge of it down across a Storm Trooper's collarbone in a backhand motion, which shattered the armor on point of impact and cleaved the soldier open.

 This sort of brutality was not something these troopers were expecting or prepared for, as most real combat dealt more exclusively with burns at this point in history, and as a thin veil of bright red blood sprayed out of the cleaved open soldier into the air, and quite literally was blocking the vision of multiple trooper's visors, was not a typical thing to deal with for these men.  Panic began to set in on many of them, and one of them was the Flame Trooper, who couldn't see anything but red blurs and was repeatedly pulling the trigger of his flamethrower, which only was covering him and the floor in a napalm-like substance.

Kozan struck out his left leg, kicking the Storm Trooper who's chest his sword was cleaved into in the stomach and sending him flipping away into 2 other Storm Troopers before reaching into his robes with his left hand and pulling out a very dark red crystal ring, in it were circular veins of silver and black rings and crouched down low as a Storm Trooper fired at him.  He slid this ring across the floor and up to the doused Flame Trooper's feet before Force leaping high into the air and grabbing onto the railing of the second story behind a row of monitors and panels and looked back down, pointing his left hand with the sword back at the ring.  He focused on the single incredibly small mechanical component within it, activating it's even tinier power-cell, and it lit up in a flaming red, a constant escalating hum coming from it as it rapidly began to expand.  It sounded identical to a lightsaber at first, but it's sound amplified to incredible potency, and was widening.  It easily ignited the Conflagrin-14, but didn't stop there, it also cut off the Flame Trooper's feet and those of another trooper next to him.  He levitated the ring up just to knee height and held it there as it expanded to a 3 meter range over the next second and 'popped' audibly at the level of explosives, but more resembling electricity arcing. As they all fell to the ground, many severely maimed and all of which now lying in a pool of ignited napalm Saad turned his focus to the next twenty.

Saad climbs up to the sounds of men screaming agony and burning alive, something that is refreshing and pleasant to him, and once again he feels that warmth inside of him coinciding with the second Flame Trooper's tank exploding on the first level.  Like a glow, but where does it come from?  He didn't understand, but it didn't matter considering that he was well buried within his darkness and the hunger was ravenous.

Those on the second level must have seen him jump before suppressive fire and a wall of flame greeted him as he attempted to crest the machinery.  A perfect time to utilize knowledge against them.  He reached out into the room with The Force, and ripped apart the conduit piping supplying power to the lighting on the ceiling, and suddenly the room went black for a few moment.  What couldn't be seen now was that black smoke rolling from Kozan's face once again, and this time the Doppelganger literally split off of Saad's own body and went vaulting himself over the top of the monitors, eyes glowing red and using Force push on the entire group of 10 firing, which knocked them all over just as the emergency lighting was activating.  The doppelganger ran off to the side and slid behind a desk perhaps 5 meters from where the real Kozan hangs, and crouched there, frayed robes hanging out into the open.

The troopers got to their feet and pursued, immediately firing upon the desk with sustained blaster fire and a steady stream of ignited conflagrin-14.  After only a few seconds the table began to fall apart, but past the fire the Doppelganger was gone, because Saad was grabbing a hold of the rear-most trooper and thrusting his sword into the seam of his armor at the lower back, piercing through the spine up into his chest cavity.  He released with his right hand as the rest turned and jabbed 3 of his fingers into the side of the mesh that covered another trooper's throat and engulfed him in Force Lightning.  His white armor lit up, and then melted in several spots as arcs popped out, electrocuting another 4 of the troopers near him.  Only one had the reaction time to pull up his rifle and fire at the enemy, a good shot that was aimed true at Saad's chest, that was then swatted by the black blade in his left hand.  The blaster bolt simply disappeared when the sword hit it, but began to crackle with blue static.  The 4 troopers being electrocuted began, 1 by 1, to fall to the ground, white armor charred black and twitching sporadically, when the same trooper unloaded a fully automatic rate of fire on Saad, who simply pulled the trooper he already had a hold of in front of him and continued swatting what remained with his sword.  After the 5th blaster bolt, he pointed the blade back at the trooper and a single bolt of Force Lightning shot out, into the barrel of his rifle and overloaded it, causing it to explode in his hands and shattering the face of his helmet, leaving a smashed and bloody face within.

When the second group upstairs attempted to ambush him, Saad rolled to the left and vaulted the enormously electrocuted trooper toward the Flame Trooper in the middle and launched Force Push behind his body, which sent it flying incredibly fast.  He rolled over and threw his sword back into the remaining 3 of this first group without watching the effects of what he had done, and using the Force directed the blade directly into the eye-slit of the center trooper's helmet and Force pulled the rifles from the hands of the other two while a loud explosion banged off to Saad's left.  With his left hand, he pulled a flaming piece of computer paneling that was clattering on the floor in his direction and threw it into the right hip of one of the two troopers as he pulled the last to him, wrapping both of his hands around the man's throat.  Wispy red tendrils of energy began arcing off of this last trooper's body, wafting their way through the air before breaking off and sucking into Saad, who was life and force draining this last trooper to recover a small portion of his efforts.

