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 The Rebirthed One, Kozan Saad

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Kozan Saad
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PostSubject: The Rebirthed One, Kozan Saad   Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:15 pm

The Rebirthed One, Kozan Saad
Legacy of the King Adas

Physical Appearance:

Saad's Yuuzhan Vong Sith Mask:


Name(Given): None
Name(Chosen): Saad, Kozan Saad
Gender: Male
Species: Sith Pureblood
Type: Force-sensitive
Alignment: Own Empire of Pureblood Sith, Unnamed As a Whole
Class: Kissai Priest
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 200lbs (226lbs in armor, robes and helmet)
Hair: Onyx black hair that reaches down between his shoulder blades. áTypically not visible as it is frequently covered by his helmet/mask.
Eyes: Red and Orange. áThe proportions seem equal, but they also seem to change shape slightly and glow brightly when he uses the Dark Side of the Force.
Tattoos/Markings: On his true face, he has mostly non-developed Sith species traits, as the eyebrow stalks are not present, nor are the facial tentacles elongated. áHis eyebrows are instead deeply ridged and without any type of hair, and his facial tentacles are more spikes or protrusions that dot down from the corners of his mouth to his chin, none of which is exceeding 1 cm in length. áWhen using Force Mask, his features all over his body are totally without noticeable imperfections or blemishes, and feels equally flawless. áThis shaping was designed around a hologram of a human, as Saad himself has never seen one in person, which is why his Mask reflects no flaws.

Ordinary 1-handed combat: Dark Sword of Saad. áDoes not trust wielding a Lightsaber, but will if left no other options (Will be further explained in posts)

Multiple enemies, Surrounded: áDark Circles x 3. áAn energy weapon designed by Kissai priests, based on lightsaber technology. áSith alchemy is used to fuse Madilon and synthetic crystals together without detonating it. áWhen activated, an ever-expanding, connected ring of lightsaber energy. Once activated it must be discarded beyond 3m, as the ring of light will expand until the connective metallic synth crystal composite breaks, or 'pops.' áMaximum effective distance of 3m. Capable of killing user as well.
Long Range: áSith Lanvarok. Wrist-mounted projectile launcher that could fire a volley of metal discs, usually in a small but unpredictable spray pattern.
Bare Hands: He has claws on the tips of each finger that are perhaps an inch long and pointed

Untrained in any style. áHe wields his longsword with pure instinct driving every action

Saad was a very accomplished swordsman, despite having never received any type of combat training. The first time he picked up a sword, he killed the current Dark Lord of his tribe of nearly extinct pureblood Sith using fierce and fluid movements that he utilized based on his instincts leading him to do so. áAfter first using a movement or maneuver, he can repeat it, and if he steals knowledge from a gifted trained master, he would now know that style as well.


Shatterpoint - Shatterpoints were a complex Force phenomenon, perceivable only by an unknown innate talent or immense focus and concentration on the part of the Force user. Shatterpoints were akin to fault lines, similar to different pathways of actions. Adept Force users were able to perceive these faults through the Force, and influence them.

Force Lightning - His abilities with Lightning are widely ranged, and is capable of using it with or without lethal potency

Tutaminis - Tutaminis was an umbrella title used by the Jedi Order to classify Force abilities related to energy absorption. If used properly, one could absorb energy from one source and redirect it as something different, or even heal themselves with it. áMost Dark Side Force-sensitives reffered to it as Absorb

Telekinesis - The ability to command movement of objects with thought or will power. áSaad is only fundamentally aware of the uses of this, as he has no training, he never learned finer uses of this, and typically leave it at floating objects and pushing/pulling with The Force. áWith extreme effort he could generate Force Crush with this ability.

Sith Familiar - Summons a winged creature, usually a small bird, to act as eyes and ears over distances. áRequires living subject.

Similfuturus - Also known as Doppelganger. áA Force power that allowed a user to create a perfect illusion of him- or herself through the Force. The ability could also be used to duplicate objects that were visually indistinguishable from the real item. The user can also perceive all of the Doppelganger's senses. áAddition of telekinesis allowed users to make the illusion seem indistinguishably real.

Saad was genetically engineered with the use of ancient blood of King Adas on Korriban that survived on the blade of his betrayer, and over centuries was recovered by Saad's tribe. áBeing created this way left his life in a state of void, having no name, simply a class, that he was reffered as. áKissai. He trained in ancient lore and prophecy, recipes of alchemy and rituals of dark magics, but long before he could begin training in the use of the Force, their current Sith'ari, Dark Lord Rhys received a vision of this boy as an adolescent, holding his head out for all Sith to behold. áFor this, he decided the boy would become 'grotthu' or slave caste.

It continued that way for many years, as a slave. áThen one day, unbeknownst to Saad himself, it was his 12th year. áAnd on that day, paranoid as Dark Lord Rhys was, he told his personal flagship commander to take him in a skiff, and leave him on the next moon they pass. áHis commander did as he was ordered, and laughed at the boy that fought and clawed in attempts not to be left, and ultimately failed. áFor three years, he scavenged whatever flora and fauna he could to survive, some of it to consume, others to inflict pain on anything living he could catch. áSmall rodent vermin in sparse numbered packs littered the moon, and their constant fear of him was a major factor of his survival. á

It was nearing the end of the first year on the moon that he discovered the Force, which manifested as a Vision trance that he couldn't awaken from of his own volition. áWithin the trance, he discovered that he is the cloned DNA offspring of Adas, which was rendered viable and impregnated within a powerful female Sith Pureblood. áBefore he awoke 12 hours after falling into it, he dominated the will of Kind Adas himself, who's memories and abilities Saad then gained access to. áIt took 2 more years before Tave Laisvas passed by the moon, and with all of the rage, starving hunger and darkness that his life and experiences impressed upon him, he took grip of the ship with The Force and drug it out of space and down to the surface of the moon. áWhen he pulled down the docking ramp and entered, electrocuting any who attempted to stop him with Force Lightning as he sought out and cornered Dark Lord Rhys, who could feel that the day of his vision had come, and knew his life was likely about to end. áThe greatly more experienced Sith'ari Rhys was nearly over-powering to Saad's physically untrained stature while he wielded his double-bladed lightsaber, assaulting with wild and fierce maneuvers that were unknown to Saad. áNever-the-less, Saad eventually Force pulled a Sith war blade from one of the honor guards in the room who watched, expecting Rhys to win easily, and with a shocking display of ancient Sith combat styles utilizing a single-bladed 1-handed weapon he destroyed Rhys's lightsaber, publicly humiliated him by repeatedly encouraging him to stand back up and fight, and punishing him for each attempt. áRhys finally attempted to shock Saad with Force Lightning, but was defeated as the adolescent displayed the ability of Tutaminis to absorb, then re-direct the lightning back at Rhys before cutting his head off and holding it out for all Sith to see. á

This was not enough for the hateful and angry Saad, who summoned a young Leviathan from the containment cells and used it to devour Rhys' very Force Spirit though his body before it dissolved into The Force. áThe very act of which shock, frightened and demoralized the entire tribe, who could see via holo-broadcast to all of their ships. áHis ascension to Sith'ari was not contested initially, and only one en masse rebellion took place, but they all suffered Dark Lord Rhys' fate of public extinguishment and were consumed by him.
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The Rebirthed One, Kozan Saad
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