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 Classes and Advanced Classes

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PostSubject: Classes and Advanced Classes   Sat Jan 21, 2017 6:50 pm

Classes and Advanced Classes

Some information I obtained from Star Wars the Old Republic Holonet from the MMORPG. We may tweak it more as we progress through the story, so please be sure to keep a heads up on this section. Without further ado, here we go..

Trooper- These are the front line fighters and are not to be confused with Stormtroopers. They are trained ex military, mercenaries, generally anyone who is not afraid to wade head first into battle.
Advanced Classes
Pilot- Some of the best and highly trained wingmen and women are needed in the air to defend against the TIE Fighters. The squadrons are kept small to ensure they do not pain themselves as a larger target.
Commando- These are the skilled men and women who take the fight on the ground level. Often seen wearing heavy armor and carrying blasters, blaster cannons, and various other weapons that can defuse a situation at long range.

Smuggler- Crafty, sneaky, quick-witted and always looking for credits. They will toe the line between the Resistance and the First Order, often not choosing a side to ensure their own safety. The higher the credits, the more their attention peaks.
NOTE: I have devided not to give the Smuggler any Advanced Classes. Though the Gunslinger and Scoundrel are mentioned, I think it best if they remain just a single class.

Jedi Order- With Luke Skywalker in self-emposed exile, the Jedi Order is virtually no more, having been destroyed by Luke's nephew and former Padawan Ben Solo; known now as Kylo Ren. There were originally two classes with four separate advanced classes. The Jedi Knights with the advanced classes of the Guardian and the Sentinel. And the Jedi Consular with the Advanced Classes of the Sage and the Shadow.

NOTE: We may end up bringing them back as the story progresses. Or we may just end up keeping the two separate classes. This is yet undecided.

Bounty Hunter- They are willing to go to any length to fulfill a contract. They have been known to track down and capture anyone and anything for the right price. They mostly consist of mercenaries and are often seen traveling alone rather than with company.
NOTE: There will also be no Advanced Classes for the Bounty Hunters.

Warrior- Highly trained in combat. Though they do not lack with their Force Abilities, these front line combatants are known for their brute strength and prowess in close quarters fighting. Though they are often seen wearing heavy armor, it by no means impeeds their speed or range of movement.
Advanced Classes
Juggernaut- These are the true tanks. They will rush into battle without so much as a second thought. They have been known to steam roll over anyone and anything in their path.
Marauder- These Dark Warriors tend to back up the Juggernaut, flanking an enemy or a squadron to try to attack from both sides, weakening them. They rely a bit more on quick reflexes rather than sheer strength.

Operative- These Agents of the First Order are the ones who go behind the scenes to gather intel. They will go undercover, often for years at a time just to acquire information about their enemy. They will sometimes travel in pairs to ensure to success of a mission.
NOTE: There will be no Advanced Classes for the Operatives as well.

Inquisitor- Though trained in combat, their techniques revolve more around their Force Abilities. They will go to great lengths in order to advance their abilities and will absorb knowledge like a sponge absorbs water. They rely more on their brains than brute strength, outsmarting their enemies.
Advanced Classes
Assassin- The Assassins rely on stealth and subterfuge to take out an enemy. They tend to excel in Force Concealment and Stealth abilities to hide their presence in the Force. Many customize their Lightsabers to create unique weapons that can be easily hidden in robes or armor if needed.
Sorcerer/Priests- They are heavily trained in the dark art of Sith Alchemy. Though they are combat proficient, and powerful in their Force Abilities, they prefer to remain behind the scenes to work on the experimentations. They are often seen as the Masters while the Assassins and the other Warriors are the Apprentices.

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Classes and Advanced Classes
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