As the limp and now dead soldier fell out of Saad's hands, he glanced back at where the second group lay burning and groaning on the floor, all but one.  That one stood defiantly there, having discarded his blaster rifle and his sidearm pistol, belt of energy cells and was holding an activated red lightsaber.

"Oh?  You wish to die like a real warrior.  I admire your spirit.  Where is Darth Vader?"  Saad asked nonchalantly.  This agenda he had kept from Drayga thus far.  The true agenda, the only agenda.

"Vader?!"  Responded the clear accent of a Mandalorian.  "Vader is dead, you fool.  I will send you to find him in The Force, whoever you are."

Drayga.  I feel them coming, 3 of them.  Hurry to me.  

He called out to Drayga through the Force even as the Mandalorian Storm Trooper rushed him.  Saad simply tucked his left hand behind his back, calling his blade back, and it could be seen flying into his hand by the trooper before Saad took a few quick steps forward and swung the sword in front of him in a wide and clumsy fashion, the trooper ducked down and with every ounce of his body swung the lightsaber horizontally at his enemy's torso, but even as he did, Saad faded away before him, far too late to stop.  As the saber passed into a safe angle, the real Saad took one long and reaching step forward, twisted around on his heel and lashed his sword down across the Mandalorian's wrist, then quickly flicked the blade back up, piercing through the black mesh covering the underside of his chin, which sunk in the depth of the man's helmet and stopped.

"A warrior will always die by the deception of the priest, and this is the only death that ever awaited you."  He whispered now to the already dead trooper who's body hung up against him.

Kylo Ren, The Heavy and The Armory entered the heavy darkness of tractor bay 4 only capable of seeing burning and screaming bodies of men near dead and Saad crouched on the second floor with a Storm Trooper hunched over against him.  What Kylo was seeing was a mystery to him, he did no recognize this being or even his species.  Saad on the other hand could feel them enter, and knew exactly what they were.  He laid the trooper down gently, respectfully, before approaching the railing, spiked chin held high and jutted forward.  A proud and angry gesture of body language.

"Does the One known as Vader truly lie dead?  You call yourselves Sith, do you not?"  He questioned in a deep and booming voice, doing everything he possibly could to make the 3 of these men feel challenged, even as The Armory and Kylo ascended on set of stairs and The Heavy quickly set to task of scaling the other behind Kozan.  

"You are here for Her, aren't you?"  Kylo responded as he reached the second level, and even though his voice was distorted it was more than noticeable that his voice quivered with rage.

"Oh, nuyak Jena'tes will be leaving here with me, you may place your faith in that.  But that is not what I asked you...boy."  Kozan finished that while pulling out pieces of Kylo's mental walls, picking it for information to use against him and deciding to remark his youth and inferiority.

"No..."  Kylo responded while he increased the length of his gait, both his hands trembling as anger gnawed upon him. "Neither of you are leaving."
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The trickle had been his presence, quite possibly the removal of his mask. She felt it like a cool breeze against her skin on a hot day on Jakku. Despite herself, a smile tugged at a single corner of her full lips. As she kept her Force Concealment in place, she also engaged Stealth, shielding her physical presence from any prying eyes, Force-sensitives or not. She moved with quick and precise steps, weaving through the labyrinth of hallways. In her minds eye she could see Kozan utterly destroy the Stormtroopers as if they were nothing more than fleas on a dog.

Drayga, come to me now.

His voice in her thoughts sent a tremor down her spine. She was already on her way to him, having sensed Ren and the remaining two Knights moving away from her location.

I will be there shortly, Taral.

She crouched low, hidden up above and just to the left of the Armory who stood behind Kylo Ren. She dared not look in Kozan's direction just yet, lest he distract her from her own purpose. She remained in both Stealth and Concealment as she dropped down from her makeshift perch, landing silently just behind the Armory. At the exact same moment one of her lightsabers engaged and took the head of the Knight in front of her, she dropped her Stealth and Concealment. Before the head could hit the floor, her lashed out with her right hand, her Telekinetic ability shooting forth several small lightsabers that were the length of her forearm. They ignighted, embedding deep through the helmet of the Heavy. One in the direct center of his forehead, another through the area where his mouth was and the last directly through his trachea. As the Armory's head hit the floor, the Heavy's body dropped, falling backwards without so much as a twitch.

Ren stood there for a moment, at a complete loss. Since when had Drayga been so proficient? He turned to look at her, the expressionless mask failing to even hide his shock. Recovering quickly, he moved towards her but was stopped when the sound of her second saber engaged. She stood there looking leathal in her black leather armor. With perfect economy of movement and practiced ease, she twirled both sabers expertly and swiftly, ending up holding them in a reverse grip as she took a ready fighting stance.

"You seek to fight me now?" He questioned, hurt just barely evident in his mechnical voice.

"If I must, Ren. I came here for the Knights but there is still one more piece of the puzzle I need." She replied softly, feeling a sharp and painful tug in her chest at the sound of the emotion in his words. Though she was surprised to find that it wasn't as painful as she thought it would have been, should have been. Was Kozan's presence masking that?

"Where is Snoke?"

He scoffed at her.

"Do you really think I would give away his location so easily?"

She gave a soft sigh.

"No, I do not. Though I am surprised that you of all people would back the Supreme Leader after knowing what he has done."

"He is our Master, Drayga."

"He is not mine."

Ren's head turned towards Kozan whom had been momentarily forgotten.
"Is he your Master now, Drayga?"

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"Master and apprentice are titles of the trained, which I am not.  No, Jen'jidai.  I was a slave..."  He began, slowly beginning to approach Kylo Ren.

He swung his black longsword around to hold it reversed in his left hand and held that hand in the grip of his right behind his back as he continued.

"A slave like she was.  A slave that was shaped to suit needs, and then left to die by those she was made to loyally serve." He began to walk far off to Kylo Ren's right, giving wide berth without looking away.

"And like I, she has lain waste to those who left her for dead, and will dominate those that knew or had part.  And in this variety lies you, Kylo Ren." He had passed by him at this point, still holding his sword in a passive grip and now seeming to almost stroll with is back to Ren.

"She trusted you, and you failed her with your weak grip on those you command.  Nor did you search for her by any standard.  It was my hands that pulled her destroyed flesh back together, my succor that sees her before you today, delivered to her not 5 minutes after these corpses, your elite, left her for dead." He had clearly struck multiple nerves with this last part.

He finished speaking as he reached Drayga's side and turned around to Kylo Ren once more.  He opened his mouth to speak, but instead closed his lips and turned his head toward Drayga's ignited lightsabers, from a wave of his right hand both disengaged with their typical hiss and he looked once more to Kylo Ren.

"I have alternative business as well, though.  Answer my question, is the chosen One, Darth Vader dead?  After that, you have my holocron, your knights stole it before mortally wounding her.  I want it back.  But before we go any further..."  Kozan broke off as he looked back to Drayga with a sorrowful look on this face.

From absolutely no-where one of the 5 lanvarok blades came whizzing across the top of her forearm, slicing through the leather and producing a fine, little splash of blood while the blade went cartwheeling directly toward Kylo Ren, who was infinitely less concerned with the small blade as he was with the fact that the man, this Kozan, had vanished completely.

Ren had just begun to turn his head to the right to look when Saad flashed past him beneath his arm on his left, slashing his elbow open with a small dart-like knife continued to dash by before ill consequence could follow.  Neither one of the two of them understood what was happening when Saad produced a handful of metallic silver and golden leaves in a plume before him, followed by a hatchling leviathan and a Kozan flower from his free hand, tossing those as well into the air.

Using the Force, Saad compressed it all into a ball before the thin disk lanvarok blade reached and struck directly into it.  As soon as it did, Saad stabbed the leviathan with the small knife and lightning surged up his arm into the now melting and bubbling mass and screamed in a booming roar.

"KELIII"  This meant sever in Sith, and a moment after his scream ended, the mass there exploded into a blue-green energy wave that similarly showed what looked like a tether between Kylo Ren and Drayga in the same blue-green.  There was another that came from her that was linked to Saad that was bright red.

Just as Saad splashed against a row of monitors and tumbled over the edge of the platform, the bond between she and Kylo Ren darkened to black and crumbled away.  It was a loss that Ren immediately felt in his chest, like an organ had been removed, and Drayga was likely experiencing something similar, though greatly reduced by Saad's will to protect her.

He had grabbed onto the edge of the very monitors that he rolled over and was loosely hanging there for several seconds trying to build himself up to pull back up, and before long decided he just couldn't and dropped down below.

Invade his mind, find the holocron.  We need to leave this ship and it's resources crippled but whole.  Hurry, I'm weak from breaking your bond with him.
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness and Light   Tue Jan 24, 2017 3:12 pm

Her sabers deactivated, her arm trickling blood that trailed down the back of her hand and fingers to drip along the floor. She wasn't expecting the sharp pain in her chest. It was severe enough for her to clutch at it, but it clearly affected Ren more. He had dropped to his knees, clutching the very same spot that she had. Taking a deep shuddering breath, she shoved that pain aside and moved swiftly towards Kylo.

"Drayga.." He managed to wheeze out through the obvious pain. She felt a bit sorry for him, but it wasn't enough to stop her from what she was about to accomplish next. He didn't stop her when she unlatched his helmet and pulled it from his head. He couldn't the loss of his connection with her was too great. How was she not sharing in the same agony? He glanced up and into her face, her eyes. There was loss there, but there was also something else in those dark depths that he could not fathom.

"Now you know what I felt as I lay dying on Korriban." She whispered softly, crouching down so she was eye level with him. She leaned forward, her lips just barely brushing against his when she spoke. "Now you know the anguish and pain I endured for you." Without another word, she braced both hands against his temples and ripped through those flimsy barriers. Though he was strong with Dominate Mind, he had never been that strong with protecting his own thoughts. He tried, she gave him that, but he was no where near her power level now. She rummaged through his mind, seeking the holocron and it's location. The moment she found it, she pulled away from him, dropping her hands as if she had touched acid or had gotten burned. The longer she stayed near him, the further chance there was of a Bond reforming.

"Drayga.." Kylo whispered weakly, slumping forward and bracing a hand against the floor.

She stood gracefully, standing straight as if the pain of the severed Bond no longer affected her.

"Drayga died on Korriban. My name is Kinta Sarrai, the Black Assassin for the true Sith Lord." There was a confidence in her voice that he had never heard before. A lethal and deadly look in her eyes that bred a shread of fear in his heart. She turned on her heel as Kylo Ren succumbed to oblivion, face planting the floor with an abrupt thump.

The holocron will be in our possession momentarily.

She tore through the hallways with ease. Troopers and officers ignoring her presence as they made mad dashes for their stations. Their more pressing concerns were the ships and not the black robed woman with strode with purpose towards Ren's personal quarters. She turned the corner swiftly, the low-backed black cloak billowing behind her. The entire back of the cloak was open, revealing the series of deep scars and burns that adorned her flesh. She wore them with pride, a badge of honor showcasing her physical and mental strength of surviving such wounds. Though Kozan had used Dark Transfer on her to bring her back from the brink of death, she had become stronger because of those wounds.

The door to Ren's room hissed open. Obviously he had not barred her from entering. Foolish. Her gaze immediately began scanning the minimal shelving that lined the walls. But upon further investigation of the room, she noticed the half burnt mass of Darth Vader's helmet. She reached out and carefully picked it up with both hands. She was holding a piece of a legend. She carefully ran a fingertip over the deformed mouth piece. Kinta turned the helmet over and just like she had pulled it from Ren's thoughts. The holocron was nestled carefully inside the shell of the helmet.

She would have removed the holocron but a presence at the door made her think twice. It hissed open, revealing a small group of Stormtroopers. Their blasters fired but she simple raised a hand, stopping the bolts in mid air before they could reach her. She moved around the bolts with ease, shoving the Troopers out of her way with a powerful Force Push. They slammed back into the walls with enough force to leave man sized imprints.

Taral. I have acquired the holocron.

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PostSubject: Re: Darkness and Light   Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:44 pm

He had spared no time after dropping from the second story platform, as soon as his boots touched the ground he was walking in a long gait at the door to the hallways.  At a brief thought, he waved his right hand behind him and the 5 Lanvarok blades came speeding through the air toward him and as they traveled, he once more swung the tip of his sword behind his back and slid it into the folds of his robes, producing an empty hand.

At about half the distance to the door he began plucking the blades from the air and 1-by-1 began reloading them into the Lanvarok, each taking 5 seconds to correctly reinsert into the weapon.  The door split in front of him as he approached it, sliding the last blade into it and briefly peeking out into the hallway, first right, then left.  He saw a group to the right turning down a distant intersection first, then a lone officer hurrying, but not running toward Saad from the left, which was the next meal, as well as source of directions.  Auto-targeting system, sensory array and the location of their hyperdrive were all hidden within the magnificent puzzle that was the Finalizer, at least to one who had never seen it's interior before.

The officer was but a yard away from the door and didn't even notice that it was being held open until it was too late.  His object of obsession was a transparent clipboard it looked like, it had various data popping up all over, red flashes and alerts. And as he noticed the open door out of the corner of his eye, his vision was flooded with the bright red of Saad's robes.  He tried to back away, he attempted to scream, but couldn't accomplish either before this large red and black figure latched it's clawed left hand around his throat and quite simply continued walking down the hall, dragging the officer that way.  A moment later, Saad began Force Draining the layout of the ship from the man's mind, followed by his life.  

A group of Storm Troopers passing an intersection ahead of him happened to noticed the red figure dragging the no-long-responsive Imperial officer behind him, and had a brief pause before deciding to unload their rifles at him in short bursts.  Saad responded by dodging to his left only slightly and slinging the officer's corpse across the floor as he blasted it with his right hand with Force Push and waited for just the right moment.  As the blaster bolts reached him, he swung both of his arm in opposing circles before him until his arms were crossed, and the blaster bolts spiraled into a tight 'shotgun' pattern, then as they were centimeters away from hitting his forearms, he snapped his palms together upon them, interlocking his fingers and pressing down with noticeable pressure.  A peach hued light flashed between his hands as he absorbed the energy with Tutaminis before they closed together while the corpse of the officer finished sliding just a yard in front of the group of Storm Troopers.  His hands parted and he slammed the palm of his left hand into the floor, a blue arc of electricity jumping across the ground to the officer's body in but the blink of an eye, and when it reached it the corpse became incredibly statically charged and the whole group of 5 Storm Troopers and their weapons were dragged from their feet and onto the corpse which was already static-clung to the floor.

He left them mangled together like that and turned down a hall just behind him in a flicker of red, his rapid movements rendering him a blue as he shot past staff and Storm Troopers alike along the course he'd pulled from the unfortunate former Imperial Officer.  A right, through an office to a staircase, down 5 levels, left to hall, right and immediate next right, 100 yards ahead.

The holocron will be in our possession momentarily.

The entire jaunt that possibly only took him a minute and a half was immediately distorted by Serrai's voice ringing in his head, no less with excellent news.  It did alter his mood significantly, though.  The warmth returned stronger than it had been before when he entered into the Sensory Array relay transmitter room's doors.  He could see her face in his head, felt flashes of presences passing by her as she moved.

"Just who the hell are you, and what are you doing in here?  This is a restricted area.  Zal, hit the alarm."

He actually had to shake the visions from his sight to confront those in front of him.  Both were wearing white cover-all uniforms and obviously were technicians, and one was running for an alarm on the wall opposite Saad, who easily grabbed the technician with the Force and lifted him not even a meter off the floor and held him there while approaching the one who spoke.

"Go sit down or I will eat you, Human." Saad replied as he reached him.  His jagged features and angered expression were all it took past the word 'Eat' to convince the man to hurry a few yards away to a rolling chair and sit down to face Saad, his posture, body and face reeking heavily of fear and sadness.  

He crushed Zal's throat and dropped him to the floor as he walked up to the transmitter and slammed his fist through the outer casing.  He uncurled his fingers inside and felt around until he hooked a cluster of wires bound together, and a blue light began to faintly glimmer through the caved in shell.  Saad was gently amplifying a constant source of Force Lightning into the circuitry of the device.  After it had amplified a few seconds, it began to pulse repeatedly until smoke began issuing from the hole around his wrist, at which time he pulled his hand free, electricity still arcing between his fingertips.

He turned back to the first technician and looked from his electrified hand to the man and then back again with a very blank expression.

"How long will it take you to fix the circuitry boards in this transmitter without that man."  He asked, tilting his head back as a gesture to the dead man behind him.  "I don't want it permanently disabled."

"M-m-maybe 18 standard hours.  Without me it could take days for other specialists to fix it without knowing what to do."  The man's now trembling and cowardly voice was a hilarious diversion from the proud boom he produced when Saad first arrived, and as the man tried to make his life seem important by divulging that it would be very difficult to fix without him, but possible, it increased the savory taste of the fear rolling from him because it was seeded with hope.

"Good...days would be perfect."  He responded lashing out his hand, fingers clustered into a point, and shot out a single, straight bolt of Force Lightning.

It hit the human and made visible his skeleton through his skin and clothes from the intensity as well as burning an actual hole directly though his right rib cage and sending his body flipping back over the side of the chair, which spun almost once and fell over.  Once more he wasted  no time and darted directly back out the door he'd come from, making his next point of interest the main computer hub 2 levels below the bridge.  He recalled a set of outer hallways on either side of the ship that would continue for the majority of the distance, and began seeking it out through the corridors.  

He passed by a great many people along the way, and almost all of them were simply too busy at responding to some alert or siren, some carrying wounded that were left behind he and Sarrai were leaving behind them, but even the ones that did take notice of him weren't fast enough to stop him as he sprinted through at such a high speed.  He'd reached the end of the long hall when images began to flood his mind and vision, and despite a momentary attempt, he turned into an office and closed the door behind him because he couldn't see past the images.  As he closed his eyes, it became coherent sight.

It was Kinta Sarrai, and she was holding the melted remains of the Chosen One.  The helmet of Darth Vader.  She turned it over, and nestled within it was the holocron that they had come looking for.  Then the door to his room hissed open, and in came Storm Troopers.  He began to stand up, but she threw them as though they were toys and her thought passed into his head.

Taral. I have acquired the holocron.

A smile twisted upon his lips at the thought of the luck.  He then sent her his own thought.

Bring that helmet as well, I may have use of it.  Head to the hyperdrive and I will meet you there.

On the bridge of the Finalizer, General Hux was in a total state of panic as the illusions of Kozan Saad's Kissai priests took full and perfect effect.  He watched an identical fleet of ships to those they had spotted already break hyperspace and drop stationary 45 degrees off from the original fleet as Hux looked though the window.  He opened his mouth to shout orders when someone screamed out ahead of him.

"General Hux, sir!  The entire sensory system is offline, we're sitting blind!"  Shouted some unnoticed officer who had taken up the former technician's duties.

Hux crossed the command bridge to a microphone intercom and pressed down the red button, which apparently silenced all active alarms and brought the ship's intercoms dead silent.

"All hands to manual heavy turret mounts at once!  I repeat, ALL HANDS, we are under attack!!"  The nasal and whiny voice of Hux pounded out of the entire ship at nearly deafening volume.

When he released the button, a very different siren was sounding, a heavy electrical whooping sound.  As Saad returned into the halls, he saw very, very few moving around.  There were many things discarded on the floor quite everywhere, and all of it made Saad feel incredibly paranoid.  He did see a few men in single fire run down a distant intersection, but other than that it was deserted.  With a shrug, he sped off once more, and after several twists and turns he came to a staircase.  At the top of it he entered into a dimly lit room with several large computer banks and terminals that looked nothing like others he'd seen in the ship.  He didn't enter the room, though. Instead, the black smoke once more issued from his face, and once more from his body stepped his doppelganger.

This Kozan ran directly up and into the open, leaping for the central memory bank when 5 electro-nets with weighted tassels came flying in from the ceiling, but passed right through the doppelganger, each and all of the nets twisting up into a large knot as it landed upon the memory bank and began issuing a massive amount of Force Lightning down through his feet into it.  The electricity arced off of him and the bank, electrifying the 2 on either side, and so on and so forth until the entire room and the very air within it was excited by the Lightning.  The fibers floating in the air began to pop and scintillate before Saad listened to and watched through the doppelganger as 5 men fell to the floor, heinously burned armor smoldering and melted.

He turned to leave and his destination was not far, but still he projected to Sarrai the vision that the doppelganger could access, the charred bodies and demolished computer memory banks.

I've finished crippling their targeting capabilities.  I'm headed to the hyperdrive.

He came down to the bottom of the stairs and felt something through the Force, something arriving.  At this he instinctively pulled his mask from his robe and clapped it around his head, both to hide his appearance and to protect his mind.  It turned out to not be so insidious as all that when the blue flickering holo-projection of Supreme Leader Snoke appeared in the office he was just about to leave.

"What are you?"  Came a calm and cool voice that was rife with curiosity and shielded anger.

"What a fortuitous turn of events this is...Snoke.  The slave master.  And what is it that I appear to be?"  Saad replied in a heavily distorted voice, greatly emphasized upon growling and hissing.

"You appear to be a single humanoid male of unknown species that stole my acolyte, tainted her mind, broke into my Dreadnought, killed My Knights of Ren and are pilfering MY Holocron."  He didn't at any point shout, but it came very close more than once, and his figure just so slightly trembled.

"You could tell me where you are...I would gladly come to you. We could get to know one another much, much better."  Saad's voice bled out a great amount of anger at this point as Snoke was quite the disgusting worm to Saad based on his connection with Sarrai.

Snoke gave a start at the statement, scoffing and shrugging as though he found Saad absolutely ignorant.

"I have no desire ever to se-"  Was all that managed before Saad's patience wore out and he simply crushed the holo-projector and rushed out of the room.

He exchanged hallways only 3 times before sliding into the shadow-filled hyperdrive room.  There were a few guards in the room and 4 hyperdrive techs.  This is where he would wait, though.  Sarrai will make it here soon and then they would be leaving.
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Kinta Sarrai
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PostSubject: Re: Darkness and Light   Wed Jan 25, 2017 4:39 pm

She tucked the helmet securely beneath her right arm as she exited Ren's quarters. The Troopers lay in a heap at her feet. She reguarded them without emotion for a split second before whirling on her heel and heading in the direction towards the Finalizer's hyperdrive. She moved swiftly, ignoring anyone that happened to pass by, rushing to fix something broken or tend to the wounded. She bypassed the training room, her eyes catching sight of something laying just beyond the threshold. It was the Rogue's mask that had almost perfectly detached from the helmet when his head had rolled across the floor. Without a hitch in her stride, Kinta used the Force to pull it to her, sliding it into a fold of her robes as she continued on her path.

A small squardon of Stormtroopers blocked the end of the hall. She stopped and let go of Darth Vaders helmet, but it hung suspended in the air by the Force alone. The Troopers let loose a shred of blaster fire. She Telekineticly called her sabers into her hand from the special holsters for them that were strapped to each thigh. They engaged immediately, and she whirled them with deadly accuracy to deflected the bolts back at them. Several hit their intended targets, burning holes in their own armor. They cried out and fell, writing in agony. The last remaining blaster bolt deflected back directly into the barrel of the Trooper's blaster. It exploded with the force of a small thermal detanator. A bubble of Force energy protected her from harm as she simply walked through the flaming inferno, disengaging her sabers and sliding them back into their holsters. The helmet of Vader floating behind her in her wake. She reached back, clasping onto it and tucking it securely back beneath her arm.


She had been having flashes of nightmares during her meditations. Memories of the past that she thought she had long ago buried. Images of the Hutt snaking a fat wriggling appendage around her throat as he licked his non-existant lips with a slimy fat tongue. Phantom pains of a blade cutting her skin. Screams of agony as an acid like liquid was poured over her flesh. She resurfaced to reality with a harsh cry, jearking back as she felt a warm pressure on her shoulder. She tumbled to the ground, scurrying backwards on all fours and into a corner. It took her a few precious seconds to gather her wits and recognize her surroundings. Her gaze flickered over towards Kozan who seemed to be watching her with an expression that was both a mixture of concern and sympathy. Had he gone through mistreatments similiar to hers?

She cleared her throat faintly.

"I would apologize for that if I had interrupted your work." She whispered softly, though just loud enough for her voice to carry. "Those memories were supposed to be buried. I do not know why they have resurfaced now."

Clenching her fist subtly, she repeated her own personal mantra in her thoughts.

I am not weak. They are fragments, memories. They are nothing. They shaped me, but they do not define me.

This time it only took her once before she felt the fingers of fear drift away. She stood slowly, stretching her stiff limbs from having meditated for hours on end. It was her way of speeding up the healing process. Already months worth of healing was beginning to show in the matter of a few weeks.


The hood of her robes was pulled up, shrouding her features in a fog like shadow, a mist of sorts that shifted anytime she did, and seemed to absorb any light that was directed at her face. She rounded the corner and through the main opening that led to the hyperdrive where Kozan would be waiting. The shadows were thicker here and she stuck to them, blending in with the darkness and becoming virtually invisible to everyone.


Her quite whisper slithered through his thoughts, caressing his mind faintly. She knew he would be here.

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Just as she was backing into the shadows of the room, Saad's left hand slid around her waist against her robes and urged her back with him.  Centimeters from touching the wall, he slowly and gently removed his mask and immediately looked out into the room, but those here were oblivious.

Your Snoke is a pompous worm, were ever there one in the galaxy

He projected this thought and recalled the exchange with Snoke for her to observe mentally.  The undertone that time was a factor was ever-present throughout the vision he showed her, and this was the next topic he had in mind.

Can you slice into the intercom and holoscreen systems from this room?  I don't recognize this Empire's technology.  Killing these and disabling the hyperdrive will be easy, but as we have made ourselves known partially, we may as well put everything under way.  I also need you to project to Lo'ska to have the priests make the false fleet approach, but not fire while he and the real fleet leave for Honoghr.  Outer Rim, Kessel Sector, grid coordinates T-10.  He will know how to isolate the location.  We don't have much time before open space combat breaks out, so tell him as I kill these lot.

He laid out the next portion of the plan to her through their mental bond, all the while pulling his sword from his back with his right hand now and having a glance at his Lanvorak.  As soon as he finished, he placed his mask back on with his left hand, pinching it shut at the top with his fingertips, held his left arm out and fired all 5 disks.  He used the Force to guide them into 4 guards and 1 hyperdrive technician, then with a quick burst of speed shot directly out of the corner to his right, taking only a few steps and then sliding across the polished metal floor 3 meters and driving the tip of the blade into the black mesh covering his throat.  The blade didn't sink very far, but it's horizontal orientation was blocking air flow and gushing blood from the heavily blood-grooved blade.

As this last Storm Trooper began to slide down the wall, Saad reached behind him with his left hand and simply pulled the support beams out from beneath the catwalk the last 3 technicians were standing on.  After the short fall, none of them were moving, probably only unconscious, but that was fine.  Intelligent persons shouldn't be aimlessly wiped out in Saad's opinion.   And that was when he took several steps back from the hyperdrive, as it wasn't currently active, but was charged and humming with power.  A power that the galaxy still doesn't precisely understand.

After looking around the room some, he decided to pull the panels of the floor up around the hyperdrive, bending and shaping them into a loose sphere around it.  He lashed both hands out and pushed with as much concentrated Force as he could direct at the sphere, and with a blue-white explosion, the orb of floor panels shot into the wall opposite Saad, greatly indenting the Durasteel wall before it fell smoldering on the floor.  This set off a whole new system of alarms that seemed to be looping within the already running siren, but so far as Saad could tell, there had been no immediate consequence of his method of disabling it, and was satisfied with the result.


"You have interrupted nothing.  But if you wish it, I will exterminate the fat slugs of Nar Shaddaa wherever they hide in this galaxy when I rule it.  You will have absolution for your recent betrayal much sooner, though.  You will never be victim of unwanted touch ever again, I will make you strong, I will teach you to take those undefining fragments and turn them into your source of power."  Saad explained, but more like was telling her these words were fact, not opinion.  

He had a moment of doubt in what he'd said, too late obviously, the words, the Hutts, the pain.  He saw it, felt it as she relived the memory in sleep.  How?  He was never especially gifted with mental tricks, as he found them a diversion from actual power.  It was possible someone he'd eaten had been gifted with it, but not likely.  Which brought another point to his mind.  3 weeks she and he have been here, and he'd not put on his mask since he re-entered the Sith tomb, and yet they had gone into the under-crypts, and over the past two weeks have gradually been exploring.  The entire time, Saad had been pointing out traps, glyphs and spells that had been used in ancient times, and the majority of which were still in effect, waiting to spring into action.  He showed her the Sith language in written form and begun teaching it to her in written and verbal form, and with it how to spot traps in doorways, on stairs and on tombs and sarcophagi, as almost all were marked with the glyphs that named the trap or spell.

In all of these things, as well as the alchemy that he had begun to teach her only days ago, she'd already taken to them all like a natural priestess.  Like it was her second nature, somewhere deep down.  And all the while, she sometimes finished his sentences, or began about something that he had thought about doing a moment before, but he was receiving flashes of her memories when she slept.  Each and every night, it was some memory or another, and it didn't matter if he was awake or not, still he would experience it with her, just as she relived it in her dreams.  It offered him a more intimate look into who she was, and made him consider her a kindred spirit all the same.  It was all such things that after the second week led him to decided to give her a name.  Kinta Sarrai.  It meant Black Assassin in Sith, and from everything he'd seen of her, in and out of her mind, it was a fitting title and name.  He much more often called her 'Jena'tes' meaning darkness, and much more recently 'Nuyak Jena'tes,' or My Darkness in Sith.  He added this word rather casually a few days ago in conversation and hasn't stopped since.

"Again. Peace is a lie, there is only passion." He chimed in monotonously.

"Nwul kash zo tash, antai kash tik shâsot." The monotone was gone, and he used the fully heavy vowels and hissed accent that accompanied correct accent.
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A snicker made a single corner of her lips to quirk upwards.

Anyone who calls themself a Supreme Leader is pompous. The holo image he uses makes him appear as big as a Starfighter. Thinks it intimidates. Perhaps it does with Ren. I intimidated him more by ejecting him from my mind when he tried to rip through my mental barriers.

She contemplated his question for a moment, her gaze scanning through the darkness, seeing through it relatively easily.

There should be a main terminal somewhere close by that can be used. I will see what I can find while I contact Lo'ska.

Kinta moved swiftly and silently, her eyes moving over the terminals lined against one wall. She found the one she sought nearly dead center. With grace, she vaulted over the railing and immediately began expertly hacking the terminal. It was another gift she had learned from the Hutt and his endless minions. She could hack virtually anything, though she preferred to just simply get her hands dirty with killing. As she let her fingers fly swiftly, her mind reached outward.


She watched; in her minds eye, with amusement as the Sith nearly jumped at the sound of her voice in his thoughts.

I bare a message from Kozan. He requests that you have the priests move the fleet towards the Finalizer. Do not engage. You are instead to make ready to take the real fleet to the Outer Rim, Kessel Sector. Planet of Honoghr, grid coordinates T-10.

Lo'ska's left eye twitched momentarily but he turned to give out the orders. His disdain for Kinta was well known. Most of Kozan's men that she had met thus far held the same distaste for the former female slave. But she cared not. Their opinion of her did not matter. It was only her Taral's opinion she cared for. Her fingers froze momentarily as she realized her train of thought. She cared about what Kozan's opinion of her was. Since when had he become her Taral instead of just Taral? Shaking it from her mind for the moment, she continued with her work.


She ran her hands over her face, using her palms to wipe away the remanants of her memories.

"That paricular Hutt I killed when I was twelve. During my Awakening to the Force, one of his mercenaries tried to force himself on me. I crushed his windpipe. I then turned my focus on the Hutt, destroying anyone who stood in my way. By the time I was done, his cartel was ashes. It was his brother Javik that sold me to Snoke."

When he quoted the beginnin of the Sith code, she felt a tremor course up her spine, more particularly with the word passion. Sarrai stood up from the wall she had backed herself against, her lithe and agile form enveloped in black leather that provided freedom of movement and still managed to show of each dip and curve. Strapped to her right thigh were a set of twelve small metallic knives, designed and crafted for throwing. Over the past few weeks, they had been brushing up on her combat with bladed weapons. Though she had been trained as a child, she had not used an actual blade since her training with Snoke had begun. She found it a bit more gratifying than a Lightsaber.

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"Through passion, I gain strength.  Pro shâsot nu gauti tyűk."  He continued as he stood from the stone table against the wall he had been sitting at while she slumbered and removed his filthy red robe to place on top of it.

He began to slowly walk toward her when he began again.

"Through strength, I gain power.  Pro tyűk, nu gauti midwan." He had crossed half the distance to her and picked up a wide ceramic bowl that was filled with a brown-red paste and kept walking toward her.

"Through power, I gain victory.  Pro midwan, nu gauti pergaleas."  He said as he looked up from the floor to make eye contact with her. He broke it briefly as he looked back down at the table that she had just been lying on, nodding his head toward it as he perked his brows, physically saying what he unintentionally did say mentally.

Lie down again with your back up

"Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.  Pro pergaleas nuyak th'itsu aras svistuis.  Tave Qyâsik sekleti won nun." He ended as he broke eye contact to look down into the bowl that he was now dipping his fingers into.

It was medication that they had not only discovered a store of, which this itself was, but also several scrolls and tomes with the recipes for this rapid flesh mending paste as well as many other very practical uses of basic Force-related alchemy.

That had only been 2 days ago, and she had already healed so much by this point that it wouldn't seem necessary except that the skin was grooved into, leaving very little flesh over the top of her ribs and spine.  The specific function of this paste is to make your body produce excess amounts of layered tissue beneath where it is spread.  It would not fix her scars, but it would repair the tissue that was permanently destroyed and wouldn't grow back by itself or via meditation.
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Darkness and Light
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